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Document Name Installation Checklist Document Number ATL/IT/ /11

Security Classification INTERNAL Document keyword security compliance

Date of Release 1st Jan 2007 Document Status Approved
Date of Applicability 1st Jan 2007 Version No 1.0

Desktop/Laptop/Server Installation Checklist

User Name Abhilash D.Varghese

Dept./Floor PCR

Asset Details 1007BU1L09B

Desktop/Server model PC HP Probook 440 G4
LAPTOP/Server S/N 5CD6448NVT
Monitor S/N

Desktop/Server Configuration CORE-I5-2.50 GHZ-8GB-500GB

Configuration changes (If any)
Tivoli end-point
Notes Client YES
OS & Application
Opearting System WINDOWS 10 Pro 64 BIT
Service Pack
MS Office MS-Office
Winzip YES
Acrobat Reader YES
Trend Micro Antivirus YES
Internet Explorer 11
Sharing of files and folders should not be there
Unauthorized Internet acess should not be there
IM should not be Installed on the Server
Unlicensed softwares should not be there
Screensaver password should be there
Illegal and pornographic material should not be there
Unwanted services should not be Running on the Server.
Games should not be installed
Audio and Video files should not be there on the Servers
Passwords should be complex
Passwords should be of 8 Characters
Proxy Server Settings YES
Printer Installation YES
Datacard Installation
IP Address and Subnet
Backup from old system copied in new PC/Laptop/Server, if

User Name Abhilash D.Varghese

User Login Abhilash.Varghese

User's Signature: