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World History

Ancient Egyptian WebQuest


The ancient Egyptians were an impressive, complex, and innovative civilization. It will be your job to explore certain
elements of their social, religious, or political structure. Today you will become an ameteur egyptologist as you
attempt to uncover the truth about ancient Egyptian culture. Once you have decided on a topic, you will be conducting
research to create a presentation for the class. This presentation will help you demonstrate your expertise in your
chosen area.

The Task:

Each student will create an in-depth Google Slide presentation about a certain element of ancient Egyptian culture.
The exact structure of the presentation will be up to each student to decide, but it must provide a thorough analysis of
their chosen topic. The basic guidelines for the presentations are as follows:


A title slide with your name and research topic

A minimum of 5 slides that give a thorough analysis of your chosen topic
A final slide that contains the sources you used (minimum of 3 credible sources)
A graphic or image on each slide
Enough information for a 3 to 5-minute presentation

The Process:

The first thing each student must do is choose a topic from the provided list. I would encourage students to choose
areas that interest them. This will make the research process much easier and more enjoyable. Once students decide
on a topic, they should begin brainstorming ways to break their topic down into presentation slides. (Ex. What
information will I need to provide? How should I break that information down in my presentation?) After brainstorming
for a while, students should then begin researching their topic to find the information they need. Students should
focus on credible websites to find their information. The last step in the process should be creating their presentation
and finding appropriate images.

The Process:

Students should choose a topic

Students should brainstorm
Students should research from credible sources
Students should create their presentations and find images.


The following are some credible resources for students to use that I have selected for them. You will also find the list
of topics for students to choose from.

Credible Sources:

Potential Research Topics:

Gods and Goddesses

The Pyramids of Giza
The Sphinx
The Rosetta Stone
Egyptian Trade
Farming and Irrigation
Social Classes
Family Life
Government and Laws
Hieroglyphics and Hieratic Script
The Valley of the Kings
King Tut
Egyptian Medicine
Egyptian Technology
Food and Drink
Games and Sports
Kingdoms and Dynasties
Medicine and Surgery
Egyptian Architecture

I have included the rubric/checklist that will be used as an assessment for this assignment.


____Project contains a title page with name, topic, and picture (8-10)
Project contains a title page with name and topic only (5-7)
Project does not contain a title page (0-4)

____Project contains 5 slides of solid, credible information, obvious research was done (8-10)
Project contains fewer than 5 slides, but information was credible, some research was done (5-7)
Project did not contain enough credible information, very few slides present (0-4)

____Project contains an image on every slide (8-10)

Project contains an image on some slides, but not all (5-7)
Project contains no images (0-4)

____Student used 3 different sources of information (3-5)

Student used fewer than 3 sources of information (0-2)

____Student included a bibliography slide at the end (5)

No bibliography was provided (0)

____Student was knowledgeable and confident during presentation, demonstrated expertise on their topic (8-10)
Student relied heavily on their slides, was not very confident, expertise was difficult to gauge (5-7)
Student showed little to know expertise on their chosen topic, lack of preparation (0-4)



To bring this activity to a close, students will present their findings to the class. After the presentations, students will
be asked to consider the following questions:

1. What have my findings and the findings of my peers taught me about ancient Egyptian culture?

2. How important are historical research skills to understanding the past?

3. What skills did I learn that I will apply in my future research?


Students will reflect on the following questions:

1. How important is it to find credible resources when conducting research? Why?

2. Of the three resources you chose to use, which one was the most useful to you? Why?

3. What things should you consider when locating resources to include in your projects?


The following is an example of an extension activity that students may be asked to complete to provide additional
information about Egyptian life and culture.

Notes to the Teacher:

Standard met by this assignment:

SS 12.4.5 (WLD) Students will develop historical research skills.