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Vocabulary Worksheets th

Understanding and Using English Grammar, 4 Edition

Chapter 2: Present and Past, Simple and Progressive

Worksheet 4. Reading 2. Vocabulary practice

Complete each sentence with the correct word from the list.

disrupts monitors rubble

drags nearby suffers
heroes process trapped
manages rescues zone

1. China is ____________________________ Russia. It is not far from Russia.

2. People who perform extraordinary actions to save others are _______________.

3. A person who saves another persons life ___________________________ him.

4. When something prevents a situation from continuing in its usual way by causing
problems, we say it ________________________________ it.

5. If you are stuck in an elevator and cant get out, you are ___________________ in
the elevator.

6. The term for broken stones or bricks from a building or wall that has been destroyed
is ___________________________ .

7. An area where people are fighting a war is a war _____________________.

8. A person who ______________________________ is experiencing great physical or

mental pain.

9. If a person succeeds in doing something difficult, especially after trying hard, we say
he ________________________________ to succeed.

10. A child _______________________________ a wagon along the ground.

11. Class _______________________________ are students who have some

responsibilities in the daily activities of the class.

12. Children and teenagers are not adults yet. They are still in the ______________ of

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