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Attachment in support of Treasury form PDF 0385 E.

IN RE: I am the Living being, Nameholder, establishing my True Self Identity as: Last, First Middle
I am the Living Reciprocal of my Gaius Self Identity persons in commerce per the Constitutional and Treaty Laws
of this nation; operating on two different sides, the operation on the one side (the governmental/commercial Trust) being in
return (duty of support by the Trustees) for the operation on the other side (the granted usage of my assets as collateral).
I have Self-Created the following Protectionary and Estoppel by Deed persons as holder of due course under my
commerce title Assume Name Certificate of FIRST MIDDLE LAST business Entity, as an Individual Banker
(Fiduciary) # 81-XXXXXXX, a Foreign Grantor Trust # RCXXXXXXXXXUS and an Estate # XXX-XX-XXXXXX. I
therefore have the following Constitutional Self Rights and Powers; as self-defense, self evidence, self-executing provision
of Law, self-insurance and self-preservation because of the Constructive and Willful Desertion of the Corporate and
Government Commercial Trust Obligations by the TRUSTEES.
I am now standing as Holder of Due Course over following Government and Corporate created Gaius ENS
LEGIS PERSONS as DEAD Collateral Certificates of TRUST accounts, held in Sole Proprietorship accounts, which
have been used as a Theft of my true identity; a Constructive Beneficial Fraud in order to obtain unjust enrichment
commercial Trustee payments twice fold and impose the corporate Income Taxes upon me. This is Willful Desertion and
Breach of the Corporate CFO Trustees TRUST obligations and the Trustees destruction of the Trust accounts at the
same time.
Collateral-Trust Certificates, per Securities Act of 1933
LAST, FIRST MIDDLE, ens legis Birth Certificate # _XXX-XX-XXXXXX ___
LAST, FIRST MIDDLE, ens legis Certificate of Social Security - SSN # _XXX-XX-XXXX_
LAST, FIRST MIDDLE, ens legis DD214AF Certificate per SS #_XXX-XX-XXXX_
LAST, FIRST MIDDLE, ens legis Assumed Name Certificate # _RCXXXXXXXXXUS__
LAST, FIRST MIDDLE, ens legis Passport ID #_XXXXXXXXX___
LAST, FIRST MIDDLE, ens legis Automobile Certificate of Title # RAXXXXXXXXXUS
I believe that the above listed Corporate DEAD Collateral Certificates of TRUST, styled as Gaius ENS LEGIS
persons, were to be my life supporting persons. It supplied my required obligated interests in Surety Bonds but they have
been used as Identity Theft and Counterfeit accounts by the Corporate CFO Trustees. The Trustees withheld my entitled
bond interest in a State of Deceptive Trust by their corporations. It is a Fact that by their Gaius Ens Legis usage, they have
been able instead to obtain payments twice fold by inverting the support obligations. I have seen No evidence which
disputes this belief and it is believed that none exists.
I am the living being in question Last, First Middle; a living man, a creature of reason, therefore I am not an
ENS LEGIS a creature of legal fiction, as a government corporate derivative person. I am the one who came into this
world by being born of a woman, as an alive being separated from the woman and then to abandon my life supporting birth
sack to be an individual self-breathing man-child, an American people and a creature of reason on the __ day of _Month_,
Year. I have never knowingly consented or volunteered to my being a Surety and/or an Indentured Servant for the above
DEAD Certificates created Gaius ENS LEGIS persons.
I am the undersigned living being a creature of reason, known to us as Last, First Middle, of the age of
consent, stable of mind and competent to testify, having the only first-hand knowledge of the living being whose identity is
being established, do by our own free wills and acts place my boundary markers hereon. I have seen no evidence that my
boundary markers could ever represent an ens legis person and believe that none exists; therefore it cannot be disputed that
said thumb print represents only the physical being known to us as Last, First Middle.
I, Last, First Middle, the undersigned, do hereby attest to the foregoing being my truth, the whole truth and
nothing but the truth, as I know it to be. By My own Free Will act and deed and by My hand and word, I do hereby establish
these Facts of Truth.

Dated: __________________
Attested Autograph by My Hand and Seal: _______________________________

My Boundary Marks: (Left) (Right)