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Fourth Wall Productions

Appraisal Process Performa


Hi. It has been a fantastic year for Fourth Wall Productions and it's time we look back, ponder
upon the year that went and move forward with a lot of zeal and of course, experience.

This is incomplete without an appraisal process. For the same, there are some things we wish
to know from you, kindly have an opinion about these things:

Your experience this year in the society. It can be anything good or bad. Also think on
how we can solve the problems you faced (if any) in the next year.

Opinions on the other departments. It can be either be good or bad. The topic is pretty
broad and you can give your opinions ranging from How we can improve a department
to Do we really need this department?. You can also talk about your work or
experience in it.

Feedback for Second Years. It can be flattering, it can be brutal, anything you are
comfortable in. DO NOT THINK ANYONE will take offence, we honestly wont. End of the
day we are a family and we have to work together, so some words wont affect our
bond. We need to know our defaults so that we can learn to overcome them. This is
your moment, take everything out.
Other Commitments. This includes: Studies, Personal Life, External Course, Another
Society etc etc. Think upon it and tell us anything and everything regarding the topic.
This will help us assign responsibilities to you for the next year.

Structure of the society: Please form a well thought out opinion for the structure of
the society next year. Keep in mind we have greater resources (a grand auditorium) and
a longer practice time. We had a successful run yet again this year but we need to make
it consistent. Please use your experiences in the circuit and interactions with other
societies to form a view on :
Effective Utilisation of the Auditorium
Recruitment - Team Size and Division
Role played by first, second and third years of the society.
Script Selection Process.
Film making and scripts department.
Production of plays for next year (Semester, annual, short productions)

Preferences in the society(*). MOST IMPORTANT. Kindly rank the following from 1-8, 1
being the most preferred and 8 being the least. It is quite obvious that each role must be
ranked differently. If you do not wish to add anything to the others option, rank it 8.
Assume each role to be mutually exclusive, that is, assume that you can get only one
role. Be very honest here, a lot of decision making for the next year depends on your
Reasons for choosing:

Role / Department Rank

Acting 1
Administration 3
Direction 2
Filmmaking 6
Production 5
Scriptwriting / Reading 4
Raasa 7
Other (Please Mention):