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INTO MY ARMS Words & Music by Nick Cave gf 1.1 don't be = lieve in. an in = ter- ven - tion ist i © caprnn 1997 ie . _ << SS - ; o Zz oe ee oe . ced fa MM rca corel ~ vene when it came 10 SS ==> or ee le feeee oe Well not & touch {hair on your head, leave you as— you are, ——— oe 8 CH eee if he felt he had to di - ” into my— arms, oh Lord,— in-to-my— arms SS EE See oe gee f ee ye yee oid 7 — es. 2. And I don't be - lieve in the ex -ist-ence of an - gels, | (Werse 3 see block lyric) = Ah, look-ing at you wonder if that’s te And if 1 did + + Z — 1 would sum-mon them to- geth- (AC and ask them = {wate ov-er you, To Coda ® 1, Pe ee ae SS SS SS = SS SSS SSS oe Well toeach burn a can - dle for you, tomake bright and clear your path and to walk like Christ in grace and love and guide you in - to my arms. In- to my— into my— arms, oh Lord Into_my. D3. al Coda gc. aR a sa ie arms, ‘oh Lord, — in-to-my— arms. ye ig? 7 © Coda that you'll Keep re = tum = ing al ways and ever - more. SSS ee In-to my— ae, arms, oh Lord, — Verse 3 But I believe in love And I know that you do too ‘And I believe in some kind of path “That we can walk down me and you So keep your candles burning Make a journey bright and pure ‘That you'll keep returning Always and evermore. Into my arms ete e