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a management position including recruiting, screening , training , rewarding and

appraising “

1) HRM is the design of formal system in an organization to ensure effective and

efficient use of human talent to accomplish organizational goals.

2) According to Flippo “HRM is the planning, organizing ,controlling and leading

of the procurement development ,compensation integration and separation of
human resource to the end that organizational ,societal and personal objectives are
achieved “

We are dealing with two categories of functions managerial and operative .

A manager is one who exercises authority & leadership over others personnel on the
other hand operative is one who has no authority over others but has been given a specific
task to perform under managerial supervision .



Effective managers realize that a substantial portion of their time should be devoted to
planning. Planning means the determination in advance of a personnel program, that
will contribute to goals establish for the enterprise. It is essentially a decision making
process that provides a basis for economical and effective action in future. Effective

1) set the stage for integrated action to take place.

2) Reduces the number of unfeasible crisis.

3) Promotes the use of more efficient method

4) Provides the basis for managerial function of control

Thereby assuring focus on organization’s objectives. Though HR manager attempt to

anticipate forces that will influence the future supply of and demand for employers .
having adequate HRIs ( to provide accurate and timely information for HR planning is
crucial. An integrated system designed providing information used in the HR decision
making ).


After a course of action has been determined an organization must be established to

carry it out it is a mean to an end. Once it has been determined that certain personnel
functions contribute towards the firm’s objectives. The personnel manager must form an
organization by designing the structure of relationships among jobs, personnel and
physical factor.


Motivation in our definition the function is labeled as direction . but it may be

collect by other mane such as motivation, activation or command . at any rate a
considerable number of difficulties are involved in getting people to go to work
willingly and effectively.


It is managerial function concerned with regulating activities in accordance with

personnel plan which in turn was formulated on the basis of analysis of fundamental
organizational goals.


Staffing /procurement the first operating function of personnel management is

concerned with obtaining of the proper kind of number of personnel necessary to
accomplish organizational goal. It deals specifically with such subjects as the
determination of human resource requirement and their recruitment, selection and


After personnel have been obtained thy must be to some degree developed. Beginnity
with orientation of new employee. HR development also include job skill training. As
job evolve and change ongoing retaining is necessary to accommodate technological
changes. Encouraging development of all employees including supervisions and
managers is necessary to prepare organization for future challenges.


This function is defined as the adequate and equitable remuneration of personnel for
their contribution to organization objectives . employers develop and refine their basic
wage and salary system.


Ensuring the physical and mental health and safety of employees is vital. Globally
various safety and health laws have made organization more responsive to health and
safety concerns.

Through a broader focus on health HR manager can assist employees through

employee assistance program in order to retain satisfactory employee. Health
promotion program that promote healthy employee life style are becoming more wide


The relationship between managers and their employees must be handled effectively if
both the employer and organization are to prosper together.

Whether or not some of the employee are represented by union, employee rights must
be addressed. It is important to develop, communicate and update HR policies and
procedures so that manager and employers alike to know what is expected.


If procurement is first function than the last should be the separation and return of that
person to society. Most people do not die on job. The organization is responsible for
meeting certain requirements of due process in separation as well as assuring that the
return person is in as good shape as possible.


Objectives are benchmark against which actions are evaluated.


HRM exists to contribute towards organization effectiveness ,which makes the

mangers responsible for employee performance to help managers achieve the
objective of organization.


To maintain department’s contribution at a level appropriate to the organization’s needs

Resources are wasted when HR management is more or less sophisticated then the
organizational demands.


To be ethically and socially responsive to the needs of society while minimizing the
negative impact of demand on the organizationThe future of organization to utilize
resources for society benefits in ethical way may result in restriction.

To assist employee to achieve their personal goals, at least insofar as these goals
enhance the individual contribution to the organization. The personal objectives of
employees, must be met if workers are to be maintained, retained and motivated. Other
wise employee performance and satisfaction may decline and employee may leave the