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Digital Unit Plan Template

Unit Title: Linear Equations Name: Melanie Trevino

Content Area: Algebra Grade Level: Eighth
CA Content Standard(s)/Common Core Standard(s):
Analyze and solve linear equations and pairs of simultaneous linear equations.
7. Solve linear equations in one variable. a. Give examples of linear equations in one variable with one solution, infinitely many solutions, or no
solutions. Show which of these possibilities is the case by successively transforming the given equation into simpler forms, until an equivalent
equation of the form x = a, a = a, or a = b results (where a and b are different numbers). b. Solve linear equations with rational number coefficients,
including equations whose solutions require expanding expressions using the distributive property and collecting like terms.

Big Ideas/Unit Goals:

Students will be able to solve linear equations with one variable. Students will be able to solve equations with a different variable instead of the normal x variable.

Unit Summary:

Students will be able to use different methods to solve linear equations. Students will be able to utilize Venn diagrams, graphs, and note to help them solve these problems.
Students will be allowed to use a graphing calculator for certain lessons to help them recheck their work or work backwards to get the equation. Student will be assessed by
quizzes, assignments, and exams to test their knowledge of the unit.

Assessment Plan:
Entry-Level: Formative: Summative:
Mini Quiz: to understand how much knowledge Guided Notes: Solve practice problems. Create A Problem: Student must be able to make up
students have on this topic. Webercise: Be able to graph online. their own problem, solve it, and include a graph.
Worksheet: Be able to graph without a calculator. Exam: Solve a series of linear equations and graphs
Graphic Organizer: Work with another student to with no calculator, notes, or books.
compare answers.

Lesson 1 (Teacher Lecture)

Student Learning Objective: Acceptable Evidence Lesson Activities:
Students will learn how to (Assessments): Students will be given a riddle. The answer to the riddle will be written in numbers. To solve the riddle students
solve linear equations, and Students are able to solve will have to solve linear equations and use the answer for the variable in each to problem to match to the riddle.
check their answer by linear equations using
algebra and rechecking work.
reinserting the answer into
the variable.

Lesson 2 (Webercise/ iPad Lesson)

Student Learning Objective: Acceptable Evidence: Lesson Activities:
Students will utilize online Students will draw three Students will use Desmos online calculator to come up with three linear equations and graphs and be able to find
graphing calculators to make graphs and make up linear one without the other.
graphs from linear equations equations for them.
and vice versa.
Lesson 3 (Graphic Organizer)
Student Learning Objective: Acceptable Evidence: Lesson Activities:
Students will utilize graphic Students will be able to show Students will use a venn diagram to compare their answers to their peers. The sections will be whether they both
organizers to show how they whether or not they have a received similar answers, or different answers which will be on either end of the Venn diagram under the
compare to their classmates. different answer, similar students name. This will show the students which questions they need the most help on.
answer, or did not know the
Unit Resources:

Useful Websites: