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Date: 3rd February 2017

Title: London event to showcase business productivity software

Jacqueline Bullen from Smart IT, now a leading Odoo partner in the UK.

London businesses have the chance to hear from an innovative software firm at a
showcase event in the city and see how it is helping clients increase their business

Smart IT will be in the capital with Brussels based Odoo SA to represent it on the UK
leg of its worldwide tour and demonstrate the benefits of its ERP software work.
The IT specialists have been working with the likes of Inspired Energy plc, The Wild
Beer Co and a range of UK manufacturers to implement end-to-end management
systems using intelligent, integrated applications.
Odoo is a complete suite of tools and all-in-one management software designed flexibly
to meet any business need. It now has over two million users worldwide including
household international names like Toyota, Sodexo and WWF.

With Smart IT now a leading Odoo partner in the UK, the London event on Thursday 9
February 2017 marks the launch of its latest applications.

Smart IT has been doing some fantastic work with Odoo, helping clients in the
manufacturing and energy industries to streamline processes and become more
productive and profitable, explains Pavitra Singh, head of channel and enterprise sales
for Odoo SA in Brussels.

So it makes sense to ask them to showcase the benefits of our applications to our
London audience and explain how it could benefit them with illustrative examples.

Our latest software release is the most influential to date, especially for manufacturing
firms and growing SMEs. Our new Odoo 10 apps are already appealing to
manufacturing professionals who are looking for more efficient solutions to antiquated
software still found on the market.

Odoo 10 features an array of integrated software applications which allow every facet of
a manufacturing operation to work together seamlessly, including production planning,
quality management, shop floor control, maintenance, traceability, and product lifecycle

Jacqueline Bullen from Smart IT adds: As Odoo software specialists, our aim is to use
it to give our clients greater control over their entire operations, from placing orders and
stock management through to despatch and delivery.

For more and more businesses, Odoos integrated ERP software technology is now an
essential tool for success and growth. Its a highly affordable business productivity
solution for growing SMEs. It can be applied to virtually any industry sector to transform
processes, efficiency and business capabilities.

To register for the City of London event, visit

london-2017-02-09-783/register or call Smart IT on 01772 445 050.
Smart IT is supporting a range of growth ambitious SMEs across many different sectors
and disciplines, including advanced manufacturing, energy procurement, supply chain,
warehousing, food and drink production, and financial and professional services. For
further information, visit

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