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*Bring ID for student discount, dry bag, aqua shoes 1.

Free breakfast at Harolds

2. Continue Siquijor tour
Day 1 June 1 Thursday 3. Lunch P200
1. Travel from Cebu to Dumaguete via George and 4. Check out
Peter Lines Ferry 2 Tel. No. 2545404 5. Travel back to Dumaguete via Aleson Shipping Lines -
ETD 10 PM ETA Dumaguete 4 AM ETD: 6 PM Travel time: 1 hour Fare: P130
Fare: P310 Economy 6. Take a trike from the pier P8
7. Dinner at Hayahay
Day 2 - June 2 Friday 8. Travel from Dumaguete to Cebu City via Cokaliong
1. Check in and drop off things at the Harolds Mansion ETD 12 MN ETA 5 AM Monday Fare: P310 Economy
Suite Room P370 9. HOME
2. Take a trike to the bus terminal P8
3. Jump on a bus going to Malatapay P25 Travel time: EXPENSES
45 mins
4. Eat breakfast in Malatapay Market P100 Day 1 P310
5. Buy food for lunch in the island P100 Day 2 P1,668
6. Pay entrance fee P100 Day 3 P1,836
7. Hire a boat to Apo Island P450 Travel time: 30-45 Day 4 -
mins Total - P
8. Hire guide P75
9. Rent a snorkel and mask, life vest, aqua shoes at
P100 each (better if you bring your own)
10. Rent a table P60
11. Eat lunch in Apo Island (picnic style)
12. Hike going to the light house (if kaya)
13. Head back to mainland by 2 pm
14. Take a trike back to Dumaguete P80
15. Dumaguete City tour: Silliman, Belfry, Rizal
Boulevard, Bossings Tempura, Silvanas
16. Dinner at the Sans Rival P200
17. Sleep

Day 3 June 3 Saturday

1. Take a trike to Dumaguete port P8
2. Travel from Dumaguete to Siquijor via Montenegros-
ETD 7 AM Fare: P130
3. Check in at
4. Breakfast P100
5. Siquijor tour via multicab P400
St. Francis de Assisi Church
Siquijor Boulevard
Guiwanon Spring Park P10
Pass by Cang Isok House (the oldest house in the
Snacks at Lilibeths Pan Bisaya
Salagdoong Forest
Salagdoong Beach P40
Cambugahay Falls P20
Lazis Church and Convent
Balete tree and spring P20
Lunch P100
Capilay Spring Park
Kill time at Paliton Beach
18. Lunch at P200
19. Buy souvenir
20. Dinner at Gabbys Bistro at Perdices P300
21. Overnight at Harolds P370

Day 4 June 4 Sunday

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