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Comparing more than 2 things or people.

What is the most exciting video you have ever seen?

I'm not sure but the video Jaws was the least
exciting video I have ever seen.
Form the superlative with..
1. Subj + vb + the + superlative adjective
e.g. Mr. Ford's eggs are the tastiest eggs sold in Valdivia

2. Subj + vb + the + least or most + adjective

for adjectives with more than 2 + syllables
e.g. This room has the most helpful member of staff in the
While the photo-copying centre has the least efficient
heating system.
The adjectives which end in y are changed to -iest
e.g. tasty, become tastiest
The tastiest pizzas in the city are sold here
And other short adjectives end in -est
e.g. shortest That was the shortest thesis
introduction I've seen
Don't forget the word the
But the long adjectives e.g. surprising, stay the
same and are preceded by the and least or most
e.g. the most surprising news item
The least expected result
Irregular comparatives and
good -------------better------------best
bad ---------------worse---------worst
little ----------less----------------least
e.g. the American corner has the least number of chairs of any
room in the library
much/many ------------more--------- most
e.g. the room at the front has the most chairs of any room in the
far --------------further / farther------------ furthest
e.g. Punta Arenas is the furthest town from Santiago.
Which do you prefer and why?
Discuss in pairs which you prefer and say why using a
comparative or a superlative.
Which do you prefer, tea or coffee?
Who do you think is more handsome/ beautiful? ( choose 2 famous
Which do you prefer, spring or autumn?
Do you prefer to express yourself by speaking or writing?
Do you prefer cats or dogs?
Do you prefer sunrise or sunset?
Would you rather be rich and ugly like Mr Trump or , like Mr Ford,
poor and good looking?
e.g I prefer coffee because it has a stronger taste than tea.
I prefer coffee because it is the strongest taste of any hot
Some connecting words to link 2
ideas into one sentence.
and (to make additions e.g. The bus is late and
very crowded)

but (to make contrasts e.g. The driver is overworked but still
pleasant to his passengers)

because (to give reasons with a verb e.g. The bus is late
because there are too many cars on the roads)
because of (to give reasons with a noun e.g. The bus is late
because of the traffic jams)

then ( to show a sequence e.g.He stopped the bus then he waited until
the old lady reached the bus stop)
or ( to show a choice e.g. I can wait for a bus or walk)
Work with a partner. Take turns to continue the
sentences using and, but, because and because of
e.g. I'm tired A I'm tired and I'm going to bed
B I'm tired but I've got to finish this report
A I'm tired because I've been studying all night
B I'm tired because of the tight deadlines l have to reach

The coffee is good.

They got lost...

My teacher is nice...

He married Susan...

I'm learning English...

Brenda bought a car...

Simon is sick..

They went to India...

I went to the shop..