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ICT for a Better and Safe Philippines



DESCRIPTION/USE: Websites are used to publish information, advertise and sell products. Good
navigation gets you where you want to go quickly and offers easy access to
the breath and depth of the sites content.

For this competition, participants are required to create a tourism website for
the City of Imus. Food and other places of interests in Imus will be the highlight
of the website. Pictures, texts and other graphic symbols will be available for


Originality & Creativity of design/ideas/
Graphics/presentation/harmony and balance 30
Combination of materials
Additional use

Use of tools, materials & equipment 30
Safety work habits & housekeeping

Affordability 20
Visual appeal

Wise use of time/Speed 10

Fluency of oral communication 10

Flow of thoughts
Total: 100%

I. Skills Exhibition Proper

a. The Event Administrators and their secretaries, technical committee and judges, should be in the venue
sixty (60) minutes ahead of the event schedule.

b. Event materials, supplies, tools, equipment and other things needed for the venue will be made ready
by the Event Administrator sixty (60) minutes before the event schedule.

c. Checking of laptop/computers that will be used in the event will start sixty (60) minutes before the
event starts. This will be done by the Event administrator and respective coach of the participating school.
Remember that the laptop must be newly formatted to ensure that no html files and images are stored
on it. Make sure also that all the needed software are installed properly to avoid delay of starting the

d. All participants should be at the designated venue thirty (30) minutes before the event starts. Late
participants without valid reasons shall be disqualified.

e. A contestant will be given assigned place based on the numbering set on the registration. Contestant
must proceed to his/her laptop and setup their food and materials. Setting up of their extension cords,
equipment, and tools should be done during this time.

f. Briefing of participants will be done fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled event.

g. The Event Secretary will give the signal for the event to begin. Once the event has been started, the
coaches, teachers, delegates are no longer allowed to talk to the participants to give them full
concentration in their work.

h. Only the Event Administrator, Secretary, technical, judges, official photographer and participants are
allowed in the venue.

i. No questions shall be entertained during the contest proper except clarifications and points of order. All
clarifications and points of order will be directed to the Event Administrator.

j. Should there be any irregularities found during the event, the Event Administrator, in consultation with
the Board of Judges, may suspend the conduct of the specific skill exhibition if justified and refer the
matter to the attention of the Technical and evaluation Committee for appropriate action.

k. Borrowing of materials, tools, supplies during the event is not allowed.

l. A period of three (3) hours is given to finish the website.

m. Use of any built-in template, template wizard, or template from the internet or any other source is
NOT permitted, and is considered cheating.
n. Contestant may edit and/or enhance the available images given using Adobe Photoshop and use them
in the website. Not all images given are required to use.

o. Once finished, contestants then raise his/her hand and the completion time is taken for record
purposes. Contestant will then be queued to the website presentation.

p. No contestant is allowed to edit his/her website once he/she was declared done.

q. Decision of the Board of Judges is final.

r. In case of ties, a tie breaking activity or task will be administered by the Board of Judges.

s. In case of hardware, software and other incidental problems that may occur during the contest proper,
an extended time will be given to the contestant to compensate for the delay.

Event Materials, Tools and Contestants Host School Organizers


A. Supplies and Materials Hardware Paper or pen

letter size bond paper

B. Tools and Equipment Hardware Chairs and Tables

Newly Formatted Laptop Timer
Extension cords projector
Notepad ++ text editor
Adobe Photoshop CS4/CS5
Google Chrome or Firefox Web
Browser or Internet Explorer

II.Scope: Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
A.Competitors must produce a minimum of 3 pages of website based on the competition theme:
ICT for a Better and Safe Philippines
B. The website may be composed of text and images. No scripting is allowed.

III.Design Guidelines
A.Layout. Create well-designed web pages. Place important items consistently and establish level of

B.Navigation and Structure. Website must have suitable structure and easy to navigate. If possible place
primary navigation menu in the left panel. Use of frames is strongly not recommended.

C.Menu. Provide tabs, buttons, etc. referencing each page/content/event and when clicked on shows
the specific page/event/content and allows navigation within its content.

D.Main Page Area. The area where the main event will appear.
IV. Standard Compliance
A.All html pages must have the .html extension and not the .htm extension.

B.The homepage must be called index.html.

C.External CSS must be called style.css.

D.All images must be placed in a folder called images.

E.HTML opening tags (i.e. <p>) must have a closing tag (i.e. </p>).

F.Tags that doesnt have a closing tag should include a space and slash (i.e. <br />).

G.Ensure tags are in lower case.

H.Web pages must be fully functional in the Google Chrome, Firefox web browser and Internet

NOTE: a. All inputs shall be endorsed to the Secretariat by the Event Administrator b. All endorsed
outputs shall be displayed unitl the duration of the event.