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Timeline of Pinterest - Timelines 18/03/17 16:17

Timeline of Pinterest
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The content on this page is forked from the English Wikipedia page entitled "Timeline of Pinterest". The
original page on the English Wikipedia was deleted. The original content was released under the Creative
Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License (CC-BY-SA), so this page inherits this license.

This is a timeline of Pinterest, an Internet service that serves as a "visual discovery tool", as well as the
eponymous company.


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Timeline of Pinterest - Timelines 18/03/17 16:17

Time Development
More details
period summary
2008 The product is conceived by Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp, and Paul Sciarra as
December part of Cold Brew Labs.
build-out, Pinterest grows steadily, raises a few rounds of money, releases mobile apps, and
userbase makes policy changes to better accommodate concerns surrounding copyright,
growth, opt-out and not reusing user content.
policy tuning
Large Pinterest raises multiple large rounds of funding at steadily rising valuations
Early funding ($100 million Series C at $1.5 billion valuation, $200 million Series D at $2.5
2012 rounds and billion valuation, $225 million Series E at $3.8 billion valuation, $200 million
onward aggressive Series F at $5 billion valuation, and $553 million Series G at $11 billion
acquisitions valuation) and also aggressively acquires companies.
Pinterest begins honing in on its focus as a search-based guided discovery
April Search and
platform. It also begins experimenting with monetization, beginning with
2014 monetization
Promoted Pins, and improves support for businesses using Pinterest by
onward focus
launching an analytics dashboard.
Pinterest partners with Shopify and retailers to launch Buyable Pins, special
June 2015 In-app types of pins that people can use to make purchases within Pinterest itself.
onward commerce Although Buyable Pins do not cost the seller money, Pinterest clarifies that
sellers may choose to promote Buyable Pins just as they can promote other pins.

Full timeline
Year and Details
Paul Sciarra quits his job at New York venture capital firm Radius
2008 August Company Capital, and Ben Silbermann quits his job at Google, and the two
together found Cold Brew Labs.[1][2]
Cold Brew Labs receives institutional funding from FirstMark Capital
2009 early year Product for Tote, an app in the iPhone app store that they would eventually
abandon in favor of developing Pinterest.[1]
November, Pinterest is conceptualized by co-founders Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp,
2009 Product
December and Paul Sciarra.[1][2]
unclear, Pinterest completes an angel round of funding, with investors FirstMark
reported in Capital, Jeremy Stoppelman, Jack Abraham, Michael Birch, Scott
2010 Funding Belsky, Shana Fisher, Kevin Hartz, Brian Cohen, Hank Vigil, Fritz
sources as Lanman, William Lohse.[1][3]
January 1) Page 2 of 13
Timeline of Pinterest - Timelines 18/03/17 16:17

2010 March Product The first prototype of the product is launched and made available to a
small group of colleagues and family members.[1]
The company's investors and co-founder Ben Silbermann try to
Potential encourage a New York-based magazine publishing company to buy
2010 early year
Pinterest but the publisher declines to meet with the founders.[1]
Pinterest participates in the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in New
York City. According to a history of the company in Business Insider,
May 24 the company is "nowhere near the main stage startup competition. It
2010 Publicity
26 didn't even get the booth on its own merits; FirstMark Capital was a
Disrupt sponsor, and it had to pull strings."[1]
Former IAC M&A boss Shana Fisher calls the company and says that
2010 May 31 Funding
she loved its product, and wants to invest if they would let her.[1]
Pinterest releases an iPhone app that brings in more than the expected
2011 March Product
number of downloads.[1]
Series A: The company secures a $10 million USD Series A financing
led by Jeremy Levine and Sarah Tavel of Bessemer Venture Partners.
2011 May 7 Funding Other investors include angel investor FirstMark Capital, Jack Abraham,
Kevin Hartz, and Michael Birch from the angel round. as well as super
angel Ron Conway.[1][4][5]
2011 August 16 Publicity Time magazine lists Pinterest in its "50 Best Websites of 2011" article.[6]
Series B: After an introduction from Kevin Hartz and Jeremy
Stoppelman, the company secures $27 million USD in funding from
2011 October 7 Funding Andreessen Horowitz, which values the company at $200 million USD.
Earlier investors FirstMark Capital and Bessemer Venture Partners also
Pinterest releases a "nopin" HTML meta tag that allowed websites to opt
February Product, out of allowing their content to be pinned.[9] Soon (February 24), Flickr
20 copyright implements the code to allow users to opt out of allowing their photos to
be pinned.[10]
Pinterest releases a statement that it believes its use of photos and
Product, content in pins is protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act's
2012 March
safe harbor provisions.[11]
Pinterest co-founder Ben Silbermann appears on stage at the South by
Product, Southwest conference, and announces that revamped profile pages and
2012 March 13
other product improvements are on their way.[12]
Product, Pinterest eliminates the policy that gives it the right to sell user content,
2012 March 23
copyright with the change going into effect on April 6.[13][14]
Co-founder Paul Sciarra leaves his position at Pinterest for a consulting
2012 April 6 Team
job as entrepreneur in residence at Andreessen Horowitz.[15]
Ann Romney, wife of 2012 US presidential election candidate Mitt
February, Romney, starts using Pinterest in February.[16][17] Michelle Obama,
2012 Userbase wife of incumbent president Barack Obama, starts using Pinterest in
June Page 3 of 13
Timeline of Pinterest - Timelines 18/03/17 16:17

Pinterest adds automatic attribution of authors on images originating
from Flickr, Behance, YouTube, and Vimeo. Automatic attribution is
Product, also added for Pins from sites mirroring content on Flickr. At the same
2012 May 1
copyright time Flickr added a Pin shortcut to its share option menu to users who
have not opted out of sharing their images.[19]
Series C: Japanese electronic commerce company Rakuten announces it
is leading a $100 million investment in Pinterest, alongside investors
2012 May 17 Funding including Slow Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Bessemer Venture
Partners, and FirstMark Capital, based on a valuation of $1.5
Product, Pinterest opens to the public and no longer requires a request or an
2012 August 10
userbase invitation to join the site.[23][24]
2012 August 14
userbase Pinterest launches apps for Android and iPad.[25]

Pinterest announces the hiring of its new head of engineering, Jon

September Jenkins. Jenkins comes from Amazon, where he spent eight years as an
2012 Team engineering lead and was also a director of develop tools, platform
analysis and website platform.[26]
Pinterest launches business accounts allowing businesses to either
October convert their existing personal accounts into business accounts, or start
2012 Product
from scratch.[27]
Pinterest announces a new feature that would allow users to report
October others for negative and offensive activity or block other users if they do
2012 Product not want to view their content. Pinterest said they want to keep their
community "positive and respectful."[28]
Acquisitions Pinterest acquires and announces plans to shut down recipe discovery
2013 January 3
by Pinterest site Punchfork.[29]
Series D: Pinterest raises $200 million at a $2.5 billion valuation from
February Bessemer Venture Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, FirstMark Capital,
2013 Funding
and Valiant Capital Partners.[30][31]
Acquisitions [32][33]
2013 March 20
by Pinterest Pinterest acquires mobile startup Livestar at undisclosed terms.
Acquisitions Pinterest acquires Hackermeter. The companys co-founders, Lucas
2013 October 11
by Pinterest Baker and Frost Li, join Pinterest as engineers.[34]
Series E: Pinterest receives a $225 million round of equity funding that
October valued the website at $3.8 billion. Investors include Fidelity Investments
2013 Funding (new), as well as FirstMark Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Valiant
Capital Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners (from Series D).[35][36]
Acquisitions Pinterest acquires image recognition and visual search startup
2014 January 6
by Pinterest VisualGraph.[37]
April 24: Pinterest announces and releases Guided Search for its mobile Page 4 of 13
Timeline of Pinterest - Timelines 18/03/17 16:17

April 24, apps, a new visual way to explore Pinterests more than 30 billion pins
2014 Product links or images chosen by users and assigned by them to topical
June 11
collections.[38][39] June 11: Guided Search is released on the web
version of the site.[40][41]
Product Pinterest launches "Promoted Pins" that would allow companies to
2014 May 12
(advertising) sponsor results in its search results and category feeds.[42][43][44]
Series F: Pinterest receives $200 million in funding at a $5 billion
valuation. Investors include SV Angel (a new investor, though partner
Ron Conway had personally invested in Pinterest earlier) as well as
2014 May 15 Funding Series E investors Valiant Capital Partners, FirstMark Capital, Fidelity
Investments, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Andreessen
Acquisitions Pinterest acquires Icebergs, described as a "Pinterest for creatives" by
2014 July 30
by Pinterest TechCrunch.[49]
Pinterest adds a direct messaging feature that allows users to discuss
2014 August 6 Product
pins privately.[50][51]
2014 August 26 Product Pinterest launches a new analytics dashboard for business users.[52]
Pinterest releases "Pin Picks" that are weekly curations of their own
2014 October 6 Product
December Product Pinterest opens up promoted pins to all advertisers, following what they
28 (advertising) perceive as success of their beta program.[54][55]
Pinterest debuts new search filters that give users more control over the
pins they see. Commentators believe the aim of these is to go after the
2015 January 23 Product male demographic, which tends to be put off by the female-heavy pins
on the site.[56]
Pinterest announces that it will begin showing Promoted Pins in users'
Product home feeds, thereby expanding the reach of Promoted Pins
2015 January 27
Pinterest announces a partnership with Apple Inc. whereby people using
February Product, Pinterest's iOS app on iPhones or iPads can directly download iOS apps
11 partnerships from within Pinterest itself, using special types of pins called app
Series G: Pinterest raises a total of $553 million at a $11 billion
valuation, and allows employees to sell part of their vested stock in
March 16, secondary markets. It is initially reported (as of March 16) that the
2015 Funding
May 8
company has raised $367 million.[61][62] On May 8, the raising of an
additional $186 million is announced.[63][64]
Pinterest debuts a new "Pin It" button that requires fewer steps to
bookmark a Pin, and that, according to tests, increases the number of
2015 April 2 Product pinning actions by 3%. The new button is developed by the team from
Icebergs, a company acquired by Pinterest the previous year.[65]
Pinterest acquires Hike Labs, a two-person startup developing a mobile Page 5 of 13
Timeline of Pinterest - Timelines 18/03/17 16:17

Acquisitions publishing application called Drafty, in order to gain the technology

2015 April 3
by Pinterest expertise of the two people. One of the people, Jason Shellen, was a
founding team member at Blogger and Google Reader as well as a co-
founder at Thing Labs.[66]
Pinterest announces the launch of Marketing Developer Partners
(MDP), its program to help marketers use Pinterest more effectively, by
2015 April 27 Product helping them schedule pins and incorporate performance feedback to
post better pins.[67][68][69]
Pinterest launches the beta version of its developer platform, that allows
Product, developers to use data about Pinterest users who connect their accounts
2015 May 4
platform to external applications.[70][71] Interested developers can sign up to have
their names added to a white list that will be given this access.
Pinterest introduces a new video ad format called Cinematic Pins, where
Product, the video plays only either while the user is scrolling or if the user taps
2015 May 18 on the pin. This is in contrast with existing autoplay videos used by
Facebook and other companies for their feeds.[72][73][74][75][76]
Pinterest announces the launch of Buyable Pins, a special type of pin
that can be used to make purchases within Pinterest itself. When users
select a Buyable Pin, they have the option of choosing the item they
wish to buy (for instance, choosing between different dress sizes and
colors), and they can then make the purchase within the app using a
2015 June 2 Product variety of payment methods, including Apple Pay. Launch partners
include Shopify and Demandware. The buyable pins are free to use, and
Pinterest does not take a cut of the purchases made. However, Pinterest
intends to allow sellers to promote buyable pins just as they can promote
other pins.[77][78][79][80]
2015 June 30 Product Pinterest begins rolling out Buyable Pins on iPhone and iPad.[81]
Pinterest rolls out the first integrations on its developer platform (first
Product, announced on May 4). These include integrations from IFTTT and
2015 July 8
Pinterest announces the expansion of Buyable Pins to new partners in
addition to its original partner list of Shopify and Demandware. The
2015 October 5 Product new partners include Bigcommerce, Magento, and IBM Commerce.
Pinterest also notes that there are now 60 million Buyable Pins on the
November Pinterest begins rolling out a visual search tool that allows users to
2015 Product
8 select part of an image and find similar Pins.[86][87]
Pinterest launches a new way for users to monitor price drops on
buyable pins. "When users save pins, they'll get a heads up when a price
2015 December Product drops in the form of an in-app notification and an email. They can then
jump straight to that pin and make the purchase."[88]
Fleksy announces that it was purchased by Pinterest.[89] Half of the
2016 June 15 Acquisition team moved to Pinterest's product engineering team. The Fleksy
application itself was open sourced.[90] Page 6 of 13
Timeline of Pinterest - Timelines 18/03/17 16:17

Pinterest acquires Math Camp, the team that built Highlight, Roll, and
Shorts. Most of the Math Camp team would join Pinterest. Math Camp's
2016 July Acquisition products are not part of the deal, so these would shut down and the
source code is planned to be open sourced.[91][92][93]
Pinterest launches a video player that lets users and brands upload and
2016 August Product store clips of any length straight to the site.[94] It also begins
implementing visual search tools on videos.[95]
Pinterest announces that it would open its first engineering office outside
2016 August 9 Company the Bay Area in Seattle. The office would temporarily be located in the
WeWork building in downtown Seattle.[96][97]
Pinterest launches video advertising to a limited number of partners.
Product The feature is known as "Promoted Video Pins", and allows advertisers
2016 August 17
to place video ads.[98][99]
Pinterest announces that it would be acquiring the team behind
Instapaper, which will continue operating as a separate app. The
2016 August 23 Acquisition Instapaper team will both work on the core Pinterest experience and
updating Instapaper.[100]
Pinterest reaches 150 million monthly users. Leaked documents from
October late 2015 showed that Pinterest had been targeting 151 million users by
2016 Userbase
the end of 2015, making this milestone behind schedule.[101]
November Pinterest begins showing a "Tried it" checkmark on Pins, which allows
2016 Product
10 users to share the products, recipes, and ideas they have tried.[102][103]
Pinterest begins rolling out search advertising for a limited group of
Product partners. These marketers will be able to run search ad campaigns
2017 February 1
through their Kenshoo dashboards.[104]
Pinterest simultaneously launches three products related to visual
search: (1) Lens, which allows users to take photos of objects to find
Pins related those objects; (2) Instant Ideas, a circle button that appears
2017 February 7 Product on each Pin that, when tapped, displays related Pins; and (3) Shop the
Look, a circle button that appears on each individual item within a photo
that, when tapped, displays Pins related to that item.[105][106]

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