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C Subject Spanish
n Grade Level 9th Grade
e Learning Objective
n Interpretive Communication: Listening and Reading for
t Understanding
SI.3 The student will understand simple spoken and written
Spanish presented through a variety of media and based on
familiar topics.
1. Identify key words, cognates and some formulaic
expressions when listening and reading.
2. Comprehend simple, culturally authentic oral and written
materials, such as announcements, messages, and advertisements
that use familiar vocabulary and formulaic expressions with
significant contextual support.
3. Follow simple instructions, such as those about classroom
procedures or for using computers and other classroom

P Activity
e The learning activity is Palabras Interrogativas. The students
d will practice and identify key common interrogative words such
a as ?como?, ?cuando?, ?por que?, and more. Moreover, this
g activity will assist the students to learn, memorize, and practice
o words and sentences. This lesson activity will assist students to
g study for their tests as well.
The teacher will go to the SMART Exchange lesson
Palabras Interrogativas :

The instructor will start the class by doing a quick

practice/review of the interrogative words with the
students. The students will listen and repeat it along with
the teacher.
The interrogative words will be shown on the smartboard
lesson activity so the students can see how they are
written and the students will be asked to take notes so
they can keep these notes for practice.
Each interrogative word has its own color
The students will sing along with the display song sing
to the tune of Jingle Bells: this songs repeats the
interrogative words and what they mean in English
The teacher will demonstrate to the students how the
activities and games are played on the Smartboard. The
instructions are as follow:
The student will click on the blue button that states
practica (practice) which has several links to activities
where the students have to find what interrogative word
belongs to the question. The student will choose one
practice link.
When the students are done with practice on the
bottom of that activity page there will be a blue button
that says Jugar (Play) and the students will play with
The teacher will demonstrate to the students how the
game is played on the Smart Exchange board with the
balloons as follows:
The students will choose a balloon with an interrogative
word in Spanish. Then the student will have 1 minute to
say what it means.
After the student has done his/her guess, the student will
pop it by clicking on it and it will show the meaning in
English and the balloon will turn white
Each team will have 2 students and they will go up front
to play this game and also do one activity on the
For every correct answer the students will get a point
The team with the most points/correct answers will win

NOTE: the last slide of this activity states that this game is
for 11 grades/Spanish III level, even though Smart Exchange
has it under all levels and grades( 9-11th). This game is
covered by the SOL standard that I have chosen.
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