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6D Zero conditional, may, might, and could

A Complete the zero conditional sentences by choosing the correct pairs of verbs from the box.
Put the verbs in the correct form!

take / go find / be feel / see not remember / tell feel / rain get / make
not have / lend be / play cannot / read have / take shout / not get get / spend

1 I it difficult to study if the TV on.

2 If I a headache, I aspirin.
3 I embarrassed if I a mistake when speaking English.
4 I depressed if it .
5 My mum angry if I too much money.
6 If I to do my homework, I the teacher a lie.
7 If I sleep at night, I a magazine.
8 If my best friend any money, I him / her some.
9 I loads of luggage if I on holiday.
10 My dad at me if I home on time.
11 I faint if I blood.
12 If I at home alone, I music really loudly.

B Ask your partner questions to find out if the sentences in A are true about him / her. Make notes,
so you dont forget what he / she tells you!

C Isa is very indecisive! How do you think she might answer her friends questions?
Use the prompts to help you.

Where are you going on

your next holiday?

Hmm. I may go to Venice or I could go to New York. Or

I might not go away. I may just stay at home instead.

1 What are you going to make for dinner this evening? 4 Where are your keys?
chicken / beef / restaurant handbag / bedroom / garden
2 What are you going to wear to the party on Saturday? 5 Which film are you going to watch at the cinema?
black dress / jeans / not go horror / science fiction / romantic comedy
3 What gift are you going to buy your mum for her birthday? 6 Whats your neighbours name?
chocolates / flowers / nothing Molly / Mandy / Mary

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6D Zero conditional, may,
might and could
Aims To review and practise zero conditional, may, might
and could
Time 20 minutes
Materials 1 handout for each student
Give each student a copy of the handout and get them
to complete task A. You may want to explain any new
vocabulary, e.g. embarrassed, depressed, tell a lie, faint.
1 find, is 7 cant, read
2 have, take 8 doesnt have, lend
3 get, make 9 take, go
4 feel, rains 10 shouts, dont get
5 gets, spend 11 feel, see
6 dont remember, tell 12 m, play
Working in pairs, students should now do task B. They
need to ask appropriate zero conditional questions to find
out if the information in task A is true about their partner.
1 Do you find it difficult to study if the TV is on?
2 If you have a headache, do you take aspirin?
3 Do you get embarrassed if you make a mistake when
speaking English?
4 Do you feel depressed if it rains?
5 Does your mum get angry if you spend too much
6 If you dont remember to do your homework, do you
tell the teacher a lie?
7 If you cant sleep at night, do you read a magazine?
8 If your best friend doesnt have any money, do you lend
him / her some?
9 Do you take loads of luggage if you go on holiday?
10 Does your dad shout at you if you dont get home on
11 Do you feel faint if you see blood?
12 If youre at home alone, do you play music really loudly?
Task C could either be done orally, by getting students to
work in pairs and ask and answer the questions, or if you
feel your students need written practice, you could get
them to write down the answers.
1 I might make chicken or I may make beef or we could
eat out in a restaurant.
2 I could wear my black dress or I may put on my jeans or
I might not go to the party.
3 I may get her some chocolates or I could buy her some
flowers or I might not get her anything.
4 They could be in my handbag or they might be in my
bedroom or they may be in the garden.
5 I may watch a horror film or I might see a science fiction
movie or I could go and see a romantic comedy.
6 It might be Molly or it may be Mandy or her name could
be Mary.

Solutions 2nd edition Pre-Intermediate OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS