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Chemical Industry

Integrated solutions to enhance your productivity

Increase your productivity
 and energy efficiency
The chemical industry is a very diversified sector, serving
almost all the industrial customers ranging from consumer
goods to heavy industry. No matter what you produce, your
machines play a vital role in your profitability. Equipment
breakdowns can greatly affect production that is critical to stay
competitive. TOTAL offers you the most suitable lubrication
solution that enables you to operate your production facility
at the optimized rate, while complying with the most stringent
international standards.

 Your constraints
Continuous process, high costs of shutdowns
Explosive, corrosive, toxic and flammable atmosphere
Severe operating conditions, extreme temperatures and pressures
Presence of different types of process gas (inert,active, hazardous)
 ompliance with stringent environmental, hygiene and safety

Our solutions
 ide array of product and service ranges, meeting the latest
international specifications
 SF registered food-grade products designed for high level of
hygiene and food safety required applications such as food packaging-
grade polymers
Worldwide presence in more than 150 countries
 ustomer services and technical assistance provided
bydedicated professional teams

Your benefits
Increase equipment reliability and operation performance
Reduce operating and maintenance costs
Protect your investment over time
Enhance worker safety
 itigate any potential harmful effects
to the environment and to your end-customers
 ake advantage of over 40 year experience of
TOTAL Lubrifiants with chemical industry

Compressor Lubricants
Type Applications Advantages

DACNIS Protection against wear and

SH corrosion
Effective oil/air separation
Very severe conditions, high
discharge temperature up to
Rotary and reciprocating
PAO based Easy start-up at low temperature
up to -40C
Very long drain interval up
to8,000 hours

+ Food grade

PRESLIA Hydrocraked Steam and gas turbines Excellent defoaming, air release
GT mineral Geared turbines and demulsibility properties
Centrifugal compressors Outstanding thermal and anti-
oxidation properties reinforced
Anti-wear and extreme-pressure
Extended drain interval

ORITES Hydrocraked Ammonia synthesis Excellent resistance to oxidation

TN mineral turbocompressor and air release properties
Chemically inert to ammonia
Maximum catalyst protection

ORITES PAG based Hydrocarbon gas High resistance to gas dilution

DS 125 compressor Outstanding lubricity performance
DACNIS Excellent behaviour under high
LPG 150 pressure

LUNARIA Hydrocraked Excellent lubricity

NH mineral Efficient heat exchange
Excellent thermal stability
Refrigerating compressor
Evaporating temperature > -30C
using NH3 (R717)
PAO based + Increased oil drain interval
Food grade
Evaporating temperature
> -50C

LDPE Hypercompressor Lubricants

Type Applications Advantages

ORITES Hypercompressor cylinder oil High resistance to ethylene gas

DS 270 for LDPE production dilution
Outstanding lubricity performance
Excellent behaviour under high
By courtesy of Burckhardt Compression

pressure and high temperature

PAG based Reduced oil consumption
Certified by Burckhardt

DS 270X
Hypercompressor cylinder oil + Reinforced anti-corrosion
for EVA production properties
Suitable for LDPE and EVA
swing production

The information contained in this document is indicative only and does not commit Total Lubrifiants S.A.
For further information see the Technical Data Sheets and the Material Safety Data Sheets.
RY chemical application

Heat Transfer Fluids

Type Applications Advantages

SERIOLA Mineral Process temperature <+310C

1510 High thermal stability

Highly refined
Closed heating circuit
+ Food grade
without air contact

JARYTHERM Synthetic based Process temperature

DBT from 0C to +350C
Excellent stability to thermal
High resistance to oxidation

SERIOLA Synthetic based Cleaning additive of heat High detergency and

DTH transfer circuits dispersiveness, ensuring an
efficient cleaning of circuit
Miscible with mineral based oils
JARYTHERM DBT is a registered trademark of ARKEMA

Process Lubricant
Type Applications Advantages

FINAVESTAN Medicinal white oil Process aid for various High purity, odorless, colorless,
industries such as plastics flavorless
and rubber, adhesives, Chemically inert
fertilizers Compliant with international
NSF 3-H registered

Specialty Greases
Type Applications Advantages

COPAL Aluminium High load and low speed Excellent adhesiveness

OGL complex thickener open gears of turning tubes Reduced friction coefficient
with solid additives (operating temperature Enhanced anti-wear properties
range: -20C to +150C) Increased energy efficiency

ALTIS Polyurea thickener High temperature and high Reduced vibration

SH 2 speed electric motor bearing Extremely long greasing interval
(operating temperature Enhanced energy efficiency
range: -40C to +180C) Available in automatic greasing

AXA Calcium thickener Sealing grease for Food grade

GA 3 autoclaves and reactors Excellent sealing effect
under pressure
(operating temperature
range: 0C to +100C)

STATERMIC Special fluorine Very high temperatures and Resistant to very high
NR compounds based agressive environment temperatures
(operating temperature Resistant to chemicals (acids,
range: -25C to +250C) halogenated compounds,
solvent, oxidant compounds)
Food grade

Other products available. Contact us for more details.

Our services to improve
your competitiveness

Oil Analyses
ANAC INDUS, especially recommended to monitor rotating machines, can contribute
toyour operation cost savings. You can:

monitor the mechanical condition of your machinery without shutdown or disassembly

reduce the number of breakdowns and halts in production

extend the service life of your lubricants and components

Maintenance and Lubrication Management IT Solution

The TIG XP 5 software, designed by Total Lubrifiants, helps you manage your maintenance
operations in a more efficient way. You can:

 omputerize and run oil analysis data

monitor overall maintenance costs

work in your own language 13 languages are available

TOTAL tailor-made Services

 echnical advice and assistance: recommend the best suitable products
andservices for your needs and help solve your problems related to the lubricants

Lubrication audit: optimize your operations and rationalize your lubricant inventories

Best practices for lube handling and storage: reduce losses and save costs

 n-site training: improve the knowledge and skills of your operation staff

Waste oil and pack disposal solution: help you comply with environmental
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Amajor player
With our production, supply chain Support and
and commercial presence in partnership
more than 150 countries, we
Thanks to local technical
deliver a full range of lubricants to
presence, we provide a high
cover all your needs. level of service to optimize
your Total Cost
of Ownership.
& OEMs
Total Lubrifiants cooperates with 5 good
equipment manufacturers
to create high-technology products reasons
for optimal performance and
protection of your machinery.
for choosing
total Innovation &
Quality Total invests in biotechnologies
andenvironment to find the most suitable
components to reach
Total Lubrifiants ISO 9001 energy efficiency through
certification is the guarantee of formulations designed in our
a long term commitment to Research Centers.
quality. From the initial design stage, our
R&D teams seek to develop products
that minimize toxicity risks and
environmental impact.

Safety Data Sheets are available


The right choice in lubricants