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Chapter 1



People knew that the Generation Y lived in a modernized world. Technologies,

gadgets and any other innovations that make the world updated. These things

Brought big impact in our society. Humans use technology tro travel, communicate, to learn,
to do business and to live in comfort. This calls for proper use of technology. The biggest
challenge facing people is determine the type of future we need to have and then create
relevant technologies which simplify the way we do things. One of which is the social media,
such as facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube etc. It has some changes in the environment
among people all over the nation. It has so many causes especially to netizens or those
citizens who are prone in using such Social Media through internet.

Those who scored high on a test for grandiose exhibitionism tended to use facebook
for self-promoting activities, such as frequently updating statuses and posting photos. Those
who showed high levels of entitlement/exploitativeness were likely to exhibit anti-social
facebook behaviors, such as reacting angerly to critical comments and posting in ways that
sought support without supporting their friends in turn. If you find yourself constantly
changing your profile picture and getting upset when fewer then 50 people like your status, it
maybe time to take a long hard look in the mirror and reconsider your behavior. Narcissits
like staring at mirrors, anyhow.

This study will examine about the influence of social media on the level of

narcissism among Liceo de Cagayan University students in academic year 2016-2017. In this
study, we will examine the relationship of social media and the traits of Liceo de Cagayan
University students if social media is a very effective for them or not. All will be
encountering some traits just like self-Esteem, loneliness and narcissism. So the research
examines how narcissism manifested on the social networking websites such as facebook and
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etc. Narcissistic personalities were collected from social networking web pages. All will be
able to know why students are so prone in using social media as part of their priorities.

Theortrical Framework

This study will focus on Social Media on the level of Narcissism were

Students are engaging in this than studying. It affects the Students in their characteristics,

Habits, and bad disorder. It can cause insomnia, blurry eyes, social media addiction, and

especially the interactions to the people that surround him or her.

Table 1.

Independent variable Dependent Variable

Self-esteem Effectiveness
Narcissism Of
Loneliness Social Media
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Relationship each on variables

Statement of the Problem

In this research study aimed at determining the Influence of Social Media on the
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Level Of Narcissism among LDCU students in the Academic Year 2016-2017. Specifically

it sought to answer the following questions:

1. What is the profile of the students in terms of:

1.1 Age

1.2 Gender

1.3 Course

2. What are the factors social media influences narcissism?

3. Is there a significant difference of the level of narcissism to the influences of

social media ?

4. Are there significant relationship between the Social Media and the traits of

LDCU Students that they are grouped according to age, gender, course, an Religion?
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The following hypothesis were tested 65% level of significance:

HO1: There are significance relationship or the influence of Social Media to the level

Narcissism of Liceo de Cagayan University students.

Scope and Delimitations of the Study

The researchers focused on the influence of Social Media on the level of

Narcissism among LDCU Students in the Academic Year 2016-2017. The Independent

variable of the study is the influence of Social Media. On the other Hand, the dependent

variable was the level of Narcissism. The researchers also made use of surveying in order to

gain more information about using Social Media.

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Significance of the Study

This study examines the Influence of Social Media on the Level of Narcissism

among Liceo de Cagayan University Students in the Academic Year 2016-2017 would

benefit to the following people:

Faculty - through the findings of the study, the teachers would have additional knowledge

on how Social Media influence the Liceo de Cagayan University Students.

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Students- The result of this study would provide supplementary knowledge to Students on

the impact of Social Media in the Level of Narcissism among LDCU Students.

Parents- they will know how to restrict their children using social media after they have read

our study.

Future Researchers- they would be able to use the findings of the study as their reference if

ever they would conduct a study line with Social Media among Liceo de Cagayan University


Definition of Terms

Social Media- this variables refers to a websites or application that needs Internet access.
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Narcissism- this variable refers to the self-interest of a person to something based on their


Netizens- ( Internet+Citizen) this term refers to a person who are active in using Social


Generation Y- this term refers to those people who are born in 1990s up to present.

Technology This term refers to the application of science in all terms.

Chapter 2
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Social Networking can be compare as the same as being addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Internet addiction is a big cause of social media addiction because people started to explore

the internet and by that started visiting social network websites. Social network addiction

leads to many problems such as problems with your family, work, friends, or even

psychological disorders.

Foreign Literature

According to Pamaoukaghion (2005-2010) People with low self-esteem are most

likely to fall into social network addiction because of the unstable social expose with people

in person. Social Network Addiction as a hobby now in days. This is because students used

the Social Media as a way to contact better with their friends by viewing it has the new

fashion to have a social network website to express themselves and communicate other than

sending an email through their school accounts. As stressed by Hardie, E (2007) "High

internet use was related to high levels of emotional loneliness, but low levels of loneliness"
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(p22). What this means is a great connection between people who suffer from emotional

distress tend to be addicted to social networks.

Local Literature

Those who spent more time updating their profile on the social networking site were

more likely to be narcissists, said researchers. Facebook provides an ideal setting for

narcissists to monitor their appearance and how many 'friends' they have, the study said, as it

allows them to thrive on 'shallow' relationships while avoiding genuine warmth and empathy.

(UP, 2010). In the case of narcissists, there is need for attention is reinforced all the more

with the frequency of 'likes' and 'comments' they receive online.

Social networks gave a big help to everyone, especially among the students

businessman and other members of the society. Social networks has different features that

may enjoy by the people all around the world, what the problem is, people loses their self-

control in using them. Facebook is the most popular social networking site today wherein

people may share and upload videos, pictures, messages and chat. Twitter is also famous to

every people nowadays wherein people can share their feelings, thoughts and ideas. Through

twitter, they can easily be connected to their favorite celebrities and they can also be updated
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on what is trend all around the world. Aside from these two, Tumbler, MySpace, and Bing

also became a raging craze to everyone.

Chapter 3


Research Setting

This study will took place at Liceo de Cagayan University Campus, Rodolfo N.

Pelaez, Kauswagan Cagayan de Oro City.

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Research Design

The researchers will use the Discuss Research Method. The techniques to use are

standardized questionnaires to determine the impact/effectiveness of social media that

brought LDCU students to become a narcissistic in the society. This method s

Respondents & Sampling Procedure

The target students of this study consisted of selected online addict which the

researcher interview inside and outside of the Campus of Liceo de Cagayn University. Base

on statistical data the researchers will gather in LDCU Campus, the population of

respondents/online addicts in LDCU have a total number of 250 students. The researchers

will use simple random sampling design by getting the 20% or 50 respondents from the total

number of population for students engaged in social media.

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Research Instruments

The researchers will make a standardized questionnaire containing 20 items questions to

determine the problem encountered in The Influence of Social Media on the Level of

Narcissism among LDCU Students in Academic Year 2016-2017. It contained two main

parts: Part I was about answerable by Yes or No and Part II was about the respondents'

reasons why they are too much engaged in the social media.

Data gathering Procedures

1. The researchers of this study followed some procedures in order for them to

Achieve the objectives of this study.

2. The data for this research were collected using a survey

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3. The survey were created using suitable questions for the students. It consists

of 10 questions were related to the respondents perceptions regarding social media.

4. The questionnaire were distributed to 25 students in Liceo de Cagayan University

Main Campus.

5. The selected students were given time to respond those questions and it will be

collected by the researchers during the survey.

6. The researchers all visited the library to have detailed research and consulted in the

internet and books that are relevant to the study being conducted.