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Journeys to Meaningful Learning

a. The lesson started with an opening task whereby you need to complete a table with two
columns that state what you know and what you want to know more about literature. Now
to complete the KWL chart, accomplish the third part which highlights newly learned and
discovered ideas.

What I have discovered new about Literature

Literature from the latin word litteratura which means writing, from
litteratus, learning. There are many ways to define literature like, literature
is an art, literature is language, literature is aesthetic, literature is fictional,
literature is expressive, and literature is affective. Literature is everything in
print. It means any writing can be categorized as literature. Literature can be
defined as an expression of human feelings, thoughts, and ideas whose
medium is language, oral and written. It is also described as for having an
excellent form which the expression of permanent and universal ideas can
be established aesthetically. Literature is not only about human ideas,
thoughts, and feelings but also about experiences of the authors. Literature
can be medium for human to communicate what they feel, think, experience
to the readers. There are good reasons why people should read literature:
to satisfy ones curiosity, to uplift cultural understanding, to escape from
reality and lastly to fulfill ones desire and aspirations. And literature can also
save time, it makes people nicer, it is a cure for loneliness and it prepares
people for failure. I also discovered some key features of literature as it is a
form of communication, it is an art, nobility of thoughts, its timelessness,
universality and literature has utility.
b. Draw some images that will best represent what literature is all about.

Write a short description here:

Literature is an art, covers both oral and written forms of work. Literature takes
an excellent form as it contains an artistic expression of mans ideas and thoughts. Its
beauty is timelessness and have an enduring quality that can withstand the change of
time. Literature can be a poetry, prose fiction, drama, or non-fiction prose. I drew the
theater symbol to show that literature can be an oral kind of work. Drama is basically a
literary form intended to represent ideas, thoughts and experiences through a theater
performance. Literature is about the humans ideas, thoughts, experiences that are
processed in the brain. Literature in the most basic definition, the written works or
books wrote by great writers regarding their experiences in life. Literature is universal,
as it has global applicability that transcends across space. It can be understood in any
part of the world.
Keep on Learning

Answer the question or perform the task that follows:

1. Search the internet and find out what other scholars say about the nature of
literature. Indicate the proponents and the sources.
Literature is the art of discovering something extraordinary about ordinary
people, and saying with ordinary words something extraordinary. Boris Pasternak
Literature is one of the most interesting and significant expressions of humanity.
P.T. Barnum
Literature is the orchestration of platitudes. Thornton Wilder
Every mans memory is his private literature. Aldous Huxley
Great literature is simply language charged with meaning to the utmost possible
degree. Ezra Pound
Great literature should do some good to the reader: must quicken his perception
through dull, and sharpen his discrimination though blunt, and mellow the rawness of
his personal opinions. A.E. Housman
Literature is the art of writing something that will be read twice. Cyril Connolly
Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary
competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the
deserts that our lives have already become. C.S. Lewis
Literature has as one of its principal allures that it tells you something about life
that life itself cant tell you. I just thought literature is a thing that human being do.
Richard Ford
Literature transmits incontrovertible condensed experienced from generation to
generation. In this way literature becomes the living memory of a nation. Aleksandr

2. As a student, how do you benefit from literature?
Literature can enrich our lives in ways we never imagined. As a student, literature
helps me develop my thinking skills. Discussions of literature bring out reasoning related
to sequence; cause and effect; character motivation; predictions; visualization of actions,
characters, and settings; critical analysis of the story; and creative responses. It is also a
relaxing escape from daily problems, and it fills leisure moments. Literature also helps me
deal with problems. By finding out about the problems of others through books, I can
receive insights into dealing with problems. Literature builds experience. Through
literature I can visit new places, gain new experiences, and meet new people. I learned
about the past as well as the present and I can also learn about a variety of cultures.
Lastly, good literature exposes me and all the other readers to correct sentence patterns,
standard story structures, and varied word usage. Readers like me for whom English is a
second language can improve English with the interesting context, and we can all benefit
from new vocabulary that is woven into the stories.

3. How will you explain this statement: Literature teaches nothing except the
significance of life?

Literature teaches us how to live. Literature makes readers visit places, experience
events, meet people, listen to them, feel their joys and sufferings. Literature is important
in everyday life because it connects individuals with larger thoughts and ideas in a society.
Literature creates a way for people to record their thoughts and experiences in a way that
is accessible to others, through fictionalized accounts of the experience. Literature
teaches people how we must value our life in things we cant even imagine. Different
literature has different morals that we can apply in our daily lives as it will be marked in
our minds and hearts. The connection between literature and life is intimate and vital.
Literature is the expression of individual and social life and thought through language.
Literature teaches nothing except the significance of life.
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