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What international organizations & government agencies should do to effectively end poverty!

Poverty is a relative concept that came with the very existence of humans and is one of the biggest
concerns of the century till date. Pre-historic man had shortage of food, shelter and clothing for which it all
started as a nomad. But this earth has provided enough through the different geological eras; also rightly
said by Mahatma, Our mother earth provides enough to satisfy every man`s need but it can exhaust with
only one man`s greed!

Industrial Revolution accelerated the Poverty at ever fastest pace and gave it new dimensions in
terms of inequality. Now already, half of the wealth of the world is in mere 1% population. Though the
extreme poverty is declining at a slow pace, the climate change, overpopulation, natural disasters, new
health issues and epidemics, and historical reasons including caste, education and disadvantageously
placement geographically are the major factors which distinctly seeks external support at the highest
possible level.

Overpopulation can be related with most of the problems of the world and its a greatest promoter
of poverty as well. High total fertility rate with underdeveloped countries is a clear indication of this fact. A
target near to 2.0 is very important to eradicate the same. Injecting contraception and family planning
innovation in these countries could be a crucial practice and needs great room of investment.

Climate change, a new challenge on poverty eradication, has made poor people at the highest risk
from climate related shocks. Climate change is a threat in three major forms, the most difficult being health.
A 2-3 degrees rise in temperature will increase the risk of diseases like malaria and diarrhoea by ten per
cent. Natural Disaster will grow, and poor people will lose the most when disaster strikes. It will also drive
more people into the poverty spectrum.

The need of the hour is to strengthen the organisations at the global and local level at the same
time. Inclusiveness of decision making is a great tool of investments and planning. It incorporates the grass
root level minute problems which can easily be overlooked from macro viewpoints. Also, at the same time
inclusiveness makes the process more appreciable locally and easy to implement widely.

The historical reasons have been the basis of inequalities and a modelled approach of short term
and long term goals is very important. A Social Net is vital to make the distressed climb the economic
ladder from below poverty line to above poverty line. Microfinance is a great contemporary innovation for
the same. Also, investments in women and youth will cascade the impact of an aid over time and largest
dividend can be reaped in future. There are also extra benefits associated with a woman who includes
creating better life for her family, build community and even beyond that. Bringing major organisation
under one umbrella and linkage of different governments cannot be neglected as the poverty is a global
issue and can never be outcast by mere discrete efforts.