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!nspiro KAS Plan60

Books to refer
Prelims Paper 1 and 2

Polity Indian Polity by Laxmikant, Newspaper, India Year Book, NCERT 10th .

History of India Spectrum,XI & XII NCERT, PUC 2nd History , PUC 2nd year Sociology,
Tamilnadu 11th Standard Text book, Karnataka Textbook 7 to 10th Standard.

Culture Culture Spectrum, Ancient India NCERT XI.

Economics PD Special Issue, Dutta & Sundaram, NCERT, Karnataka PUC 1st and 2nd

Geography XI & XII NCERT, Geo Cheng Leong, Atlas, Karnataka PUC 1st and 2nd year,
Karnataka Textbook 7 to 10th Standard

Environment ICSE VI- X class book on Environment, News Paper, Inspiro Environment
and Ecology

Science and Technology Wizard/Spectrum, NCERT VIII, IX & X, News Paper

Current Events Only News Paper, Inspiro Current Events National and State.


General Studies Paper 1

Section I- History and Cultural Heritage

Karnataka PUC 1st and 2 nd year History book


!nspiro KAS Plan60

Karnataka 7 to 10th Social Science

NCERT XI- Art ans Culture

Tamilnadu 11 and 12th History textbook

History of India- Palaksha

India & Karnataka History- Inspiro

Karnataka hand book

Section II- Social and Political Perspective

Karnataka PUC 1st and 2 nd year Sociology book

Karnataka Textbook 7 to 10th Social Science

Indian Polity- Laxmikanth

Section III Indian Economy Planning- Rural Development

Karnataka textbook 9th and 10th Std- Economy

Karnataka 1st and 2nd year PUC Economy

Ramesh singh- Econmy

Economic Survey of Karnataka and Karnataka hand book - Rural Development

Spectrum- Statistics

General Studies Paper 2

Section I - Physical Features and Natural Resources


Karnataka PUC 1st and 2 nd year Geography India

Karnataka Textbook 6 to 10th Geography Karnataka

Inspiro Geography Book- India and Karnataka

Section II - Overview of Indian Constitution

Indian Polity Laxmikanth

Democracy at work (old) XII NCERT

Newspaper issues on Polity


!nspiro KAS Plan60

PIB site

India Year Book

Section III- Public Administration and Management

Public Administration - Laxmikanth

International relation- Inspiro notes, Newspaper Issues on International Affairs,World Focus

Magazine,IDSA website,International Organisations Spectrum

General Studies 3

Section-I, Role and Impact of Science and Technology in Development of Indian, Information
Technology In Public Domain

Wizard / Spectrum Science and Technology

News Paper (especially S&T page)

Ministries Website (DST, MoEF. DBT,.)

Science Technology Inspiro

Section II: Advancement and Modern Trends in Natural Sciences, Life Sciences, Agricultural
Science, Health and Hygiene

Advance Science Inspiro

India year book

Karnataka Handbook

Section III Challenges and Issues of Development on Environment & Ecology

ICSE - 6th to 11th Standard Environmental Education

Inspiro Enviornment and Ecology

India Year Book

General Studies 4- Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude

ARC reports (Ethics, Corruption)

Newspaper for Case Studies.


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