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From Westmoreland, Jamaica WI
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Vol 12; No. 10 FREE COPY JUNE 19-30, 2017

to honor eight
Americans Reopen Soon

By Kimmy Blair at new location
Street Hype Writer 507 Main Street
n support of Caribbean-American Heritage New Rochelle
Month celebration, eight members of the
Caribbean American community are being hon-
ored by the Village of Hempstead for outstanding
contribution to the local communities.


Hempstead Mayor Don Ryan will present the
honorees with certificates of recognition at an of-
ficial ceremony scheduled for Friday, June 30,
2017, at 7 p.m. at the Denton Green Park, 99 Personal Injury
Nichols Court, Hempstead, NY 11550.
We will be honoring contributors of
Caribbean American decent who have bolstered Matrimonial/
our culture locally and beyond through their Family Law
achievements and have enriched American tradi- ------------------
tions, Mayor Ryan says. Providing
Naketa Jackson & The Vision Band, a reggae Quality Legal
performance group; Ed Robinson, reggae singer; Services to the
Lion Melta, Reggae Roots Artist; Earl Lyn, Jr., Caribbean
entrepreneur and producer; Reverend Raymond Community
Wilson; Patrick Maitland, Publisher, Street Hype Since 2005
Newspaper; Beau-Regard Killa Boo Thomp-
son, DJ and Radio Personality and Donovan Call Now for Consultations
Williams, Director, VPAL Distribution a division
of VP Records are the honorees.
The celebration will include live music and
cultural performances from Caribbean-American

performing artists and distinguished members of
the Hempstead and surrounding communities
speaking about their experiences as Caribbean-

elected Jamaican
The Village of Hempstead invites the entire
family to celebrate National Caribbean-American
Heritage. This free event will be a fun fill evening

Diaspora Advisory
with a variety of delicious Caribbean food, live
music and dancing.

Board Member
Check out our websites THINKING OF GOING NATURAL?
501 South 8th Ave, Mt. Vernon

See Page 5 718-678-8118

Educating and empowering our youth!

everal thousand students students will be attending sum- the youth and their parents. from our communities are in
will be on summer holidays mer school after a major We are also expecting the public education a system
that officially start on July 1, policy change. In our high school that is in need of major repairs
while others will be heading to April, Chan- graduates to and overhaul. We will never get
college or joining the work- cellor Car- move on to a perfect system, but the public
Call About Our Fly & Buy Program
force. men Faria college or schools in Mount Vernon and
Whatever their situation, announced trade school New York City could offer No Credit, Bad Credit,
this period is always very emo- students before age more to our children. No Problem

tional and sensitive for our would no 20. How- Nevertheless, as a commu-
youth in the pursuit of their ca- longer be re- ever, most of nity, we must offer or influence
reer goals. These are critical quired to attend our black youth our policy-makers as they seek Starting Price:
tasks as they move into adult- summer school never move on solutions to fix the system.
hood. based on test to college. With over 60% registered De-
In fact, several studies scores alone. Fur- In fact, there are more mocrats in New York including
have revealed that the period thermore, with than twice as many majority seats in the NY City

between ages 14-20 is the most several busi- blacks in jail than in col- Council and State Assem- FLORIDA AAA ACTION REALTY, INC
crucial for our youth. This is nesses announc- lege. bly, we are not short of political
the period when our kids get ing cutting back Compared to their capital and goodwill.
into trouble and perhaps end up on employment, proportions in the over- But, it would appear that
in jail. there will be less all population, blacks are the very same people (politi-
Most of the one million opportunity for slightly underrepresented cians) we have been voting into
students enrolled in New York summer jobs. in college, while whites are offices are ignoring our needs
City public schools will have Therefore more somewhat overrepresented. and concerns.
the next two and a half months kids will be at home, On the positive side, a sig- As a community, we must
of summer break to have fun. in the park, on the nificant number of blacks, create a united team to manage
However, some of them will be road or just hanging especially our girls are per- the process of educating and
heading to summer school around with not much to do. forming exceptionally well, empowering our youth.
which begins July 1. Now is the time; the devil will completing high schools and _____________________
As reported by the Citys find a job for those idled hands, are being enrolled in colleges. Patrick Maitland
Education Department, fewer which could be detrimental to Up to 70% of the students

People Are Talking...!

Wake up People
The opinions expressed in this newspaper, except for the above, do not necessarily reflect the views of Street Hype Newspaper and its publishers. Please send
your comments and or suggestions to Responses should be no longer than 400 words. Not all articles will be published.

I left Jamaica in the seventies because of

two reasons. One the economy and two,
the violence.
was almost twelve hundred. Is that what we
want for this country? It is time for every-
one to take stock of how and why we got
A lot of the violence was political in here and addressed the errors made to come
nature, one party political against the other. off the path that is leading this great nation
Many were displaced, and many lost their into self-destruction.
lives because of that. Whether you are a citizen, a permanent
So I said enough is enough and left. resident, or even undocumented as long as
Now yesterday I got up to the same non- you reside here, you have a stake in this
sense here in a country that I have referred country and therefore a responsibility to see Publisher & Editor:
to as an example of how politics should be to it that this experiment in democracy be-
- all sides can share a drink and laugh to- comes a success. Consulting Editors
gether. Let us see what happened yesterday at GLORIA BENT; PAULETTE GRANT
The freedom to choose a party and not that ball ground as a call for all of us to
Business office:
live in fear, because of where you live or close ranks, form a circle a country we all
Street Hype Newspaper
for any reason or reasons. It gave me a very love. The issue is not about a Republican or 329 Miller Place, Mount Vernon, NY 10550
uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach be- Democrat problem. Tel: 914-663-4972-3 Fax: 914-663-4972
cause I know what this can lead to. Long Live and God Bless the United
When I left Jamaica, the homicide rate By Tony Ryan States of America.
was one hundred plus per year, last year it Published by: JAMVISTA INC.

Police Seek
Flatbush Daycare HIV-Positive Jamaican Extradited to
Operator Sentenced Canada on Sexual Assault Charges
Gunman Who
to up to 15 Yrs
Killed Man in
Toronto, Canada:

IV-infected Jamaican George Flow-

Bronx Double
Brooklyn: ers, has been extradited to Canada to
he operator of three Brooklyn daycare face 12 counts of sexual assault charges.
centers has been sentenced to up to 15 Its been four years since the Canadian au-

years in state prison for stealing over thorities demanded that he be extracted
$50,000 from the New York City Admin- from Jamaica to face charges in Toronto,
istration for Childrens Services (ACS) by Canada.

falsifying and submitting forms to receive The 48- year- old Jamaican was in-
City funds for a bogus center and for chil- volved in a legal battle since 2015 when he Bronx:
dren who did not actually attend his cen- was first arrested in Jamaica in an attempt to olice are investigating a deadly dou-
ters. prevent his extradition. ble shooting Sunday in the Bronx.
The defendant Owen Larman, 44, of Flowers, allegedly knowingly engaged Investigators say the gunman opened
Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn was in sexual intercourse with several women fire on another man and a woman sitting
sentenced recently to the maximum of 7 while working in Toronto but failed to dis-
in a BMW at at Oak Point Avenue and
to 15 years in prison by Brooklyn Supreme closed to the women his HIV-positive status
Court Justice Guy Mangano. The defen- Tiffany Street in Hunts Point around 6
of which he was aware.
dant was convicted of second-degree grand p.m.
Four of the women have subsequently
The man in the car was shot multiple

Widow found guilty

larceny, third-degree bribery, 11 counts of brought cases against him. Three of the four
second-degree criminal possession of a women are said to have contacted HIV from George Flowers times, and died of his wounds.
forged instrument and 11 counts of first- their relations with Flowers. HIV-infected Jamaican The woman was hit in the leg, and is
degree offering a false instrument for filing recovering in the hospital.

of killing hubby for

earlier this month following a jury trial. A similar shooting happened early
According to trial testimony, between Friday morning in Brooklyn.
2007 and 2011, the defendant opened three A man and a woman were shot and
daycare centers in Brooklyn under the killed while sitting in an SUV in East

his life insurance

name Next to Home. The centers, serving New York.
infants, toddlers and school-age children, Police are looking for two men in
were primarily paid through ACS vouchers connection with that shooting
given to families to cover some or all of the So far there is no indication the two

cost of childcare services. The defendant incidents are related.
stole approximately $51,667 in voucher Anyone with information on the case
funds from ACS between June 2012 and should contact the Crime Stoppers hotline
April 2013. lishia Noel-Murray, 28 was found guilty Moments later, Noel-Murray called 911 at 1-800-577-TIPS, or text CRIMES and
In August 2011, the New York City of murder, attempted murder and while holding their 10-month-old son. She
then enter TIP577, or visit www.nypd-
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene weapon possession on Thursday. She will be seemed calm, a responding detective tes-
(DOHMH) found that one of the defen- sentenced June 29. tified during the trial in Brooklyn Supreme
dants centers was grossly overcrowded It took a jury less than three hours to Court.
with inadequate staff to supervise the chil- convict a Brooklyn woman of having her
dren. This center contained the defendants husband knocked off to cash in on $900,000
afterschool program and was located at in life insurance claims.
1159 Flatbush Avenue in Flatbush, Brook- Jurors on Thursday found Alishia Noel-
lyn. The DOHMH took measurements of Murray, 29, guilty of murder, attempted mur-
this afterschool center on June 3, 2011 and der and weapon possession in the Feb. 23,
issued a new permit in August 2011 allow- 2013 assassination of her husband Omar
ing only seven children of school age to be Murray.
on the premises. Prior to this date, the de- Shes a real monster, Murrays
fendant had over 78 children at the after- mother, Eunice Ashley Henry, 59, said after
school center. The DOHMH is the City the verdict.
agency responsible for inspecting all group Henry clapped her hands in prayer and
childcare facilities in New York City. looked up. "I'm ecstatic. I'm overwhelmed,"
According to trial testimony, follow- she said. "But I'm still missing my son.
ing the issuance of the new permit permit- Noel-Murray plotted with her lover, Natural &Organic
ting only seven school-age children at the Dameon Lovell, to hire a hitman for $3,500
1159 Flatbush Avenue center, the defen- to kill Murray so she could collect on three & Caribbean
dants common practice was to misrepre- life insurance policies.
sent the number of children at his centers Lovell cooperated with prosecutors in
by having employees take some of the chil- exchange for 15 years to life in prison. Meals, Grocery
dren temporarily off-site and hold them on The alleged shooter, Kirk Portious, murdered
buses in parking lots when he knew an in- Murray in their Lott Ave. home in

Depart of Education
Juice Bar & Catering
spection was about to occur. Brownsville.

Offers Free Lunch

Open Monday - Saturday
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

oung New Yorkers in need will have ac- mer months," said the department's Deputy
cess to free meals this summer, thanks to Chancellor of Operations Elizabeth Rose. "We
3565C Boston Road
a program by the Department of Education. know that eating healthy is essential to chil-
It's giving away more than 7 million dren's development, to their readiness for
Bronx, N.Y. 10469
meals as part of the Summer Meals Program. school, to their participation in physical activ- 718-547-2804
The initiative offers free breakfasts and ity and to their general well-being."
lunches for kids up to age 18 from 1,100 loca- The free meals will be offered from June
Fax 718-653-5499
tions around the city. 29 through September 1.
"We urge families to take advantage of To learn more about the program, and find
this free program to ensure that our students re- a distribution center, visit the city's website.
main healthy and well fed throughout the sum-

Lawrence-Maitland elected Jamaican

Diaspora Advisory Board Member

By Patrick Maitland
Editor- Street Hype
ocial worker Akelia Lawrence-Maitland HEALER & ADVISOR
was recently elected Jamaican Diaspora
Advisory Board Member for the northeast Removes all Negative
region which represents Jamaicans in Con- Bad Influences
necticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Helps to Bring Back
Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New
Love, Marriage, Health,
Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Penn-
sylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Vir- Financial Blessings

Jamaicans immigrants and their de-

Are you searching
scents were invited to participate in the for Peace of Mind
elections process by reviewing the candi-
date bios and casting votes for their chosen Call today...
(516) 596-6900
Ronald Ingleton
candidate. Lawrence-Maitland who secures Alternate Advisory Board Member
the majority of votes was declared the duly
elected Diaspora Advisory Board Represen- Lawrence-Maitland is an administrative, Located In Lynbrook NY.
tative from a field of two other candidates. social work supervisor Catholic Guardian Available For House Calls
Ronald Ingleton who got the second most Services.
votes was declared the Alternate Advisory She is married with two children.
Board Member.
Akelia Lawrence-Maitland Also elected were to serve the US
Lawrence-Maitland told Street Hype
Jamaican Diaspora Advisory Southern Region - Diaspora Advisory
that she was excited and happy to serve the professionals and emerging leaders who in- Board is Wayne C. Golding, while Alternate Get Your Book Published With
Jamaican community and look forward to a vested in the development of Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board Member is Oliver
successful term in office. She is the former through policy contributions and charitable Falloon-Reid. West/Midwest Region - Di-
president of Jamaica Impact, Inc. (JAM- initiatives. aspora Advisory Board Member, Rupert

Nurse faked Medicaid claims

PACT), an organization of young Jamaican A graduate of Stony Brook University Francis, and Marie Kellier the Alternate
with a masters degree in social work, Board Member.
The most trusted all-in-one
book publisher

for severely disabled patients

Titles published in
print & digital formats

Exciting cover &
interior illustrations

Westchester County: Filing in the First Degree, a class E felony that

private-duty nurse is accused of submit- carries a maximum sentence of up to four
International distribution

ting more than $390,000 in false Medi- years in state prison.

Customized publicity

caid claims for services he did not provide to If convicted, the 47-year-old faces up to

two people who need round-the-clock care. 15 years in state prison. Court papers filed by
Books sold at

According to New York Attorney General the Attorney Generals Medicaid Fraud Con-
major retailers

Eric T. Schneiderman, the patients who were trol Unit allege that Anyanwu-Mueller submit-
victims along with the government were se- ted claims for payment to Medicaid, in which
Call today for
verely disabled clients in Peekskill and in New he falsely purported to provide private-duty your Free Author
Rochelle. nursing services to two severely disabled
The AG announced the arrest and indict- Medicaid recipients who both required
Submission Kit!
ment of registered nurse Collins Anyanwu- around-the-clock care at their respective Call 1-800-413-6235
Mueller of Bridgeport, CT on Monday. homes located in New Rochelle and Peekskill,
Between August 2010 and January 2015, NY.
Anyanwu-Mueller allegedly submitted false Collins Anyanwu-Mueller
medical claims regarding a number of in-
derman said in the announcement. My of-
stances, including when the clients were in the
fices Medicaid Fraud Control Unit will con-
hospital, when another nurse provided care,
tinue to investigate cases involving fraud
when he was on vacation in Europe, when he
and those who steal from Medicaid will be
was caring for another patient and for an ex-
prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
tended period when he sent an unlicensed per-
Anyanwu-Mueller was arraigned today in
son to the recipients home but billed
Westchester County Court in White Plains be-
Medicaid as if he provided the care himself,
fore the Honorable Larry J. Schwartz on an in-
prosecutors said.
dictment charging him with Grand Larceny in

Where many different

When healthcare professionals steal
the Second Degree, a class C felony carrying
public funds, they undermine an important
a maximum sentence of up to 15 years in state
system that connects thousands of New York-
prison, and Offering a False Instrument for

voices are heard!

ers with necessary medical services, Schnei-

Council Member Gives $700k

to Queens Cultural Institutions Book your program today
C ultural institutions in Southeast Queens are
getting a financial boost to help them con-
tinue their work. City Council Member I. Da-
We celebrate our rich musical and artistic
legacy here and this allows us to do that, Miller
said. It allows that next generation to embrace ... call David
neek Miller has announced funding for more that. You can really save young people, you

Whitney Media
than twenty organizations in his district. can save a community through the arts, said
Each will receive a portion of the $700,000 Andrew Clarke, the Founder & Executive Di-
total. Funds will go toward programming for rector of Braata Productions, one of the organi-
1 Broadcast Forum, New Rochelle, NY 10801
914-636-1460 (OFFICE) 914-636-9847 (ON AIR)
youth and seniors, as well as public community zations that will benefit from the funding. The
events. money will come from the city's 2018 fiscal
year budget.

Where Do Most Guyana
Caribbean Nationals
in the U.S. Come
From? MPs added to
W international
News Americas, NY, NY:

no-fly list
hile US Census forms currently does
not allow Caribbean immigrants to
self-identify, the agencys American Com-
munity Survey, (ACS), does implement a

partial survey of the foreign-born population
in the United States, including immigrants GEORGETOWN, Guyana:
from CARICOM countries. Here is the Cen- s if the revocation of their respective
sus recent estimated count of top 5 list of US visas was not enough of a travel
people of Caribbean ancestry, from the most nightmare, a usually reliable source at the
to the least, according to a News Americas US State Department has confirmed to the
Now analysis: Guyana Guardian that, based upon infor-
1: Jamaica mation at their disposal since 2015, an in-
Jamaican immigrants and those with Ja- telligence request was made this year for
maican ancestry are estimated to make up Guyana opposition Members of Parliament
the majority of the Caribbean population in Dharamkumar Seeraj, Nigel Dharamlall
the U.S. with the ACS putting the number at JTB WINS 2017 TRAVELAGE WEST WAVE AWARD: and a handful of others to be placed on the
1,097,196. Dian Holland (l), JTB Business Development Manager for the western region, accepted the award international no-fly list.
2: Haiti from TravelAge West Senior Vice President Bruce Shulman. The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) is
While there is uncertainty as to
In the number two spot is Haitians, with the celebrating their most recent accolade, the 2017 TravelAge West WAVE Award in the category of
whether the request was made by the em-
Census putting the number of Haitians International Tourism Board Providing the Best Travel Agent Support, which was presented at
the TravelAge West WAVE Western Agents Votes of Excellence Awards on June 15 in Marina
bassy itself, an intelligence agency, or the
across the US at 1,062,550. Guyana government; the State Department

10 Caribbean countries with

Del Rey, Calif. Other tourism board nominees in the category included: Tourism Australia, Mexico
3: Guyana has nonetheless acquiesced to the request,
Tourism Board, New Zealand Tourism Board and Tahiti Tourism.
Coming in at third is Guyanese, with an es- which led to the Consular Section of the US
timated 251,101living across the US accord- Embassy in Georgetown sending out visa

the most Facebook users

ing to the Census data. revocation notices to the affected MPs
4: Trinidad & Tobago among others.
In the fourth spot are immigrants from Nonetheless, while the US visa revo-
Trinidad and Tobago with the Census put- cation is generally restricted to the United

ting their total at 217,584. States only, a no-fly enlistment can curtail
5: British West Indies News Americas, NY, NY: travel to several countries or across any in-
Rounding out the top 5 are nationals of the en Caribbean nations stand out for the ternational border.
British West Indies, which includes Turks & most users of Facebook, according to This would have meant that apart from
Caicos, the Cayman Islands, Montserrat and the latest data from Internet World Stats the United States, Seeraj and Dharamlall,
the British Virgin Islands. The Census puts along with the other affected parties can ei-
(IWS). The data shows undoubtedly that
their tally at 104,817.

Jamaican nabbed
more and more nationals from the region are ther be detained or refused entry if they at-
- signing on to the social media site. tempt to make a direct transit or entry into

with ganja in
The top 10 nations with the most FB Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, the UK, and

Canada ends
users based on News Americas analysis are: at least 27 other countries within the EU.

1: The Dominican Republic

visa-free travel
With 4.5 million Facebook subscribers as of

June, 2016, the latest data available, the Do-

for Antigua-Bar-
ST JOHN'S, Antigua: minican Republic sits at the top of the list
for Caribbean nations with the most users of 700,000 Facebook users and a penetration
he National Drug and Money Launder-
rate of over 57 percent.

buda nationals
ing Control Policy (ONDCP) says it has the social media site. That is a whopping
seized more than EC$1 million (One EC dol- 42.4 percent penetration rate according to
IWS. 6: Guadeloupe
lar =US$0.37 cents) in illegal drugs and de-

tained six people, including two Caribbean Taking the sixth spot on our top 10 list is the
Community nationals, during a 24-hour ex- 2: Puerto Rico French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe,
ST JOHNS, Antigua:
ercise over the weekend. Taking the number two spot on our top 10 with 220,000 Facebook subscribers and a 47
he government of Canada has decided
In a statement, the ONDCP said that list is Puerto Rico with 2.1 million Facebook percent penetration rate.
to end visa-free travel for citizens of
295 pounds of marijuana had been seized subscribers and a whopping 59 percent pen- Antigua and Barbuda. This decision report-
during the operation and that the six men, in- etration rate as of last June. 7: The Bahamas
edly relates to concerns over individuals
cluding nationals from St Vincent and the With 210,000 Facebook subscribers and a
who obtain passports under citizenship by
Grenadines and Jamaica, are most likely to 3: Haiti penetration rate of over 64 percent, the is- investment programmes in the Caribbean.
appear in court today. The Caribbean nation of Haiti may be poor lands of The Bahamas has the seventh most The Canadian High Commissioner to
The ONDCP said that in the first oper- but 1.3 million of its nationals are Facebook FB users of any Caribbean nation. Antigua and Barbuda, stationed in
ation in the All Saints Village, a St Vincent subscribers, ranking it at number three on Trinidad, advised Prime Minister Gaston
and the Grenadines national as well as an our top 10 list. But thats still a drop in the 8: Martinique Browne of this development late on Friday
Antiguan male were nabbed in the process bucket given its a 12.7 percent penetration There are 170,000 Facebook subscribers in prior to an official announcement on Mon-
of transporting 103.25 pounds of marijuana rate. the Caribbean island of Martinique. Thats a day. At the time, the Canadian official said
with a street value of EC$413,000. 43 percent penetration rate and lands the is- that a concern is that Antigua and Bar-
It said the Jamaican was nabbed during 4: Jamaica land at 8th on our top 10 ranking. budas citizenship by investment pro-
the second operation in the Mock Pond Area, With 1.1 million Facebook subscribers and gramme is not a residency programme.
where he was held with 34.8 pounds of com- a penetration rate of 37 percent, Jamaica 9: Barbados In response, Browne pointed to the in-
pressed marijuana and a small quantity of takes the fourth spot for Caribbean nations In the ninth spot is Barbados, with 160,000 tense vetting of its CIP system, the rev-
marijuana seedlings with a street value esti- with the most FB users, at least as of June Facebook Subscribers and a 55 percent pen- enues to the people of Antigua and Barbuda
mated at EC$139,200. The authorities said 2016. etration rate as of June 2016. when the terms of trade and aid have de-
that in the third drug operation in the Sea clined and the banking system is threat-
View Farm area, three nationals were de-
5: Trinidad & Tobago 10: Saint Lucia ened. Despite the end of visa-free travel,
tained after 157.8 pounds of compressed Rounding our top 10 is the Caribbean island
Coming in at fifth on our list is the twin-is- the official Canadian government statement
cannabis with an estimated street value of of Saint Lucia with 88,000 Facebook users
land Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, said, Canada continues to welcome visi-
EC$631,200 was found in their possession. and a 54 percent penetration rate as of June
which according to the IWS data, has tors from Antigua and Barbuda.

2nd Circ. Again Refuses To Let
How Many People Overstay Their Visas?
Not Even the Government Knows
Ex-Atty Skate On Fraud Rap
The Second Circuit on Friday rebuffed the
latest long-shot bid from a disbarred attor-

ney to void his 12-year-old fraud conviction
for aiding an advance-fee scheme, and By Walter Ewing USCIS created a Person Centric Query
warned of sanctions if he persists with fu- Service in an attempt to get around this
ture appeals. epartment of Homeland Security problem, but many ICE analysts either did-
(DHS) officials unveiled their newest nt know about it or doubted its reliability.
Ivanka Trump To Be Deposed overstay estimatesthe number of peo- However, the biggest hole in the avail-
In Italian Shoe Trade Dress Suit ple from other countries who remain in the able data stems from the fact that no de-
Ivanka Trump must sit for a deposition in a United States after their visas expireat a tailed exit data is collected from most
dispute with an Italian shoe company accus- recent congressional hearing. people when they leave the United States
ing her brand of copying its design for a However, agency officials themselves by land (crossing into Mexico or Canada).
high-heeled suede sandal, a New York fed- acknowledge serious flaws in their esti- With the exception of a pilot program
eral judge said Friday. mates, stemming from a lack of reliable exit in Atlanta, there is no way to biometrically
data, as well as poorly coordinated commu- verify when someone has left the country
NY Post Tells Judge It Stands nications between databases and informa- through an airport. ICE analysts have to
By 'Biggest Loser' Expos tion systems. piece that information together from third-
The New York Post on Friday told a federal As noted in DHSs testimony, there party records (like flight manifests) which
judge that it stands by its May 2016 reports were more than 50.4 million nonimmigrant may or may not be accurate.
detailing how weight-loss contestants on a admissions into the United States by sea As a result, ICE sometimes wrongly
television show called The Biggest Loser and air ports of entry in Fiscal Year (FY) bases and information systems within DHS concludes that someone who left the coun-
went to extremes to drop pounds, including 2016. DHS estimates that 1.47 percent of are incapable of electronically sharing in- try is in fact still here or that someone who
by using drugs, after a doctor sued, claiming these individuals overstayed their visas, or formation with each other. is still here has left.
the paper defamed him. around 739,000 people. For instance, analysts with the Immi- In the face of challenges such as these,
However, as DHS itself acknowledges, gration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) its no surprise that ICE is currently work-
GM Deal Could Settle Hundreds and as DHS Inspector General John Roth Counterterrorism and Criminal Exploitation ing through a backlog of more than 1.2 mil-
Of Ignition Switch Claims emphasized in separate testimony, these es- (CCE) Unit must access as many as 27 sep- lion cases involving people who may (or
General Motors LLC has agreed to a private, timates dont include anyone who drove or arate systems to try to determine who may may not) have overstayed their visas.
confidential settlement that could resolve walked across either the U.S.-Mexico or or may not have overstayed their visa. Since All of which suggests that the number
hundreds of claims against the automaker U.S.-Canada border because DHS lacks each of these systems was designed for a of overstayers in the United States will re-
over an allegedly defective ignition switch, any reliable data on people who exit the specific purpose, none contains comprehen- main a mystery for some time to come.
GMs lawyers said in a letter to the New country through a land port of entry. sive information about any one individual.
York federal judge overseeing the multidis- This demonstrates why no one knows It is up to analysts to assemble a complete
trict litigation. for certain how many people come to the picture from all of these sources.
United States on valid visas and then over- Acknowledgment: the act of going before
Even if an analyst successfully navi- H
Court Affirms Tossing Of Hospital stay. a qualified officer (e.g., Clerk) and declar-
gates these systems, there is no guarantee
Visitor's Suit Over Injury The Pew Research Center estimates ing the validity of the document. The offi- F
that he or she is gaining access to real-time cer certifies same, whose certification is
A woman claiming that a hospital was liable that these overstayers account for as information. an
known as the acknowledgment
for her shoulder injuries after she broke the many as 45 percent of the 11 million unau- For instance, ICE needs to know when Acquit: the act of freeing a person from the
fall of a patient she was visiting did not have thorized immigrants now living here. a particular individual who is under inves- charge of an offense by means of a deci- P
a good enough expert report to substantiate However, these truly are estimates and tigation for possibly overstaying a visa files sion, verdict or other legal process; to dis- E
her claims, a New York state appeals court not hard numbers. Part of the reason for this a petition with U.S. Citizenship and Immi- charge
ruled Thursday. gap in knowledge is the chaotic collection B
gration Services (USCIS) that might change Action: a civil judicial proceeding
of databases and information systems that his or her immigration status. whereby one party prosecutes another for
Flavor Co. Makes $56M have been cobbled together within DHS. ho
Yet USCIS relies upon almost a dozen a wrong done or for protection of a right or
Settlement In Trade Secrets Suit The other factor is the absence of any
New York-based International Flavors &
of its own information systems which are prevention of a wrong; requires service of M
mechanism to confidently determine when not integrated with each other. In fact, each process on adversary party or potentially
Fragrances Inc. on Friday agreed to pay fla- /G
a person who has entered the country on a system is designed to track a specific appli- adversary party
vor company ZoomEssence Inc. $56 million
visa has exited. Actual place of business: Any location Le
to settle claims in New Jersey federal court cation rather than all applications filed by a
Inspector General Roth laid out many specific individual. An ICE analyst can that the defendant, through regular solici-
that it stole ZoomEssences technology for
of the problems with producing estimates, spend hours or even days just trying to get tation or advertisement, has held out as its
converting liquid flavors to powders and
including the fact that the relevant data- through all of USCISs systems. In 2006, place of business (sec. 308.6 CPLR).
then called the technology its own.

Get your
Maurice D. Maitland, Esq.

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Ansonia, Connecticut 06401 90-04 161 Street, Suite 301,

203-751-9070 646-761-2770
Call Donike or Patrick
Jamaica, NY 11432

Windies Curacao
humbled in defeated
opener by Reggae Boyz
in Caribbean
Cup final
TAUNTON, England:
ut-of-sorts West Indies Women proved
FORT-DE-FRANCE, Martinique:
no match for World champions Aus-
learly deflated, Jamaica's Reggae
tralia Women and crashed to a heavy eight-
Boyz will not be able to honour late
wicket defeat, as they opened their ICC
Jamaica Football Federation President
Women's Cricket World Cup on a disap-
Captain Horace Burrell with the
pointing note here recently.
Caribbean title as they had hoped.
They opted to bat first but were dis-
In the final of the Scotiabank CFU
missed for 204 in the 48th over, with
Men's Caribbean Cup against Dutch-
teenaged opener Hayley Matthews top-
speaking Curacao at the Stade Pierre

Bolt says thank after

scoring with 46, captain Stafanie Taylor
Aliker last night, Jamaica lost 1-2 to
getting 45 and Chedean Nation, 39.
clearly the most consistent and compact

final win on home soil

All-rounder Deandra Dottin chipped in
team in the semi-final round of the re-

with a brisk 29, but veteran seamer Ellyse
gional tournament.
Perry grabbed three for 47, while leg-spin- By NAN Sports Editor, News Americas: usain-bolt-JN Racers Grand PrixHe also Elson Hooi got a double in the 10th
ner Kristen Beams (2-30) and left-arm spin- sain St. Leo Bolt used his Instagram ac- called it possibly one of my worst races. and 81st minutes to propel Curacao to
ner Jess Jonassen (2-39) claimed two count after his win Saturday night to My execution was poor, my start was poor victory, while substitute Rosario Harriott
wickets apiece to cripple the Windies in- send a simple message: Thank You Ja- as always. I think in the last bit I lost it a lit- got Jamaica's equaliser in the 80th.
nings. maica. tle, he added. It was the first time that Curacao
The Caribbean side were well placed Bolts thank you came hours after he Running from lane five, Bolt took con-
were winning the title, but last night's suc-
at one stage on 123 for two in the 33rd over won his final 100-meters on home soil in trol of the race before the halfway mark and
cess is a culmination of two years of a
but failed to kick on and lost their last eight Kingston before a massive crowd of some pulled away to the delight of the huge crowd.
constant rise in the football profile of the
wickets for 81 runs. 30,000 people including the countrys prime Following the race, the skies above the sta-
minister. dium lit up with a fireworks display. former island of the Netherlands Antilles.
In reply, opener Nicole Bolton struck
The triple Olympian won the JN Racers Bolt, 30, now says he plans to end his ca- Defending champions Jamaica were
her third One-Day International hundred
Grand Prix 100-m race, labeled Tribute to a reer at the world championships in London in hunting their seventh title, which they
a delightful, unbeaten 107 as the Aussies
Legend, in a time of 10.03 even as he pub- August. vowed they would pursue in tribute to
cantered to their target in the 39th over
licly admitted to being nervous before the For his part Jamaicas PM Andrew Hol- Burrell, who died in the USA recently.
without raising a sweat.
race. ness tweeted: Saluting a legend. Thank you Both teams will meet again in the
The run, it was just OK. I dont think (at)usainbolt for all you have done for the opening Group C match of the CONCA-
Send Ive ever been that nervous running a 100m, sport of athletics and Jamaica. CAF Gold in the USA on July 7, in San
SPORTING NEWS Bolt said after a lap of honor before the While Digicel posted a photo of Bolt Diego, California. packed stadium of adoring fans. winning the race with the hashtag, #Chief-

A E !


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IV Support 800.850.1184

Jamaica Delivers Annual International African

Cultural Experiences Arts Festival Set for July 1-4
Brooklyn: After a successful 45th an- imum donation). For general in-

By Kerry Hylton he International African niversary, Brooklyns most formation, call 718.638.6700 or Arts Festival (IAAFestival) beloved celebration of African email
his summer, consumers can experience recently announced the latest culture and family, returns to The official website is
Jamaicas authentic food, music, and updates to its official line-up for Commodore Barry Park Satur-
culture at a variety of festivals and parties its highly anticipated yearly day, July 1 - Tuesday, July 4,
throughout the U.S. Attending one of these Brooklyn celebration. 2016. Rain or shine, The Festi- 2017 FOUR DAY
events will allow people to experience the The 2017 headliners are val, as it is affectionately called PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
many wonders of the island and satisfy their the legendary funk pioneer Fred (formerly known as the Other key highlights at
Jamaica craving until their next visit. Wesley and the New JBS; son African Street Festival) will IAAFestival include the 28th
We are always looking for ways to
of the world renowned Latin be from 10:00am to 9:00pm Annual Symposium, a daily
share Jamaicas culture through food, music
Jazz icon Tito Puente, Tito each day. childrens program, a talent
and entertainment, no matter where they
Puente, JR.; reggae legend Den- The park is located on search, an arts and craft zone, a
take place, said Paul Pennicook, Jamaicas
roy Morgan; and the world fa- Navy Street between Park and chess tournament, the annual
Director of Tourism. These summer events
proudly feature legendary and up and com-
mous Kulu Mele African Dance Flushing Avenues in the Fort natural hair show, a new fash-
ing talent, flavors and cultural experiences And Drum Ensemble. Denroy Morgan Greene neighborhood of ion show, a health fair, a poetry
from Jamaica, and encourage people to Other distinguished fea- Reggae Legend Brooklyn. Appropriate for peo- and spoken word show, an
make Jamaica their next travel destination. tured artists are British Depend- tana Tribute Band, and Ohios ple of all ages, backgrounds, Akom ceremony, martial arts

Protoje's passion for reggae music

The following is a list of Jamaican ency, Matthew Whitaker, Maestro Sounds, and other and musical preferences, the exhibitions, dance workshops,
summer events and activities: Ismael and the Radiant Select, great artists. admission is $5 for adults and and many other attractions.
Coney Island Reggae on the Board- Gary Nesta Pine, Milagro: San- $2 for children (suggested min-
walk (July 2, August 6 & September 3) -

Coney Island Reggae on the Boardwalk is a
free, summer sound system series held on
the iconic boardwalk at Coney Island,
Brooklyn, West 20th Street. Founded by DJ he Jamaican-born entertainer and reg- ergies and investigate what is going on cre-

Carter Van Pelt in 2010, this event features gae sensation Protoje was live in the atively across Jamaica and just give them a
sounds by New York area vinyl-only reggae Highline Ball Room in Manhattan on June platform. So New Wave started, and its
artists. This series will be held on the fol- 18, 2017, as one of his many stops on his fashion, its cinema, its music, its a bunch Entertainment Writer
lowing dates: July 2, August 6, and Septem- Bl**d Cl**t tour. Gates opened at 7 pm, of stuff just bringing creatives together, and
ber 3, 2017 from 3-7 p.m. and the DJ's entertained the audience with thats the main reason I wanted to do it.
Music on the Main Reggae Night, some sweet, sweet reggae music. KM: Make sure I get the exclusive on
West Bend, WI (July 20) - Music on the The air at this time signaled a night of this next performance.
Main is a festival in downtown West Bend musical blessing! Protoje: Yuh has it, see it yah. See
that transforms Main Street into a wonder- Protoje took center stage at about 9:40 pm everybody gone and yuh one dah yah ah
land of music, food, commerce and fun. To and his performance was nothing less than par wid wi.
bring the full flavor of Jamaica to the people what I expected.
of West Bend, DJ Koja will be providing the For details on Protojes tour and other
The audience swayed to the beat almost information about the creative, you can
rhythms and sounds of reggae in partnership as if under a spell as he delivered songs
with local entities. The festival takes place visit his website
from his albums. Songs such as Rasta
on Thursday, July 20 from 6:30 9:30 p.m.
Love, Sudden Flight, Criminal, Stylin,
Who Knows, Blood Money, Ja.
The set lasted for 30 minutes which
Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival,
seemed like a mere five minutes. He ended
Queens, NY (July 23) - The 7th annual
with Kingston Be Wise. His energetic,
Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival in New York
attracts over 20,000 patrons including, food- powerful and refreshing performance was
ies, reggae and soca music lovers, dance afi- entertaining from start to finish. The crowd
cionados, and cultural enthusiasts to the although pleased seemed was hungry for
most anticipated event of the year. The Jerk more. Protoje delivered and had left NYC
Festival is known for delivering an enjoy- saying We like it! When again will it be?
able experience and is held annually in Roy Of course, we spoke to Protoje after photo credit:
Wilkins Park in Queens. Competing chefs his performance: Leisha Henry

put their culinary skills to the test to win the Kim Bremmer (KB): What inspired Protoje
coveted Dutch Pot Trophy in the Jerk Cook- the name of your Bl**dCl**t Tour?
off and top artists including Allison Hinds, Protoje: We just ah vibes and mi did KB: Protoje is a great dancer? Even

Morgan Heritage and Konshens are set to have pan social media for my name for when the music stopped, you were still
perform. awhile, and its my mother who heard and moving.
South Carolina Reggae Jerk & Wine said thats what I should call the tour. Protoje: Mi never even let lose
Festival, Charleston, South Carolina (Au- KB: What is the New Wave project? tonight. The material pan stage and the
gust 27) - The 4th annual South Carolina Protoje: Thats a vibe. My brethren shoes hold mi back such mi never even cut
Reggae Jerk Festival celebrates Jamaican Jason Panton came up with the name and lose. Is just a preview yuh get tonight. Artist/Singer Song Writer
Actress MC/Host
Reggae music, jerk spices and wine parings was like yo I have this idea for an event KB: When next will you be perform-
on Sunday, August 27 at Magnolia Planta- called New Wave, and then that was it, and ing in New York?
tion and Gardens. Guests can enjoy wine he was like make the event into something. Protoje: Not for awhile. Mi ah get Versatile, Vivacious,
Creative and Talented
tastings, jerk samples, games, and reggae So I always wanted a platform to put some new music and come back in a real

We publish your entertainment news and press releases

music from Coolieg and Lion Soul Reggae out new, not necessarily artiste, but new en- way trust mi, in a real way.
band as they browse the craft items on dis-
For booking and interviews:
play. The festival is from noon to 7 p.m.
For more on Jamaica and Jamaican 678-462-9626 914-663-4973
events, check out

South Ozone Park senior citizen

wearing one of the pieces
from 'jonkuunu hattitude'

Unique exhibit with lots

of Hattitude showcases

a senior citizens skills Call now: 800-729-1085
udiences attending Braata Produc-
tions upcoming Jonkuunu Hattitude
Masquerade Show will be treated to a truly
unique exhibition experience- a colorful
array of hats and masks created by Senior
Citizens from South Ozone, Queens, show-
casing their best artistic skills.
The show takes place on Thursday
June 29 starting at 11 am at The Catholic
Charities Ozone Park Senior Center in
Ozone Park, Queens.
Jonkuunu Hattitude is presented by
Braata Productions with funding from the
New York City SU CASA Initiative.
The SU CASA (Spanish for Your
House) initiative is a community arts en-
gagement program that places artists and or-
ganizations in residence at senior citizen
centers across the five boroughs of New
York City. The program, funded by the New
York City Council, provides grants to artists Renancing now could save you thousands
and entities for the creation and delivery of
arts programming for seniors. LendingTree Can Help You Renance
During the programme, teaching artists
engage participating seniors in an art project
Benets of Renancing
or series of cultural programs over the
Just as you would shop around for your Lower your interest rate
course of the residency, which culminates home, it's equally as important to shop Lower your monthly
in a public presentation to showcase the ef-
forts of the participants.
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your home
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Street Hype Newspaper
329 Miller Place, Mt. Vernon, NY 10550
lower your payment will be and the lenders today
more money you will save over the life
Tel: 914-663-4973 Cel: 646-250-8912 of your loan.
A Jamvista Publication NMLS #1136
Gracekennedy to Partner With Caribbean Airlines
Hosting 2nd & 3rd Generation Jamaicans

By Anthony Turner generation Jamaican university with the high quality of the sub- Jamaica and the Diaspora, and

Contributing Writer students living in the USA, missions. empowers these young people to
Kingston, Jamaica WI: Canada and the UK with their GraceKennedy is commit- think differently about them-
raceKennedy Limited will proud Jamaican heritage. The pro- ted to anchoring the roots of these selves, their heritage and their
host four university students gramme started in 2004 and after students, many of whom have contribution to the world, said
from the Diaspora for a month- a break in 2008, it was reinstated never been to Jamaica before. Mrs Mahfood.
long professional and cultural in- in 2014 with four interns arriving Coming in contact with the dy-
ternship that is designed to in Jamaica in July 2015. There namics of their parents or grand- Find out more about
immerse them in the Jamaican were more than 48 applicants this parents culture first hand helps to this exciting internship at
culture. year and the panel was impressed foster strong connection between
Tianna Thomas of Brock
University in Canada), Menelik
Graham from Princeton Univer- Tianna Thomas
sity in the USA, Matthew Robin-
son of Georgetown University,
USA and Cleveland Douglas of
the UK-based Imperial College,
will be hosted by GraceKennedy
in Jamaica from July 5 to August
7, 2017.
GraceKennedy partners with
public and private sector entities
to give the interns a taste of Ja-
maica and for the first time
Caribbean Airlines will be on
board as a sponsor this year. Menelik Graham
A big part of the success is
the support we receive from our
partners. We are excited to an-
nounce that Caribbean Airlines
has agreed to come on board this
year as the official airline partner.
This will ensure that our
Birthright Interns start their cul-
tural immersion from the minute
they board the flight, said Caro-
line Mahfood, Executive Director
of the GraceKennedy Foundation.
Caribbean Airlines is in the
business of connecting people, Matthew Robinson
and we are pleased to partner with
GraceKennedy on this internship
programme, which will promote
positive business acumen, as well
as foster a sense of homecoming
for the University students.
Stated Dionne Ligoure, Caribbean
Airlines Head of Corporate Com-
The GraceKennedy Jamaican
Birthright Programme is a cultural
and professional internship de-
signed to reconnect 2nd and 3rd Cleveland Douglas

CALL NOW 1-877-472-6209

Meet Our Celebrity Chef - Patrick Simpson

By Kimmy Blair Born in Jamaica, Chef Patricks
Street Hype Writer love started humbly in his fam-
magine sitting in a restaurant. Its your birthday, and you ilys kitchen, but quickly devel-
are having that special meal so delicious, so unequivo- oped into a real passion as he
cally decadent, you only order it once a year. began experimenting with differ-
ent flavor combinations.
Your mouth is watering; you Chef Wenford Patrick Simp-
His magical flare in the
can smell the delicious flavors son is known by many for his tal-
kitchen was quickly recognized
before you can even see the ent in infusing a variety of tastes
and encouraged by the adults in
server bringing it to you. The and culinary influences, but
his life, and he was granted two
perfection of that single meal is those who know him are drawn
internships to learn about baking
what I strive for every time I pre- to his genuinely amiable nature.
and cooking while he was still in
pare a dish.


Wenford Patrick Simpson

Chef Celebrity Chef
school. I would love to show- Once they eat my food, they
WHY HUGHESNET? case some of my cuisines born become a believer of my craft,
out of Caribbean spices, South- he adds.
ern cooking with an American Also, Chef Patrick has his
flair. Each dish I create is a work show Cook-Up with Chef
High-Speed Performance

of art, not only in flavor combi- Patrick on the TEMPO Net-

nations but on the plate as well, works, a pan-Caribbean televi-
Available Anywhere
No Phone Line Required Chef Patrick explains. sion channel broadcasting music
Chef Patrick now delights and culture of the Caribbean.
customers at B.B. King Blues The show is currently on Opti-
SIGN UP TODAY FOR Club and Grill and the Highland mum Channel 1105, Verizon
Ballroom in the heart of New FiOS Channel 267 and within all
INSTANT SAVINGS York City. When he isnt in the the Caribbean Island Network.
kitchen overseeing anywhere The award-winning chef re-
from 40 to 50 people, hes hand- cently visited Jamaica to tour
FREE Standard Installation*
ing out samples in Times Square various shows to speak about his
or giving presentations in unique dishes. I had the won-
Speeds up to 15mbps
Bloomingdales or Macy. derful opportunity to visit my
I truly love the look on cus- school, which I graduated from,
Packages Starting at $59.99/mo
tomers faces when they taste my to speak to the students in moti-
food. Their reactions drive me vating them to continue on the
Minimum term required. Monthly service and early termination fees apply. Usage is subject to a Fair Access Policy. Actual speeds may vary. Speed and uninterrupted use of service are not guaranteed. Visit www.le-
and ignite a fire within me to cre-
ate more spectacular cuisines.
path to greatness as future
chefs, he talks with pride. for details. HughesNet is a registered trademark of Hughes Network Systems, LLC, an EchoStar company.*Free standard installation applies to new Lease subscribers only. Not valid with Purchase
option. Limited-time oer.



I could not be happier about the job performance of BGA.
They have proven that they are there to help unfortunate
people who are in need of a helping hand. America should be
proud to have them represent those in need.

I would recommend them to anyone -Gil B.

Fighting for Your Social Security Disability

Benefits for Over 20 Years!

Immediate Access to Experienced Personnel
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Call for an Immediate Evaluation (800) 315-8242

Bill Gordon & Associates, a nationwide practice, represents clients before the Social Security Administration.
Member of the TX & NM Bar Associations. Mail: 1420 NW St Washington D.C. Office: Broward County, FL.
Services may be provided by associated attorneys licensed in other states.

Retired social worker
Joyce Maitland (5th l)
poses with members of
her family at the Victory
SDA Church, Bronx
where she was ordained a
deaconess of the said
church last Saturday. Also
in photo are (l-r) Maurice
Maitland, Karlene A.
Maitland-Toolan; Camille
Bent, Jinelle Craig, Gloria
Bent, Jean Maitland and
Keith Maitland.

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Reasons to Go Natural, Today!

Guest Speaker:
by Christina
Hon Richard Thomas
very decision has its reasonswhat Mount Vernon Mayor
would be the reason to go natural?
For me personally, going to the salon got
way too expensive-- I wanted to learn my
own hair, and I absolutely loved the versatil-
ity of natural hair. If you make the decision
to go natural, make sure that it is your own
decision and not anyone pressuring you. Re-
member that this is your hair and your jour-
Here are a few reasons why you would
want to go natural:

Want A Change

This could be from having straight hair


all the time to wanting a different look. If you

are looking for a change, you will definitely
get that with natural hair. If you are tired of
the same style over and over, going natural
can give you endless options to cater to that
change you are looking for.
When I was younger, I was taught that Togia and Pauline Fairclough of New Begin-
straight hair was the standard for beauty and ning Natural Hair Studio, the leading natural
poise. Kinky and coily hair was not accepted
hair stylists in New York City and Westch-

ester. The studio is located at 501 South 8th

as beautiful, lovely, or appropriate. But now... avenue, Mount Vernon, NY 10550
natural hair is everywhere! Companies want
Flexibility for previous

to be part of the movement, models and de-

signers are for it, and the standard of what Lifestyle Conflicts
is beautiful is changing. Straight hair, what? For all of you swimmers, exercisers, and
Straight hair, who? yoga masters, this would be a great change 501 SOUTH 8TH AVENUE
for you. The one thing that you are going to MT.VERNON NY,10550
Healthier For You do is sweat when you exercise. Yes, thats 12-6PM
Nothing against relaxers and other pro- surely inevitable. Natural hair can definitely

cessing methods, but harsh chemicals are just give you the versatility to wash daily or style

not healthy for you. No matter how the box your hair for exercise. Also, if you are on-the-

is sugar-coated with added oils, herbs, and go, going natural has great options for

cute pictures, its still a harsh chemical that styling: wash n go, afro, bun, etc.

can affect your health in the long run.

JULY 8, 2017!

You Will Really Learn Your Hair

Embrace New Growth When I was relaxed, I never took care of
Gone are the days of dreading new my hair. The reason was not because I did not
growth. If you're looking to achieve and re- feel like it or didn't know how, but because I
tain length, you will rejoice when new had someone there who could just do it for
growth shows up! me.
Once I went natural, there was no salon
Hair Versatility I went to that knew how to do natural hair
You can be 4 different women in one (probably have changed now or could have
week! Flat Ironed Beauty, Afrostatic Diva, just been my city). So I was forced to really
Lioness Blowout and Fierce Female learn my hair. When you go natural, you will
Twistout. With the right care, natural hair can learn that not everyone can do natural hair.
really give you any style you are feeling for Not everyone will know how to even
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Paterson student Torres wants city liquor stores to close earlier

going to special
science program
PATERSON NJ: shut down by 10 p.m. Commu- The mayor said he decided
iquor stores throughout Pa- nity leaders and law enforce- to propose the new hours of 10

terson would have to stop ment officials have criticized a.m. to 10 p.m. after conferring
PATERSON: selling package goods at 10 the citys late liquor store hours, with the Paterson Coalition
senior from Patersons John F. p.m., or five hours earlier than saying they cause quality-of-life Against Substance Abuse.
Kennedy High School was picked as dictated by the current law, problems and attract trouble- Two months ago, the coali-
one of two students from New Jersey to under a plan being pushed by makers from other towns. tion presented the City Council
participate in a special science program Mayor Joey Torres. At present, the city allows with a report that said Paterson
in the woods in West Virginia. For many years, Paterson liquor stores to stay open from had almost three times more al-
Jeferson Mendoza, who attends has allowed liquor stores to stay 7 a.m. until 3 a.m., the mayor cohol licenses a total of 197
Kennedys Science Technology, Engi- open well after midnight, in said. That seems excessive to than it should under state guide-
neering and Math academy, is among 108 contrast to other large cities in me, Torres said. lines.
teens from around the country at the Na- the state, like Newark and Jer-
tional Youth Science Camp in West Vir- sey City, which require them to Mayor Joey Torres
ginias Pocahontas County, near the
Virginia border.
Under the program, professors and
Thinking of buying P
a new or used car?
scientists provide lectures and hands-on
study as the teens also participate in out-

Call to get current

door activities like climbing, camping,
caving and mountain biking. d

promotional pricing and

The camp, which is operated by a r
nonprofit group, runs from June 14 a

local dealer incentives for free.

through July 8 and is free for the students, E

Guilty Plea in
according to organizers.

No hassle. No obligation.

Escrow Theft 855-412-1608

Elizabeth, New Jersey:
ichael Pampalone, 34, of Elizabeth,
New Jersey, pled guilty to defraud-
ing a Rensselaer, New York, resident of
As part of his guilty plea, Pampalone
admitted that he stole money that he had
promised to hold in escrow for a client
seeking a mortgage. After the client sent
him two wires totaling $132,450, Pam-
palone withdrew the money and used it
for his own purposes.
Sentencing is scheduled for August 9,
2017 at 10:30 a.m. before United States
District Judge Mae A. DAgostino. Pam-
palone faces up to 20 years in prison, a
maximum fine of $250,000, and up to 3
years of post-imprisonment supervised re-
lease. A
The announcement was made by
United States Attorney Richard S. Hartun-
ian and Shelly A. Binkowski, Inspector in
Charge, United States Postal Inspection WHY HUGHESNET?
Service (USPIS), Boston Division.
High-Speed Performance

Available Anywhere

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option. Limited-time oer.
Student feels unworthy of girl he adores

Dear Divine Diva:
Sister's Demands
ADVICE on Her Family Get
have a love problem I could use your I agree, but I feel Beth and Danny

help with. I go to college, and I met an should pursue their dreams. It takes money

Pushback From Mom

amazing girl, "Lorena," here. She's very re- to get a license, and where we live there is

ligious, which I like about her. no public transportation. What's your take
We have been talking, but I'm afraid to Dear Divine Diva: on this tug-of-war?
ask her out. I don't have the best morals, -- Big Brother In Conneticut
and I'm afraid I would corrupt her if we did
BY y sister "Beth" has a boyfriend,
go out. I don't want to make her into some- DIVINE DIVA "Danny." They have a 6-month-old
Dear Big Brother:
baby girl. Neither one has a driver's license,
thing she isn't.
and they both have low-paying part-time Listen to your mother. The chances of your
Should I let her be who she is, or take jobs. sister and her boyfriend attaining their
the risk of dating her and hope she'll be cause you would do "anything" for her, dreams while working at low-paying part-
Beth expects us to baby-sit, take her to
happy? When I think about Lorena, I real- make it your top priority not to push her time jobs are not great.
the doctor, etc. Mom is now starting to re-
ize I'd do anything for her-- even change into anything you know wouldn't be good What they need now is help in gaining
fuse to do more than baby-sit on Sunday,
my life. Please tell me what to do. for her. their independence. While your mother
because she says Beth needs to get her li-
-- Wild Man In New Jersey You wouldn't be the first "wild man" to may have put it in harsh terms, she has the
cense and look for a better job, and it won't
meet someone who made him want to be a right idea.
happen until she's "pushed to the wall."
Dear Wild Man: better man. I wish you luck. -Always Divine Diva
Only then will she realize she has to.
Feeling as you do about Lorena, I think you Always Divine Diva
should take the risk and ask her out. Be-

5 Signs Youre Outgrowing Your Relationship

Please send your questions and comments to:

by Shantell E. Jamison placing your relationship further Not every relationship ends on bad out. But the primary culprit for doesnt mean they are good for you.
f we are lucky, well meet some- below your list of priorities, then not terms. There isnt always a betrayal things ending on amicable terms is Sometimes you really do grown
one who changes our life forever only are you possibly outgrowing of some sort or someone going up- that two people who came together apart. And you know what/ Thats
and in a good way. Theyll bring your significant other, but you most side their lovers head. Sometimes in hopes of uniting as one simply OK.
out the best in us, be great to us for likely should be single. ..and this is honestly confusing for a have outgrown the relationship. Just
a season or so and provide all that lot of people, things just dont work because someone is good to you
we need in a mate.
It also will be temporary be-
cause we change, he or she changes
and you simply outgrown each
other. But how can one tell if they
are outgrowing their relationship, or
is simply experiencing the ebbs and
flows of love? Here are five ways to
help you determine if you no longer
are meant to be. 4) She or he just isnt the same
1) You no longer challenge each He was so enthusiastic and ad-
other. venturous when you first met. She
You are like two ships passing was so attentive and thoughtful in
in the night. Theres no fiery passion the beginning of your relationship.
and you willingly accept that this is Now you dont know who the hell
where your relationship has landed. youre sleeping with every night.
The work, excuse me, the relation- While people change, it is very im-
ship has become so routine that portant that the characteristics and
you just dont see a way to fix it. So traits that made you decide to spend
you dont try to connect, you refuse life with them remain.
to date your mate and youd hon- We cannot control how some-
estly rather just do your own one evolves, but certain things are in
thing. While it is always good to our DNA. Someone who is gen-
accept your mate for who they are uinely kind doesnt stop being gen-
and encourage autonomy, becoming erous and thoughtful overnight. If a
complacent is never the way to go. person is adventurous, while they
This is the surest sign that there re- may calm down a bit, understand
ally is trouble in paradise. that their enthusiasm will not disap-
2) Youre not excited to be in your In life you either grow together
relationship. or grown apart. A relationship does
Getting up everyday in love not change that. If the direction that
simply doesnt move you like it used youre evolving in is different from
to. No, every day wont come with your mate, do not be upset; simply
lyrics to Jill Scotts So In Love accept that this is where you are in
With You echoing in the back- life and make the decision to peace-
ground, but if you feel more apa- fully move on.
thetic than grateful for your mate,
you may have outgrown each other. 5) The thrill isnt on vacation; its
3) You get more fulfillment from Every relationship has its dull
outside sources. moments, but if the thrill (i.e. pas-
Spending time away from your part- sion, lovemakingif physically
ner is becoming not just the norm, able toand/or excitement) is gone,
but a very strong highlight of your then you may have outgrown your
day. You start to seek fulfillment relationship. If what used to excite
from others more and more. Under- you no longer does and a revamp
stand that while its great to live a cant fix it, then perhaps you may
life that is independent of your rela- need to accept that your season to-
tionship, your mate should always gether is coming to an end.
be a priority. If you find yourself

US Conference of Mayors Busting Crime Repaving Mount Vernon 2017

his weekend, Mayor Richard Thomas is That Funds Terror ount Vernon's 2017 road repaving op-
erations kicked off this week. As you
participating in the US Conference of
ast week, Mount Vernon Corporation drive through the city you may have noticed
Mayors' 85th Annual Meeting in Miami, FL Counsel assisted Consumer Protection
#USCM2017. The conference is an excellent the circle at Lincoln and Gramatan Avenues
Officer, Michael Paulercio in busting an "out is smooth. Many more streets are getting
opportunity for Mayors across the country to of state" cigarette selling operation. The pair
share best practices and progress iveideas. A fresh blacktop as well. The city is currently
confiscated thousands of cigarettes that were
few of the committees that Mayor Thomas is scheduled to have its biggest single paving
being sold illegally without New York State
involved in include: The Need For Infrastruc- year in over 25 years! Mayor Richard
tax stamps. Operations like these are known
ture Investment, Food Policy Task Force, Thomas appointed DPW Commissioner Joe
by the FBI and other law enforcement agen-
Jobs, Education, and the Workforce Standing Nigro to pave our streets and Commissioner
cies to fund terrorist groups overseas. The bust
Committee, the Alliance for a Sustainable Nigro is wasting no time. With this team in
is evidence that fighting global evils like ter-
Future, and Reducing Gun Violence in Cities place, there's no question that they will make
rorism requires not just a national effort, but a
with Innovative Technology. Mount Vernon smooth again.

local one as well. The City of Mount Vernon
Mayor Thomas also met with the Mayor will continue to ferret out these and other
of Sao Paolo, Brazil, Mr. Joo Doria. The types of nefarious terrorist funding operations Summer Breeze Gospel Night
two mayors talked about their cities and the contributing to our nation's efforts to cut off hursday was Gospel Night at The Sum-
large Brazilian population in Mount Vernon. these organizations from their illegal money mer Breeze Concert Series. Hundreds of
They also recorded a video wishing a happy FROM THE OFFICES sources here in our city. Mount Vernon will Mount Vernon residents came out to City Hall
Festa Junina to all Brazilians, both in Mount Mayor Richard Thomas not be complacent to this type of activity. Plaza despite the heat to enjoy a night of live
Vernon and Sao Paolo. Mount Vernon

Freddie Mcgregor to Receive Key To City of Mt Vernon

music, prayer, and spiritual celebration.

V eteran reggae hit maker and Big Ship cap-

tain Freddie McGregor will be honored
by the City Of Mt Vernon, with the "Key To
County, New York
Jamaican/Caribbean roots.
with strong

"Mt Vernon is not just where celebrities

The City" for his outstanding contribution to like actor Denzil Washington, Dick Clark of
the reggae industry. The presentation to Mc- "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" and
Gregor will be made on Sunday, June 25 at singer Stephanie Mills grew up, but it is a city
Roy Wilkins Park in NY. The announcement that Jamaicans have served for years with
was recently made by Mt Vernon Mayor honor and dignity.
Richard Thomas. Jamaican born, Ronald Blackwood who
"Thanks to Mayor Thomas, I will receive lived in Mt Vernon, became the first African-
one of the highest honors a person can receive, American who was elected mayor in New
the Key to the City," McGregor said when he York state. Judge Sam D. Walker, who was
got the news. born in Kingston, served as a City Court Judge
For Freddie, the award has added signifi- in Mt Vernon before he was elevated to
cance given it is from a city in Westchester Freddie McGregor Supreme Court judge in New York state.

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Get Tested for HIV

H IV (Human Immunodefi-
ciency Virus) is the virus that
causes AIDS (Acquired Immune
Deficiency Syndrome). HIV at-

Hunger vs Craving
tacks the bodys immune system Nutritionist
and makes the person more likely Questions & Comments:
to get other infections.
If not treated, HIV weakens
the bodys immune system and
can lead to AIDS.
New York City remains the
epicenter of the HIV epidemic in Hunger
the United States. Usually occurs when you haven't eaten Can occur even after you've recently eaten
Getting an HIV test is the for a few hours or more Pass with time
only way to be sure #beHIVsure Results in a rumbling stomach, headache
of your status. Knowing your HIV
or feeling of weakness How to deal with craving
status can help you lead a long and
healthy life. Doesn't pass with time Distract yourself: Try calling a friend,
If you test HIV-positive, you Isn't just for one specific food listening to music, taking a walk or bike ride,
can get an appointment with a Can be satisfied by a healthy snack or meal reading, or writing.
health care provider and get HIV If a negative feeling is causing your craving,
medications right away. Treating
medications that can help prevent
Craving use Stress reduction techniques might in-
HIV keeps you healthy and can Are usually for comfort foods, such clude taking a long hot bath, walking, relax-
prevent you from spreading the you from HIV infection.
as chocolate, sweets and fatty foods ation exercises, or yoga
virus. Recent CDC research has
shown HIV medicines help people Find an HIV Testing Site Are often caused by negative feelings Drink a glass of water before giving in to a
with HIV live longer. You can use the NYC Health Map Lead to eating that makes you feel good at craving. Sometimes when you think you're
If you test HIV-negative, you to find out where to get tested for first, but then guilty hungry, you're really just thirsty
can learn more about HIV preven- HIV. You can also learn where you May be stronger when you're dieting, Make lower calorie choices whenever pos-
tion options, including Pre-Expo- can get tested today by calling 311 especially if you're giving up your sible

What is a healthy food?

sure Prophylaxis (PrEP), daily or texting TestNYC to 877-877.
favorite foods

H ealthy eating means eating a variety of These nutrients include protein, carbo-
foods that give you the nutrients you hydrates, fat, water, vitamins, and minerals.

How do I lose weight fast?

need to maintain your health, feel good, and Nutrition is important for everyone.
have energy.

H ere are more tips from Dawn Jackson

Blatner, RD, author of The Flexitarian
Diet :
Stay busy -- you don't want to eat just be-
cause you're bored.
Eat only from a plate, while seated at a
Eat vegetables to help you feel full. table.
Drink plenty of water. Don't skip meals.
Get tempting foods out of your home.

Warnings about Credit Repair

Highlighting the opportunities and challenges of local business

I f youve been told that a com-

pany can repair your credit or
remove a derogatory item on your
to change certain items on your
credit report
Contact the credit reporting
mation impacts your credit can
help you Make Better Credit And
Financial Decisions.
behalf if you just pay them a fee, agencies to challenge the accuracy Take steps to guard against iden-
it probably sounded too good to of those items tity theft. Regularly monitoring
be trueand it is. The truth is, credit repair or- for identity theft can help you
Unfortunately, these are the ganizations can do nothing to bet- catch identity theft and fraud
typical claims that some credit re- ter your credit score that you when it happens, allowing you to
pair organizations (CROs) will cannot do yourself for free. quickly address the problem.
make. The unwary consumer is Before you pay a credit repair Work to better your credit scores.
usually the victim. People strug- company: Pay your bills on time. Keep your
gling with bad credit histories and Become familiar with the Credit credit card balances low. Pay off
damaged credit scores can be the Repair Organizations Act. This debt instead of simply moving it
most vulnerable victims. ished. Before you take your busi- total cost of services. You can Act was put in place to help pro- around. Keep your unused ac-
ness to a credit repair company, only be charged for services when tect consumers from unscrupulous counts open as a long-term strat-
Can Credit Repair realize that no one can legally re- everything identified in the con- credit practices. Credit repair or- egy to help improve your credit
Companies Deliver? move negative information from tract has been successfully per- ganizations cannot ask for ad- score.
Generally, credit repair companies your credit report if it is true. formed. They must also disclose vance payment, and contracts This article is provided for
cannot deliver on a promise to re- Under the federal Credit Re- that you have the right to repair must be in writing and contain general guidance and information.
move accurate negative informa- pair Organizations Act, credit re- your own credit. Furthermore, you cancellation rights. It is not intended as, nor should it
tion from YOUR CREDIT pair companies are required to have the right to cancel the con- Learn to interpret your credit re- be construed to be, legal, financial
REPORT And after paying some- provide a written and detailed tract with no obligation within port information. Mortgage or other professional advice.
times thousands of dollars in fees, contract about the services they three days. lenders, prospective employers, Please consult with your attorney
victims are left wondering what will perform for you. The contract Credit repair companies may: banks and utility companies com- or financial advisor to discuss any
happened. Their credit remains should state how long it will likely Pull copies of your credit reports pile information to send to credit legal or financial issues involved
subpar and their money has van- take to see results and disclose the Recommend that you may want bureaus. Knowing how this infor- with credit decisions.

Dont Fall Victim to Financial

Distress Caused by Credit Card Debt
Credit counseling is the easiest, most effective way to explore the options for
credit card debt and identify the best solution for your needs.
ments go toward your debt instead of
adding more interest which means
you can get out of debt faster. Every
financial situation is different, but
most people see their total monthly
debt payments reduced by up to 30
to 50 percent as they get out of debt
faster. The program is usually com- youre able to build a positive cred-
pleted in around 40-60 payments, it history while reducing your overall
so you can be debt-free in just a few debt level. As a result, some people see
HIGH MONTHLY CREDIT CARD CREDIT COUNSELING IS THE years instead of taking decades to their credit score even increase over the
PAYMENTS combined with even EASIEST, MOST EFFECTIVE WAY eliminate everything you owe. course of their time with a credit coun-
higher interest rates can make it al- TO EXPLORE THE OPTIONS seling service.
most impossible to maintain control FOR CREDIT CARD DEBT AND Its the fastest and easiest to
over your credit card debt. Even with IDENTIFY THE BEST SOLUTION FREEDOM FROM DEBT IS
your monthly payments you may not FOR YOUR NEEDS. Speak with a
get professional financial POSSIBLE! Dont spend another
see much of a reduction in debt no certified credit counselor at no charge advice without incurring sleepless night worrying about your
matter what you do. to analyze your debt and budget. They another bill to do it. debt problems, or another day stressed
will review your options to see what about your bills instead of focused on
Whats more, as your credit card bal- solutions may work best for you. Your your family and life.
ances increase, it can also cause prob- credit counselor may be able to lower Build a Positive Credit History Call Consolidated Credit now at
lems for your budget you end up jug- high interest rates or even eliminate Additionally, consolidating debt-
gling bills, choosing between expenses, them while consolidating your credit through a certified credit counseling 1-800-721-4370
and putting off important purchases. card debts into one easy payment service may help save your credit score to speak with a certified credit
Luckily, theres a way you can find the through a debt management program. from additional damage. You stop fu- counselor today.
solution that works for your unique fi- ture penalties and prevent further dam-
nancial situation and even better, it Get Out of Debt Faster age from missed payments and over-
wont cost a thing to get the informa- As a result of those lower interest drawn credit lines. Even better, as you
tion you need. rates more of your monthly pay- work your way through the program, (Fees may apply for voluntary participation in debt management - all
counseling services are free.)

Council Member Richards Hosts

Manny Fiallo Jr. Mens Brunch:

Start June 14, 2017 


Call for more information 7188557366

Council Member Donovan Richards office hosted the Manny Fiallo Jr. Men's Brunch along
with the Rockaway Development and Revitalization Corporation on June 10. Richards honored
the contributions of the men of our community, including Brandon Jefferies, Rasahn Staley,
Visol Smith, and the late Manny Fiallo Jr. More than 100 attendees were treated to a brunch
buffet, raffles and the honorees were all awarded with New York City Council Proclamations
from Richards for their long-time dedication to serving their community. These men have
demonstrated an example, which others should strive to follow. Brandon Jefferies has done
tireless work as the Director of the Queens Library for Teens. Rasahn Staley has long been the
Resource Coordinator at the Queens High School for Information, Research, and Technology,
and serves the spiritual needs of the community as a pastor at Refuge Church. Visol Smith has
done life-saving work as the Directing Supervisor for Rock Safe Streets, and the Late Manny
Fiallo Jr. touched many lives while serving as the Family and Community Engagement Spe-
cialist at the Beach 41st Community Center, said Richards.

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