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Usamos FIRST CONDITIONAL para descrever


If it rains tomorrow, we wont go to the beach.

1. Complete as frases com os verbos adequados e

associe as figuras.
a) If she __________________ (spend) so much money on presents,
she _________________(save) anything and her husband
______________ (get) really angry.
b) The children ____________________(be) really happy if they
______________(have) a big birthday cake.
c) If Tom ____________________ (not practice) more often, he
_________________ (not become) a professional golfer.
d) If the musicians _________________(play) well, the concert
______________ (be) a great success and the conductor _________
(feel) really proud of them.
e) Jeremy ___________________ (become) a rich man if his new
business ___________________ (succeed).
f) The bread __________________ (be) ready for dinner if you ____
___________ (not bake) it now.

2. Junte as duas frases e associe as figuras :

a. My uncle will be really angry 1. I will give you an invitation to
Music Club.
b. The children go to sleep
without complaining 2. if I take his car without asking.
c. If Joe drinks a hot cup of 3. if I read the tale of Red Riding
coffee in the morning, Hood for them.
d. If Jake doesnt train every day, 4. he starts his day with more
e. He will definitely win the first
prize 5. if he wears his Superman
f. If you want to listen to good
jazz music tonight 6. he wont become a
professional boxer.

a. _____, b. ______, c. ______, d. ______, e. ______, f. ______

3. Complete as frases com suas prprias ideias.

a) If I have time this afternoon, h) I will phone you if
b) If the weather is good tomorrow afternoon, i) My parents wont let me go out if
c) If I pass all my exams, j) I wont pass my exams if
d) If I dont do my homework, k) I will watch a film if
e) If my best friend doesnt speak to me, l) I wont feel comfortable if
f) If I save enough money, m) I will argue with my best friend if
g) If I cant go out this weekend,