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Sauer Service on the Road Shanghai
Product range

Aircooled compressors

Watercooled compressors


Gas (V2, p2, t2),H2O, Oil

Gas (V1, p1, t1) ,H2O
() ,

Condensate (H2O, Oil)

Pressure ratio

Pressure ratio p1 stage inlet pressure

p = p2/p1 p2 stage outlet pressure

Influence on compression temperature

Water content

There is always water in the ambient air in vapourized form

The quantity of water will vary with the temperature and relative humidity
of the air

The absolute humidity remains stable during compression

The relative humidity increases during the compression due to the

reduction of the airvolume

Liquid water will form as soon as the relative humidity will increase up to
100% or the air is cooled down below the dewpoint 100%

Intermediate drainage is required

Water content

For Example:
5 m Air with- t =30C und =30% relative humidity contains 30g water

t = 30C



The relative humidity increases due to the compression to 1 m

The absolute humidity remains stable
Water table

Moisture content at different dewpoints

Water content in compressed air

European Conditions: Tropical Condition:

t=20C =60% 400 m/h t=45C =90%

10g / m3 55 g / m3

400 m3/h x 10 g/m3 = 4000 g/h 400 m3/h x 55 g/m3 = 22000 g/h
4 Liters / h 22 Liters / h
Europe 0,2 l / h
Tropical 2 l / h

Drainage interval
5min / 3sec !
Europe 3,8 l / h
Tropical 20 l / h
P & ID

- Piping & Instrumentation Diagram

- Shows all parts which are in the process

- Illustrates the process flow

- Included in the Sauer manual

Compression stage

Compression stage consisting of:

Piston rings

Transfering the heat from the piston to the cylinder Compression chamber

Sealing the compression chamber from the crankcase

Adjusting the lubricating film

Compression rings
Scraper rings
Distribution rings

Piston rings

- More compression rings on higher stages

- Replacement together with piston pin and piston pin bearing

- Service life of Genuine Sauer Piston rings 4000h

- Water cooled or air cooled

- With liner or without

- Rips on aircooled cylinders

- Honed surface to build oil pockets

- Not a Wear & Tear part (EC)

- Combined suction and pressure

- Space saving
- Low maintenance
- Low flow resistance
- Lamellar or concentric type
- Defined dead clearance volume
- Typical servicelife for Genuine Sauer Valves
depending on the application / pressure 2000h /


Air outlet

Air inlet

Swirl insert

Baffle cone

Condensate outlet

Genuine Sauer Separators are maintenance free Sauer


- Standard drain interval for 5min / 3sec
- Starting relief 15sec 15

- Draining simultaneously
- Normal open

Honeycomb radiators
- Suitable for low pressures
(1st & 2nd stage)
Finned tube coolers
For higher pressures 3rd stage

Coolers on water cooled compressors

- Cartridge type
- Tubecoolers U
- gas inside
- water outside
Cooler improvement
Cooling water supply

In case cooling water temperatures are too low

High wear & tear
Cooling water supply

In case cooling water temperatures are too high

Water spaces
Overheating especially on 2-stage watercooled compressors
High coking of lube oil
High wear & tear
Proper cooling supply

Coolingwater inlet temperature

little warmer than suction gas temperature
Optimum inlet temperature
30C -35C
Optimum outlet temperature
Freshwater cooling
Seawater cooling
Loss of corrosion protection effectiveness of zinc anodes at temperatures above
Proper cooling supply

If cooling water is too cold

Flow reduction is required
Gas outlet temperature
About 20C above cooling water inlet temperature
Depending only on cooler and compressor design
Cannot be reduced by increasing cooling water flow
Cooling water amount
Rule of thumb

Based on T =15C of cooling water

Pcomp=Installed drive power in kW

Qcw=Required cooling water flow in l/min
Tin= Cooling water inlet temperature in C
Proper cooling supply

Proper cooling supply

Achieve lowest possible gas temperature
Low residual moisture content
Reduces load on purification on filters, dryers,..
Dirt trap at the inlet
Mesh 60-100m
Solenoid valve at the inlet
Normal closed to stop cooling water flow during standstill
Proper cooling supply

Zinc anodes
To protect against corrosion
Thermostatic valve at the outlet
Automatic regulation of cooling water outlet temperature
Manual valve at the inlet
Manual regulation of flow at the inlet
Cooling system supervision by gas temperature switch
Fast increase of gas temperature
Much slower increase of water temperature du to higher heat capacity
Therefore no need for a separate coolingwater temperature switch
Special cases

Operation at 1470rpm /1770rpm

Running time > 15min
Cooling water inlet
Stable 30C-40C
Cooling water outlet
Stable 45C-50C
No control required

Operation at lowers speeds

Cooling water inlet
< 30C
Cooling water solenoid
Thermostatic valve
Temperature monitoring
Temperature monitoring

Temperature switch
Temperature range adjustable
Standard setting 90C rising

Fusible plug
Fixed setting of 121C 121C
Alloy melts at 121C and HP air can
escape through the bore

Only for one time usage
Lube oil circuit
Oil strainer

- Removal of bigger particles

- No real filter (-strainer)

- Maintenancefree

(only cleaning required)
Oil pump

- Gear type oil pump

- Directly connected to the crankshaft
- Pumps the oil through an oil gallery in the
crankshaft to the lubrication points
Lubricating points
Pressure maintaining valve

Pressure maintaining valve

- maintains the oil pressure to 3 bar
- 3bar
- Fully open during start period with
cold oil (high viscosity)

- Maintenance free
Oil pressure switch

Fitted to pressure side of the oilpump

Oil pressure supervision
Switchpoint 1bar falling (green arrow) 1bar
Switch is active after op rised one time above 1,8bar (Hysteresis)1.8bar

Crankcase ventilation
Insulation ventilation pipe

The oil filler pipe is protected with an insulating hose to

prevent condensation in the pipe

Do not take away this insulating material


Place of installation

The place of installation have to be dry and free of dust

The place of installation have to be vented in such way that the heat generated
during operation is dissipated.Only this way

Room temperature while the Sauer compressor is running: + 5 + 55 C

+ 5 + 55 C

The room has to be ventilated

not the compressor!

Only this way!

Wrong ventilation

Wrong Do not blow

ventilation directly

Do not blow

Blow-by air

Basics: Why we have to look for the right ventilation,

respective cooling water supply?

Blow-by air with water vapour is always entering the crankcase by the
piston and is accumulated there

in mineral oils as

in synthetic oils as
water below the oil


Flexible ( resilient ) mounting is to

prevent vibrations into the installation

A movement when the compressor is
running, is quite normal.

Typical is a Amplitude of 0,3mm
( velocity 30 ..45 m/s)
Due to the movement flexible
connection for delivery air, power
SHORE 40 / 55
SHORE 40 / 55 supply and drainage is required.

Rigid mounting : is possible, but it is not state of art The natural frequency of the mounting
is between 7 - 12 Hz.7-12
Running interval

Pressure switch setting for Start / Stop!

10 .. 20 min running interval is requested.
If less corrosion can occur

50 Oil temp has to

reach min. 50C
while running

We recommend not more then 5 starts per hour!


Interfaces (receiving)
Optimum Operation
Drain connection

No back pressure !!!

Connecting the compressor

Hose lines have to be installed free of tension and untwisted!

Operation & Monitoring

Operation and monitoring

Stage pressure diagram

Chapter 6.4
Watercooled vs. AircooledVS

Watercooled Aircooled
Watercooled vs. AircooledVS

2.Stage watercooled 3.Stage aircooled

2 3
Stages 2 3

Maximum Pressure 30bar(g) 40bar(g)

Max. Air inlet / outlet 55C / 90C 55C / 90C


Pressure ratio 5-6 below 3,5

Compression Above 200C Below 200C
temperatures 200 200
Lubrication system Forced / Splush Forced / Splush

Weight (average) 770kg 700kg

Heat Dissipation to amb. 8 kJ/s 44 kJ/s


2.Stage watercooled 3.Stage aircooled

2 3
Soundpressure @ 1m 89dB 93dB
Cw shut off valve Yes No

Cw system required Yes No

Cw pump Yes No

Cw piping Yes No

Cw monitoring Yes No

Cw Safety valves Yes No

Cw valves / filters Yes No


2.Stage watercooled 3.Stage aircooled

2 3
Airfilter 1000h 1000h

Oil 1000h 1000h

1st stage Valve1 2000h 4000h

2nd stage Valve2 1000h 4000h

3rd stage Valve3 - 2000h

Piston rings/ pins & 4000h 4000h

Flexible gear rim 4000h 4000h

Drain valves 4000h 4000h


2.Stage watercooled 3.Stage aircooled

2 3
Particle trap 1000h -

Zinc protection 1000h -

Bursting discs 1000h -

Costs / h Sauer EC 2,59 - 4,67 1,85 - 3,57


Watercooled Aircooled

Watercooled Aircooled

Watercooled Aircooled

discharge Less
temperature temperature


Watercooled Aircooled

Watercooled Aircooled

Low noise level

discharge Less
temperature temperature


Watercooled Aircooled
Thanks for listening
Sauer Easy Care Concept
Sauer Easycare

Your maintenance have never been so easy !

Sauer Easy Care

A life cycle concept for your Sauer Compressor

Preventive or Corrective Maintenance ?

Challenges for Today's Ship Operators

Less time and more tasks for engineers, superintendents
and procurement
Achieving competitive operational costs within the budget

High reliability for important equipment
Corrective Maintenance

Very high risk of breakdowns

in case of corrective maintenance

Thats not acceptable!

Preventive Maintenance

We recommend the Sauer Easy Care Concept:

With clearly defined exchange intervals and precise
maintenance instructions !
for highest safety and operational availability

Time and economic advantages by using Maintenance Kits

Change before it break policy !
Usage of fresh parts
Avoid check and replace if necessary !
Continued reliability !
Sauer Easy Care

Maintenance and its preparation

is much easier!

Easy Integration into the
Ship Maintenance System

Sauer Easy Care

Sauer Easy Care

Kits reference
numbers are related
to maintenance

New maintenance
procedures eliminate
uncertainties by
check and replace if
necessary wording
Precise Instructions !

Sauer Easy Care content

Sample maintenance schedule

1/3 2
Sauer Easy Care content
Sample maintenance schedule

Table of contents
Sauer Easy Care

Maintenance cost per running hour to have a clear view of budget

Sauer Easy Care: Advantages

What are the Benefits of Sauer Easy Care?

Price reduction of up to 23% 23%
compared to single orders of the parts
Only one part number for one maintenance

Life Time Guarantee of the maintenance parts

Time reduction on board and at office

Avoiding wrong orders
All parts will be replaced before they fail

No General Overhaul necessary on board

Partnership with maker

What is the difference between Greymarket & Sauer?

Warranty on Service Life?
Benefits of partnership

Or buy from partners with full warranty and after sales support?

Dialogue with maker

Only known issues can be solved / avoided beforehand
Plausibility analysis
Every spare part request is checked for plausibility and
corrected if required

Know how transfer

Maintenance / Repair instructions / Bulletins

Saving operation costs


Stage valves:

- In the former maintenance schedule, there was no regular exchange of valves

- Valves were overhauled by lapping the valve body and exchanging of plates and springs

- Servicelife of valves were very various due to quality of work on board

- Check and replace if necessary was the standard formula

- Now with Sauer Easy Care the guaranteed service life for the valves on 3-stage air-cooled
compressors is:Easycare
4000h for 1st and 2nd stage 124000
2000h for 3rd stage 32000
Sauer Easy Care: Advantages

Piston pins and needle roller bearings:

GUARANTEED Service life of

Genuine Sauer piston pins & bearings: 4000h
Replacement of piston pins and bearings
before they break and create further
damages on life time parts.


Cylinders and pistons:

Genuine Sauer cylinders are maintenance free

The compressors end of service life is determined by the wear of the cylinders
(this should be measured every 4000 running hours)
Sauer Easy Care: Advantages

Piston rings: Gas



Cylinder Piston Pistonring

GUARANTEED Service life of

Genuine Sauer piston rings: 4000h
Replacement of piston rings before
they can create wear on life time parts.

Main- and conrod bearings, shaft seals

Due to big crank shaft sizing the bearings have to be also big

- Crank shaft bearings and connecting rod bearings are oversized and
designed for the life time of the compressor (50.000h)
- The shaft seals only have to be replaced if leaking
- The wear and tear area of the connecting rod bearings (big end) consist
of 3-layers (same as for diesel engines). They have very little wear, if
oil change and maintenance are executed according to Sauers
recommendation (life time >50.000 rhrs)

No maintenance zone! Crank drive and crankshaft should

only be touched in case of emergency


All parts will be replaced before they fail

Throughout the whole service life of the compressors corrective

maintenance at the drive mechanism is not necessary

The compressors end of service life is determined by the wear of
the cylinders (this should be measured every 4000 running hours)
Service life 50.000 hours in average
Then Sauer offers exchange compressors
News from Sauer Service

Sauer After Sales Service
News: Twinkle Valve
Sauer twinkle valve TM now in the field Sauer
Sauer has made the next step for the new twinkle valve TM. This new development is again a
step on the ladder of Sauers ongoing development work on its high quality and reliable
After several years of testing the twinkle valve TM on many vessels worldwide Sauer started
serial production beginning of 2014. This spectacular new valve will be used at the 3 stage air-
cooled compressors (WP81L / WP101L and WP121L / WP151L) at the 3rd compression stage.
At these compressors the new twinkle valve TM replaces the old design of 037158.


When comparing the pictures above you will see that beside the Twinkle eye kind of shape of
the compression openings, the second major new design feature is the absence of bolts and
nuts. The Sauer twinkle valve TM cannot be opened anymore. This feature was requested by
many customers after introduction of Sauer Easy Care to the market.

03.05.2016 24
News: Brochure Heat Dissipation

New Brochure Heat Dissipation at air-cooled compressors

03/05/2016 25
News: New Drainage Intervalls

New Drainage Intervalls for Shipping

03/05/2016 26
News: Certificate

Conformity and Authenticity

03/05/2016 27
Solenoid drain valves

Repair recommendations for drain valves

- Replacing drain valves (solenoid valves) are not part of periodical planned maintenance

- Overhauled only every 4,000 h 4000

- For Sauers standard valve (220240 V/ 50 60 Hz) we offer repair kit (038528)
which includes a new diaphragm, two o-rings and the conical spring
Sauer(220240 V/ 50 60 Hz) 038528)

Easiest scheduling
(for crew, shipping company and Sauer)Sauer

Transparency in carrying out the maintenance work

(clearly defined exchange intervals, precise instructions)
Utmost operational dependability
(Replace maintenance parts by use of fresh parts shortly before malfunctions occur
Low operating costs
(long maintenance intervals, in practice no repair, more favourable spare part kits by
comparison to prices per item
Clear view of your budget
(easy predictable running costs in /h, for full cost transparency)

Incomparable concept including guaranteed high quality
Genuine Sauer PartsSauer

Important Checks during operation

Checking lube oil

Checking for leakages

Listening for abnormal noises

Intermediate drainage 5min / 3s


Max. amount of starts per hour: 4


Monitoring running hours

Thank you for your Attention