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Highly Effective Damping

of Impact Loads

Finely graded Sylodamp material

range for optimum damping

Effective impact insulation protects

people, materials and machines
Effective Impact Insulation
Protects People, Materials
and Machines
Sylodamp standard range

Sylodamp: the ideal elastic

material for high material
Challenge Getzner's solution for effective Application areas
impact insulation
When impacts with high force peaks Sylodamp bearings are primarily
are exerted on people, materials or The PU material Sylodamp has been used where there are continuous im-
machines, loads occur that can cause specially developed to effectively re- pact loads to prevent increased wear
irreversible damage. These negative duce impact loads. Unique damping on mechanical components and quick
effects are exhibited in a variety of characteristics minimise the shock material fatigue. People also beneit
areas, such as when operating ma- pulse much more quickly. from effective damping, which can
chines or electronic devices and when protect the musculoskeletal system
transporting heavy and sensitive from impacts when playing sport for
goods. example.

1 2
Bearing of machine mountings Moulded parts can be produced in a wide
variety of shapes and dimensions

Proven material combinations What is more, thanks to the high Advantages of a solution
degree of energy absorption and an using Sylodamp
Thanks to the six optimally coordinated impressive impact resilience, a con-
types of Sylodamp and the new calcu- tinuous and reproducible damping Absorbs impact loads
lation possibilities, solutions can be effect is guaranteed. Reduces impact-induced
precisely tailored to speciic require- structure-borne noise
ments. Combinations of Sylodamp Durable and environmentally friendly High degree of energy
with Isotop elements or Sylomer SR absorption
materials offer an ideal solution in a Sylodamp is not only highly effective, Outstanding impact resilience
wide variety of applications for mini- it is also extremely durable. As it is Customer-speciic solutions
mising vibrations and effectively ab- free from softeners, the material will Long service life
sorbing other shocks and impacts. remain effective over time. In addition,
Sylodamp is UV and ozone resistant,
and is produced without using any
greenhouse gases.

1 Isotop DSD bearing:

ideal solutions thanks to
material combinations in
heating, air-conditioning
and ventilation applications
2+6 Sensitive electronic devices
are protected using
Sylodamp bearings
3 Damping of sports f loors:
Sylodamp bearings protect
3 5
the musculoskeletal system
4 Shoe insoles provide
increased damping and
enhance comfort
5 Vibration decoupling of a
die cutter for uninterrupted

4 6
Solutions that pay off
he Sylodamp range is available in six graded levels of
T stiffness to cover a wide variety of load ranges.

Sylodamp range
Static continuous load

0.5 N/mm2
Applications in which Sylodamp
SP has already proven itself:
0.25 N/mm2

Mechanical engineering (e.g.: impact

0.15 N/mm2
SP protection, machine mountings, loom
bearings, electromagnetic couplings)
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning
0.05 N/mm2
(e.g.: compressor bearings, fan seals,
cogeneration plant bearings)
Transportation and conveyor technology
0.12 N/mm2
30 (e.g.: bump stops, transport protection, TB Sylodamp en Copyright by Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH | 09-2016

hopper lining, carriage limit stops, baggage

carousels and conveyor belts)
0.005 N/mm2 SP
10 Vehicle construction (e.g.: battery bearings,
damping elements on seats, door stoppers,
1 0.1 0.01 0.001
Speciic load in N/mm2 shock absorbers, headrests)
Electronics industry (e.g.: display bearings,
housings for measuring and test equipment,
So that Sylodamp can realise its full potential, a calcula- shock absorbers in CCTV cameras, laser
tion needs to be performed for complex requirements bearings)
based on the inite element method (FEM) to ensure a suit- Sports industry (e.g.: protectors for sports
able material design. The Getzner specialists will work with fabrics, elastic bearing of sports loors, fall
you to develop the perfect solution for your requirements. protection mats, shoe insoles)

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