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Learn about the features and
properties of coatings and coating
systems from participating
manufacturers in this new educational
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Established in 1921, Tnemec Company, Inc. is one of the largest privately held
companies in North America specializing in industrial coatings for steel, concrete and
various other substrates. Tnemec manufactures more than 120 different coating products
formulated for extreme durability, enduring performance, and enhanced aesthetics. The
long line of time-tested coatings provide protection for a number of different industries
including water storage tanks, water and wastewater treatment, specialty architecture and
industrial environments such as power generation plants and oil and gas facilities.


Tnemec offers coatings of every generic type, from amine epoxies to fluoropolymers, and
innovative new products, like Tnemecs aerogel-modified thermal insulating coating, Aerolon.
Tnemec also offers StrataShield, a full line of resinous floor and wall coatings including epoxy and
polyurethane flooring systems built to last, and Chemprobe masonry stains and water repellents for
above-grade concrete, stucco, CMUs and brick.

Tnemec Company, Inc. is committed to providing quality products and services to all of
Tnemec Company, Inc. is its valued customers, maintaining and surpassing the environmental, safety and performance
standards set for the coatings industry. With a wide network of coating consultants across the U.S.
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committed to providing quality and Canada, and reliable distribution throughout the rest of the world, Tnemec offers dependable
products and services to all of technical service and expertise throughout coating selection, specification, and application.
its valued customers.

To learn more contact your local Tnemec coatings consultant

or visit

Superior Flexibility and Durability in One-Coat

Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands has been the most trusted brand for corrosion protection
since 1921. Rust-Oleum has the products and technical experts to get the job done right
the first time and deliver long lasting results.


Backed by a 10-year warranty, Rust-Oleums Noxyde acrylic elastomeric coating is a
time tested, heavy-duty coating that provides superior flexibility and durability in one-coat.
Ideally suited for the protection of steel in extreme environments, this coating resists water,
alkalis, mineral acids, oils and solvents.

Noxyde performs like a zinc/epoxy coating without the need to abrasive blast due to its
excellent adhesion to virtually any surface. This water-based coating consistently exhibits
200% elongation with no signs of tearing or cracking which allows for the coating to
bridge small cracks, move with the structure and protect edges. The high elasticity also
results in less brittleness with age, fantastic resistance to impact, zero effects due to thermal

stresses and does not induce any stress on any underlying coatings.
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Weve been applying Noxyde One of the most unique traits about Noxyde is that it is thixotropic. This means that when
on weathering steel for over 10 the coating is applied on sharp edges or corners, it doesnt flow back resulting in a fully
protected edge. Excellent coverage on edges is incredibly beneficial because it reduces any
years and not a single failure. form of early rusting and reduces costly repairs. Noxyde is the solution for any application
I also have the weathering that requires superior corrosion resistance in extreme environments and long service life
without abrasive blasting. Noxyde is VOC compliant nationwide. Contact Rust-Oleum for
steel panels that I submersed
more information.
and had in the salt fog cabinet
for two years and now they
are outside continuing
Ph: 800-899-1729
to weather.

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For the last fifteen years, Midsun Specialty Products, Inc. (MSP) has been bringing
innovative specialty solutions and asset protection to infrastructure and energy markets
worldwide. The Berlin, Connecticut based company focuses on leak sealing and corrosion
prevention and has emerged as the national stocking distributor of Stopaq and EasyQote
technologies. MSP first established itself as the silicone tape division of
Midsun Group Inc., a leading provider of animal mitigation, corrosion prevention, and
flashover protection products for the electrical utility industry. MSPs specialty coatings have
been specified for projects within water, wastewater, DOT, and energy operations nationwide.
A skilled application team and flexible service allows MSP to offer complete turnkey services
anywhere in the United States.


Stopaq and EasyQote both employ a patented visco-elastic technology that offers superior
corrosion protection characteristics with few drawbacks. Users benefit from minimal surface
preparation requirements, low permeability, and self-healing features. Each coating system

boasts excellent adhesion, lifetime flexibility, and resistance to extreme service environments.
Stopaq is best suited for risers, pipelines, flanges, and field joints. EasyQote is designed for
Midsun Specialty Products and

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flat steel surfaces, including bridges, structural steel and utility cabinets. This technology,
Seal For Life Industries shake developed in the Netherlands, resists aging and will not cure, providing a low cost of
up the paint industry with ownership solution with a minimum 30 year life expectancy. Stopaq and EasyQote are
manufactured by Stopaq, B.V., a division of Berry Plastics Seal for Life Industries.
visco elastic coatings. Stopaq Visit for more information.
and EasyQote are blocking
corrosion, one asset at a time.

Ph: 888-866-8273


PPC Coatings Polymorphic Polymers are highly modified rapid curing thermoset resins, applied
to new and old concrete, steel and fiberglass structures that require long lasting protection in
severe corrosive and abrasive environments.

PPC Coatings can be applied year round, in extreme temperatures, ranging from minus 40F to plus
160F, without the need for external heat assistance. PPC Coatings cure within minutes to an hour,
rapidly returning the area to service, saving expensive down time.

PPC Coatings are resistant to a wide range of aggressive chemicals as well as UV rays, making
PPC suitable for outdoor exposed applications. The high flexural strength of PPC Coatings
makes them suitable for tanks and steel structures. PPC Coatings provide outstanding impact
and abrasion resistance for protection against heavy equipment and abrasive traffic. PPC
Coatings have excellent bonding characteristics to concrete and steel, with a coefficient of
expansion similar to concrete. PPC Coatings are resistant to cracking and delimitation caused
by thermal shock. PPC Coatings are excellent for submerged applications.
Rapid curing coating, applied
all year round. PPC Coatings have stood the test of time. For over 40 years Polymorphic Polymers have
High Flexural and Compressive
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successfully been applied and tested in the harshest conditions by government agencies around
strength, outstanding Mechanical the world. Since 1984 PPC has passed testing for waste water treatment application per Los
Abrasion resistance. Angeles County Sanitation Districts Evaluation of Protective Coatings for Concrete.
Excellent for submerged
applications. Waste WaterFlooringPatching Aquaculture Swimming Pools
Resistant to a wide range of
aggressive chemicals and
UV stable. Ph: 302.235.3710
PPC Coatings have a coefficient of
thermal expansion similar to that
of concrete.
Simple application, by brush,
roller, trowel and spray. No
Application Window. / JPCL October 2015 39

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With more than 200 years of shared roots, AkzoNobels International and Devoe High
Performance Coatings brands have been meeting the requirements of specifiers around
the globebecoming an established industry leader in protective coatings, linings and

With proven track records in high performance, durability and user-friendly applications,
International and Devoe HPC can provide light duty and heavy duty coatings solutions for
a variety of industries in all construction phases around the globe.


Our coatings expertise includes global manufacturing and ISO-12944 approved coatings and
linings for steel and concrete, which are rigorously tested by our own award-winning scientists and
by independent, third-party laboratories:

Structural Steel: Fireproofing, Aesthetic and Corrosion Resistant Coatings, Maintenance

and Repair
Complex contract chains and Piping and Equipment: High-Temp Operations, Temperature Resistance Ranging from -321F
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to 1202F (-196C to 650C), Corrosion Under Insulation Protection.

multi-national owners can
present a potential hindrance Storage Tanks & Pressure Vessels: Exterior Aesthetic and Corrosion Resistant Coatings,
Chemical Resistant Linings, High-Temperature and Pressure Resistant Linings
to a projects success. Let a truly
Secondary Containment: Concrete Crack Bridging, Hinge Joints, Damaged Concrete Repair
global supplier like AkzoNobel
help ensure that a specification Access to our NACE qualified technical service representatives is another example of our
commitment to provide the very best technical support. Ask us about our optimized plant asset
written in one part of the world
surveys for maintenance planning and corrosion control.
will be conformed to anywhere
in the world. For information on AkzoNobels full range of

International and Devoe High Performance Coatings
products visit or email

Arma Coatings established in 1987 as the first spray-on bed liner Company in the USA
and the first to spray 100% Polyurea coatings. In 1989 Charles Hibberd of
Arma Coatings introduced its high pressure heated bed liner system which was
developed to improve quality, reliability, consistent application and productivity. Customers
who need high quality polyurea coatings with a support of applicator expertise, and
knowledge on what products are most suited for; Arma Coatings is the company to
choose. Arma Coatings has vast knowledge and experience in set up of spray operations
in customers facilities. Arma Coatings also provides training for your employees to apply
the products successfully in industrial waterproofing, mobile operations and in-house.


Arma Coatings offers a range of Polyurea and Polyurea hybrids including, high performance
industrial grade application equipment. Our polyurea products are used extensively in military
The leader in premium spray-
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facilities, anti-spalling and self-sealing liners. The Polyurea is suitable for sewage, water processing
on protective polyurea
hoppers, tank liners, abrasion resistant coatings for slurry hoppers, inside manholes for protecting

against water erosion of concrete, waterproofing between slabs, slurry ponds, steel and concrete
bridge protection, polystyrene dock billets, protection of ships and pipes in harsh environments.
Clients using our products: Japan Railroads, US military, British military, Municipalities, Military
dock and bridge manufacturers, tug boat owners along with a wide range of industrial and
commercial applications.
Ph: 800-524-2762
5555 West 11th Ave., Eugene, Oregon 97402

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