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Why Choose the Co-op?

Critical parent involvement to

ensure high standards and shared

Bright and fun classrooms that

nurture students natural creativity,
curiosity and ability

We are a peanut-free school

Co-Op Parents Comments:
Extra-curricular field trips (farm, fruit
We appreciate how nurturing the orchards, beach outings, library) A cooperative preschool for 3-5 year
Co-Op has been for our sons first olds in the heart of Old Saybrook, CT
school experience. More reserved In-class special visitors and
programs (music instructors, Mystic
than many students, he has gained
Aquarium staff, parent experts in
confidence and social intelligence,
which we credit largely to this
age-appropriate hobbies and crafts, Accepting
engaging and fun classroom registrations for
environment. Mom of 3 year old An active and committed team of
board members and volunteers the current
The Co-Op has been a vital academic year
educational presence in the greater
Old Saybrook community for over
40 years! Please call for
information or to
schedule a visit!

(860) 388-9623
As parents to a Kindergartner and first
grader who attended this preschool, we
know that our sons are prepared for the
We look forward to meeting
new adventures and challenges that await you and your child!
them upon entering grammar school. Our
daughter is so excited to attend the Co-op 366 Main St.
because of how enjoyable it has been for Old Saybrook, CT 06475
our family as a whole.Mom of 3 year old Phone: (860) 388-9623
Meet Our Director:
Our Programs:
Judee Magoon began her preschool
For Your 3 Year Old:
teaching career in Scituate, MA. Since
Children must be 3 years old by
that time, Judee has devoted her December 30 and toilet-trained.
expertise and compassion for teaching
exclusively within the preschool Classes are held 9:00AM-12:00PM on
classroom setting. Tuesday and Thursday

A Co-Op parent first, Judee For Your 4 Year Old:

has served as the schools director for Classes are held 9:00AM-12:00PM on
over 25 years. Monday, Wednesday and Friday
What is the Community Co-Op?

The Co-Op is a non-profit,

interdenominational nursery school Both programs have the option to
owned and managed by all the parents participate in extended day classes.
whose children attend the school.
Please ask for details upon registration!
Registration is open to residents of Old
Saybrook and surrounding towns.

The schools aim is to help each child to

come to know and feel confident about
She states she has the best job in the
world teaching preschoolers and her
natural enthusiasm and commitment to
her students and staff is apparent in
everything she does at the Co-Op.

True to her own personal Philosophy of

Education, Judee embodies teaching
the whole child by building each childs
self-esteem and confidence.

Furthermore, her daily curriculum For additional information, please visit:

fosters opportunities for children to
learn, play, smile, be creative, act
respectfully and above all, laugh!