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Welcome Speech for Graduation Ceremony

Good morning everyone. We are gathered here today to

celebrate and validate thegraduation ceremony of batch
2016. I am Thom Combisen, class first honorable
mention, and Iam honored to have the opportunity to
speak today. First of all on behalf of the entire batch
of 2016, I would like to welcome you to the graduation
ceremony of batch 2016 at Gotang School. I also want to
thank to all parents, family and friends for their love
andconstant support, as well to the members of Gotang
Primary School faculty and staff fortheir guidance and
patience; we truly owe you all that we are.Elementary
school has been an unforgettable journey that has
prepared us for the future,whatever it may hold. These
past 6 years have involved some of the most memorable
andinfluential moments of our lives. Individually, our
experiences here are unique, but together we share a
common bond as members of the batch 2016 and soon to
be the graduates of Gotang Primary School. I am filled
with excitement and anticipation as the next stage in my
lifeis about to begin but without the supports of our
parents or guardian and our teachers, we maynot have
made it to this day. They have been there for us since the
beginning, guiding us,helping us, and watching us grow.
They have witnessed us mature into responsible young
Welcome Address
Think about a star appearing on a clear night sky. Its
splendour generates in us a mystery leaving question how
it came to be. Intensifying from vast non existence,
mammoth clouds of gas and dust many light-years away
are gathered to form an enormous mass. Now, a majestic
thing has emerged and as it begins to glow, we stand in
awe of its beauty

yes! A new star is born. Pstr. Wilber K. Pecwa, our guest

speaker; our administrators,teachers, mentors, and
specially dear parents and loved ones; On behalf of the
Gotang Primary School 2016 graduates, a magnificent
morning! A star is formed out of cloud of cool, dense
molecular gas. In order for it to become a potential star,
the cloud needs to collapse and increase in density. But
from all those pressure, their dazzling brilliance never
fails to stand out and shine across un imaginable distances
for myriads of years. Our journey here in Gotang Primary
School resembles that of a star. We entered elementary
school with a big goal to graduate with pride and dignity,
but full of gratefulness. However, this journey brought
about many challenges, like decisions to be made and
feelings to be nurtured. Nevertheless, the heavy demands
of rigorous academics, never-ending piles of
requirements, and inevitable influences of modern society
as well as technology, were all necessary elements for us
to reach this very day, our graduation. Indeed, Gotang
Primary School has always been there to support and to
mold us into total persons. Certainly, the assistance of our
friends, family, and teachers has contributed immensely
to our success. They will be the inspiration and
motivation that will help us continue our journey to the
galaxy full of boundless possibilities and new horizons.
Today we celebrate the graduation of 5 pupils, who have
committed to and succeeded in studying one of the most
challenging modes of learning. We committed long hours
of hard work and sacrifice. And as we step to the first step
of education , we have lived the ways of a true E-Gotang
as individuals of faith, love and service. So, please join us
as we pay tribute to the exuding efforts of todays stars,
the GPS Graduates 2016. A warm welcome to everyone!
Lets all together savour this awaited moment. Thank you
and God bless!