Colombia Press Elements: 30 June 2017

 Council Members heard a briefing from the Special Representative of the
Secretary-General, Jean Arnault. They reiterated their support for his work and
that of the UN Mission in Colombia.

 Council Members welcomed the FARC’s laydown of arms on 27 June 2017 as a
vital step forward and noted the importance of the parties’ continued
commitment to implementation of the peace agreement.

 Council Members noted the letter from President Santos of 7 June asking the
Security Council to establish a second UN Mission in Colombia to verify FARC’s
reincorporation into civilian life and their security guarantees. Council Members
expressed their willingness to work towards a positive response over the coming

 Council Members reiterated the historic opportunity presented to all Colombians
by the Peace Agreement and called on them to join efforts in supporting its

 Council Members reaffirmed their commitment to the peace process in Colombia.