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Directions: Read each item carefully. Choose the letter of the correct answer.

Which word has an sound?

1. a. plant b. place c. party d. past
2. a. lake b. lass d. lamb d. larva

Which word has an sound?

3. a. stand b. staple c. stay d. stable
4. a. blame b. male c. dare d. bat

Which word has an sound?

5. a. imp b. little c. child d. igloo
6. a. bid b. trip c. kind d. pick

7. Husband, cried the woman. Come here! This squash could talk!
a. surprise b. hopeless c. happy d. sad
8. Help! Help!, she cried but nobody can hear her.
a. excited b. sorrowful c. restless d. hopeless
9. As soon as Susie woke up on Saturday, she made her bed and then cooked
breakfast for her family. Susie gave her dog a bath, and she helped her little
sister with her homework. How would you describe Susie?
a. selfish b. honest c. hardworking d. smart
10. Randy was busy helping his mother clean up the house after the party. He
swept the floor, he took out the trash, and he put away all of his toys. What can
you infer about Randy?
a. Randy has lots of friends. c. Randy is helpful.
b. Randy is selfish. d. Randy is caring.

11. I heard ________ calling you.

a. few b. something c. someone d. several
12. _________ works hard on their projects so they can get good grades.
a. Somebody b. Anybody c. Everybody d. All
13. Most of my classmates ________ this to happen today.
a. wants b. want c. wanted d. will want
14. A few ________ want to miss the scouting activity.
a. doesnt b. was c. dont d. were
15. None of the parents ______ absent.
a. are b. is c. do d. was

Directions: Choose if the statement below is active or passive. Shade the letter
of the correct answer.
a. active voice b. passive voice
16. Steven likes to play baseball.
17. Bingo is played in Britain.
18. Lots of houses were destroyed.
19. The girls can play handball.
20. My friend bought a new car.
21. Opossums are strange creatures. Unlike most animals, they like to hold their
food with all four feet! Their tails are long and flexible. Have you seen pictures of
them hanging from tree branches by their tails? When an opossum hangs by its
tail, it can grasp a peach with its four paws and enjoy a midnight snack!

What is the cause of opossums hanging by their tails?

a. To avoid predators c. To eat a snack using all four paws
b. To sleep d. To reach food growing in the trees
22. Due to their incredible force and unpredictability, floods can cause
tremendous damage. They can ruin houses, roads and buildings. Floods can
take down trees and cause mudslides. It often leaves mud, sand and debris
behind. It can take months to clean up after a flood.
What is the EFFECT?
a. Floods can cause a lot of damage. c. Floods happen in
many areas without warning.
b. Floods are strong and unpredictable. d. Flood damage is
23. Frank Jones loves going fishing. One Saturday afternoon, he went fishing
and caught a humongous fish. However, the fish got away because Frank
hadn't tied the string tight enough and it broke.
What was the cause of the fish getting away?
a. The string wasn't tight enough and it broke. c. The hook broke.
b. A screw came out of the rod. d. The fish got away
24. Tammy was in her backyard climbing a tree. She climbed to the middle part
of the tree and accidentally hit a bees' nest. Before she knew what had
happened, bees were swarming all around and over her. Tammy let out a
yell. What do you think was the effect of Tammy hitting the nest?
a. Bees stung her. c. The nest fell.
b. Some of the bees died. d. The bees made honey.
25. Select best possible effect for this cause:
Mark lost his key.
a. He will be home late. c. He will not be able to unlock the door.
b. He will buy a snack. d. He will get a haircut.

a. Citizenship b. Civil Status c. Occupation d. Income
a. Citizenship b. Civil Status c. Occupation d. Income
28. Family Name, First Name, Middle Initial
a. Yu, Lovely M. b. Lovely M. Yu c. Yu, Lovely Magbanua
a. Citizenship b. Civil Status c. Occupation d. Income
30. SEX
a. Cadiz City b. Male c. Laborer d. Single

Directions: Select which expressions fits the sentence correctly.

a. wish were b. hope can

31. I ______ I_______ the queen of the sea.

32. I ______I _______ a pussycat.
33. I ______ I _______ be a monster.
34. I ______ I _______ go to college.
35. I ______ I _______ be rich.
36. Sound is to hear as odor is to:
a. see b. touch c. smell d. taste
37. Yardstick: length :: Thermometer: ________
a. height b. wind speed c. temperature d. distance
38. Camera is to photographer as bicycle is to _______________.
a. ride b. wheels c. vehicle d. cyclist
39. Cow is to bull as hen is to _______________.
a. chicken b. eggs c. meat d. rooster
40. see saw:lever :: ________: wedge
a. screw b. well c. ax d. ladder
41. Physics ______ a challenging subject.
a. am b. are c. were d. is
42. United States _____ many beautiful places.
a. are b. has c. have d. does

43. Select the sentence in which the subject and the verb agree in number.
a. The moon in the night sky are a beautiful sight.
b. The moon in the night skies are a beautiful sight.
c. The moon in the night sky is a beautiful sight.
d. The moon in the night skies be a beautiful sight.
44. Which one is in the past tense?
a. risen b. rise c. rose d. rised

45. Which one is NOT in the past participle?

a. blown b. showed c. kept d. banged
46. Joseph is ________ another opinion from a nearby vet.
a. get b. got c. getting d. gotten
47. Yesterday, Anaya's car _______ down on the street.
a. breaks b. break c. broke d. broken
48. Alice had _________ many letters before she received a reply.
a. write b. writes c. wrote d. written
49. Both of the sneakers me blisters.
a. give b. gives c. given d. has given
50. His mother ________ Math since 1989.
a. teach b. teaches c. has taught d. taught

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