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All image packs Total 320.00

EVE Image packs can be combined, but minimum is EVE Lite + any pack per your choice. For example:
EVE Lite + RS = 50 EUR
Eve Lite + RS +SP=75 EUR

Price USD
EVE Base No images Free
EVE Lite IOL L2 15.X IRON, and L3 15.4.2T 25.00
Dynamips Cisco IOS 7200
Dynamips Cisco IOS 3725 supports 16 port etherswitch card
Dynamips Cisco 1710

EVE RS CSR 3.17, 3.16 25.00

CSR-NG Everest and Denali
Win7 Host
Win SRV 2008 host
Linux 16.04 server Webmin
Linux Tiny Core host
Linux vRIN route renerator
NETEM traff generator
Ostinato traff generator
vIOS L2 15.2
vIOS L3 15.6.2T
vEOS Arista
HP VSR router

EVE Service Provider Cisco NXOS Titanium 25.00

Cisco NXOSk9 (require huge resource x4CPU and 16G Ram single node)
Cisco XRv 5.2.2, 5.3.2, 6.0.1, 6.0.2
Cisco XRvK9 (require huge resource x4CPU and 16G Ram single node)

EVE Security Cisco ACS 95.00

Cisco ISE 2.1
Cisco ASA 8.0.2 OLD syntax code match 8.2
Cisco ASA 8.4 supports multicontext
Cisco ASA 9.1.5 Supports multicontext
Cisco ASAv 9.6.2 or earlier
Cisco IPS 7.1
Cisco Firepower 6.1 Management centre
Cisco Firepower 6.1 Treat defence ASAv
Cisco Firepower 6.1 NGIPS
Cisco Firepower 5.4 (NGIPS, FMC)
Cisco ESA 9.7, 9.8, email security appliance
Cisco WSA 8.6, 9.2, 10.0 web security appliance
Cisco CDA 1.0 context delivery agent
Cisco vWLC, 7.4. 8.0.100, 8.2.X
Cisco vNAM Virtual Network Analysis Module 6.2.x
Cisco vWAAS 200.5.5

EVE Juniper Juniper vSRX 12.1.47D 65.00

Juniper Olive M series (old image)
Juniper vSRX NG 15.1.49D
Juniper vMX 14.1.4R8
Juniper vMX 16.1R3.10 VCP (control plane node)
Juniper vMX 16.1R3.10 VFP (forwarding plane node)
Juniper vQFX 10K VRE (routing engine)
Juniper vQFX 10K VFE (Forwarding engine)
EVE Other vendors A10, vThunder 2.7.1 85.00
Aruba: Clearpass 6.4.X
Alcatel 7750SR: 13.0.R3
Arista vEOS: Best ever SW, 4,17.2F and earlier versions
Barracuda NGFW
Brocade vADX 3.01.1
Checkpoint FW: R77-20, R77-30
Citrix Netscaler 11.0.62
Dell SonicWall 11.3.0
CumulusVX 2.5.3
ExtremeOS 21.1.14
F5 BIG-IP 12.0.0 Supports LTM, GTM if load lab licence as well HA
Fortinet manager v5
Fortinet mail 53
Fortinet FGT v5
Fortinet 5.2.3
HP VSR 1000 7.10
Mikrotik 6.30.2
PaloAlto FW 7.0, 7.1
pfSense FW 2.3
S-Terra FW, Gate 4.1,
S-Terra CSP-VPN gate 3.1
VyOS 1.1.6