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The 8th International APPAREL TECHNOLOGY Trade Fair in Dhaka under the trade name
GARMENTECH held from 13th to 16th January 2009.This exhibition is already well known in
Bangladesh for its total technological representation of Apparel Industry. From the beginning of
the Garmentech in Bangladesh it is a place of complete state of the earth technological show.
From Pin to Plane all the aspects of Apparel Technology are being covered in this fair. Here, You
will get companies offering just a needle of a sewing machine and also you will get companies
waiting for the construction of your garments building.

Honorable Commerce minister Cornel (Retd.) Faruk Khan addressed as chief guest in the
opening ceremony at BCFCC. MR.Anisul Haq,President FBCCI, Anwar-ul-Alam Chowdury,
president BGMEA, Mr.Fazlul Haq ,president BKMEA attended as the guest of honor in the
opening ceremony. Mr.Fazlul Haq mentioned Garments sector as the lifeline of our economy. He
said,at our present growth within 4 years we’ll cross turkey & near about 10-11 years we’ll cross
chaina. Addressing as guest of honor Mr.Anisul Haq said no doubt we’ll survive, what we need
just the policy support at the right time. “Our Government is ready to help business man & to
give any type of policy support, just give me a list what you need, Together we’ll make a
developed Bangladesh within next few years, inshallah” said Cornel (Retd.) Faruk Khan, when he
was speaking as chief guest in the opening ceremony. This four day event is organized by ZAK
trade fairs & Exhibition private LTD.India & Zakaria Trade & Fair International
Ltd.Dhaka,Bangladesh jointly.

Infact GARMENTECH plays a vital role for the technological improvement & advancement of
the apparel sector in Bangladesh. By offering different most modern & world best technology
through this fair GARMENTECH made the apparel production very easy for the technologist &
made apparel business smoother for the entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. From the exhibited
technology some new & significant technologies are mention below-

“NAOMOTO CORPORATION” from Japan introduces a new technology for the

first time in GARMENTECH. They offer an Electronic Steam Iron branding by the term
“economy-ecology”. According to NAOMOTO, this is the most profitable ironing system in the
market over conventional system having flexibility of use which ensure safe working
environment, energy saving, less air pollution by reducing carbon-di-oxide emission, precise
temperature control system with special suitability for heat-sensitive materials.

Prosperity Machinery Manufacturers (PMM) Ltd. From Hong Kong brings a

innovative technology for shirt making named “Wrinkle Free Shirt Seam fusing Series”. They use
interlining in different place of shirt like Collar, Yoke Seam, Armhole Seam, Sleeve Vent, Centre
Placket, Side Seam which make these place wrinkle free after washing. So, these places of shirt
require no ironing after washing and after several use.

AZIZ METAL ENGINEERING WORKS is may be the proud of Bangladesh as it

is the only Bangladeshi company attends in the fair exhibiting different machinery for apparel
production having the brand Made In Bangladesh. They offer Washing m/c, Washer m/c, Hydro
Extractor m/c, Garments Dryer, HT-HP Dyeing m/c etc. As per customer requirements &
specifications they are able to bring any type of changes in their m/c design. According to AZIZ
METAL already they have reached to 120 Bangladeshi factories with their technology.

JAKI sewing machine co.LTD. from China may be going to bring a huge
technological advancement in Apparel Industries by introducing an “Energy Saving Digital AC
Servo Motor” to be used in sewing machine. The output efficiency of this AC Servo motor
having encoder is more than 90% where Conventional clutch motor have only 60%.By working
8-10 hours per day a normal clutch motor consumes 75 units power in one month where servo
motor consumes only 25 units. This Servo motor is also able to work under wide voltage range
160V-270V, which is very important for Bangladeshi industries. So, by introducing this motor in
sewing machine in Bangladeshi Apparel Factory, no doubt the factory will able to make more

In the four day event different international seminars held in the BCFCC venue. Out of them
some most important seminars are on CAD/CAM, presented by Morgan Tecnica, Italy;
Embroidery by Gunold Embroidery Solution; Pressing, Naomoto Corporation, Japan: Sewing
by Groz-Beckert: Laundary & Finishing by Ramsons, India etc. One of the most important
presentation was delivered by Mr.Richard O Grady, a technologist from Ramsons, India. He
explain details procedure of wrinkle resistant wet processing by resin, which is most suitably
applicable on 100% cotton fabric. But by making a little change in recipe it can also be applied on
Denim fabric .A very much effective presentation was also delivered by Mr.Tarique Gunasekara,
regional technical Consultant of Groz-Beckert, who mainly focused on different sewing problem
& their solution which are experienced by our technologist from different apparel industry.

Round the year all the personnel from different apparel industry in Bangladesh wait eagerly for
this fair to fulfill their technological need. Organizers hope this fair will able to introduce itself as
the focus of all technological function of Bangladesh Apparel Industry.