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Date CA Subjects and Written Portion

1-Jul Read Agency

2-Jul review CA evidence distinctions
3-Jul review CivPro, corporations
4-Jul review Community property
5-Jul off day - MBE focus
6-Jul off day - MBE focus

7-Jul Read Partnership

8-Jul Read Prof Resp, Remedies
9-Jul Read Trusts, Wills
10-Jul Read Wills
11-Jul Read about performance test
12-Jul review CA subjects
13-Jul review CA subjects
14-Jul review CA subjects
15-Jul Read about essays. Review.
16-Jul outline essays. Review.
17-Jul outline essays. Review
18-Jul make flashcards, review outlines
19-Jul make flashcards, review outlines
20-Jul make flashcards, review outlines
21-Jul review flashcards, outlines
22-Jul review flashcards, outlines
23-Jul review flashcards, outlines
MBE Subjects and Questions MBE Done # right
Read Conlaw 25 19
Read Contracts 25 16
Read Crimlaw, Crimpro 25 19
Do Crim Set 1. Read Evidence 61 43
Read Property 25 18
Read Torts 25 20

Do 100 Question MBE Preview Exam. Do Conlaw, Contracts Set 136 81

Do Property & Torts & Evidence set 1. Also Evidence Set 2 72 60
Do all remaining set 2's 90 74
Do all set 3's 108 74
none - day off 0 0
Do 50 questions of MBE Simulated Final Exam 50 30
Do Conlaw, Property Set 4 36 28
Do Torts & Crim & Contracts & Evidence Set 4 72 47
Do Conlaw & Torts & Property Set 5 108 72
Do Crim & Evidence Set 5 72 46
Do contracts set 5 36 21
review MBE errors, review outlines 0
review MBE errors, review outlines 0
review MBE errors, review outlines 0
review MBE errors 0
review MBE errors 0
review MBE errors 0

total MBE Questions done: 966

total MBE questions right 668
cumulative % right: 0.6915113872
% right # planned status
0.76 25 DONE
0.64 25 DONE
0.76 25 DONE
0.7049180328 61 DONE
0.72 25 DONE
0.8 25 DONE

0.5955882353 136 DONE

0.8333333333 72 DONE
0.8222222222 90 DONE
0.6851851852 108 DONE
0 0 DONE
0.6 50 DONE
0.7777777778 36 DONE
0.6527777778 72 DONE
0.6666666667 108 DONE
0.6388888889 72 DONE
0.5833333333 36 DONE

total planned: 966

SUBJECT # done # correct % correct total time
conlaw 158 120 0.7594936709 194.346
contracts 158 100 0.6329113924 242.3847
crimlaw 158 114 0.7215189873 205.792
evidence 175 122 0.6971428571 217.904
property 159 105 0.6603773585 260.955
torts 158 107 0.6772151899 210.073

total 966 668 0.6915113872 1331.4547

time per question

Conlaw Contracts

proposed legislation means no valid case or controveoption contracts do not follow mailbox ru
Congress can spend to advance general welfare. THISpromissory estoppel: if people rely and Q
never/rarely underestimate the breadth of the com statute of frauds, goods > $500
you can have reasonable expectation of privacy while3rd party beneficiary vesting
prior restraint upheld ONLY if it's the ONLY way to ensparole evidence rule
read the text! 5A DP applies to fedgov only. so seemi impossibility/impracticability
gov can proscribe speech in public forum only where validity
t of assignments
tax and spend power includes power to attach conditio breacher doesn't get restitution if counte
under DP, entitled to notice/hearing before property under SOF, oral contract for goods > $500
"No state shall, WITHOUT CONSENT OF CONGRESS," tax modifications
i must be in writing if K, as m
fed ct decisions MUST BE BINDING; else advisory opi firm offer extended for longer than 3 months
feds dont like to enjoin pending st ct crim proceedinmodifications: at CL, must have considerat
campaign/political speech gets 1A protection. DonatiK for sale of goods may be modified w/o con
right to travel is INTERSTATE obligor has defenses to obligations as to a
p&I of Art 4 involves state's discrimination against noNOVATION substitutes new party for origina
p&I of 14A involves privilege of national citizenship watch for express conditions precedent fail
PLAINTIFF must prove not rationally related to legit s assignee/delegee can be bound to old contra
if fundamental right at issue, avoid RBR choice/languaccord and satisfaction: accord is change t
senate can't adjudicate border disputes; art 3 courts account stated: when one payment is made
enforcement of restrictive covenants in deeds IS stateunilateral
a mistake defense valid (subcont
time/place/manner restrictions must be CONTENT NEUT reasonableness of liquidated damages: 10
president can void a treaty. His day to day conduct/p Specific performance applies to leasehold
13th amendment enabling clause is serious stuff UCC last shot doctrine. Acceptance with ad
APPLICATION of 14A to vincidate rights must involve common law (non goods) retains mirror im
where there's disc against IC or burden to IC, Dorma contracts for goods is modificable in good
regulation of FOREIGN commerce is exclusvely federarevocations effective on receipt. Receip
you don't have to have violated a law or been prosecuUCC shipment of nonconforming goods is ac
a PERMANENT display on gov property, if not uniquely normally
r risk shifts to buyer upon delivery
Congressmen have no standing to challenge presidentia agreement failing for want of consideration
prohibiting NONRESIDENTS from voting only gets RBR. SoF
I only to GOODs > $500
congress can't confer standing! Can create substantivmofidication to do less for less price IS v
U.S. can "impose" stuff on states by conditioning fed if offeree sends acceptance, mailbox rule t
look for evidence of improper CONal discrimination (uanything without consideration is gratuiti
abstention only applies if state law affirmatively uncl FOB means seller pays to get shit to buyer
"ritual" means religion banning "ritual X" but not allonce assigned, assigne becomes party ent
threat of IMMEDIATE harm for standing. Not 2 years preexisting duty ends with SOL
only closure of pretrial hearing if NECESSARY TO P if past debt enforceable but for tech defe
obscenity must not have serious redeeming merit promissory estoppel is K-FORMATION defec
no procedural protection for corporeal punishment inunilateral offer ACCEPTED by full perfor
if property interest in job (for cause firing only), ne AMBIGUITY: if neither party knows, formati
tax based on content in press unCONal option windows not terminated by rejectio
taxing beer but not wine isn't impermissible disc, ev impossibility discharges K duty. But if par
profit + costs = contract price - cost of
Divisible K's only if (1) performance of ea
economic duress is hard to win on
K's for services need additional considera
party in material breach cannot recover on contract POSSIBLY
3rd party beneficiaries' rights vest when (1) they sue to enforc
20% alteration IS MATERIAL alteration
no such thing as conditional gift theory
consideration is often to a promise to perform not the perfor
LEARN THIRD PARTY VESTED RIGHTS, intended v. incidental ben
intended beneficiary specifically mentioned in K: but obligor sti
if impossibilty/impracticability WHEN THE K MADE, unavailable
mutual mistake excuses where (1) basic nonassumption of K, (
personal duties involving skill or unique knowledge are NONDE
parol evidence VARIES writing, whereas, e.g., lack of condition
for breached personal services, recover a reasonable value/fee
UCC allows for assignment of requirements contracts ONLY IF a
merchant confirmatory memo; signed by 1, not objected 2 w/o
Crimlaw CrimPro

voluntary manslaughter is INTENTIONALPassenger

k can complain of 4th A violatio
robbery requires intent to permanently open fields doctrine: no 4th A violation if
assault is EITHER attempted battery, OR if you can't find a CON RIGHTS violation, con
mental state and act must have concurrenc search incident to arrest in car cases: car
crim negiligence much > than tort negligwhole automobile can be searched if the cop
getting robbed is adequate provocation ELEMENTS OF CRIME must be proven by state,
larceny by trick vs. embezzlement: poss D's guilty plea does not admit/condede lega
sale of tool for crime + knowledge != a waiver of counsel scrutinized. But if D is i
burlary elements. MUST BREAK IN. default rule: searches need warrants
mistake CAN negate a specific intent crime, e.g. largeny intent. If you grab what you t
you need 2 guilty minds for conspiracy. Agreement must be ACTUAL, at common law
arson requires damage to STRUCTURE of building. Not mattress within (attempted a
"knowing" includes wilful ignorance. D may not remain wilfully ignorant to avoid ac
lack of consent is ELEMENT in rape; must be proven BRD. Contra self-defense, is af
larceny by trick is taking and carrying away, etc., but where possession was induce
false pretenses is basically larceny but where TITLE is obtained via intentional/know
embezzlement is fraudulent conversion of another's property that another person ri
continuing trespass doctrine; later intent to deprive permanently relates back to wr
accomplice must aid/counsel/abet DURING crime. // principal's, convicted for same
contra ACCESSORIES after the fact, who hide/help after. That's a separate crime.
no such thing as "zone of perpetration"
attempt requires (1) specific intent to substantive crime and (2) substantial step (
larceny requires INTENT TO PERMANENTLY DEPRIVE. Increased risk != SUBSTANTIAL risk
no murder/manslaughter for arson committed under duress. Duress won't excuse direc
involuntary manslaughter if criminal negligence-->death or if unlawful act (misde
continuing trespass only if TAKING was WRONGFUL. Rightful taking but subsequent i
no intent to committ larceny when you think it's your stuff no intent to permanent
larceny on your own property if other person had superior possessory right to it.
only liable for crimes in furtherance of conspiracy (reasonably forseeable)
attempt is ALWAYS specific intent
larceny is about possession, not ownership
prosecution must prove ALL ELEMENTS BRD
others' confessions admissible, if judge gives proper limiting instruction
false imprisonment is KNOWING that you're unlawfully confining someone. Specific i
shooting at fleeing felon is authorized by law.
felony murder only if death DURING the felony commission
involuntary intoxication is ALWAYS A GOOD DEFENSE. Treated as insanity. If insanity tex
m'naughten: (1) could not distinguish between rigth and wrong re acts or (2) could
irresistable impulse: could not conform conduct to the law
MPC = irrest impulse + mnaughten
assault = attempted battery specific intent) or creation of reasonable fear of immm
possession just means control long enough to be able to dispossess
knowledge of crime but no intent to help means no accomplice mens rea
"carrying away" in larceny satisfied if there is SOME MOVEMENT of property toward
ot recover on contract POSSIBLY can recover on QC if other party would be unjustly enriched
vest when (1) they sue to enforce rights, (2) they assent to K as requested by parties, or (3) the

mise to perform not the performance itself

IGHTS, intended v. incidental beneficiary
lly mentioned in K: but obligor still has same defenses as against original obliggee
y WHEN THE K MADE, unavailable. Must try for mutual mistake
e (1) basic nonassumption of K, (2) was material in its effect, and (3) neither party assumed the r
or unique knowledge are NONDELEGABLE
, whereas, e.g., lack of condition precedent negates it
s, recover a reasonable value/fee. NOT NECESSARILY "usual fee"
requirements contracts ONLY IF assignee makes good faith endeavour not to alter them
; signed by 1, not objected 2 w/o 10 days, BINDING TO BOTH
Evidence Property

can't impeach defendant by extrinsic evidencpreexisting use/sale of natl resource on land

prior ID exception requires witness, cross-e joint conveyance by joint tenants makes 2 JTs,
personal knowledge required for employee dlicense generally revokable at will. Read que
*apparent* dying declaration ISN'T; dying d exclusive possession not required for perscri
present sense impression voiding restrictive covenants for neighborhood c
medical treatment, present physical conditiousually, parties buy "subject to" the mortgag
corroboration != admissibility. Don't get foo if building caves in when neighbor digs, then
state of mind, useful and admissible to showmutual right of endorsement in covenanted sub
marital privilege broken by lack of 1-1 husbawhether mortgage severs Joint Tenancy depends
statement against interest only available w General warranty deed runs with land. Enforc
statemeny by party opponent, dec availabilityRAP - watch for unborn widow red herring. Any f
in Civil cases, character evidence is NOT admpossessor of life estate pav or f.s. determi
court will take judicial notice of notorious fa distinguish NOTICE from RACE NOTICE stattue. I
5A silence rights apply only AFTER initiatio unrecorded deeds are VALID; recording just p
hearsay rule N/A for impeaching witnesses. mortgage joint liability: if assumption AND d
extrinsic evidence of prior inconsistent stat landlord-tenant: estoppel is stricktly for reme
Best evidence rule != most persuasive evidenmortgage foreclosure: satisfying 1st mortgage do
specific instances of conduct to prove criminspecific performance is good remedy in land de
that one can claim 5A silence on cross doesn'deed DELIVERED upon valid recordation. Key to
OPPOSING COUNSEL can get a present recollect valid easement passes with title regardless o
404b allows crim D's past bad acts to show (a) motive, (b) identity, or opportunity. If
nonverbal conduct can be an assertion, if indended to be. Evidence of prior ID requires tha
no prior INCONSISTENT statement if witness says "I don't remember x" and party testifie
Dead Man Act protects decedent's claimaints form interested parties claiming to have spo
present sense impression != state of mind! State of mind goes to intent of declarant to d
court has discretion over cutting cross exam disability of owner tolls SOL for adverse pos
not hearsay if not offered to prove TOMA! zoning restrictions don't affect marketability
present state of mind is DECLARANTS, so his all land sale contracts have an implied warrant
dr patient privilege belongs to PATIENT mortgagees are considered purchasers for va
in negligence cases, KNOWING a risk is differcovenants in a warranty deed are for TITLE as
report can be admission, if, e.g., party is a citreview easement by implication
business records CAN have opinions in them,lease controls whether chattel was intended to
expert witness status and competance are NEjoin ALL parties for dec relief on restrictive
scientific publications and learned treatise remainder with no existing remaindermen ali
prior inconsistent statement of hearsay decl grantee must ACCEPT deed for valid delivery/
D may intro good character to show innocenimplied easement must be reasonably necess
spousal communication privilege N/A in su equity enforced as equitable servitude! No pr
atty-client privilege doesn't hinge on $ paid. coventants enforced at law, no equitable rem
if lawyer hires Dr. to prep or examine D for l quitclaim deed doesn't affect warranty of titl
lack of consent is an element of false impris missed vested subject to open; that interest i
motion to strike ONLY where no earlier objecholdover tenant gives LL 2 choices: (1) evict
guilty plea (NOT CONVICTION) is conclusive equitable mortgage: if deed given for security
impeachment by extrinsic evidence of specifstatutory right of redemtion involves POST F
judge is NOT bound by FRE when deciding pre tentant must remove annexed chattlee BEFORE
if presumption, and other side introduced noINVOLUNTARY TRANSFER: if future interest can b
affadavit typically asserts TOM profit = hunting. Basically easement, but to ta
policy rule is against guilty PLEAS AND OF if easement/profit in gross for personal pleasu
polygraphs are misleading and innacurate; buundue influence --> voidable deed. NOT VOID. O
rebuttable presumption shifts burden of goi trespasser, even if good faith, not entitled
conspirator admission only if in furtherance ocannot restrict transferability of fee simple! "a
hearsay within hearsay is tricky, but watch f ACCRETION (slow, imperceptible change) BEL
past recollection recorded: party can READ buyer has duty to inspect. No title search is
liability insurance =! Casualty insurance. Ca reasonable use is anythig that's not maliciou
judge makes preliminary fact call. Evidence sr interests not effected by forclosure. Junior
presumption is procedural; if prima facie su landlord can bind a tenant to new rent if notifies tenant of rent and ten
DR-PATIENT privlege DOES NOT EXIST in FRE notice in covenants running analysis is goverend by recording acts

necessity is a defense to trespass, but it doesnt relieve liability for damage done
conversion invovles intent to do act that deprives, NOT intent to deprive
when breaking a statute is excused and D's conduct reasonable, no prima facie case of negligence
reckless and wanton conduct > contrib neg.
in SL where D is doing something dangerous, liability only attaches if that dangerous thing caused the harm.
Bulls are domestic animals. D not liable for injuries caused by domestic animals unless knew or had reason to know
fetus born alive has cause of action against those who negligently cause prenatal injury
ProxCause: D liable for harmful acts that are NORMAL incidents of or within increased risk he causes. Forseeability g
transferred intent: intent to commit assault sufficies for battery (if touching happens)
false imprisonment: shopkeeper's privilege doesn't apply for HOUR LONG delay (must be reasonable)
wrongful death + contrib neg: if deceased w/ negligent, OR if actioner's neg lead to death, contribution!
res ipsa: read question carefully. If no other option but D's negligence, use it
defamation: "publication" includes statement at gathering, where 3rd parties overhear. TRUTH IS A DEFENSE. If con
intent for trespass is intent to bring about physical invasion. NOT INTENT TO TRESPASS. But also not just intent to do
no duty to licensees to repair dangerous conditions! ONLY DUTY TO INSPECT AND REPAIR FOR INVITEES (public). Jus
joint and several liability: full judgement against EACH defendant. P can recover only once, but can recover from EIT
vicious guard dogs get intentional tort treatment. Battery. Cant use them to guard property only!
prima facie case of commercial invation of privacy: P just has to show unauthorized use of P's name/image by D for
4 branches of invasion of privacy tort: (1) publication of facts casting P in false light, (2) intrusion into P's affairs/sec
in 3rd party action, parent's neg not imputed to child
eggshell skull rule involves taking victims' physical or mental condition as you find them; NOT about their relationsh
mishandling of relative's corpse precludes physical injury requirement for neg infliction of ED
slander per se - look it up. DEFAMATORY STATEMENTS ASSUMED TO bE FALSE, if not constitutional/public defamatio
nuisance-that no physical invasion is irrelevant.
nuisance-that only single person has complained evinces hypersensitivity. Must be unreasonably disruptive to use a
consent to defamation: P asks for response in front of audience
landlords can't sue for trespass. Only tenants can. Actual or constructive possession key. Even holdover tnenants or
consent implied in law where action was necessary to save important property interest. Neccesity user has qualified
privity not required for SL; that's for warranty only
sellers must anticipate reasonably forseeable misuses. Not dangerously defective for reasonably forseeable use is th
no general tort immunity for kids. kids and invalids can commit; intent to do the act that matters ("I thought I hit a
parents can be liable for negligent supervision if their kid commits tort. Not vicarious liability. Alternative negligence
intrusion into seclusion: D must do some act that (1) intrudes into P's private affairs in a manner which (2) a reason
as long as reliance by 3rd party reasonably forseeable, need not be agency relationship (MISREPRESENTATION)
misrepresentation: (1) false or misleading stmt of fact about past or present (2) scienter-D knows its false or w/o fou
joint and several liability is the OPPOSITE of proportional fault contribution.
affirmative duty to protect employees against unreasonably risk of injury WHILE ACTING IN SCOPE OF EMPLOYMEN
false light elements: (1) D attributes to P acts he didn't do or beliefs he doesn't hold, (2) publishes this representati
at CL, general damages once defamation is shown. Reputation harmed. Only must show special damages for slande
imply consent for socially acceptable batteries. Harmful or offensive? Nope.
if reduce value of property, trespass to chattels
no costs of raising child in wrongful birth scenarios
public figure --> must prove actual malice
look for business expectancy, not just straight k
ordinary contrib neg no defense to SL; only assumption of risk type contrib neg is
defemation: publication is intentional OR NEGLIGENT, even
false imprisonment: act can be directed at P's property if the effect is to keep him bound
negligent misdiagnosis = harm
company on the hook for respondeat superior. But can go after neg employee for indemnity
common carriers (taxis) have nondelegable duty to provide safe vehicles
honeybees, pigeons are domestic animals
rescues can't be NEGLIGENT. Gross negligence not reaquired for rescuer liability
exceeding scope of invitation will demote invitee to licensee (in which case, there's no duty to inspect)
battery - must intend to cause contact!
rent if notifies tenant of rent and tenant stays (even if landlord subsequently cashes rent check)
sis is goverend by recording acts
g caused the harm.
new or had reason to know they were uncommonly dangerous

k he causes. Forseeability governs. Even criminal acts of others may be forseeable!

h, contribution!

RUTH IS A DEFENSE. If constitutional defamation, plaintiff must prove falsity and fault. If public person, fault standard is knowle
ut also not just intent to do the thing that caused the trespass. Have to intend to enter upon land or interfere with chattle.
FOR INVITEES (public). Just have to warn licensees of unreasonable risks/dangers that you know about
e, but can recover from EITHER/ANY liable defendant in full (and then they sort it out). Judgement != recovery

f P's name/image by D for commercial gain. That's it. Mistake as to consent no defense.
ntrusion into P's affairs/seclusion, (3) making private facts public, and (4) misappropriation of Picture/name.

NOT about their relationships

titutional/public defamation

sonably disruptive to use and enjoyment

Even holdover tnenants or those without valid title/right can

Neccesity user has qualified privilege to save himself; absolute privilege (doesn't have to pay for damage) when trespass is done

sonably forseeable use is the standard

matters ("I thought I hit a bat" = no battery, but "he is kim jong ill so I punched him" = battery)
ility. Alternative negligence theory
manner which (2) a reasonable person under the circumstances would find objectively objectionable.
D knows its false or w/o foundation, (3) intended to induce reliance, (4) reasonably relied on (if statement of fact, satisfied. If op

publishes this representation, and (3) objectively reasonably people would find it objectionable.
special damages for slander (unless slander per se: business insults, moral turpitude accusations, awful disease, unchastity the
uty to inspect)
person, fault standard is knowledge/recklessness, i.e. malace. If private person, just negligence as to truth.
d or interfere with chattle.

nt != recovery


damage) when trespass is done for proprietor's benefit

statement of fact, satisfied. If opinion only, prob not (4) actual reliance and (5) damages.

s, awful disease, unchastity there, genreal damages presumed

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16-Jul 36 20 #VALUE! 55 1.527777778

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