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Activity 3 1

Classroom Policies
Jessica Lones

Food in the Classroom:

Snacks are Permitted in the classroom, as long as the students respect our learning environment
and keep their area clean and throw away all trash.
I will keep a bowl of fresh fruit on my desk as a healthy option to those who are hungry
and need a boost of energy to keep going.

Cell Phone Usage:

Cell phones will be encouraged and utilized in our lessons, but not for social media and
o The phones must be dropped into the labeled crate on my desk or kept in backpacks
until they are needed. Then placed back in designated area when assignment/their use
for lesson is complete.
o The phones in the crate may be retrieved at the end of class.

Late or Missing Assignments:

Missing work will be accepted as late work upon return, though points will be deducted. All
assignments need be turned in or child receives a zero in the grade book for each missing
If the assignment(s) is not turned in after several notices/chances, then parents may be
notified. This is especially true for repeated cases.

Cheating Policy:

1. If caught cheating, the assignment will be taken up and the child will review the cheating
policies for the classroom, as well as the school.
2. The child will then copy, write a summary of policies and/or discuss the policies with the
3. The child will then redo the assignment.
Students Who Need Extra Help:

Collaboration and group help is an encouraged source for learning and understanding our
concepts in each lesson set, unless otherwise indicated.
Seek help from teacher or reliable classmate
Go to our class page for notes and reviews of topic key points and videos
Visit group chat app for answers to questions and lesson recaps