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My PMP Certification

Plan: Madhu Kopalle

Time Planned Activities/Milestones

started 5 months
before the application
process - finished 3
months before Finished Project Management
application process. formal education contact hours.

Friday 13th Completed application and submitted

2 weeks Head First

2 days Chapter tests of Head First

1 week Glance/View PMBOK
1 day Chapter tests of Kim Heldman(20x12=240)
1 week Glance/View Rita Mulcahy's
Chapter tests of Rita's
2 days PMI Lexicon
Compile highlights from the texts above.

15-20 days Mock tests/PMP Practice Exams

Head First(200Q)

PM Exam Simulator
Andy Crowe's(200Q)
Christopher Scordo(18x50=900Q)
Steve Caseley
PMP, Ward; Ginger Levin
PMP & CAPM TestPrep by Skillport(350Q)
Michael G. Solomon
Oliver Lehmann (275)
The day before the
exam Reviewed my notes and ITTOS

Exam day PMP Certification Exam

Lesson Learned

didnt require the time lag but wrapped these ahead of schedule inorder for me to
gather details and put together a plan in place. It is always better to have slightly
more hours to credit than just the required 35 hours. I completed upto around 50

My biggest road block was to contact my old bosses for reference and fill the
application form to submit. I lagged on every single activity towards this. I had
lamest excuses every night for not doing what was planned.
Read the whole book for perfection in concepts
chapter tests were attempted all together and at the end of reading to help
understand the weaker concepts.

Complied a 150 page bullet points from all different sources

These tests are the biggest reson for my all those Proficiency ratings I got in the
final exam. If I have to pick one single cause of success it is these tests.
A mock test(200Q) a day. And review the mistakes and weak concepts
encountered in that day's test.
I had consistently score over 175 in most of these full length exams which
improved my confidence level.
I think, roughly I solved 5000 questions all together before the exam.

Yes I was able to dump more than 90% of ITTOs on the scratch paper in 15min.
Wasnt useful during exam but calmed my nerves. Didnt dump any formulas as I
didnt find a need to.
First attempt with highest degree of Proficiency ratings.