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The Electrocomp Corporation manufacturers two electrical products:

air conditioners and large fans. The assembly process for each is
similar in that both require a certain amount of wiring and drilling.
Each air conditioner takes 3 hours of wiring and 2 hours of drilling.
Each fan must go through 2 hours of wiring and 1 hour of drilling.
During the next production period, 240 hours of wiring time are
available and up to 140 hours of drilling time may be used. Each air
conditioner sold yields a profit of Rs. 25. Each fan assembled may be
sold for Rs. 15 profit. Formulate and solve this LP production mix
situation to find the best combination of air conditioners and fans
that yields the highest profit. Solve the problem by using graphical
A firm uses lathes, milling and grinding machines to produce two parts.
Following table represents the machining times required for each part,
available machine time on different machines and the profit values:

Machine Type Required Machine time Maximum time

(Min) available per week
Part I Part - II
Lathes 12 6 3000
Milling Machines 4 10 2000
Grinding Machine 2 3 900
It is known that the profit per unit from Part I and II is Rs. 40 and Rs. 100
respectively. Formulate LPP and solve Graphically.
A rubber company is engaged in producing three different types of
tyres A, B, and C. The company has two production plants to produce
these. In a normal eight hour working day, plant I produces 100, 200
and 200 tyres of type A, B and C respectively. Plant II produces 120,
120 and 400 tyres of type A, B, and C respectively. The monthly
demand of A, B and C is 5000, 6000, and 14000 units respectively.
The daily cost of operation of plants I and II are Rs. 5000 and Rs. 7000
respectively. Find the minimum number of days of operation per
month at two different plants to minimize the total cost while
meeting the demand using graphical method.
An electronic company is engaged in the production of two components C1 and C2 that are

used in the radio sets. Each unit of C1 costs the company Rs. 5 in wages and Rs. 5 in material,

while each of C2 costs the company Rs. 25 in wages and Rs 15 in material. The company sells

both products on one period credit terms, but the companys labour and material expenses

must be paid in cash. The selling price of C1 is Rs 30 per unit and of C2 it is Rs 70 per unit.

Because of the companys strong monopoly in these components, it is assumed that the

company can sell, at the prevailing prices, as many units as it produces. The companys

production capacity is however limited by two considerations. First at the beginning of period

1, the company has an initial balance of Rs 4,000 second the company has available in each

period 2,000 hours of machine time and 1,400 hours of assembly time. The production of each

C1 requires 3 hours of machine time and 2 hours of assembly time, whereas the production of

each C2 requires 2 hours of machine time and 3 hours of assembly time. Formulate this

problem as an LP model so as to maximize the total profit of the company

Cashewco has two grades of cashew nuts: Grade I 750kg and
Grade II 1200 kg. these are to be mixed in two types of
packages of one kg each economy and special. The economy
pack consists of grade I and grade II cashews in the proportion
of 1:3, while the special pack combines the two in equal
proportion. The profit margin on the economy and special
packs is, respectively, Rs 5 and Rs 8 a pack. Formulate this as a
linear programming problem and using graphical method find
out number of packages of economy and special type to be
made to maximize profit.
The Agriculture Research institute has suggested to a farmer to
spread out at least 4800 kg of a special phosphate fertilizer and
no less than 7200 kg of a special nitrogen fertilizer to raise
productivity of crops in his fields. There are two sources for
obtaining these mixtures A and B. Both of these are available in
bags weighting 100 kg each and they cost Rs 40 and Rs 24
respectively. Mixture A contains phosphate and nitrogen
equivalent of 20 kg and 80 kg respectively, while mixture B
contains these ingredients equivalent of 50 kg each. Use
graphical method to find out optimal cost.