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Unit Vocabulary Grammar

Welcome Physical descriptions Present simple / Present continuous
page 4 Jobs Adverbs of manner
House and furniture Possessive pronouns and Whose ?
Films There was / There were and prepositions
Geography of place
Feelings and emotions Past simple
Comparative adjectives
Superlative adjectives

Adults didnt Musical instruments and genres be: past simple (regular, irregular, afrmative,
1 like rock music negative, interrogative and short answers)
Ordinal numbers
page 10

Some people Food and drink Countable / Uncountable nouns

2 eat a lot some / any
a lot / much / many
page 18
How much ? / How many ?

Review page 26 Culture club: Hard Rock Caf page 27

Nobody lives Places around town must

3 here Compounds: some / any / no
Compounds: every
page 28

I have to clean Housework have to (afrmative, negative, interrogative

4 my room and short answers)
mustnt / dont have to
page 36
Verb + -ing form

Review page 44 Culture club: New York! page 45

What are you Personality be going to (1) (afrmative, negative,

5 going to do? interrogative and short answers)
be going to (2)
page 46
Present continuous for future

How far will The weather will: future (afrmative, negative, interrogative
6 Ed walk? and short answers)
will / be going to
page 54
First conditional

Review page 62 Culture club: What is wrong with the weather? page 63

Workbook pages 67-97 Word list page 99

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Communication Skills

Agreeing and disagreeing Reading: A biography of Bono

Pronunciation: Sentence stress Listening: A biography of Elvis
Speaking: Factles of Justin Timberlake and Shakira
Writing: A personal prole of your favourite pop singer

Ordering food and drink Reading: A magazine article about a teen celebrity chef
Pronunciation: Assimilation in would you Listening: Two teenagers talking about their diets
Speaking: A food survey
Writing: Your diet

Curriculum extra: Citizenship page 64

Asking for and giving directions Reading: A magazine article about online safety
Pronunciation: the sound S Listening: A police ofcer talking about road safety
Speaking: Road safety rules
Writing: A text about road safety rules

Asking for permission Reading: A magazine article about active teenagers

Pronunciation: have IW and Listening: A radio phone-in about lazy teenagers
have toIWU! Speaking: Asking and answering questions about housework
Writing: A text about your weekly schedule

Curriculum extra: Chemistry page 65

Inviting people to do things Reading: A magazine article about star signs

Pronunciation: rising intonation for Listening: A conversation about star signs
accepting offers and falling intonation Speaking: Future plans
for rejecting offers Writing: An email about future plans

Making offers Reading: A magazine article about the environment

Pronunciation: the pronunciation of ll Listening: A conversation about the environment
Speaking: Working out your carbon footprint
Writing: A description of your carbon footprint

Curriculum extra: Physics page 66

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