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TIRTA : Green and Portable Dispenser for Sea Water Purification and

Distillation by Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Low Temperature Thermal

Destilation (LTTD)

Taufik Rahmadani, Dyah Ayu Dewi Anggraeni, Dimas Arfiantino

Academic Consultant : Dr. Nyoman Widiasa, S.T., M.T.

Electrical Engineering and Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering.

Diponegoro University, Semarang


Indonesia is a Maritime Country with the sea and the longest beach number two in
the world. So reasonable that about 16.42 million people in Indonesia are people
living in coastal areas. However, the potential of biological and non-biological
natural resources, artificial resources and environmental services available can not
be utilized by coastal people to be more prosperous. Coastal people especially the
fishermen, so far it is still constrained supply of drinking water and salt distillation
is less efficient. In Indramayu district, for example, The number of people who
havent been enjoying clean water is in the range of 1,708,550 people, the number
of residents who have enjoyed clean air is in the range of 1332.669 or 78%. From
those problems, The authors intends to expose the idea of the Tirta prototype. Tirta
is a portable and green (environmentally friendly) dispenser for purifying seawater
into drinkable water by Reverse Osmosis (RO) method and salt distillation by Low
Temperature Thermal Destilation (LTTD) method. Tirta do two jobs at the same
time, the sea water entered it will automatically be converted to potable water and
salt. Tirta does not require home electricity because heat is obtained from sunlight
by solar panels and then steped up by an electronics circuits, while reverse osmosis
using a semipermeable membrane. Method of data completion in this research is by
literature studies and observation. Literature studies conducted for the formulation
and concept of prototypes mechanisms in accordance with the existing theories,
and conducted observations in the presence of reactions can run and desired results.
The research method used is RnD (Research and Development), conducting
periodic research and prototypes development. The authors hope that with the
development of innovation Tirta, coastal people can more easily in obtaining
drinking water supply and salt distillation with effective and environmentally

Keywords : Tirta, coastal people, RO, LTTD, purification, distillation.