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R1 Door mirror heater relay (-95)

R2 Indicator relay

R3 Rear screen interm ittent wiper relay

R4 Fog lamps relay

R5 Rear fog lamp relay

R6 Horn relay (-96)

R7 Windscreen wiper motor relay

R8 Heated rear window relay (-95)

R9 Headlamps ON warning buzzer

R10 Alarm system relay

R11 Headlamp washer pump delay relay

R12 Starter relay alarm system (-95)

14 Datalink connector

F1 (20A) Interior lamp, boot lamp, horn, audio unit, hazard warning lamps, alarm system

F2 (10A) AT

F3 (30A) Heated rear window


F5 (10A) AT

F6 (10A) Rear fog lamp

F7 (30A) AC

F8 (10A) LH side and tail lamps, headlamp adjuster unit switch illumination

F9 (20A) Fog lamps

F10 (10A) LH head lamp main beam

F11 (30A) Head lamp washers

F12 (10A) LH head lamp dipped beam, head lamp adjuster units

F13 (20A) Central locking


F15 (30A) Heater blower motor, engine coolant blower motor, AC system

F16 (30A) Wind screen wipers

(10A) Audio unit, information display, warning lamps, glove box lamp, electric windows, electric
door mirrors, electric door mirror heaters

F18 (20A) Cigarette lighter, central locking, reversing lamp, automatic transmission

F19 (10A) Switch illumination(94 on), lights on warning buzzer and headlamp washers (95on)

F20 (30A) Engine coolant blower motor, AC relay

F21 (15A) Stop lamps, hazard warning, ABS

F22 (10A)ABS

F23 (10A) RH side and tail lamps, license plate lamps

F24 (30A) Electric sunroof

F25 (10A) RH head lamp main beam

F26 (20A) Fuel injection system

F27 (10A) RH head lamp dipped beam

F28 (30A) Electric windows

fuse box diagram.

R1 Engine coolant blower motor relay

R2 Engine coolant blower motor relay

R3 Engine coolant blower motor relay

R4 AC compressor clutch relay

R5 Engine coolant blower motor relay


R7 Engine control (EC) relay

R8 Wheel speed sensor signal converter left-without ABS (except sequential mechanical gearbox)

Wheel speed sensor signal converter right without ABS (with sequential mechanical

R10 Fuel pump relay-petrol

R11 Heated rear window relay

R12 Headlamp washer pump relay

R13 Ignition auxiliary circuits relay

R14 Starter motor relay

R15 Ignition main circuits relay

R16 Rear fog lamp relay

R17 Fog lamps relay

R18 Side/tail lamps relay-right

R19 Headlamp high beam relay

R20 Side/tail lamps relay-left

R21 Headlamp low beam relay

F1 (7,5A) Multifunction control module

F2 (7,5A) Engine management

F3 (7,5A) Digital multifunction display, hazard warning lamps, horn, immobilizer, instrument panel

F4 (5A) Licence plate lamp

F5 (20A) Electric windows

F6 (10A) Automatic transmission (AT)

F7 (30A) Head lamp washers

F8 (10A) Starter motor

F9 (20A) Auxiliary heater, engine management, fuel pump relay

F10 (10A) Horn

F11 (15A) Multifunction control module

F12 (20A) Audio system, digital multifunction display

F13 (10A) Alarm system

F14 (7,5A) Electric door mirrors

F15 (10A) Windscreen washers

F16 (5A) Interior lamps

F17 (20A) Multifunction control module

F18 (20A) Sunroof

F19 (5A) Alarm system

F20 (20A) Electric windows


F22 (5A) Multifunction control module

F23 (20A) Windscreen wipers

F24 (5A) Immobilizer, instrument panel, interior lamps, power steering, digital multifunction display
F25 (10A) Stop lamps

F26 (10A) Cigarette lighter petrol

F27 (15A) Heated seats

F28 (15A) Heated seats

F29 (20A) Windscreen washers

F30 (15A) Engine management-petrol

F31 (15A) Air-conditioning (AC)

F32 (5A) Anti-lock brake system (ABS), heated rear window


F34 (30A) Fuel heater (Diesel)

F35 (5A) Audio system, electric windows, sunroof

F36 (10A) LH headlamp-low beam

F37 (10A) RH headlamp-low beam

F38 (5A) LH side/tail lamps

F39 (5A) RH side/tail lamps


F41 (15A) Fog lamps

F42 (10A) Rear fog lamps

F43 (10A) LH headlamp-high beam

F44 (10A) RH headlamp-high beam

F45 (30A) Air conditioning (AC)

F46 (20A) Engine management

F47 (30A) Heated rear window

F48 (30A) Starter motor

F49 (50A) Power steering

F50 (40A) Anti-lock brake system (ABS)

F51 (60A) Sequential mechanical gearbox-petrol

F52 (30A) Engine coolant blower motor-petrol with AC

F53 (30A) AC condenser blower motor-petrol

Relay box Opel/Vauxhall Corsa C.

relay box location.

relay box layout.

3 Central locking relay- locking (drivers door)

4 Central locking relay- deadlocking

5 Central locking relay-unlocking

6 Central locking relay-locking

7 Alarm system horn relay

8 Licence plate lamps relay

9 Rear screen washer pumprelay

10 Wind screen wiper motor relay-fast

11 Horn relay

12 Windscreen washer pump relay

13 Windscreen wiper motor relay-slow/intermittent

14 Rear screen wiper motor relay

15 Indicator relay LH

16 Indicator relay RH