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Council of Nursing Students (CONUS)

Department of Academic and Co-curricular Affairs

SY 2017-2018

Name of Project: Nursing Tutorials

Nursing Tutorials is a project made by CONUS to help every nursing student who has difficulty
understanding or coping up with the lessons taught during lectures. With the help of nursing scholars,
these students will be given an opportunity to learn and understand the lessons more. This project will
also benefit the scholars since it will be credited as service hours, a 10-hour per semester requirement
for every scholar of the university.

Project Objectives

1. To help nursing students gain learning with the help of other nursing students which can help
them prepare for upcoming quizzes or exams.
2. To help nursing scholars manage their time by teaching other nursing students and reviewing
their lessons as well.
3. To help nursing students who have difficult time asking others to help them review by offering
peer tutorials.

Budget Breakdown

15 x 20 bottles of water = PhP 300.00

10 x 20 pcs of bread = PhP 200.00

Total: PhP 500.00