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1. a) Reliable barring (inching) drive to rotate mill slowly for inspection and
adjustment. Must be able to stop mill in any position and hold without
b) Alternative Large sling long enough to go around mill shell 2 times
and attach to winch or other device capable of rotating mill as above.

2. Slings and shackles etc. of correct size and length to safely lift girth gear
halves and pinion.

3. Socket spanners, flogging spanners and open-end and ring spanners to

fit all hardware.

4. Hammers: 4 lb 1.8 kg, 7 lb 3 kg, 14 lb 6 kg.

5. Hydraulic rams and hand pump ram size 10t-x 100 mm, 10t x 200 mm,
and 50t-x 200 mm.

6. Dial indicators with magnetic base 4 off.

7. 50 mm - 2 paint brushes 2 off.

8. Bearing blue Engineers blue, Prussian blue.

9. 12 smooth files 2 off, 12 2nd cut files 2 off.

10. Angle grinders 4 and 7 with cutting and grinding discs also with
polishing discs in 60 grit 10 off each disc.

11. Podgy bars to align bolt holes.

12. Feeler gauges 2 sets 100mm long, 1 set 300mm long.

13. Lead wire diameter 5 mm or 3/16 approx. 20 mm

14. Digital camera.

15. Chain blocks 1 ton, 2 ton & 5 ton 2 off each size.

16. Selection of general tools eg. Hammers, chisels & spanners to remove
guards and grease lines etc.

17. Approximately 40 lead balls or slugs attached to wires- a 16mm Ball

Sinker (of a Diameter to provide a good amount of crush in root
clearance) crimped onto a length of approximately 300mm of welding
wire will be sufficient for this or alternatively a similar dia. lead slug
moulded onto the wire by filling a drilled hole with molten lead. This is for
checking root clearances.

18. 2mm diameter lead wire for measuring backlashes

19. Shims to suit pinion bearing bases in 3mm, 2mm, 1mm, 0.50, 0.25 and
0.1mm thickness either pre made or as sheet with equipment on hand to
make shims quickly when required.

20. Note if Motor cant be moved and Mill must be adjusted to align with
pinion after pinion aligned to the motor shims will be required for the Mill
trunnion bearing bases in 5mm and 10 mm thickness as well as 3,2 and
1mm thickness.