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Jackson Visits Lubbock

Este Viernes, 29 de Enero, pobres, trabajadores y

l I :-i
tenido un impacto profundo
la communidad de Lubbock en la politica nacional, minoritarios suben en sus
tendra la oportunidad de manifestando que poco a esfuerzos de ser reconoci
asister en actividades con el poco, la fuerza de los dos politicamente.
candidato presidencial,
Jesse Jackson. La campana
anuncia actividades en las
Schools Receive
escuelas secundarias, Jackson Visit
Lubbock high y Estacado The presidential campaign advocacy for Human Rights.
High. Todo mundo esta of Jesse Jackson will visit On the other hand, Jackson
invitado a asistir en Lubbock High and Estacado receives his significant
Lubbock High alas 9:40 y en High this Friday, January support for his defense of
el Estacado al las 10:15 de la 29, 1988, The public has the rights of workers, the
manana. been invited to attend both poor and disenfranchised.
EI Candidato Jackson, se functions in the respective Be it as it may, Jackson
le ha acusado como liberal y auditorium, first at 9:40 a.m. demonstrated a significant
activista y por el otro lado, at Lubbock High; then at impact on our United States
como defensor de derechos 10:15 a.m. at Estacado High. political society through his
de los trabajadores y gente Jesse Jackson has been continuous support for the
pobre. accused as a liberal and poor, the blue collar worker,
Por lo tanto, Jackson ha activist, because of his and minorities in general. Jesse Jackson

Get Out the Vote

Registration Drive
Saturday, January 30
starting at 9 a.m.
Casa San Jose/1o2 N. Ave. P
For more info call: 763 3841

Not to Endorse
Earlier in the week Gore had detrimental to minorities.
ig received an endorsement by 29 Supporters showed delegates
m south Texas county judges. letters of support for Vega from
in His poor showing at the MAD San Antonio Congressman
of convention showed definite Henry B. Gonzalez.
al indecisiveness among Mexican "The Supreme Court position
is Americans in Texas. Mr. Vega seeks is of the upmost
id Candidates submitted importance to the justice
of answers to questionaires system of Texas, inasmuch as
is dealing with Hispanic issues. this position and other similar
in Representatives of each positions have been captured
A candidate then were personally by special interests to the
in questioned during the day long exclusion of the greatest
interest of the incumbent. Mr.
n, Vega's opponent, has failed to
e, protect the rights of the
;e working men and women of
P. Texas." said Gonzalez in the
niunaro uepnarat each letter.
C.O.M.A. the Hispanic Chamber of the Year. received support from less Delegates also failed to
Commerce at its Annual Banquet held The banquet was well attended and the than 10 percent of the make an endorsement in the
Saturday, January 23 gave recognition to program was great; special thanks to Ida convention. race. Gonzalez got 55% and
the following: Mr. Ron GuaJardo, Alfaro, chairperson and her committee: Vega received 17.7% of the
Guajardo's FuneralHome: Businessman Mr. Eliseo Solis/Lubbock County delegate vote. In the 28th
of the Year. Mrs. Helen Reyna Pancho's Commissioner was one of many who senatorial district which
Restaurant & Bakery: Businesswoman of congratulated and praised their includes the Lubbock and
Odessa delegations, Lubbock
the Year and Gena r o Chavez Member of achievements.
voted for Gonzalez and Odessa
r it
$5,000.00 presentat ^ on^o
Lauro Cavazos, president of
voted for Vega.
The only other contested
,: Texas Tech University.
Most prominent among the race was between incumbent
Anheuser Busch representa
Estrada said that a representatives of the Railroad Commissioner Jim
$1,000.00 will be given to this candidates was former Nugent and challenger Jerry
scholarship now until Texas Ambassador to Mexico Bob Langdon. Although the
Tech says to stop. Krueger, representing Paul screening committee had
"We deeply appreciate your Simon and Mrs. Al Gore, voted to endorse Langdon, the
S ,,. support and welcome to our representing her husband. convention delegates did not
S.. .. beautiful campus," said After nomination of each of issue an endorsement but
Cavazos to Estrada during the the candidates, delegates Langdon did receive the most
ceremony. staged a 15 minute demonstra votes with 60.8% and Nugent
presented during a press The purpose of the fund is to
tion in which the delegates of 34%.
A grant presentation to conference on Tuesday at the recognize and assist worthy
establish first Hispanic President's office. and deserving Hispanic Gov Michael S Dukakis the 2 favorites confronted each Tony Padilla, state legisla
endowment scholarship fund Jim Estrada, Manager college students. other with shouts of "Jesse, tive director from the
Governor of Massachusetts
at Texas Tech University was Corporate Relations made the photo by Olga Riojas Jesse" and "Duke, Duke." In Transportation Communica

e u u e asa
the Presidential race, Lubbock tion Worker's Union issued a
the delegation voted 54 for strong nomination speech for
New Deal: Feb. 11, Our Lady Queen of the Apostles Church,
Dukakis and 4 for Jackson. Nugent.
, A II am to I pm.
Odessa voted all 44 votes for The MAD by laws failed to be
1 Idalou: Feb. 11, County Barn, 2 to 5 pm.
Please do not arrive early! New applicants must provide Jackson. amended for the second time.
Another hotly contested MAD President Beto Salinas
Annual Spring Texas Tech Reception proof of residency. This can be verified with current address on
an I.D. card, utility bill, rent receipt or letter. race surprisingly evolved has tried unsuccessfully to do
for Hispanic Students Written autorizations are required for individuals picking up during the convention between away with 6 state annual dues.
Everyone is cordially invited to attend the Annual Spring someone else's commodities. Judge Raul Gonzalez, who Arguments stated that power
Texas Tech Reception for Hispanic Students on Thursday at became the first state wide brokers would just sign up
the Ballroom in the University Center starting at 7 p.m. Give the Gift of Life Chicano elected offiial two persons in order to have votes
This is your opportunity to meet other students and get Blood is a vital and precious resource. During the holida y years ago, and newcomer Art at conventions.
acquainted with Hispanic faculty and staff members. Don't season, blood shortages are common. By donating blood Vega, a San Antonio attorney. Ten delegates attended the
miss it, there will be refreshments for everyone who attends the healthy persons can help those in need. , Vega's backers claimed Convention representing
events. To donate blood, individuals must be 18 years of age o r Gonzalez has made decisions Lubbock and 8 represented
School to Dismiss Early older, weigh at least 110 pounds and be in good health.
of the Court that have been Odessa.
Standards of donors have been implemented to protect both
Elementary and secondary students in the Lubbock the donors and the blood supply. Individuals may be asked t o Registrations for
Independent School District will be dismissed early from postpone the donation because of a recent pregnancy, illness,
classes at 2:00 p.m., on Monday, February 1. LISD teachers major surgery, vaccination, tattoo or exposure to malaria o r
Winter/Spring Classes
will be attending previously planned in service meetings. hepatitis. Current hypertension, hypotension and anemia may Lubbock Parks and Recreation
The next early dismissal and in service day is set for Monday, also temoorarily disoualifv a donor. Community Centers are currently
March 7. Anyone who has hipatatis, heart disease, cancer, severe registering for the winter/ spring
Emergency Food Distribution asthma, certain venereal diseases, a bleeding disorder, session of classes. The six
convulsions or AIDS is permanently disqualified. community centers have
Distribution of the Commodities (cheese) Program in scheduled over 150 classes with
To ensure the safety of patients, all donated blood is tested.
Lubbock County will begin on the dates and at the places listed varying times and center locations
Donated blood is also typed to make sure donor and recipient
below. For information call 766 7363. to meet your needs.
have compatible blood. Donor blood and recipient blood must
Lubbock: Furr's Supermarket, 34th & Ave. H, 9 am to 6 pm. be of the same type. "Terrific Two's", a class
Feb. 2; Last name beginning with A through M specifically designed to allow A newborn baby girl called
To give the gift of life, the Methodist Hospital Blood Bank is
Feb. 3/ Last name beginning with N through Z opportunity for 2 year olds to Christina by Children's
open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. For
Wolfforth: Feb. 8, County Barn, I to 4 pm participate in crafts, games, song, Protective Services (CPS) was
additional information, call (806) 793-4256.
Shallowater: Feb. 9, 4 H Building, I to 4 pm and storytelling, will be offered on left at the doorstep of a local
Slaton: Feb. 10, Guadalupe Catholic Church, 2 to 5 pm. Mondays from 9:30 am to 10:30 residence. Anyone with
am at Rodgers Community knowledge of who she may be
Center. Enrollment fee is $9 and is requested to call the police

T-* T ^ T
the class will begin February I.
Rollerskating for both
preschool and elementary age
department at 762 6411, CPS at
762 8922, Crime Line at 741
1000 or El Editor 763 3841.
continued on page 2 Photo by Pancho Gutierrez
El Editor/ Lubbock, Tx./January 28, 1988 Page 2

Hispanic vote now Check This Out!

p forgrabs by Gregory Tijerina
This past week I visited many senior citizens retirement
The story dominating the meet- That, after all, was the purpose homes, while I was there, we had lots of laughs together. What
ing of Texas' Mexican American behind the concept of the judges' really surprised my was all the friendly faces that had an
Democrats in Dallas over the week- move to endorse someone early and expression of excitement. In groups or individually we would
end was how many Hispanic Dem- have a dramatic impact on the se- engage in a most intrusting conversation. I asked them many
ocrats across the state are going to lection process. Now the judges questions and some of their answers shocked me, some of them
follow the lead of the South Texas have to deliver, as they have de- were hurt because they couldn't work and earn a living
judges, whose endorsement of Sen. clared they will.
What happened in Laredo
anymore. The bad thing is why some people put their parents in Odessa estan apoyando a Gore. Pues los de Odessa se
Albert Gore of Tennessee leaked a retirement home, with showing any kind of love or affection,
before the judges were ready to an- should not be subject to specula- cambiaron con Jackson an la convencion pa' que no ganara
tion. The proceedings are privi- like the care that the sons; daughters received when they were
nounce it publicly. Dukakis con tantos votos.
Even though the judges' en- leged. Everyone present was sworn born. That is a mercyless act in a way it is like sending a dog to
dorsement became public before to secrecy. The judges agreed their the dog pound to die there. The bottom line to this issue is,
the judges had a chance to stage a endorsement was not to be made these nice elderly people still need their sons and daughters Ha y hablando de Jackson, pues ya viene pa' Lubbock. Vamos
huge media event to announce public until next week, when they love. care and affection because they have human feelings too.
fully expect a court in Austin to A rejection feeling is very painful. Now here goes the jokes for a darle la bienvenida.
their choice, their support of Gore
will take on additional importance rule on a petition they have filed to you folks: Why is the dead man in the coffin? Because he's dead.
because the MAD organization, it allow them to make the endorse- What do lawyers and bankers have in common? They all wear
appears, will not coalesce behind ment. The judges filed the suit to Pues Ia semana pasada serviron Menudo pars coda las
protect themselves from laws neck ties and hate poverty. How do you make an alcoholic stop
one candidate. Going into Satur- personas que saliiron a registra gente para votar. Ayi andaba
day's meeting, few observers be- drinking? Freeze dry him. A group of Japanese got round eyes
when they saw a gay couple that looked like Mr. T and Hulk unos candidatos como cl Charlie Dunn, Lie. Floyd Holder,
lieved one of the presidential
Hogan. Why do Iranian babies have such big big heads? So Sonny Kecsec y cl Eliseo Solis. Pero ojala quc estos candidatos
candidates could muster the two- : Personas
thirds vote necessary to win an out-
right MAD
MAD endorsement.
they will not fall out during the bridal dance. What do
cockroaches like? Any kind of crumbs. Why do tramps smellso
1 manden trabajadores este sabado que viene
interesadas para andar las calles el sabado debcria it pars Casa
For their part, the judges, meet- Jesse bad? Because they like it that way. While the doctor was San Jose en el Barrio Guadalupe las 9 dc la manana cl sabado.
ing in Laredo Jan. 17, unanimously
endorsed Gore, even though pub- I_ . Trevino cleaning out a patients car he pulled out apiece of car wax that
looked just like Paul Harvey. My girl friend likes rechewed
Todos estan invitados.
lished news accounts of the voting bubble gum. Are tarted boy asked me how can he get the egg
had it that the judges were almost Y en el banquete de COMA el Sr. Raul Yzaguirre se avento.
evenly split. out of the chicken so I told him to suck on the chickens behind
At the end of voting, sources say, which allegedly prohibit them from so he did, after while the boy said the chicken must have been Haber si coda la gente y organizaciones quc estaban ayi Ic
the men and women voting at the publicly endorsing candidates. playing in the muo occause tnats act tnat comes out mud. entendieron.....
Laredo ranch house promised to But no one in the Laredo meet- Thought for the week i/'you know somebody in a retirement Felicitaciones pars la Sr. Elena Reyna que fue clejida
support Gore fully, and have re- ing seriously believed the proceed- home go and visit then they enjoy any company. "Businesswoman of the Year"; y cl Sr. Ron Guajardo que fue
turned to their home counties to ings would remain secret. Their
doubts were confirmed by Tuesday elejido para "Businessman of the Year"; y cl Sr. Genaro Chavez
put out the word that Gore is their
pos "Member of the Year"...Felicitacio fi es pars todos de parte I
The county judges, who last year
when two major newspapers pub-
lished accounts of the meeting. Be-
Los Hispanos y La Oficina 1
dc esse Alacran y todo cl staff dc EI 'Editor. I
cause of that, some of the details
had banded together in order to
give one of the presdiential candi- are being misinterpreted by the Del Censo en Conflicto
dates a leg up on the Mexican- other campaign staffs seeking to Ys se Ilega Ia semana de LULAC y los planes van bastante
American vote in Texas, have set put the best spin on the events in por Linda Chavez Es factible el estimar la I
Laredo. adelantados. Pues dice Pete qua ya pars esa semana van tener
the direction for their constituents. A medida que comienzan los cantidad de personas que ha
The net result is that, with sido pasada por alto, utilizando acres y acres dc Concilios. Pues esta haciendo un buen trabajo.
But the five campaigns which preparativos para eI censo
did not receive the judges' support, MAD's inability to reach a consen- decenal de 1990, la Oficina del tecnicas de muestras estadisti Ahora solo faltan los miembros.
naturally, have set about to dilute sus, the impact of the whole His- cas y ajustando las cifras del r * * * * * * * s r * s s * * * I
Censo puede convertirse en el
the impact of the judges' decision. panic Democrat vote is up for censo con posterioridad. La
grabs. Ironically, the impact of the proximo Campo de batalla
That is something the judges fully mayor parte de la investigacion Bueno, ahora pars los aventuras de Bidal, pues halls anda
Iowa caucuses and the New Hamp- donde se libre el combate de la
expected. What remains to be seen en materia de ciencias sociales por Dallas y Austin y nos cuenta que Ic hace bastante falta c 3 I
is how the push and pull of the dif- shire primary may have as great an politica etnica. La tarea de
impact as ever. That odd develop- contar a las personas que viven se realiza asi, incluyendo a la carrito color de sandia descolorida pero qua esta haciendo lo
ferent campaigns weigh against the
judges' endorsement in the 29 ment in this already crazy election en los Estados Unidos no presente serie de Estudios de mejor que puede p estableser otravez el periodico de Austin.
South Texas counties, with its year contravenes the concept that parece ser muy controvertida a la Poblacion Actual de la Dice que todo se acuerdan dc cl halls y que Ic dieron uns buena
massive Hispanic vote, and in oth- Texans were supposed to put a primera vista. Pero raspese la Oficina del Censo. bienvenida. Glue hasta a Jesse Jackson manaaron traer a
er areas of the state where Mexi- stamp of their own on who the Hace poco, sin embargo, la
superficie de este debate, sin Austin.
can-Americans were aware of the eventual nominee will be. oficina decidio no ajustar sus
embargo, y se encontrara la iCrcanlo o no este Alacran ya acabo!
judges' plans. But with Jesse Jackson's pre- cifras para incluir a aquellos
sumed .hammerlock on the Black pasion verdadera.
The division among Hispanics is que seran pasados por alto en
vote, with Gore picking up visible Los hispanos y los negros i i iiii^ i^ i^ ^^ i riri i i i i i i i
quite clear. Almost every candidate
has visible Hispanics involved or endorsements among establish- tienen mucho que ganar, el censo. Sus razones, aunque Ia cuantia de la Camara de por el numero de extranjeros
publicly endorsing his campaign. It ment Democrats and with Massa- dependiendo del todo de hacer validas, tienen probabilidades Representantes a 435 i legales que probablemente
would have been a cleaner situation chusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis el conteo. Y los beneficios son de ser atacadas por hallarse miembros. El crear un nuevo' pasara por alto an 1990? Es
had one candidate emerged early continuing to pour money into the verdaderos: Miles de millones motivadas politicamente. Las distrito congresional en legitimo el preguntar por qua
and had there been complete agree- state, the Mexican-American vote de dolares por concepto de cifras del censo, despues de California qua tuviera los ciudadanos deberian de
ment. With a dual judge-MAD en- is undoubtedly the wild card going todo, determinan la redistribu
into February. ayuda federal y el aumento de probabilidades cie elegir a un perder au parte de la
dorsement, the lucky candidate funcionarios electos negros e cion con vista a los cargos hispano significa quitarle un
would have staked a claim to a representacion, para que las
Trevino, who lives in Austin, hispanos. electivos federales y estatales. distrito a algun otro estado. personas que estan aqui
large part of the Hispanic vote,
which may comprise as much as 25 writes on Hispanic social and politi- Desde el primer censo, en Entre quienes critican a Lo que complica las cosas ilegalmente puedan ganar una
percent of the Democratic vote on cal issues. 1790, el gobierno federal ha estan decision, los hispanos ulteriormente es qua la medida de representacion en
Super Tuesday, March 8. venido efectuando sus cor ^ teos tienen probabilidad de ser los distribucion de escanos un cuerpo legislativo al qua no
que levanten mas la voz. Ellos
Registrations for Classes fundamentalmente del mismo
modo, realizando entrevistas se han quejado durante anos
legislativos no se hace
contando solamente a las
puedan elegir.
(Linda Chavez presto
de casa en casa y enviando de que no han sido contados
From Front Page por completo. Los miembros
personas elegibles pars votar, servicios Como directora de
children is also being offered cuestionarios por correo a 0 siquiera a las qua residen personal de la Comision
through Rodgers Community providing the chance to learn a todas las familias. Reciente hispanos del Congreso han legalmente en los Estados Estadounidense de los
Center. The preschool class will be craft skill that can be passed along mente, estos metodos han sido estado tratando, durante largo Unidos. Derechos Civiles y posterior
held at Skate Ranch on Friday to other family members. criticados cada vez mas, tiempo, de lograr que la oficina Los dictamenes de los mente en la Casa Blanca como
afternoons beginning February 5 Elementary bird carving will be debido a qua ciertas personas mejore sus metodos para tribunales han ordenado qua ayudante adjunta al presidente
from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm and on taught Thursdays at Maxey Feb. 4 eluden a los enumeradores del contar a los hispanos. virtualmente todo aquel qua para el enlace con eI publico.
Saturdays beginning February 6 through March 31 from 7 pm to 9: censo, pro ejemplo, las muy Si todos los hispanos fueran acierte a estar en el pais al Fue la persona hispana de
from 10:30 am to 12 noon. The 9:30 p.m. Cost of the class is $35 pobres, las desamparadas y un contados en el censo de 1990, momento de tomar el censo, mayor jerarquia en eI gobierno
elementary class will also be held plus an estimated tool cost of $25. grupo nuevo e importante, los incluyendo al gran numero de sea contado, ya sea qua aste de Reagan.
at the Skate Ranch on Saturdays Porcelain doll making will extranjeros i legales. extranjeros i legales que se aqui legalmente o no. Actualmente aporta comen
from 9:00 am to 10:30 am. begin Feb. 2 and will be taught La Oficina del Censo estima hallan ahora en los Estados Es c o m p re n s i b l e qua tarios semanales a la Radio
Registration cost for the skating each Tuesday through Feb. 23 qua, en 1980, dejo de encontrar Unidos, California tendria aquellos qua tengan probabili Publics Nacional y al "Chicago
class is $15. The class will be held from 7 p.m. a cerca de 3,200,000 personas. probabilidades de lograr un dades de perder en la SunTimes" y as presidents de
Adults may participate in a to 9 p.m. at Maxey Community Los negros e hispanos escano adicional en el manipulacion de la redistribu "U.S. English")
"learning by doing" Mexican Center and registration fee is $65. formaron un porcentaje Congreso mediante la cion se resientan por eso. Propiedad literaria registra
cooking class beginning at Embroidery classes will begin mucho mas alto de estas redistribucion, ademas del Quien puede culpar a la da an 1988 pos Hispanic Link
Rodgers on Feb. 4. Five (5) classes Feb. 23 at Maxey and will he held personas faltantes qua los estimado de cuatro que ganara Oficina del Canso por no News Service. Distribuido por
will be taught fora registration fee from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesdays blancos. Los grupos qua empleando los metodos querer e x a c e r b a r aste Los Angeles Times Syndicate.
of $20 and the classes will be held through March 29. Cost of the representan a negros e actuales del censo. problems al ajustar sus cifras
on Thursdays from 6:30 to 7:30 class is $15. hispanos han venido instando Esa podria ser una buena
p .m _ For more information on any of a la Oficina del Censo a noticia para los politicos y
Maxey Community Center is
offering several adult craft classes,
the community center programs
call 762 6411, ext. 2663.
adoptar medidas correctivas.
Pero la forma de hacerlo es un
problems escabrc,,;u.
activistas hispanos, pero
muchas otras personas no lo
van asi. La Constitucion limita
Su Voto Es Su Voz
Hispanics The Salvation of Am erica
by Genaro Chavez Photo by Pancho Gutierrez
This past weekend, I was improve life opportunities for of its potential. By the weekly
honored as Member of the Year Americans of Hispanic descent. news accounts, it seems something governments. These are the
for Comerciantes Organizados NCLR is an organization about needs to be done about our huge vehicles that will help our
Mexico Americanos, the local Hispanics, for Hispanics, and by trade deficits. Work; corporate community achieve parity in the
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Hispanics. studies indicate, that as an ethnic political, economic, and social
I've been a member since 1981 and The keynote address was about minority, Hispanics have a strong arenas that makeup our daily
have served the last five years on Hispanics, which is my reason for work ethnic. Also. in proportion lives. I just wish more individuals
the COMA Board of Directors. I writing this article. 1 wish more of to population, Hispanics have would realize the need for these
had looked forward to my last us could have heard his speech. won more medals of honor in organizations. Too often we look
board meeting and perhaps one of Also, I wonder whether we all defense of this country than any at the direct benefits nevr
the last COMA banquets heard the same message. other group. In general, the same realizing or considering the
However, this past Saturday we Although he made some bleak cultural characteristics of indirect benefits. I take great
had one of the best if not the best statements about us, he did say Hispanics are the same basic personal satisfaction of having
annual COMA awards and "Hispanic Americans could very characteristics that made this a served as District Directo of
installation of officers banquet. well be the salvation of this great nation. Unfortunately, or LULAC, Board of Directors of
Certainly. one noted all the country." lnmy opinion, this is a fortunately, the speech centered SPAG, LEAD, Inc., LEARN,
planning and the work. In my very heavy statement and why on some bleak statistics. In 1977, Inc., Chairman Lubbock Voter
opinion the keynote speaker Raul not'! As a Christian and Catholic, the National Council of La Raza Registration Project, LISD
Ysaguirre, President and Chief I sometimes want to leave to many published a study that we would Hispanic Advisory Committee,
Executive Officer of the National things to the good lord. be the largest ethnic majority and Sr. V/ P of Lubbock High
Council of La Raza (NCLR), was Especially, something like the based on high birth rates and the PTA. On behalf of the members
the highlight. Truly, Raul is salvation of American. I don't influx of immigrants. This and officers of all our
recognized as one of the national know about the salvation, but I do phenomena caught the major organizations, I feel our purpose
leaders o f our Hispanic know that Mexican Americans, as news magazines. The eighties were is to make our community, our
community. More and more the an ethnic minority, are Americans supposed to be the decade of the city, our state and our country a
National Council is being best hidden resource. After four Hispanics and that it was our turn better place to live. As for the
recognized as a "think tank" on hundred years, in spite of the in the sun (shine?). 1990 will tell us salvation of America, I say why
public policy issues affecting the many obstacles we have managed whether the 80's were the decade not? Dreams are only as big as the
Hispanic Community. NCLR to retain our native Spanish of the Hispanic. I am a great dreamer wiches to make them.
does applied research, public language. By knowing the believer in organizations such as Individually, we can do our part
policy analysis and advocacy on language, consider the tremendous COMA. These type of organiza by being concerned, involved and
behalf of Hispanic Americans. amount of trade throughout the tions havd ben defined as the informed citizens. As for me
NCLR is a national organization western hemisphere. Years ago I mediating structures that help thank COMA, LULAC and the
of affiliated local Hispanic read a U.S. News article that the shape public policy. They stand others for the honor and priviledge
organizations who exist to U.S. exported only seven percent between the individual and of serving and having served.
EI Editor Lubbock, Tx. January 28, 1988 Page 3

Bean Parents/Children
Working Together
Bean Elementary students have several of EXPRESS
their parents working or volunteering at their '

school. These parents and students create a

very special Bean Elementary Family. They all
have strong attachments to the school and Ruth Curry/Intermediate
they all have special memories of school
events which they have been able to share as a
This month Bean Elementary School is
pleased to present their Bean parents and
Level Resource Teacher
Ruth Curry has taught at Bean Elementary for 18
years. Mrs. Curry loves the children, the staff, the
r'-- Principal - Barbara Mezack

children working together.

atmosphere and the total environment at Bean. She
naturally enjoys teaching the most.
Erica says she feels very comfortable having her
Mom at school. "It is nice to know someone you feel
close to is right there at school."

Parent Volunteer
Irma Brown
Mrs. Brown helps in the nurse's office several
times a month. She helps John with record keeping.
Irma Brown filling out charts, Rachel running charts
and records back and forth from the nurse to the
teachers. She believes volunteering at Bean is

Gloria DeLa Garza Secretary

to the Principal Son/Justin
Gloria enjoys her work at Bean Elementary
because she believes the people with whom she
Kindergarten Teacher Aide
Patsy Mitchell/Children:
Donald and Felicia
Patsy Mitchell has worked at Bean Elementary for
three years. Patsy believes Bean is a strong school
because teachers and the principal, Mrs. Mezack,
work hard to improve the total school program.
Patsy and her children, Donald and Felicia, enjoy
working at the same school.

important. Parents who volunteer learn a lot about works truly love the children at Bean. Gloria
the school, their children and the teachers. believes the most rewarding aspect of her job is
John and Rachel like to see mom working at knowing that she can help the teachers and
school. They believe their school is better when students at Bean. "I simply enjoy helping people."
parents help out. Both Justin and Gloria think attending school
together is fantastic! He has to stay at school a little
longer, but he thinks that is OK!

Par oreno Nike Martinez ya

Computer Volunteer
ronya Moreno, Parent Volunteer Chairman for
the Bean PTA puts her title to work. Not only does
Tonya recruit parent volunteers, but she, herself,
Paul Castillo Special Pre/K/Aide Daughter/Tami spends many hours doing volunteer work at Bean.
Tonya believes her volunteer time helps her to
Maria started working at Bean last spring prior to
Education Teacher/Aide that, Maria Hernandez has been a parent volunteer
personally know many of the teachers at Bean.
Ernest and Alma, her children, hinted that
at Bean for two years. She especially enjoys
Parent Volunteer teaching the youngsters language skills.
perhaps Mom was "watching them" while she
worked at school. But they were proud to know that
Maria states that she enjoys being close to her
Paul Castillo has been working at Bean since their mom was taking the time to help teachers.
daughter, Tami and that she has become aware of
September. Paul loves helping the student to which what is going on with her childs education.
he is assigned Paul can already see this student
improving his reading skills. He believes the young
student is a bright kid.
Amanda, Paul's daughter, was not sure how she
felt about having her Dad work at her school. Now
Amanda loves to see her Dad because he is helping
someone and he makes her feel happy.
According to Paul, his work at Bean has actually
brought his family closer together!

Joe & Diana Ortiz/Section

Cecil Honesto Leader Custodian; Day
Parent Volunteer Custodian Parent Volunteers
Cecil wears many different hats at Bean Children: Felicia, Joe & Teresa
Elementary. He works with the Safety Patrol, with
Joe and Diana Ortiz love their job and their
the cafeteria staff and with the popcorn crew!
school. The Ortiz spend many hours keeping Bean
Cecil's sons Steven and Seth are proud tc see
Elementary in spotless condition. They also spend
their father at school. Cecil believes his involvement
additional time serving as parent volunteers. The
with Bean has drawn his family closer together.
three children enjoy knowing that their parents are
responsible for the way Bean Elementary looks.
They hope that more parents will come and
volunteer at Bean Elementary.
Kim Collier/Parent Volunteer
Children/Jennifer and Shawn
ki': 2,c= _ These are only a few of the members of the
Kim Collier works as a parent volunteer doing a Special Bean Elementary Family. Each member has
% ,
variety of activities. She has helped in the nurses' cN ^ given a great deal to the school and each member
office, worked at Santa's Workshop, and has has indicated that they have received satisfaction
attended several field trips. _ from their experiences.
Shawn and Jennifer enjoy seeing their mother at If you would like to join this special family, please
According to a survey by the United Nations, proportionately fewer dogs
school. At home they work together doing call Tonya Moreno, 747 4052 to become a Bean
bite mailmen in England than in any other country on earth,
homework, reading books and helping around the Parent Volunteer.

0 .7 . . 1t EmU I U r amE t ^ I ma mal'

U m
- I^^ . ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

1 ^ ^ ^ ^
s Tired of getting burglarized, or just
Alarm Rental worried you will be next. ..Let us ^^? 1
rent you an alarm to protect your
dorm room, home, R.V. and even 1
your car. For just a couple dollars NOS $$ IBMpes + ,
1 VIII ^^, Em lo^ r
a day, you can protect your C 5 1
- property. For mor information ^a CCe .^ - I
- call us after 6:00 p.m. 744*0161 " --
Owner * Linda De Leo n . _!

y Kids! BrightenYouFb
1 Stay ing In Sch oo l Ask your parents to take you and the whole
family out to the Idalou Club House which is

located at 7th & Walnut in Idalou on Saturday,
LUBBOCK POWER Feb. 6 starting at 8 am to 3 pm. There will be
Menudo from 8 am to 3 pm and an Enchilada j
Dinner as well. A small of fee of $3.75 per plate
for adults and $2.00 for children under 12 years I
of age.
Lubbock's Only Home-Owned Utility Big quanity of menudo will be available to go! r
Everyone is invited to support this event.
El Editor/ Lubbock, Tx. /January 28, 1988 Page 4

'1ILI i
r -' '

Against Redskins
Johnny, Warriors Matched WithTop Opponents Saturday Much of the nation will turn into couch potatoes
Sunday afternoon when commercial entertainment network
television proudly presents one of the exhalted show biz rituals
Johnny Almaguer won't be replaced on the annual Lubbock up," Hernandez said. "And we'll of contemporary Americana. tha 22nd annual Super Bowl.
According to Hernandez, tickets
able to avenge his last amateur Warrior's Boxing Card by Jamie sell out. Tickets are three dollars In between commercials and promotions, the AFC champion
are still available for the card,
boxing defeat when he steps Baldwin. apiece and can be bought at the Denver Broncos and the NFC Champion Washington R.sdskins
which will feature 15 scheduled
through the ropes Saturday night "Baldwin can fioht. - caid Optimists Boys Club or atthedoor will play for the championship of professional football in a game
two minute, three round bouts.
at the Christian Renewal Center. Edward Hernandez, the Warriors' of the Renewal Center. that may prove as rarity. a close and exciting Super Bowl.
Michael Bent of New York, a
Mike Hernandez of Olton, who Coach. "He was the national Top matches also include those For real football fans, a distinct minority among the
member of Sugar Ray Leonard's
won a close decision over finalist in the ABF tournament last Boxing Club, is another no show. of the Martin brothers, liqht thousands who will jam Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego and
heavyweight Farrel and feather
Almaguer last May 24, has been year." "But we have top fighters lined the millions who will stare at the toob, the game may provide
weight Freeman.
some additional fuel to the time honored but never resolve
Title Fight debate about the relative value of a quarterback.
Because the Washington Redskins are better than the Denver
For Rockin Robin ^ y1' 1
Bronocs at nearly every position except one... quarterback.
Liberal media darling Doug Williams of the Redskins has a
great arm, can stand in the pocket and withstand the rushes of
The fightin' Blakes are at it defensive linemen and linebackers, and has shown in the
again. playoffs that he can land the long bomb. But he is no match for
Rockin' Robin Blake will slug it the Broncos' John Elway, the consummate quarterback in
out with Harold Brasuer in Las professional football today.
Vegas' Ceasar's Palace March 4 Gene Iba Darryl Middleton Nolan Richardson Andrew Lang Thus Super Bowl XXII may well be decided by how well Elway
for the North American Boxing can avoid the fierce pass rush of the Redskins, especially ends
Federation Junior Welterweight
Championship, his manager and
Is It Myers Time Dexter Manley and Charles Mann, and then find and complete
passes to his Tres Amigos, Vance Johnson, Mark Jackson, and
father, Roger Blake, said
Again in SWC? Ricky Nattiel. And los Amigos also will have to avoid the
Redskins super secondary, cornerbacks Barry Wilburn, Darrell
Robin's brother, Roddy, will Green and strong safety Alvin Walton.
fight an eight round semifinal bout Check the calendar. It may be Saturday afternoon and then
journey to Arkansas, who took While pregame media attention has focused on Elway and the
on the same card, Roger Blake Gerald Myers time again in the
over sole possession of first place Washington defense, Denver's underrated defense under
said, but an opponent has not yet Southwest Conference basketball
Wednesday by defeating Rice. intellectual Joe Collier will have to contain the Redskins
been selected. season.
Under Myers, the Raiders have a outstanding wide receivers, Art Monk, coming back from injury,
"We're gonna take the NABF Myers' Red Raiders, 2 and 3 and
history of late season charges in Gary Clark, Ricky Sanders, and tight end Clint Didier, a clutch
title and that's going to put us in winless in three conference road
SWC play, and this year's team receiver.
. the no. 1 spot for the WBA title," games, came alive early in the se
seems to be jelling, with improved WHAT TO WATCH FOR WHEN DENVER HAS THE BALL:
Roger Blake said. second half to upset the
inside play by Wes Lowe, Greg Elway's running, throwing and Improvising against the
The fight will be televised conference co leading Texas
Crowe and Steve Miles. expected fierce pass rush of Manley and Mann. They'll have to
nationally on ESPN Aggies.
Crowe is the only senior on the be stopped or at least slowed by Denver's smallish offensive
Tech will entertain Baylor
squad. tackles, Dave Studdard and Ken Lanier,
BALL: Williams will have to throw more accurately than he did in
the NFC title game or an undue burden will be placed on the

Sam L. Fadduol Redskins huge, solid offensive line and the Skins running
backs, now led by Techsan Timmy Smith, who gained 138 yards
in two playoff games.

Law Office

Announces 1 r, "In the Quroum"


New Location Citing Pressure,

Flores Retires
Boiled Shrimp $9.50 lb.
Cajun spice Shrimp
Compiled from wire services
$10.00 lb.
Effective Monday Tom Flores, saying he was
exhausted after "nine years In the
1 Doz Oysters $3.00
$1.00 Schooners durning happy hour
February 1, 1988 pressure cooker," retired as coach
of the Los Angeles Raiders last
"Come party with the worm"
Flores had been the only -----^^ 792 4778
^ ^
Hispanic coach In the NFL. F AIrAIY4
1115 A Broadway Team owner Al Davis,
countering media speculation that
Flores was tired, said "No one
asked Tom Flores to retire."

Lubbock, Texas Flores was selected the NFL

Coach of the Year In 1982 and led

the Raiders to Super Bowl

763 9377 victories In 1980 and 1983.

Flores also won three divisional
titles and compiled a career record
of 83 wins and 53 losses, plus an 8
won and 3 lost playoff record, and

Thank You For

Your Patronage
reached the playoffs in five of the
nine years he coached the
Oakland and Los Angeles
In recent years, however, the
Auto Hobby
Raiders fell on comparatively hard
FROM: times, and lost their motor cycle
gang image and 10 of the last 19
Mr. & Mrs. Sam L. Fadduol games Flores coached.

Staff Members:
Secretary: Luisa M. Sanchez
Flores' record 19th & Ave S
Sara Y. Trevino
Martin Miguel Diaz
The tamer heed Coachln0 record of Tom Floras,
who retired Wedgy e$deY;

1979 Raiders
Regelar fas*,
W L T M.
9 7 0 363
Lubbock, Tx
1900 Railert 11 S 0 All
Law Clerks: Victor Hernandez 1981 Raiders
1912 Reiters
1987 Raiders
191W Rev,ars

0 A11
0 .M9
0 .750
0 .IM
Legal Assistant: Eluterio "JR." 1915 Re,tle'1 12 4 0 .750
1911E Re,0er3 1 9 0 .300
CastiIleja S+.Aaawi
1987 Ro,Oert

Transmission Special
File Clerk: Josie D. Salcido Year
1900 Raltlera
Peat season
Only $275
1907 Rei0ers 1 1 0 .500
Office Manager: 1993 Raiders
19W Raichrs
.000 Free tow with job
Maria del Carmen Diaz Espinoza 1115 Raiders
Tail 1
1 0
,7V Owner - Richard Anciso
Career Totals 1 ${ 0 410
El Editor, Lubbock, Tx. January 28, 1988 Page 5
New York./Grammy award
"nominee Maria Conita Alonso
La Pelicula "Piedras Para lbarra will headline her own televised
musical special on Saturday,
Feb. 13. The one hour show will
be carried by the Spanish /lang
uage network Univision at
10:30 pm-
Well known throughout the
Spanish speaking world as a
multi faceted entertainer,
Maria Conchita Alonso
performs popular ballads such
as "0 Ella o Yo," (Either She or
Me) and "Acariciame" (Touch
Me) in this first of many 1988
Univision specials. During the
show, an in depth interview
with this international singing
sensation reveals Maria
Conchita Alonso's intriguing
past, as well as her future
recording and acting plans.
Maria Conchita Alonso drew
Estrellas Hispanas: Jorge Cervera Jr. (en papeles de una pareja americana de San critical acclaim for her co
starring role with Robin
medio) y Trinidad Silva forman parte del Francisco que se instala en el pueblo
Williams in "Moscow on the
elenco extensivo de actores hispanos que mexicano de Ibarra en 1959. Los otros ,
Hudson." She also starred in
actuaran en "Piedras para Ibarra." Esta actores h ispanos pri nci pales que actuaran en
the film "Touch and Go."
presentacion del Hallmark Hall of Fame, que "Ibarra" son Alfonso Arau, Lupe Ontiveros,
In upcoming musical
se trasmitira en CBA el viernes, 29 en enero a Diane Rodriguez, Ray Oriel, Joaquin
specials to be presented
las 9:00 et, protagoniza a Glenn Close (a la Martinez, Marco Rodriguez, Carlos Palomino
throughout the year, Univision
izquierda) y Keith Carradine, que hacen y E.J. Castillo.
will feature dynamic performer
observa Carradine, "en otro a la muerte. J os LUIS R ourlguez, song
Para Glenn Close as
"verdaderamente una drama
humana, en el sentido ms
nivel tiene todo. Esta gente
mantiene sus prioridades en
"Como norte americanos,
tendemos a pasar por alto Ia
stress Daniela Romo and teen
heartthrob Emmanuel, among
Maria Conchita Alonso
profundo del concepto." Para
keith Carradine, trata de "la
una buena orden. Me acuerda
del dicho viejo de los
realidad de la muerte," dice
Carradine. "Nos consideramos Univision is a 26 year old Sings For Spanish USA
cuaqueros: 'Es un dote ser inmortales, aunque obvia Spanish language television
indomabilidad del espiritu
humano." Las dos estrellas de sencillo." mente no lo somos.
"Para estos campesinos
network reaching 82 percent of
the nation's Spanish speaking
in Univision Television
eine hablan de la 156a Glenn Close (''Fatal
presentacion del Hallmark Hall
of Fame, "Piedras para Ibarra,"
Attraction", "The Natural")
describe la historia como un
mexicanos, por otra parte, hay
un entendimiento de que la
households via 463 satellite
interconnected affiliates. Network Special
Along with musical specials, national newscasts, novelas, news oriented and public
que sere trasmitida en CBA ei "drama humana" porque muerte forma parte integra de
la vida. El personaje de Glenn Univision's programming variety shows, children's affairs programs, talk shows,
viernes, 29 de enero a las 9:00 "vemos las debilidades y
schedule is comprised of three shows, live sporting events, game shows and movies.
ET. flaquezas" de muchos de los Close acaba por descubrir lo
"Piedras para Ibarra" cuenta
la historia de una pareja
personajes. "Todas las
personas de esta historia son
que cada habitante de Ibarra
sabe ya instintivamente, y que
Sam L. Fadduol ACall For Entries
americana que se va de San
Francisco para vivir en el
idividuos," dice Close. "No hay
estereotipos. Sara y Richard
internaliza diariamente que
todas las criaturas de Dios
Law Office "Chicano Art: Resistance and Affirmation"
Area Hispanic artists are York.
pueblo mexicano de Ibarra en
1959. Mientras Sara (Glenn
Everton y toda la gente de
Ibarra parecen muy verdade
existen en la tierra por un
tiempo fijo y limitado."
Announces invited to submit slides depicting Slide entries (maximum of eight
the Chicano experience of the per artist) must be post marked no
Close) y Richard (Keith
Carradine) Everton empiezan
"EI triunfo de la novela y del
Cuando se le pidi 4 que
hablaran del tema global de New Location long term political, cultural and later than Feb. 29, 1988 and
teledrama es que la historia es "Piedras pars Ibarra", Glenn economic struggle that has been mailed to: Tina Fuentes, 4705 B
la vida de nuevo en Ibarra,
rica y, a la vez, muy sutil. Es Close dijo que "no es facil shaped from 1965 to 1985. 58th Street, Lubbock, Tx. 79414.
descubren dos cosas: la
muy raro, creo, que un categorizar esta pelicula. pero Examples of acceptable works A resume should be enclosed.
riqueza y la sabiduria de la r, t

programa hecho para la puedo decir que Ia novela se (two dimensional and three Slides will be returned if a self
sociedad mexicana y la
television tenga tantos niveles traslada en la pantalla chica de dimensional) include paintings, addressed, stamped envelope is
profundidad de su propia
de interpretacion y sentido, manera conmovedora, entre sculpture, ceramics, photography, included.
devocion mutual.
con tantos matices suaves." tenida y sumamente original. prints, drawings and mixed A fivemember Lubbock
Los dos actores discutieron
Keith y yo estamos de acuerdo, media. committe will iury the entries and
tanto el teledrama (escrito por Segun Close, ''cada
Selected work will tour submit final works to the Texas
Ernest Kin y) como la novela personaje de "Piedras pars no se podria decir mas."
Attorney Sam L. Fadduol nationally in the exhibit "Chicano regional committee. The Texas
en la que se bHarriet Doerr) Ibarra" es, basicamente, un "Piedras pars Ibarra," la 156a
and staff members are Art: Resistance and Affirmation" regional committee then will
mientras estaban filmando inocente. Son victimas de su presnetacion del Hallmark Hall
delighted to announce their which has been supported with a determine entries to be considered
fuera del estudio en Tucson, propia historia y circunstanci of Fame, es de Titus
new location planning grant from the National by the national jury for the final
Arizona. as de la vida, como cosas fuera Producciones, Inc. Robert
The new office building will be Endownment for the Humanities. selection.
Keith Carradine ("Nashville, de su control." Berger y Herbert Brodkin son
located on 1115 A Broadway The tour will begin March 1990 at For an entry form or more
"Eye on the Sparrow") Uno de los aspectos de los directores ejecutivos de
Avenue. Everyone is welcome! the Wight Gallery at the information contact Tina Fuestes
describe "Piedras para Ibarra" "Piedras pars Ibarra" que le produccion; Bruce S. Pustin es
University of California at Los at the above address or call (806)
Como "una glorificacion de la fascina ms a Carradine es Ia el productor. Jack Gold es el
vida." "Aunque la gente manera unica en la que la' director del guion de Ernest Eucrly Bird Angeles. Other tour sites include
San Antonio, Chicago and New

sencilla de Ibarra no tiene pareja norte americana y sus Kinoy, basado en la novels de
vecinos mexicanos reaccionan Harriet Doerr.

1 1
muchas Iosas materiales " /(fl%/e

Su Voto Es Su Voz ONE DOZEN ti

Don't Forget To j
delivered Vote May 8th for
R i chard

11 1j
Order must be placed and paid for by
Feb i si to get ibis speciai price.

8aM41i4 Flowers

C^^ Q
2314 Ave 0 Security Park
747-2751 792-6736

SPS 1:7 ELECTRIC For Mayor of Lubbock
SOUTHWESTERN o 0 '0 Auto Center Paid for by the Committe to Elect Richard Anciso, Jaime Garcia, treasurer
PUBLIC SERVICE Transmissions
Nowa COMPANY Rebuilt - $275
Vuelve a Proveer
Servicios Expertos
A Lubbock
hondy ro poll Andy"
Complete repairs, remodelinig,
add-on, ne t1' constru(lion, 762-3468
Heating & Air Conditioning Levelland-894-2124

on American-made cars
Ford, GM, Chrysler, etc1
as well as imports!
Tune-Ups Major Engine Problems

Water Pump Brakes


Porsche - Audi - Volkswagen
1923 A VENUE 0
(806) 763-3231


Page 6
El Editor/Lubbock, Tx. /January 28, 1988
Challenge of Discipleship word is to abide or remain in us
Ld t 'I L' v I
by the Rev. Michael Dobbs B.,
pastor of "El Calvario" United and come to be a poft of our
Methodist Church of Midland
In the my last article I began a
series on our need for a renewed
thinking. If we truly are God's
friends. we are going to want to all
that we can possibly know about
For Advertising Call 763-3841
mind. I shared with you how St. God. What better way that Manager of Engineering Computing: Responsible for the
Paul told the Ephesian Christians through studying and reading Part time customer
God's book, the Bible! service representive, computing facilities associated terminals and networks,
they were not to think or live as
the pagans do (see Ephesians Another thing that we can do to flexicle hours. Apply at and cooperates with the Engineering Computing Policy
4:17/ 24). That bothered me renew our minds is to begin to 6710 Hartford, Cox Cable Committee and the Engineering Computing

Un Rayito greatly that Paul could say such a

thing to Christians and that the
converse with God (pray) daily. If
we are truly are God's frinds, we
Lubbock. Cox Cable is an
Equal Opportunity
Implementation Committee. Plans, coordinates, and
evaluates short and longrange objectives in computing

De Luz
Por Sofia Martinez
same situation continues among
the majority of us Christians
today! Many Christians think as
are going to want to converse with
(not just talk to) God. That's the
way friends are. They want to talk
operations, systems, networks, and production services.
Requires a Bachelor's degree in the computer sciences or
the non Christians of our society with one another frequently. related field. A degree in an administrative or
Jesus se acerco, como cualquier Stock Maintenance
otro Judio dc Su tiempo, para ser think! And we wonder why the Begin with a period of five management field may substitute provided there has been
Church has'no power to change minutes at a set time at the first Clerk, male or female. training in computer programming/ science. Three years
bautizado en el rio Jordan por Must be high school
Juan Bautista. Aquel era un our society! part of your day. of experience relevant to the direction, operation, and
bautismo dc penitencia que Juan If we are going to have a With these two suggestions, you graduate or equivalent. mangement of a college or business computing facility,
les daba como preparacion a la renewed mind, we are going to will do much toward giving your Valid Driver's license Apply: Texas Tech University Personnel Office, Drane
llegada del Reino quc Cristo have to begin to give our minds minds good mental that will required. Knowledge of
mismo iba a venir a anunciar. Ese something different to eat. There help in the renewing of your ways Hall, Room 143. "Equal Employment
is a principle in computers that of thinking. May God bless you maintenance inventory, Opportunity! Affirmative Employer"
bautismo no era el mismo que such as tools, hardware,
nosotros recibimos como says, "Trash in. Trash out!" That this week so that you will be a
Cristianos. Nucstro baitismo es la is, if you feed a computer bad blessing to others! plumbing, carpentry,
entrada a la comunidad dc los information, it can only give you Concerning the local situation electrical, etc. Computer When Broke . Estrada Pawn Broker
bad information back! That is the in Midland, I was very proud to
cristianos, y not limpia nuestra
way it is with our minds! If we sec the president and two other
experience desirable. PAWN YOUR GOODS
alma y not comprometemos a Apply in person at 515 Guns, Jewelry, VCR, Tools, Stereos, TV's,
trabajar en el Reino dc continue to feed on the bad representatives of my Midland
Jesucristo... Nosotros no debemos information that usually comes LULAC chapter in attendance at North Zenith. Equal Musical Investments
dc pensar qua nos bautizamos from the television, the radio, the Martin Luther King Opportunity Employer. Musical Instruments Available
porque Cristo tambien fue magazines, newspapers, and celebration at Hollowell United Before you buy or rent TVs
bautizado un dia, alla en el rio cable, we will only get our bad Methodist Church, Many more
Check our pricesUse our Layaway Plan
Jordan. Bara Cristo, aquel fue cl
momento en que comenzo Su vida
attitudes, wrong priorities, and
ways of thinking that do not agre6
hispanics need to be involved in
the M.L. King celebrations not ACCIDENTES DE We Can Help! 703 Broadway
publica; y nuestro bautismo 'es
tambien cl "punto de partida"
with God's will.
We need to change our mental
only because of the push he and
his movement gave to the Chicano
TRABAJO 765-8415.
hacia un compormiso cristiano en diets. John 15:7 says, "If you abide
in me, and my word abides in you,
movements, but also because of
the very wide vision of peace with
nuestra vida donde tenemos que
proclamar el mensaje salvador de
Jesucristo, quc es de nosotros
ask what you will and it will be
done for you." We need to read an
justice that King had and which
we still have not realized today in
desde que nos bautizamos. and study the scriptures if God's our country or in our world. ATTORNEY AT LAW AMERICAN
El Mesias de Dios que habia
anunciado Isaias, desde mucho
ticmpo antes, se presento en cl
"A Proven Tradition of Excellence"
mundo en la persona de Cristo.
Esc hombre que iba en la linea de
Discipulado Computer Science ......... ..... ........
secretarial ................................
... .......6
Computerized Accounting .......................6 mo.
.....6 mo
.. ... mo.,
genie para recibir cl bautismo de pqr el Rdo. Michael Dobbs B., 806-763-5847 Business Machines .................................3 mo. Processing

Juan, se parccia a todos, pastor de !a Iglesia Metodista estudiar y aplicar las escrituras JOB PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE
Unida "El Calvario" de Midland para quc la palabra de Dios 820 Avenue H Suite 3
parecia...Lin judio, como IF FINANCIAL
cualquier judio, pero era Muy En mi ultimo articulo comene permanczca en nosotros y Ilegue a Lubbock, Texas 79401 ASSISTANCE IS NEEDEC
una serie acerca de nuestra ser parte dc nuestros modos dc FEDERAL GRANTS&
diferente...tenia una mision muy ningune especi.lizacl, implicada LOANS ARE AVAILABLE

especial que cumplir: Establecer Ia necesidad par4, una mente pensar. Si en verdad somos TOOULFED

justicia y el derecho en la tierra. La renovada. Comparti con Uds. amigos de Dios vamos a querer
presencia del Espiritu Santo en como San Pablo dijo a los saber todo de Dios que podamos 2007 34TH """"1
Lubbock Texas
forma de paloma en el momento cristianos cfcsios quc no debian saber. Quo me/or manera de Image Styling & O 79411
del bautismo lo confirma. Y pensar ni vivir con los paganos estudiar Su libro, la biblia.
tambien lo confirma cl Padre, (vean Efesios 4:17/24). Les dije Otra coas qua podemos hacer Barber Shop CERTIFIED BY TEXAS EDUCATION AGENCY ACCREDITED
quien lo anuncia con fuerte voz qua eso me molesto mucho qua pars renovar nuestras mantes es Open-
como "Su Hijo amado, Su Pablo podia decir tal cosa a comenzar a conversar con Dios
cristianos y qua eso sigue siendo (orar, rezar) diariamente. Si en
Tues.-Fri. 10 am-6 prr DAY 8 NIGHT CLASSES
preferido". Sa t. : 8 am- 4 pm
Al ser bautizados hemos
pasado. a ser parte de una
comunidad dc cristianos, qua es la
Iglesia, y tenemos una mision muy
la situacion con la mayoria de los
cristianos de hoy. Muchos
cristianos pensamos como los no
cristianos de nuestra sociedad y
verdad somos Sus amigos vamos a
querer convrsar con
so/amen(e, hablar a) Dios. Asi son
amigos. Quieren hablar el unos
(no 217- B N. University
744 - 8271
Lubbock, Texas

747-4339 ' L
t uu, nnu:,uuurunmunuu
scria quc debemos de realizar en nos preguntamos porque no con el otro frecuentamente. Cam!{! I!I!IfiD I' 14A1
iillliii il- il l, '
nuestro mundo. Por ser tenemos poder para cambiar Comience con un periodo dc cinco t_ wuln in ' . ^ii, trt^ nm
bautizados somos Iglesia, pero no nuestra sociedad! minutos diarios a una Nora fija at MM ull;1111:1 1 iiul :un
basta saberlo porque esta en Si vamos a tener una manta principio dc su dia. Las Casuelas
nuestras manos la fe del bautismo. renovada vamos a toner qua Con estas sugcrcncias van a
Necesitamos pasar por un comenzar a dare de comer a hacer mucho pars Carle dc comer Restaurant
"proseso de crecimiento" qua nos nuestra mantes algo nuevo. Hay a sus mantes buena informacion 1
haga parecer dc verdad un principio de las computadores quc servir pars renovar sus Monday to Thursday 1
"Comunidad Bautismal, que que dice, "Si se mete basura en la modos de pensar. Que Dios les 10 am til 4 pm
acepta la responsabilidad de la computadora, basura saldr." 0 bend2ga esta semana para que Friday-Saturday-Sunday
mision quc Jesucristo nos ha sea si le da mal informacin a una sean una bendicion a otros. 10 am til 3 am
encomendado." computadora, solamcntb mal En cuanto a la situacin local en
Dcbcmos dc ordenar nuestras informacion para salir. Asi son Midland, me hizo sentir muv 762-8357 o
vidas como nos cnscna la doctrina nucstras mentes. Si les damos la orgulloso de mi grupo de los
ue creemos. Solamcnte asi mal informacion qua salga la LULACs (el de Midland) al vor at
718 4th Street I
scremos capaces de responder las mayor parse del tiempo en el presidente y nos dos mas represen
preguntas qua nos presenta la vida telvisor, en el radio, en las tantes del grupo an la celebracion
diaria. revisata, en el cable, y en los de Martin Luther King an la Iglesia
Dios nos pedira cuenta de como
estamos viviendo csta vida. Es
perjdicos; entonees actitudes
malas, prioridades malas, y
Hollowell. Creo qua
hispanos deben estar envue/tos an
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Nosotros Hacemos o
necesario qua hagamos quc modos de pensar no de acuerdo EL CONJUNTO
nuestra vida produzca buenos
frutos para que no nos sorprendan
con la voluntad de Dios saldran.
Necesitamos cambiar nuestra
las celebraciones de M.L. King no
solamente por at empuje qua at y LOS LUCEROS DE LUPE SOSA
o El M Menudo
las situaciones que tenemos qua
enfrcntar despues.
diets mental. Juan 15:7 dice,
"Sipermaneceis an mi y las
su movimiento dio at movimiento
chicano sino tambin por la vision
muy amplia de la paz y !a justicia
Re, Booking
Res. 806 747-3644
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puincenieros ^
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Cristo dice que renunciamos al palabras permancen en nosotros, qua todavia no hemos realizado an Lubbock, Texas Bodes Q O
demonio y al mundo y a las
pasiones dc la carne. (Marcos 16.)
pedid los que quereis y os sera
hecho." Necesitamos leer y
nuestro pais ni an nuestro mundo.
mundo. De Texas !
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