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Insurance Analytics

Dear Sir,
It gives me great pleasure to enclose herein the details of Q-insure,
our Comprehensive analytics solutions for your organisation.

Team Computers has developed an insurance analytics product,

Q-insure, which will help you and your team.
A ready to use framework
Dashboards/Analysis/Reports for all insurance verticals
Pre-built insurance KPIs

We help you and your business by providing, among other benefits,

Birds eye view of your business performance
Q-insure Key insights on revenue and payouts
Health Insurance Top performing products and channels

We have a history of working with large insurance service providers

such as HDFC Life, Aviva, Bharti Axa, Dhipaya and California Casualty.
This exposure enables us to have a unique perspective in performance
improvement measures.
We are very excited about presenting to you the possibility of making
analytics work for your business to answer the dynamic needs of the
We are grateful to have the chance to tell you about our framework and
look forward to take this ahead.

Warm Regards,
Sunil Kathuria
+91 9899025754
CEOs Dashboard
Health Insurance The Management dashboard gives the Showcases tactical
leadership team a birds eye-view of all scenarios of the business
the key functions and mission critical which can help in
aspects of the business. This dashboard business strategies
broadly covers the key functional areas
encompassing the complete Insurance
business. 22.56% 40% 62.12%

Key measures include:

GWP, EP & Claims Analysis
Target vs Achievement (LOB, Channel,
Loss Ratio Analysis
Growth Analysis, Top / Bottom Agents /
Channels, Geography-wise Analysis

What is Q-insure? Improved Accuracy & Efficiency

A powerful insurance & analytics solution to improve

business performance.
Q-Insure is an out-of-the-box business We provide high-end analytical solutions Operations Analytics Claims & Loss Analytics
intelligence & analytics solution that based on sound understanding of the
reveals actionable insights across the KPIs to identify operational inefficiencies Policy Issuance Delay Gross & Combined Loss Ratio
insurance value chain. and remove process bottlenecks.
Policy Excellence Claim Incident Rate
The solution has: Insurance Analytical needs:
Policy Accuracy Claim Triangulation
Pre-built measures & dimensions Information Visibility
Payouts Incurred & Outstanding
Key Performance Indicators Performance Management Claim Analysis
Cheque Bounce Analysis
Adhoc Reports generation flexibility Improved Insights Claim Settlement & TAT
Drill Downs & Drill Through Informed Decision Making LOB & Channel-wise Analytics
New Business
Various Insurance Data Sources Time to Market Incurred but not reported
connectivity. Collection of Premium
Improved Accuracy & Efficiency
Maximum ROI with Faster Complaint Settlement
Deployment Leakage Analysis (Declined,
Cancelled, Postponed)

4 . Team Computers . June 2017 Powerfull Insurance Analytics . 5

Profitability Underwriting and Actuarial
Combined Ratio LOB-wise Rate Movement
Whats New
Gross Commission Ratio Renewal Due vs Received with Q-insure?
Expense Ratio Monthly Installment Due
Outstanding Loss Amount Sales vs Claims
Insurance Analytics on mobile. Q-insure
Insurance Profit Customer Profitability Analytics. Anytime. Anywhere.
Investment Income Submissions, Quotes
Ever got a completely random thought while driving,
Profit Before Tax Customer Attrition Rate Persistency while eating or while sleeping and picked up your
phone to find out more?
RI Commission (Paid) Customer Segmentation Analysis
 ow, do the same when you have questions and
RI Commission (Received) Marketing Campaign Effectiveness thoughts about your business!
Underwriting Profit

Bring the power of Analytics to your

Reinsurance Sales Analytics distribution force.
An all-in-one solution for the Analytic
Risk & Loss Profile GWP, Net, Earned Premium needs of your organization.
Treaty vs Facultative Split Job & Product-wise Analysis
Make it possible for them to receive actionables
Pricing Trends Issuance & Cancellation Analysis such as renewals to be collected and combined with
informatives such as contest standings and access to
Claim Reserves Commission & Incentive Analysis
all the information and documents they need to do
RI Paid & Received Managers Performance & Productivity their efficiently.
Gross & RI Loss Ratio Branch Productivity All through a single portal!

Retention Percentage Activity Ratio

Sum Insured Trend
Constrained by your current
mapping capabilities?
Enhance your insights with geoanalytics
Identify untapped sales opportunities based
on existing coverage maps
Analyze your agent network and their reach,
to maintain an even spread across your
business geography
Identify business cannibalization between branches

6 . Team Computers . June 2017 Powerfull Insurance Analytics . 7

Team Computers helped One of the leading

providers of Auto and

California Casualty home insurance


improve sales conversion

Chat BOT rates by 25%


Elimination of Implementation of
Reorganization multiple reporting one version of the
and streamlining of tools and constant truth solution across
reporting systems datareconciliation information silos

Augmented Intelligence on Mobile Solutions

Access anytime anywhere 1TB

Take Analytics to mobile

Create curated dashboards for mobile Creation of Unified Driving customer value Analysis of over
Data model: & business performance: 1 TB of data:
Have visual access to data across top
To single-source Analysis of financial and Integration and analysis
management dashboards, analytics and actuarial data, call centre leads of upto 400 million rows
corporate management management, telesales and of data that end users
Analytics Available on Chat reporting to 50 Users customer service, regulatory can mine on their own
compliance and policy with 0 reliance on
Ask questions and get answers management through Qlikview IT staff
Directly from data, no human
intervention required
Return of Investment
Create visuals based on queries
Continuously evolving to suit your
viewing habits and preferences
Reference based dashboards, anytime
Improved lead Increased average telesales Reduced time and IT
conversion rates by 25%, by a
 gent from 1.6 to 2.0 resource requirements
leading to an additional per day for regulatory reporting
200 sales per month by 60%

8 . Team Computers . June 2017 Powerfull Insurance Analytics . 9

Why Team Computers
HDFC Life Accelerated Team Computers is a 29 year old IT consulting and system integration company.
Business GrowthBy 17% We have created our niche in Business Analytics, Business Applications, Google
Solutions, IT Infrastructure Solutions and Managed Services, headquartered in Delhi.
With Team Computer

1800+ 250+ Certified Certified Email and
Satisfied Supported Project Change Phone Support
Eliminate the Customers Locations Management Management
Accelerate business
Professionals Professionals
multiplication of data growth and improve
and its existence in silos. market standing.

Provide a strategic
Customers Contact Us:
Reduce response time to
customers and enhance decision making model
satisfaction. to management.
Sunil Kathuria
+91 9899025754
Team Computers Pvt. Ltd.
A Square Building, Plot No. 278
QlikView business discovery to strategic decision makers
Phase 2, Udyog Vihar
in key business functions - in under four weeks. The
Gurgaon - 122002
solution is also available on mobile devices to these users.
The organization users intend to roll the solution out to
operational decision makers as well, in the near future.


Delivered dashboards to Achieved overall cost

key business functions in savings of US$400,000
under four weeks. in two years.

Increased customer
growth by 17 % in
response time by 50%
two years.

10 . Team Computers . June 2017 Powerfull Insurance Analytics . 11

Thank You