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Predict-SW for UniSim Design

Documentation & Overview

This document provides UniSim Design licensees with information on using Predict-SW
Utility. The following sections will provide an overview of Predict-SW and how to utilize
it from within the UniSim Design framework.


UniSim Design (Release R380) now provides users with access to Predict-SW (Release
Version 2.0) through the UniSim Design interface. This document will provide users with
a brief background on Predict-SW and information needed to utilize it.

Predict-SW is a user-friendly software system, which incorporates comprehensive data

obtained in a joint industry sponsored program conducted by Honeywell International Inc.
between March 2000 and February 2003 entitled "Prediction and Assessment of
Ammonium Bi-sulfide Corrosion under Refinery Sour Water Service Conditions". Data
from this program, combined with flow modeling calculations on plant tubing/piping
configurations are used to predict the corrosion rates of the fourteen materials studied
over a wide range of NH4HS concentration, H2S partial pressure, temperature,
hydrocarbon content and chemical treatment.

Within UniSim Design, Predict-SW can be launched as a Thermo Utility and stream data
can be transferred to Predict-SW and the results from Predict-SW are sent back to
UniSim Design.

The following sections are used to illustrate how users can attach the Predict-SW utility
to a particular stream and get corrosion rate predictions from UniSim Design. Some
details on Predict-SW program limitations are also presented.
Working with UniSim Design & Predict-SW

The following steps will demonstrate how one can attach a Predict-SW utility to a
particular stream.

Shown below is a screen shot from UniSim Design. Predict-SW utility can be attached to
a particular stream from the attachment tab of the stream properties window. Select
Utilities from the Attachment options and click on Create. A list of available utilities
is displayed.

Predict-SW is available as a Thermo Utility within UniSim Design. Select the Thermo
Utilities option, Select Corrosion Prediction Predict-SW from the list and click on
Add Utility. This will attach Predict-SW to the current stream.

When Predict-SW is attached to a particular stream data from the stream is analyzed
using Predict-SW and corrosion results are available in UniSim Design. The following
screen shot shows the extended utility Predict-SW attached to the stream 1.
From the design tab Predict-SW interface can be launched by clicking on the Launch
Third Party View. The Performance tab shows the results that are transferred back to
UniSim Design from Predict-SW.
Once the utility is attached it can be displayed again by clicking the View button on the
stream properties window (Attachments tab).

The third party view is the Predict-SW interface as shown in the following screen shot.
The caption of the window indicates the stream that is currently being evaluated in

Parameters that are transferred from UniSim Design are shown with green background.
These values can be changed on the Predict-SW interface but will be overridden by the
values next time the stream calculates.

All the other parameters, shown in white background, can be provided directly through
this interface. Changes that are made on this interface for these parameters are saved for
all future calculations for that stream.

All other functionality that is provided by Predict-SW Version 2.0 is available including
sensitivity analyses, multipoint analyses, saving Predict-SW cases and access to data as a
stand alone application. For details on these capabilities view the user guide that can be
accessed via the tools menu.
Predict-SW can be attached to many streams in the similar way. The caption on the
window will indicate the stream being analyzed. Users can view the Predict-SW interface
for all the streams simultaneously since each stream is attached to one instance of
Saving the case in UniSim Design (USC File) will also save the status and the attached
utility so that all information is stored within the USC case file and can be launched again
when the case is re-opened at a later time.
Predict-SW Program Limitations

As detailed in the overview, Predict-SW has been developed for predicting corrosion
rates for various materials in refinery sour water applications. The Predict-SW model is
based on data obtained from rigorous testing and analyses using data interpolation. As
such the model is applicable only to these sour water applications (Ammonium Bi-sulfide
corrosion) with the following program limitations (based on the bounds of original testing
and data analyses).

H2S partial pressure must be less than 500 psia (or 3447.37 Kpa)
Temperature must be between 75 F and 300 F (or 23.88 C and 148.88 C),
NH4HS wt% must be between 0 and 30 wt%
The stream must have a liquid sour water phase
If the temperature is out of range Predict-SW interface cannot be viewed.

There are also some other program limitations based on the bounds of flow conditions etc.
Whenever the program encounters any of these limitations, the stream is not calculated
and a corresponding message is sent to the trace window. (See screen shot below)
Licensing Predict-SW

Predict-SW needs to be licensed through UniSim Design. Please contact your UniSim
Design Support personnel to procure a license for Predict-SW.