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Steel Slag Basic Oxygen Furnace Slag (BOS)

Measures to influence the quality of the slag

Process Measures to influence Influenced
stage 1) the quality properties
selection, arrangement chemical com- lime, additions hot metal scrap
Raw material and pre-treatment of position e.g.
preparation raw materials relating CaO, SiO2, P2O5,
to the chemical comp. FeOx,MgO, trace
of the BOS elements

selection of appropriate temperature, BOS-Process

process conditions (O2 composition of
rate, lime and scrap rate) Products (e.g.
process steel liquid BOS converter gas
FeO, CaOfree)
volume stability
treatment of liquid slag
controlled cooling structure, with O2 and SiO2
strength, air-cooling air-cooling air-cooling
Heat grain size extreme slow cooling
treatment distribution slow cooling on air in
slow cooling on air in slag in special slag pits to
slag pits to produce a
pits to produce a crystalline produce crystalline
crystalline and volume
material with grain sizes and volume stable
stable material with
<100 mm material with grain
grain sizes < 100 mm
sizes < 300 mm

crushing, sieving, grain size, sieving, grading crushing, sieving,

grading, grinding crushing, sieving, grading
shape, weathering to
< 3,15 mm to be
to be used as aggregates
grain size used as to be used as aggregates
Processing achieve volume for
converter lime for
ditribution stable material
humid coarse
road construction and
road construction and
(fertiliser) hydraulic structures

1) All process stages are subjected to a continous production control crushing,
to a
like sampling, physical/chemical analysis and testing sieving,
grading to be
Used as
(< 300 m) to
aggregates for
be used as
converter lime