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WaveStar on Win7


The TekVisa version 4.0.0 or later is required. The download is about 390M in size. TekVISA is a
remote interface to the instrument, and allows the waveforms to be pulled into WaveStar
directly from one or more instruments that are on a network. Most of our applications now have
this ability, so that you can have the application interact with an instrument, even if the
application is not installed on the instrument, or the instrument is not connected directly to the
local PC. It has some other functions and features, but the remote connectivity is probably the
most relevant to WaveStar.

Other features in TekVISA:

The Talker/Listener app allows you to interactively send commands, control instruments, and
read data (query) across a network.

The Call Monitor allows you to record the two-way communication traffic when an instrument is
being remotely controlled.

The Tektronix TekVISA needs to be installed on Tek instruments, and NI VISA (National
Instruments equivalent) or The TekVISA may be installed on PCs that are used as instrument
controllers. WaveStar is compatible with both.

The NIVISA is more robust for controlling instruments from other different vendors. You can have
both forms of the VISA interface installed on a single PC however only one visa.32.dll should be
active. To inactivate rename the DLL, for example visa32.NI.dll. To confirm which manufactures
the dll it is right click Visa32.dll and the select properties.

Key code for WaveStar

Tektronix now provides the software Free, status is Unsupported and a single key code
installs the software is provided with the download. This text below is from the V3.0.0, but
applies to all versions. These instructions are provided with the download:

WaveStar for Oscilloscopes V3.0.0 Free, Unsupported


PLEASE NOTE: If you are installing this as an upgrade, you must

go through the installation process once to uninstall your

current version and a second time to install V3.0.0.

1. Download the self-extracting executable file and save it to the folder of your choice (or use the
default). Double-click on the downloaded executable file. Take note of the path being used for the
extraction. When the files have been extracted, there will be a WaveStar\WSTRO folder in the
folder used for extraction. Browse to the <extraction folder path>\WaveStar\WSTRO folder and
double-click on setup.exe to begin the installation.

2. The installation wizard appears and will walk you through the rest of the installation process.
Follow the instructions in the wizard.

3. First time installation of the software, or as an upgrade, requires use of this key code:
WSTRO618650124. (Key code consists of 5 alpha characters followed by 9 numeric

Work-around for problem with WaveStar help files

The help files require an older reader, which is not normally installed under Win7. However, a
compatible reader that will work on Win7 can be downloaded from Microsoft at no charge at:

Example Screen Captures running Win7

To retrieve stored waveforms, click on File in the menu, then New Datasheet From the pop-up
select YTSheet. Then import the data by clicking on File, then Import Here is a screen capture:
From there, browse to the file stored on the PC and select it.

This produces the waveform in the YTSheet graticule:

To display a live waveform first use Instrument Manager and create a connection. The scope shown on
the list is a DSA72004, on WaveStar right click the channel and drag and drop it on the YT sheet and then
select Link. The waveform will then appear and update on the YT sheet.