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Monster Hunte

unter's Handbook
Monster-Hunting Organizations
Members: Rangers and other explorers with Members: Loose coalition of crusaders from
combat and survival skills. various nations.
Monsters Hunted: Aberrations, oozes, and Monsters Hunted: Demons and their allies.
undead. The Mendevian Crusaders exist solely to
Duskwardens guard the city o Kaer Maga ght the demons o the Worldwound. The
against monsters emerging rom the crusade comprises many organizations, not
lightless tunnels below by mapping the only rom Mendev but also rom various
uncharted Undercity, sealing entrances other regions o Avistan and Garund. As a
they nd to the deeper levels, and slaying consequence, the crusades composition is
any monsters that threaten the surace. incredibly varied. History has seen paladins
The Duskwardens act as guardians along o Iomedae ghting alongside Hellknights,
the Halight Path, guiding travelersor Pathnders, and mercenaries o many
a eethrough the underground tunnels stripes. See Pathnder Player Companion:
to the city. See Pathnder Campaign Setting: Knights of the Inner Sea and Pathnder
City of Strangers or more inormation on Campaign Setting: Paths of Prestigeor more
the Duskwardens. inormation on the Mendevian Crusaders.


Members: Desert warriors. Members: Hellknights.
Monsters Hunted: Gnolls, hyenas, and other Monsters Hunted: Animals, dragons, fey,
desert dangers. ends, giants, goblinoids, plant monsters,
Gnoll slavers are a constant threat to the and vermin.
caravans and small settlements o western This small order o Hellknights operates
Katapesh. The people o Fort Longjaw, a out o the tower o Citadel Ordeial in
wooden stockade located near the Brazen northeastern Cheliax, where it organizes
Peaks, are dedicated to ghting these expeditions to seek out and slay a variety
predators. They attack gnoll camps and o monsters. The order was disbanded
lure raiders into ambushes with decoy afer the Chelish Civil War, but it was
caravans, while also interrogating travelers ocially reinstated 30 years ago thanks
and gathering inormation on the gnolls to its members continued eorts to weed
movements with daily scouting patrols. See out monsters in the Whisperwood and
Pathnder Campaign Setting: Dark Markets, beyond. See Pathnder Campaign Setting:
A Guide to Katapesh or more inormation Path of the Hellknight or more inormation
on Fort Longjaw. on the Order o the Pike.


Members: Iomedaean knights and paladins. Members: Adventurers, archaeologists, and
Monsters Hunted: Demons, orcs, undead, scholars with a variety of skills.
and the warbeasts of Belkzen. Monsters Hunted: Varied.
The Knights o Ozem are amous or their Based in Absalom, the agents o the
ormidable cavalry charges, having risen to Pathnder Society explore unknown
prominence during the Shining Crusade. lands and orgotten ruins across Golarion,
Ever since deeating the Whispering collect lore and historical artiacts, and
Tyrant and ounding Lastwall, the knights chronicle their adventures. While their
have operated out o that nations capital, primary goal is the pursuit o knowledge,
Vigil. They destroy undead in the Hungry many eld agents are also expert monster
Mountains, protect settlements against the slayers. Pathnders ght not only to
orc hordes o the Hold o Belkzen, and ght protect themselves, but also sometimes
demons emerging rom the Worldwound. to capture live specimens or bring back
See Pathnder Player Companion: Knights of samples or the Societys biologists to
the Inner Seaand Pathnder Campaign Setting: study. See Pathnder Player Companion:
Paths of Prestige or more inormation on Pathnder Society Primer or more
the Knights o Ozem. inormation on the Pathnder Society.
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Countless creatures call Golarion their home, but among beasts, oozes, and outsiders are typically dened by their
them exist a rare ew that are truly enormous, earsome, modest intelligence, erocious strength, powerul abilities,
and unparalleled threats to everything and everyone around and capacity to inict harm. Constructs, plants, and vermin
them. Every monster hunter knows that such beasts are not can also prove to be challenging to hunt, but skilled monster
easily slainyet these creatures are the ultimate quarry. hunters ofen consider these to be nuisances more than true
Monster Hunters Handbookpresents a number o new options monsters due to their mostly mindless natures.
or characters setting out to hunt these vicious creatures. Monsters arent always the apex o intelligence, but most
have the cunning to act beyond ght or ight, using the
WHAT IS A MONSTER? environment to their advantage to hide rom, hinder, and
Almost any creature can be called a monster, and every ultimately deeat oes. Many monsters tend toward a solitary
monster hunter has her own denition othe term inormed existence, which can stunt them socially and lead many
by her background. Many monster hunters apply the term humanoids to believe the creatures have no culture, i indeed
to creatures that threaten their communities, whereas other they do. Those monsters with more developed societies
monster hunters give the term to particular types o creatures maintain only basic relations with neighboring humanoids,
they regard as having wronged them or those important reinorcing a sense o otherness that can spark conict.
to them. In truth, there are as many reasons or labeling a
creature as a monster as there are monster hunters. PREDATORS AND PREY
While many highly intelligent threats such as dragons, The borders o civilization endure the continual threat o
giants, and vampires can indeed be called monsters (see monstrous incursions, and monster hunters inevitably rise
pages 2023), this book ocuses primarily on creatures o to the challenge. Each monster hunter has her own reasons
primal dread and devastation, such as black puddings, or hunting monsters, whether its or honor, urthering
roghemoths, purple worms, wyverns, or even the terriying her reputation, or the acquisition o knowledge. Presented
Tarrasque. The monsters discussed in this book cover a wide below are common backgrounds or monster hunters, and a
array o creature types. Aberrations, animals, ey, magical trait appropriate or each background.

Monster Hunter's Handbook
Many monster hunters hunt to gain a personal trophy or a Pathnder Player Companion: Monster Hunters Handbook
monetary reward, or simply or the thrill o it. Challengers introduces a wide range o new rules and options geared
have a passion or slaying monsters, relying on experience toward expanding the role o monster hunters beyond
and instinct to bring down their quarries. Many o these classes such as druids, huntersACG, and rangers. Afer all,
monster hunters requent the wilds o the Lands o the monsters ofen rove beyond the untamed wilderness; those
Linnorm Kings, Mendev, Thuvia, and Varisia. ound in city sewers or even invading rom beyond the
Monster Challenger (Combat): You have made it your Material Plane need to be dealt with just as eectively!
mission to bring down a earsome beast. Choose two o the
ollowing: aberrations, animals, dragons, ey, magical beasts, Archetypes Class Page
oozes, and vermin. You can move at ull speed without Abolisher Inquisitor 7
penalty while using Survival to ollow tracks lef by your Banishing warden Paladin 18
chosen creature types. Defender of the true world Druid 10
Disciple of the pike Cavalier 13
SCHOLAR Green scourge Druid 7
Rather than hunting or the sake o the kill, a scholar hunts Luring piper Bard 11
to learn. Some seek to study the worlds rarest beasts. Others Oozemaster Alchemist 17
do so to acquire components, such as poison or the creation Psychodermist Occultist 25
o antivenom, or monster parts or a specic spell or ritual. A
number o these scholars hail rom academically renowned Feats Type Page
locales like Absalom, Osirion, and Ustalav. Anatomical Savant Combat 19
Monster Scholar (Social): Your study o monsters keeps Baneful Judgment Combat 5
you well inormed. Choose either Knowledge (arcana), Bull-Catcher Style Combat, Style 8
Knowledge (dungeoneering), or Knowledge (nature). Bull-Catcher Toss Combat 8
Whenever you succeed at a Knowledge check to identiy a Bull-Catcher Wrangle Combat 9
creature and its special powersor vulnerabilitieswith Claw Wrench Combat 9
the chosen skill, you gain one additional piece o useul Creature Focus 22
inormation (as i your skill check result had been 5 higher). Dimensional Step Up 19
Expanded Hunter Tactics Combat 5
STALKER Focused Expertise (multiple) Combat 2223
For some, a monster is neither a trophy nor a learning Focused Target Combat 5
experience; its just a part o everyday lie, serving as ood Grisly Ornament 24
or the community or to keep a settlement sae. Most Harvest Parts 24
stalkers learn to hunt via tradition, ollowing and learning Improved Punishing Step Combat 14
directly rom accomplished monster hunters. These stalkers Knowledgeable Spellcaster 19
generally occupy rontiers or untamed lands such as the Maze Expert 15
Mwangi Expanse, Nirmathas, the Realm o the Mammoth Monster Spotter 7
Lords, and even the Valashmai Jungle in Tian Xia. Monstrous Crafter 24
Monster Stalker (Social): Youve been raised to hunt Monstrous Disguise 15
certain beasts. Choose either aberrations, animals, dragons, Monstrous Masquerade 15
ey, magical beasts, oozes, or vermin. You gain a limited Needle in a Haystack 15
version o the scent ability (15 eet normal, 30 eet upwind, Pacify Animal 9
5 eet downwind) that detects only your chosen creature type. Punishing Step Combat 15
Resisting Grappler Combat 7
SURVIVOR Shared Quarry Combat 5
Monsters bring death wherever they go. Some survivors Stone to Flesh Savant 15
move on with their lives, but a ew cant while knowing a
monster yet lives. These survivors swear revenge on the beast Gear Page
that caused such devastation. Survivors ofen have no ormal Equipment 2627
training or experience, but what they lack in skill, they make Magic items 2829
up or in passion. A survivor hails rom almost anywhere on
Golarion, as no place is truly sae rom monstrous beasts. Other Rules Options Page
Monster Survivor (Combat): Youve escaped with your lie Alchemist discoveries 17
afer a terrible monster attack. You gain a +4 dodge bonus to Cavalier order 13
AC against attacks o opportunity made against you by Large Rogue talents 9
or larger opponents when youre making a withdraw action. Spells 3031

Hunting Monsters
As monsters vary in their natures, environments, and FINDING MONSTERS
activities, it is important or monster hunters to thoroughly All the research in the world is worthless i it cannot be put
prepare beore seeking out any quarry. Without sucient to use. Just as important as researching a monster is actually
inormation, a monster hunter might lose the element o tracking it across a variety o terrains. The best methods to
surpriseor surrender it to the monster. The inormation locate a monster vary rom place to place, but spells such as
below helps monster hunters properly prepare or a hunt, and nd the path and locate creature help track a target or pinpoint
is ollowed by additionaleats or monster-hunting classes. its lair. Presented below are additional strategies to nd a
monster based on its habitat.
RESEARCH Land: Beyond tracks and spoor lef by a monster, there are
I the monster hunter does her job correctly, she spends a ew other ways to locate a creature on land. The simplest
more time researching her target than actually hunting it. method is to track not the monster, but its prey. Locating
While the exact nature o the knowledge required can vary cattle, deer, and other of-targeted creatures can be much
rom target to target, a monster hunter generally seeks simpler than locating the monster itsel. These weaker quarry
inormation in three main areas: abilities, habitat, and can be observed or set out as bait until the monster strikes.
tactics. Any monster hunter can search or knowledge in Experienced monster hunters know that their quarries
a library, but presented here are several additional ways a might ee once engaged, and that striking a monster with
monster hunter can ascertain such inormation. a wounding weapon, or causing it to bleed in some other
Abilities: Monsters have a wide range o abilities, rom manner, is extremely helpul. Otherwise, use o naest revealer
breath weapons to natural resistances, and knowing these (see page 29) or theblood scentARG spell aids with the hunt.
powers can spell the dierence between lie and death or Sea: A swimming monster can be challenging to track.
a monster hunter. Observing the target is ofen enough To combat their natural deciencies underwater, monster
to recognize its capabilities, and locals and survivors o hunters make use o spells such as air bubbleUC and water
a monsters attacks can provide rsthand intelligence. breathing, and items such ascloaks o the manta ray and helms
Monster hunters benet rom spells as simple asknow the o underwater action. Once a monster hunter is underwater,
enemyUM to powerul divinations such aslegend lore. reliable methods to nd her quarry might include ollowing
Habitat: Finding where a monster lives is as important as the creatures blood or setting a trap or it.
knowing the monster itsel, as the environment can present Air: A ying creature can prove dicult to hunt, as its
dangers such as blizzards, quicksand, or sandstorms that a mobility allows it to escape more easily. Moving to higher
monster hunter might avoid with proper reconnaissance. ground lets monster hunters keep sight o ying monsters,
Spells such as speak with animals or speak with plants are and spells such aseagle eyeAPG provide the extra vantage point
invaluable, not only in learning about local dangers, but also required to spot these beasts. I possible, marking a ying
about the monsters lair itsel. creature in some method, such as with dyes or by tying a
Tactics: A monster might rely on stealth, charge into rope or ribbon to it, makes the creature more visible rom
combat, or avor any one o countless other strategies. a distance. Tagging a ying creature with adetecting dart (see
Following a target and observing it while camouaged or page 28) makes ollowing it much easier i it ees.
hidden is a great way to see precisely how a monster acts and
reacts, and can even reveal its ghtingtactics. As an intelligent QUINTESSENTIAL MONSTER
monster knows how to use its abilities and environment HUNTERS
together, monster hunters benet rom knowing how itdoes Characters who wish to become expert monster hunters
sobut keeping ones distance while learning these tactics is should consider taking levels in one o the ollowing classes.
important. Particularly dangerous monsters are best watched HunterACG: A hunters bond with an animal companion
rom aar or with spells such asscrying. allows her to eectively work as two creatures, both masters
Any monster hunter can ollow the above techniques to at stalking prey. Feral hunterACG and packmasterACG are
learn about a particular monster, but there are some classes common archetypes or monster hunters.
and archetypes that excel at researching creatures. Bards InquisitorAPG: An inquisitors vast knowledge o creatures
generally know about a wide variety o monsters, and a voice allows her to hunt monsters with unparalleled strategic
o the wildACG bard, more in tune with the natural world, planning, whether alone or with allies. An inquisitor hunting
has an unparalleled knowledge o plants and animals. A monsters can benet rom the sacred huntmaster ACG or

shamans connection with spirits generally coincides with a sanctied slayerACG archetype.
ocus on natural threats; a visionaryACG shaman, specically, Ranger: A ranger works well with allies, sharing his
uses her spirits to learn the secrets o monsters and their avored enemy bonuses, or bonding with an exceptional
worlds. Powerul oracles, particularly a seerUM oracle, can
animal companion. A ranger hunting monsters might select
discern inormation on monsters with relative ease. the beast masterAPG or trapperUM archetypes.

Monster Hunter's Handbook
Slayer: A slayers is unrivaled when hunting a single target, applied to a dierent category (attack rolls, damage rolls,
as his study o a target identies its weaknesses. A monster- skill checks, or DCs). You can end the eects o this eat as
hunting slayer might choose the bounty hunterACG or grave a ree action.
wardenACG archetype.
MONSTER-HUNTING FEATS When working together, you and your companions are
These eats are useul or huntersACG, rangers, and slayersACG. skilled at taking down particular targets.
Prerequisites: Hunters bond class eature, quarry class
You dole out judgment to a particular oe. Benet: Allies sharing your avored enemy bonuses rom
Prerequisites: BaneAPG class eature, judgmentAPG class hunters bond gain an additional benet against a creature
eature, monster loreAPG class eature. youve denoted as your quarry. Aected allies gain a +1 insight
Benet: You can declare a specialized judgment against a bonus on attack rolls against your quarry; this bonus increases
creature as a swif action. When pronouncing this judgment, to +4 on attack rolls to conrm critical hits against your quarry.
you attempt a Knowledge check to identiy the creature, I your hunters bond is with an animal companion, your
or reer to your previous result i youve already identied companion gains the ull benets o your quarry class eature.
the creature. I you succeed at the check or have already when you denote a quarry.
identied the creature, you can spend 1 round o bane and
choose one judgment other than the healing judgment. You
gain the benets o this judgment against that creature or
only 1 round plus 1 additional round or every 5 by which
you exceeded the DC to identiy the target. Subsequent uses
o this judgment do not stack with this ability.
A creature cannot be the target o this ability
again or 24 hours.


Youre able to train your allies as you
do your animal companion.
Prerequisite: Hunter tacticsACG class
Benet: As a move action, you can
grant a teamwork eat you know to
a single ally within 30 eet who can
see and hear you. The selected ally
gains the benets o this bonus eat
or 1 round plus 1 additional round or
every 2 character levels you have, but
only while the ally is adjacent to you or your
animal companion. A given ally can benet
rom this eat only once per day.


You pour your entire ocus into
slaying your chosen target.
Prerequisite: Studied targetACG
class eature (second studied target).
Benet: When you study a target,
you can reduce the number o
additional targets you can maintain
as a studied target. For each target
reduced in this way, you increase
your studied target bonus by 1 or
either attack rolls, damage rolls,
skill checks, or the DCs o your
abilities. Each such increase must be

Aberrations are the source o nightmares or many people. FIGHTING ABERRATIONS
Imagine being consumed by the horror that is a gibbering Aberrations are as varied as they are strange. Yet seasoned
mouther or having ones body usurped by a malignant intellect aberration hunters know the ollowing things are true about
devourer. Few aberrations are harmless, and so aberration nearly any aberration.
hunters are needed wherever these creatures roam. Deadly Attacks: Aberrations are notorious or having
tentacles that grab and constrict their victims. This means
HUNTING ABERRATIONS that the grease spell, eats such as Deensive Combat
Aberrations appear in myriad environments, rom arid Training and Resisting Grappler (see page 7), and ranks
deserts to the vacuum o space, but the majority live in the Escape Artist skill are all useul when battling these
underground. For this reason, a reliable light source, such as creatures. Bite attacks that cause bleeding or inject poison
an everburning torch, is vital or any aberration hunter. Locks, are also common, so carrying antitoxin, packing a dose o
natural hazards, and traps arecommon in caverns, dungeons, bloodblockUE, and preparing delay poison or neutralize poison
and underground ruins, which means that thieves tools, a is recommended. Lastly, many aberrations deal acid damage,
spelunking kitUE, and a ew ranks in Climb, Disable Device, so a potion o resist energy is good to keep around.
Knowledge (dungeoneering), and Perception are useul. Hard to Ambush: Besides darkvision, many aberrations
have a good Perception skill bonus and have at least one
unusual sense, such as all-around vision, blindsense,
blindsight, scent, or tremorsense. Theyre also typically
stealthy, and some o themaceless stalkers and mimics,
or instanceare masters o disguise. Finally, nearly all
aberrations can burrow, climb, y, or swim, which makes
them dicult to pin down.
Hard to Kill: Aberrations strange anatomies make them
resistant or immune to various attacks. Many aberrations
have damage reduction, but ortunately, carrying a magic
weapon that deals piercing or slashing damage can bypass
most aberrations deenses. Poison is ofen ineective, and
aberrations have immunities and
resistances to various types o energy
attacksparticularly acid. Nearly all
aberrations have good Will saves, and the
minds o some aberrations are too alien or
mind-aecting eects to be o any use.

While the advice above covers the most common
hurdles o ghting aberrations, sometimes aberration
hunters must adapt or specic oes.
Common Aberrations: Chokers are stealthy ambush
predators that ofen strike stragglers, so monster hunters
who stay close together can mitigate a chokers chances
o snatching up an ally. Mimics are iconic masters o
disguise, so when hunting mimics or adventuring in
a mimic-inested area, usedetect aberrationAPG, detect
thoughts, and divinations to sense them
rst. Rust monsters are largely harmless
to people, but they can easily destroy
armor, weapons, and other metal objects.
To keep metal equipment sae, leave such
objects in a secure place beore pursuing
a rust monster, apply bladeguardUE to a
avorite weapon, or ambush the creature
and kill it quickly with ranged attacks beore it closes in.

Monster Hunter's Handbook
Deadly Aberrations: Will-o-wisps are some o the most is a quartersta, these bonuses apply to only one o its ends.
treacherous aberrations due to their shocking touch and many I a ame blade gains therost or shock special ability, the base
ways to avoid attacks, though apotion o resist energy and a potion damage o the spell changes to match the energy type; neither
o see invisibilitycan lessen their threat. Intellect devourers are a ame blade nor shillelagh can gain both o these special
deadly body thieves that are resistant to nearly all kinds o abilities. A green scourge cannot addthe throwing property to a
attacks, butprotection rom evil wards a creature against intellect ame blade unless she also adds thereturning property.
devourers physical and mental abilities, and+1 adamantine When adding weapon special abilities or increasing the
weapons can penetrate their alien,brain-like tissue. enhancement bonus, the nal level o the spell expended is
1 higher than the base spell level (2nd orshillelagh and 3rd
ABERRATION-HUNTING or ame blade), increased by the additional special abilities
OPTIONS total base price modier (see Table 159 on page 469 o the
The ollowing options are ideal or aberration hunters. Core Rulebook). For example, creating anaberration-bane vicious
ame blade requires spending a 5th-level spell slot, which also
ABOLISHER (INQUISITOR ARCHETYPE) counts as a 5th-level spell or purposes o dispelling.
Abolishers are incorruptible inquisitors APG who weed out
This ability alters spontaneous casting.
creatures o alien, unnatural srcins, nding and exposing Aberration Sense (Ex): At 1st level, a green scourge adds
aberrations or what they are. Knowledge (dungeoneering) to her class skills and gains a
Sworn to Purity (Ex): An abolisher must select one o the +2 bonus on Knowledge (dungeoneering) checks.
ollowing domains: Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water, or This replaces nature sense.
Weather. I she ever changes her deity to one that has none Scentless (Ex): At 3rd level, a green scourge cannot be
o the listed domains, she loses this archetype and becomes detected or tracked with the scent ability or any other special
a normal inquisitor or ex-inquisitor. senses that rely on acute smell. She can choose to exude a
This ability alters domains. scent i desired.
Revealing Gaze (Ex): An abolisher receives a morale bonus This ability replaces trackless step.
on opposed Perception checks against other creatures Resist Unnatural Inuence (Ex) : At 4th level, a green scourge
Disguise and Stealth checks equal to hal her inquisitor level gains a +4 bonus on saving throws against aberrations spell-
(minimum +1). She grants this bonus to all adjacent allies. like abilities, supernatural abilities, and poisons.
This ability replaces stern gaze. This replaces resist natures lure.
Expose Aberration (Sp): At 2nd level, an abolisher can use
detect aberrationAPG at will. When she hits a creature with a ABERRATION-HUNTER FEATS
weapon attack, she automatically knows i the creature is The ollowing new eats assist monster hunters in nding
an aberration or not. At 5th level, she can activate her bane and ghting aberrant horrors.
ability as an immediate action afer she hits an aberration
but beore damage is rolled. MONSTER S POTTER
This ability replaces detect alignment and alters bane. Your knowledge o strange lie orms makes you adept at
Escape Corruptions Grasp (Sp) : At 5th level, an abolisher piercing their disguises and detecting their hiding places.
is divinely protected against the grasping tentacles and Prerequisites: Skill Focus (Knowledge [any]), Knowledge
paralyzing secretions o aberrations. For a number o (any) 3 ranks.
rounds per day equal to her inquisitor level, she can ignore Benet: You can substitute a Knowledge skill or opposed
impediments to movement, as per reedom o movement. Perception checks against creatures Disguise and Stealth
These rounds dont need to be consecutive. Activating this checks, and or Survival checks to track creatures. You must
ability is an immediate action. have 3 ranks in the Knowledge skill that corresponds to the
This ability replaces discern lies. creatures type (Pathnder RPG Core Rulebook99100).


Green scourges are militant druids sworn to restore natural You are especially adept at ghting o the grabbing
order. Theyre less concerned with nurturing the natural appendages o aberrations and other tentacled horrors.
world than most druids, instead ocusing their eorts on Prerequisite: Dex 13.
slaying corrupted creatures. Benet: When a creature hits you with a melee attack
Natures Armaments: A green scourge can lose a prepared and attempts to use the grab ability, it provokes an attack o
1st- or 2nd-level spell in order to cast shillelagh or ame blade, opportunity rom you unless it has the Improved Grapple eat.
respectively. She can instead choose to lose ahigher-level spell I you hit the opponent with your attack, treat the damage you
in order to increase theenhancement bonus o her shillelagh, deal as 5 higher when calculatingthe penalty on the attackers
or to add any o the ollowing weapon special abilities to her combat maneuver check to grapple you.
shillelagh or ame blade: bane (aberrations only), rost, mighty Normal: Creatures using the grab ability does not provoke
cleaving, returning, shock, throwing, or vicious. I the target weapon attacks o opportunity.

There are many dierent kinds o monsters in the world, but swallow a creature, and having a light piercing or slashing
animalsincluding dinosaurs, megaauna, and enormous weapon allows the animal hunter to cut hersel ree. Woolly
sea creaturesare the most common. Animals have a very rhinoceroses and mammoths are not dire creatures, but the
basic intelligence and limited means o communicating with dierence is largely academic. They, and others like them,
other species. As such, the threat they pose to settlements charge their oes with reckless abandon, so nding a way to
and people is rarely malicious, as monstrous animals mostly place dicult terrain between the monster hunter and her
operate rom base instincts such as ear and hunger. quarry, like withentangle, can help put an end to these attacks.
Deadly Animals: Some animals are so dangerous that even
HUNTING ANIMALS tried-and-true advice is not sucient when ghting them.
Tracking immense animals employs many o the same Dinosaurstyrannosauruses, in particularsport incredibly
techniques and considerations as hunting smaller prey. powerul bites, though brave (or oolish) monster hunters
Animals live in natural environments, such as orests, might consider taking the Claw Wrench eat (see page 9) to
mountains, and bodies o water. Knowing how to traverse catch a bite beore it strikes. A roc can swoop in and grab a oe
these areas can save a monster hunter much hardship. Once at any time, so an animal hunter should bring a one-handed
in the appropriate habitat, the easiest way to nd an animal weapon to attack a roc while held in its talons, as well as wear
is to locate its lair. Equipment such as a survival kit UE or a ring o eather allingor the subsequent all. Anacondas crush
scrolls o nd the path, locate creature, and speak with plants are creatures with their constriction; canny monster hunters can
helpul in searching or an animals den. wear a shirt o immolationUE to discourage such attacks.


Animal hunters ace these challenges rom their quarries. The ollowing options help animal hunters deal with the
Defenses: Those hunting a monster covered in thick natural rampages o great beasts and are ideal or characters seeking
armor might need to improve a weapons accuracy, such as to hunt monstrous animals.
by enchanting the weapon or making use o spells like bless
and magic weapon. Animals with scent can locate a monster ANIMAL-HUNTER FEATS
hunter beore she is even aware oit. This is why clever animal The ollowing eats assist those hunting animals.
hunters ofen mask their scents with the odors oother plants
and animals or with the use o items such asdryad sandalsUE. B ULL - CATCHER S TYLE (C OMBAT , S TYLE )
Movement: Most monster hunters hunt on land, where You brace yoursel to catch oncoming oes.
many animals can outmaneuver pursuers. Spells such as Prerequisites: Dex 13, Improved Grapple, Improved
haste and longstrider level the playing eld somewhat. Acloak Unarmed Strike.
o arachnida or a casting ospider climb helps monster hunters Benet: As a standard action, you can ready yourselagainst
chase climbing creatures. Monster hunters pursuing more oncoming oes. Until the start o your next turn, i a creature
elusive animals that y or swim benet greatly rom spells moves at least 10 eet in your direction and enters a square
such as hold monster or slow to close the gap. you threaten, you can attempt a grapple combat maneuver
Natural Attacks: Animals have a variety o dangerous against that creature. I the creature is charging, you gain a
natural attacks. Not only can their natural attacks be very +2 bonus on the check. A creature you grapple with this style
powerul, but many are poisonous. Packing antitoxin and can make only a single natural attack afer its movement or
preparing spells such as delay poison help against these charge, even i it has the pounce ability. You can make only
venomous attacks. Some animals are able to grab and even one grapple attempt in this manner per round.
swallow other creatures with ease. Spells such asreedom o
movement and grease are great tools to avoid such attacks. B ULL - CATCHER T OSS (C OMBAT )
You can use a charging oes momentum tothrow them aside.
SLAYING ANIMALS Prerequisites: Dex 13, Bull-Catcher Style (see above),
Although the above tactics help monster hunters handle Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike; base attack
most animals, a monster hunter must be ready to improvise bonus +8, brawlerACG level 4th, or monk level 4th.
against a specic monstrous animal. Benet: When you successully grapple a creature with
Common Animals: Large animals are a pervasive threat to the Bull-Catcher Style eat, you can immediately move that
animal hunters. A dire animal is usually a lot bigger than its creature into any square you threaten. Afer it is placed, you
more common kin, and an animal hunter must approach one can break your grapple as an immediate action to move the
with caution. Dire apes can rend theirtargets, so having sturdy creature an additional 5 eet in any direction. You cant use
armor can prevent the creature rom gaining the necessary this maneuver to move a oe into a space that is intrinsically
purchase to tear the pursuer apart. A dire shark can easily dangerous or unstable, such as a pit,wall o re, or midair.

Monster Hunter's Handbook
B ULL -C ATCHER W RANGLE (C OMBAT ) attack again, but the DC o this Handle Animal check is
You can wrestle a charging oe to the ground. increased by your wild empathy modier.
Prerequisites: Dex 13, Bull-Catcher Style, Bull-Catcher Toss
(see page 9), Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike; ROGUE TALENTS
base attack bonus +12, brawlerACG level 8th, or monk level 8th. The ollowing talents complement rogues seeking to
Benet: When a creature is charging you, and you ambush animals. A talent marked with an asterisk (*) adds
successully grapple it with the Bull-Catcher Style eat, you eects to a rogues sneak attack. Only one o these talents
can immediately move it as per the Bull-Catcher Toss eat. can be applied to an individual attack, and the decision
Once the creature is moved, you can break your grapple must be made beore the attack roll.
as an immediate action. I you do, select another creature Ambuscading Grapple (Ex): When a rogue with this talent
in the repositioned targets threatened area. That creature succeeds at a combat maneuver check to grapple an unaware
becomes the new target o the initial charge attack. opponent, she can immediately deal her sneak attack
damage to the target. This counts as having hit with a sneak
CLAW W RENCH (C OMBAT ) attack or the purpose o other abilities and talents.
You can pry open a mighty beasts grasp or snapping jaws. Armor Piercer* (Ex): A rogue with this talent can cause her
Prerequisites: Dex 13, Improved Grapple, Improved sneak attacks to pierce through natural armor. When she
Unarmed Strike. hits with an attack that deals sneak attack damage, she can
Benet: As a standard action, you can attempt a grapple orgo one or more o her sneak attack dice to reduce the
combat maneuver with a 5 penalty against a creature that targets natural armor bonus by that amount (minimum
is currently grappling another creature via its grab special natural armor bonus o +0) until the end o her next turn. A
ability. I you succeed, you pry open the creatures grasp, creature cannot be aected by this ability again or 1 minute.
releasing any creatures it had grappled.
Additionally, you can ready an action to trigger i a creature
attempts a bite attack against you. When the readied action
triggers, you can attempt a grapple combat maneuver with a
+2 bonus. I you succeed, you grapple the creature and cause
the bite attack to miss. As long as you maintain the grapple,
the creature cant use its bite attack.

You are able to calm rampaging animals.
Prerequisite: Wild empathy class eature.
Benet: As a ull-round action, you attempt to molliy
an animal or magical beast with an Intelligence score o
1 or 2 and an attitude o hostile toward you or your allies.
You attempt a wild empathy check (DC = 10 + the targets
Hit Dice + the targets Charisma modier). I you succeed,
the targets attitude toward you and your allies becomes
indierent or 1 minute, and it does not attack
during this time. I the target is attacked during
this time or i the target can see you or your
allies afer 1 minute, it becomes hostile
again. A creature can be aected
by this pacication attempt only
once in a 24-hour period.
Special : Animal companions
and creatures under magical
compulsion are harder to paciy; the
DC or such creatures equals 15 + the
targets Hit Dice + the targets Charisma
modier. An animal companion also
applies its bonus on Will saves rom
the devotion ability to this DC,
and attacking the animals master
also breaks this eect. An animal
companions master can direct the animal to

The archetypal eybeautiul olk inhabiting the wilds to permanently slay them must be carried out on the
seem unlikely targets or monster hunters. Some ey are Material Plane.
exceptions to this rule, though: bogeymen, gremlins, lurkers Common Fey: A requently problematic oe is the
in light, redcaps, and tooth airies pose real threats to the quickling; experts take advantage o these speedsters
unwary. Fey come in all shapes and sizes, and while theyre vulnerability to slow spells. Redcaps share the eys
generally smaller than other monsters o their Challenge traditional aversion to cold iron, but also have a weakness to
Rating, they are quick and canny. a strongly presented holy symbol. Gremlins o each variety
bring their own unique challenges, whether its the unluck
HUNTING FEY aura o pugwampis, the destructive powers o vexgits, or the
Most ey live in the First World, but when they come to the ability o a group o jinkins to curse a creature or item. A ey
Material Plane, they preer to make their homes in areas hunter would do well to nd out which type o gremlin she
o unbridled wilderness. Even just nding these elusive will be acing beore beginning to hunt them.
creatures can take days, i not weeks, so anyone hunting Deadly Fey: Bolstering deenses against mind-aecting
ey best be prepared to survive away rom civilization or eects, especially against ear eects, is wise beore
some time. Certain ey are tied to natural eatures such conronting a bogeyman. Not only does this creature leave
as lakes and rivers, so wise ey hunters bring some means victims shaking in their boots, but it also continues to be
o navigating that terrain. Fey ofen litter their lairs with healed as long as a creature is aected by its earul powers.
natural traps, eeding animals and tending dangerous plants A cap o the ree thinkerUE is a highly useul piece o equipment
to entice them to act as wardens. Some use illusions to make or dealing with bogeymen and other ey reliant on ear or
nding their homes more dicult. As a result, having ranks charms. The lurker in light is another deadly oe, all the
in Knowledge (nature), Perception, and Survival is essential more so as it twists the light to do its bidding, but a darkness
or any would-be ey hunters. eect can counteract its invisibility in bright light and limit
its use o its daylight door ability.
Fey are as dierent as the elements o nature, but they do FEY-HUNTING OPTIONS
share some common abilities. The ollowing archetypes are ideal or ey hunters.
Defenses: Most ey have damage reduction thats overcome
only by cold iron weapons, while other ey have powerul DEFENDER OF THE TRUE WORLD (DRUID
spell resistance. Adventurers seeking to slay ey should bring ARCHETYPE)
a cold iron weapon or twobut remember that a weapon Some druids specialize in protecting Golarion rom thethreat
with at least a +3 enhancement bonus also works. Some ey o First World inhabitants. They are devoted to trackingdown,
are naturally invisible, have deensive spell-like abilities diverting, and slaying ey threats.
such as blur, or have other natural deenses, making spells Class Skills: A deender o the true world gains Diplomacy
such as aerie re and glitterdust highly valuable. as a class skill.
Spell-like Abilities: Many ey creatures have a variety o This alters the druids class skills.
spell-like abilities that are key to the eys powers but can Bonus Languages: A deender o the true world can
still be countered. A potion o owls wisdom can boost a ey select Aklo, Sylvan, or Undercommon as bonus languages,
hunters Will saves against a rusalkascharm monster ability. in addition to the normal list o bonus languages available.
A vexgit gremlins rusting grasp can devour metal, so a Enemy of the First World: A deender o the true world
darkwood backup weapon might be necessary. cannot use summon natures allyto summon ey creatures.
Trickiness: Fey are renowned or their ability to deceive This modies spontaneous casting.
mortals; anyone hunting them needs to be wary o such Fey Empathy (Ex): A deender o the true world gains a
deception. Some ey use talents such as sneak attack to +2 competence bonus on Blu, Diplomacy, and Intimidate
increase their advantage in otherwise even ghts, and pairs checks when interacting with ey creatures. This bonus
or small groups working together become considerably more increases by 1 or every 4 druid levels she has (maximum +7
dangerous. Natural invisibility combined with sneak attacks at 20th level).
makes even a single quickling a deadlier oe than it appears. This replaces wild empathy.
Fey Stalker (Ex): At 3rd level, the deender o the true
SLAYING FEY worlds animal companion and any creatures she summons
The recommendations above provide a great ramework or with summon natures ally gain a +1 morale bonus on attack
the average ey hunter, but sometimes specic opponents and damage rolls against ey creatures. This bonus increases
require narrower tactics. Its important to note that ey are to +2 at 8th level, +3 at 13th level, and +4 at 18th level.
immortal when they are in the First World, so any attempt This ability replaces trackless step.

Monster Hunter's Handbook
Feybane (Ex): At 4th level, a deender o the true world This perormance replaces the bards dirge o doom.
doesnt gain a bonus on saving throws against spells and Fey-Wounding Song (Sp): At 12th level as a ull-round
eects that utilize or target plants. She instead treats her action, the luring piper can expend 3 rounds o bardic
natural attacks as cold iron or the purpose o overcoming perormance to play a song that causes ey tremendous
damage reduction, and she gains a +2 bonus on caster level pain. Treat this as equivalent to mass inict serious wounds,
checks to overcome the spell resistance o ey creatures. but aecting only ey targets and using the lurid pipers
This ability alters resist natures lure. bard level as his caster level.
Beguiling Immunity (Ex): At 9th level, a deender o the This perormance replaces soothing perormance.
true world becomes immune to the mind-aecting eects Pipers Attention (Ex): Starting at 2nd level, whenever a
o ey. luring piper is actively using Perorm (wind instruments)
This ability replaces venom immunity. as part o a bardic perormance, he gains a +4 bonus
First World Deceiver (Su): At 13th level, a deender o the on saving throws against language-dependent, mind-
true world gains the ability to change her appearance as aecting, and sonic eects. I this eect is caused by a ey
per alter sel , except she can take the orm o a humanoid or creature, the luring piper can also roll the saving throw
ey creature. Her base land speed rom this ability cannot twice and take the better result.
exceed 60 eet. This ability replaces well-versed.
This ability replaces a thousand aces.


Some bards have an exceptional ability to use their musical
perormances to entrance the worlds wilder creatures.
These perormers are so ocused that they create melodies
capable o leading animals and ey to their unwilling death.
Class Skills: A luring piper gains Survival as a class skill.
This alters the bards class skills.
Fey Secrets: A luring piper adds hal his class level
(minimum 1) on Blu, Knowledge (nature),
Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival
checks when interacting with ey.
This ability replaces bardic knowledge.
Luring Presentation (Ex): Creatures that have
the animal or ey type take a 2 penalty on saving
throws imposed by a luring pipers bardic
perormances. Creatures with any other type
gain a +2 bonus on saving throws against a
luring pipers bardic perormances.
This ability modies bardic perormance.
Bardic Performance: The luring piper gains the
ollowing types o bardic perormances that can only
be made when using Perorm (wind instruments)
and a when employing a wind instrument.
Charming Melody (Su): While using the ascinate
bardic perormance, the luring piper can play a
song that compels animals and ey to ollow him
wherever he goes. Instead o sitting peaceully and
merely observing the luring piper, creatures with the
animal or ey type instead quietly and calmly walk toward
the luring piper, stopping once they are adjacent to the
luring piper and ollowing him i he moves.
This perormance modies ascinate.
Deadly Lure (Sp): At 8th level, the luring piper can use his
suggestion bardic perormance on targeted animals and ey
to make them take actions that result in their own injury or
death, such as leaping o a cli or into a river. The targeted
creature is allowed a second saving throw to shake o the
eect beore completing any sel-harming actions.

Magical Beasts
Though they sometimes resemble common animals, their wakes. Even creatures such as chimeras have distinct
magical beasts ofen have deensive abilities, such as ast eeding patterns that can be identied with successul
healing or regeneration, and other strange magical powers. Knowledge (arcana) and Survival checks.
They also have qualities such as darkvision, many hit points,
and good Fortitude saves. FIGHTING MAGICAL
HUNTING MAGICAL BEASTS Because magical beasts are so diverse, it
The lairs o magical beasts are as dierent as the monsters is unwise to engage them in combat beore
themselves, and so embarking on a hunt without researching knowing as much as possible about the quarry
the monster is a recipe or disaster. Cryohydras and in question. Such beasts have unique movement
pyrohydras, or example, inhabit completely dierent areas, methods, dangerous special attacks, or mighty
avoring locations that play to their elemental strengths. spell-like abilities.
Magical beasts ofen leave telltale signs o their passing, Movement: Some magical beasts have natural climb
especially those such as basilisks or gorgons, which speeds, ight (mundane or magical), swim speeds, or other
leave the petried remains o their victims in movement types that grant advantages in their natural
environments. Adventurers need to make sure they know
the capabilities o their prey beore setting out on a hunt.
For instance, spells such astouch o the seaAPG and items such
as cloaks o the manta ray are paramount in pursuing aquatic
oes lairing in lakes and swamps.
Special Attacks: Legendary magical beasts are ofen
known or their dangerous special attacks. From the
petriying powers o the basilisk and the gorgon to more
natural attacks such as the manticores tail spines, magical
beasts have a variety o oensive options. Most o these
abilities are physical, and rely on hitting the targets AC or on
the opponent ailing a Reex save. A savvy monster hunter
should bolster these deenses with apotion o barkskin or a
potion o cats grace beore tackling a magical beast.
Spell-like Abilities: Many magical beasts have an array o
spell-like abilities. From the trademarkdarkness power o
darkmantles to the plethora o powers o araneas, its well
worth it or the slayer o magical beasts to discover her targets
powers as quickly as possible. This is especially true or
some o the apparently simpler magical beastsan unwary
monster hunter might think hes stalking a manticore only to
nd his prey is actually an angry sphinx or lammasu.


The advice detailed above is useul in nearly every
battle with magical beasts, but some o these
monsters merit special consideration.
Common Magical Beasts: The hydra is oremost among
monsters that require special tactics. A sunder specialist
capable o severing heads makes an eective partner with
another character specializing in cauterizing the stumps
when dealing with these beasts. Some means o reversing
petrication (or preventing it in the rst place) is key in
battling both basilisks and gorgonsthough these two
monsters cause this petrication in very dierent ways.
Knowing the color o a chimeras dragon head is essential
in minimizing the impact o its breath weapon, and resist
energy should be a deault spell choice.

Monster Hunter's Handbook
Deadly Magical Beasts: Some magical beasts have strange deals double the normal amount o damage. In addition,
or debilitating powers. Finding and dealing with an aranea i he conrms a critical hit on a deadly charge, the target
means rst realizing that the shapeshifer is actually a is stunned or 1d4 rounds. I the target succeeds at a Will
monster at all beore contending with its poison and save (DC = 10 + the cavaliers base attack bonus), it is instead
sorcery. Narrowing down the type o sphinx being hunted staggered or 1d4 rounds.
is essential to understanding its motivations, as each This ability replaces supreme charge.
sphinx tends toward a particular alignment, and each has
unique capabilities. ORDER OF THE HERO (CAVALIER ORDER)
A cavalier belonging to this order specializes in hunting
MAGICAL BEASTHUNTING down large monsters and protecting communities
OPTIONS rom them. Cavaliers o this order tend to value bravery,
The ollowing cavalierAPG archetype and order are ideal or dedication, and single-minded determination.
cavaliers seeking to hunt magical beasts. Edicts: The cavalier must choose an area, whether its
a settlement or nation, and vows to slay any monster
DISCIPLE OF THE PIKE (CAVALIER threatening that area. He must ulll any pledge he makes to
ARCHETYPE) slay a beast, tracking it to its lair i necessary, and orsaking
The Hellknight Order o the Pike are renowned monster any new quarry until his current target is slain. The cavalier
hunters, taking on large game using ancient weapon arts must attempt to ensure that no lasting damage is dealt to his
combined with modern equipment. domain in the pursuit o his prey.
Bigger They Are (Ex): A disciple o the pike gains a +1 dodge Challenge: Whenever an order o the hero cavalier issues
bonus to AC against creatures larger than he is. This bonus a challenge, he receives a +1 morale bonus on melee damage
increases by 1 i the creature is two size categories larger. At rolls against the target o his challenge i it is at least one size
6th level, the bonus increases to +3 against a creature three category larger than he is. This bonus increases by 1 or every
size categories larger, and at 12th level, the bonus increases 4 cavalier levels he has.
to +4 against creatures our size categories larger. Skills: An order o the hero cavalier adds Knowledge
This ability replaces mount. (arcana) (Int) and Knowledge (nature) (Int) to his list o
Pike Charge (Ex): At 3rd level, a disciple o the pike learns class skills. In addition, whenever an order o the hero
to make more accurate charge attacks with weapons rom cavalier uses a Knowledge check to identiy a monster, he
the polearms or spears ghter weapon group Pathnder ( gains a bonus on this check equal to hal his cavalier level
RPG Core Rulebook 56). He receives a +4 bonus on melee (minimum +1).
attacks when charging with a polearm or spear (instead o Order Abilities: A cavalier who belongs to the order o the
the normal +2). In addition, the disciple o the pike takes hero gains the ollowing abilities as he increases in level.
no penalty to his AC afer making a charge attack with a Monster Expert (Ex): At 2nd level, the cavalier learns how
polearm or spear. to dodge the attacks o his monstrous oes and the traps in
This ability replaces cavaliers charge. their lairs. He gains a bonus equal to his Charisma bonus on
Monster Hunter (Ex): At 4th level, a disciple o the pike Fortitude and Reex saves against abilities and spells that
has an uncanny ability to identiy monsters. He can attempt have an area o eect.
Knowledge checks untrained to identiy monsters and their Resist Energy (Su): At 8th level, the cavalier can steel himsel
weaknesses, and gains a bonus equal to hal o his cavalier against harmul energies. Once per day as a move action,
level on Knowledge checks to identiy monsters. he chooses one o the ollowing: acid, cold, electricity, or
This ability replaces expert trainer. re. He gains energy resistance 5 against the chosen type
Weapon Training (Ex): At 5th level, a disciple o the pike or 1 minute. At 12th, 16th, and 20th levels, the resistance
gains weapon training, just like a ghter. He must select increases by 5, and the cavalier gains an additional daily use
polearms or spears as his weapon group, and never gains o this ability.
another weapon group. His bonuses with the selected group Counterstriking Challenge (Ex): At 15th level, once per day
otherwise progress as though his ghter level were equal to when he challenges a Large or larger creature, the cavalier
his cavalier level. can also prepare to interrupt the creatures special attacks.
This ability replaces banner and greater banner. The challenged target provokes an attack o opportunity
Agile Charger (Ex): At 11th level, a disciple o the pike rom the cavalier whenever it activates an extraordinary or a
takes no penalties caused by dicult terrain while charging. supernatural attack (such as a breath weapon or gaze attack).
His movement is still hampered by obstacles, poor visibility, I the cavalier deals damage with this attack, the creature
and other conditions. This ability doesnt allow him to move must succeed at a Will save (DC = 10 + hal the cavaliers level
through impassible terrain. + his Charisma modier) or it ails to activate the special
This ability replaces mighty charge. attack and loses the action it took to do so. The cavalier can
Deadly Charge (Ex): At 20th level, whenever a disciple o perorm three such attacks o opportunity over the course o
the pike makes a charge attack with a polearm or spear, he a counterstriking challenge.

Monstrous Humanoids
Monstrous humanoids combine the most dangerous slightly unique strategy. Even so, there are best practices or
attributes o monsters with those o monster hunters: handling some o the most common and most dangerous
intelligence, tool use, and inherent assets such as natural members o this creature type.
attacks, armored hides, and magical abilities. Larger tribes Common Monstrous Humanoids: Gargoyles stony hides
o monstrous humanoids can threaten entire nations, so the make them resistant to physical attacks, and their ability to
advice below is most relevant to those who hunt lone prey. hide among statues makes them perectly at home among
sculptures in an old castle or cathedral. Monster hunters
HUNTING MONSTROUS quickly learn caution around statues, and those who are
HUMANOIDS not concerned about preserving architecture may strike
Monstrous humanoids tend to build oradopt extensive lairs, every statue they encounter. Yetis are immune to cold and
regardless o terrain. Some preer abandoned castles, cottages, their gazes can paralyze a target with ear, but most monster
old ruins, or the remnants o ancient civilizations. These lairs hunters orget that yetis are not naturally evil, and explorers
ofen contain pit traps and similar hazards that hunters o who can communicate in Aklo can ofen resolve conicts
monstrous humanoids would do well toprepare or. with agitated yeti tribes. Minotaurs in their mazes can
reduce brave warriors to dinner with a single charging gore
FIGHTING MONSTROUS rom their powerul horns; thereore, its best to draw these
HUMANOIDS horned warriors out rom their mazes or devise a magical
Monstrous humanoids usually have some skill with arms counter, such as thepasswall spell.
and armor, even i these are ofen simple creations such as Deadly Monstrous Humanoids: Medusas are less
spears and clubs. common oes, but their gaze is sure to create havoc (and
Armor and Weapons: Monstrous though they may be, new decorations) among interlopers who havent brought
monstrous humanoids are still humanoids, and thus are able a blindold or other means o protecting against gaze
to use equipment. These implements sometimes lack more attacks. A hag is a dangerous threatall the more so when
advanced techniques, such as rened metalworking, but encountered in a covenbut ocusing attacks to bring down
can still be eective due to the brute orce o the monsters one member o a coven can weaken the entire group. The
wielding them. Coming prepared with arusting grasp or shapeshifing nature o doppelgangers makes them elusive
shatter spell can mitigate a monsters weapons. Abilities that oes. Rather than trying to pierce their disguises, canny
rely on touch attacks are helpul in countering monstrous monster hunters try to uncover their schemes and motives,
humanoids garbed in heavy armor. which can, in turn, pinpoint the individual pulling the
Terrain Advantage: Most monstrous humanoids have strings. Detection tools, such as ascroll o true seeing , are also
adapted to some type o environment, whether its resisting useul in overcoming a doppelgangers duplicity, while a set
cold in arctic mountains, nimbly scrambling up rocky terrain, o orm-xing gauntletsUE allows a monster hunter to keep the
hiding in ruins, or navigating labyrinthine structures. Canny shapeshifer rom using its abilities.
hunters o monstrous humanoids mitigate these advantages
with high Perception bonuses and items that enhance their MONSTROUS HUMANOID
movement, such aswings o ying and xorn robesUE. Similarly, HUNTING OPTIONS
eyes o keen sightUE or a helm o underwater actionare excellent The ollowing eats are especially useul to those who would
tools or spotting enemies that rely on Stealth and darkness hunt monstrous humanoids, though they can help any
the latter working even in water. monster hunter.
Variety: Monstrous humanoids share little more than
their humanoid rames. Some have any combination o I MPROVED P UNISHING S TEP (C OMBAT )
damage reduction, elemental resistances, gaze attacks, You know how to take advantage o a devastating charge.
natural attacks, spell-like abilities, and many other esoteric Prerequisites: Dex 13, Dodge, Punishing Step, base attack
abilities beyond these. This means its especially important bonus +8.
to research these creatures prior to pursuing them. Eective Benet: Your bonus to AC rom the Dodge eat increases
use o Knowledge (nature) coupled with divination magic to +2 against charge attacks. When a creature charges you
like scrying makes learning about the particulars o a given and misses with its attack, it loses its Dexterity bonus to AC
target a less daunting prospect. against the next melee attack you make against it beore the
end o your next turn. I a creature misses with multiple
SLAYING MONSTROUS attacks (such as when using the pounce ability), you can
HUMANOIDS make one such attack against the creatures at-ooted AC
With such diering habitats, tactics, and societies, each beore the end o your next turn or each o that creatures
variety o monstrous humanoid calls or employing a attacks that missed you.

Monster Hunter's Handbook
MAZE E XPERT Benet: Your bonus to AC rom the Dodge eat increases
You have a near-perect sense o direction. to +2 when calculating your CMD. When a creature attempts
Prerequisites: Skill Focus (Survival), Survival 5 ranks. a combat maneuver against you and ails, you gain a +2
Benet: You gain a +4 bonus on Survival checks to avoid circumstance bonus on attack rolls against that creature
becoming lost and to determine whether you are lost. You until the end o your next turn.
also gain a +4 bonus on Intelligence checks to navigate mazes,
including to escape a maze spell. Once per day, you can use STONE TO F LESH S AVANT
your intuition to determine whether traveling a particular You can use your mercies to transorm petried victims
direction rom a ork in the road (or other junction) might back to esh.
be productive or dangerous. This unctions like the augury Prerequisites: Paladin level 12th, lay on hands class
spell, except it provides weal or woe based on traveling in a eature, mercy class eature.
particular direction. Benet : You gain a unique mercy, which aids victims o
petrication. Whenever you use your lay on hands ability
MONSTROUS D ISGUISE to heal damage, you can emulate stone to esh on the target,
You can disguise yoursel as a monstrous humanoid. using your paladin level as your caster level. This unctions
Prerequisites: Disguise 5 ranks, Knowledge (nature) 5 ranks. only on a creature that has been petried, and it has no
Benet: You can use the Disguise skill to emulate eect on other stone.
creatures o the monstrous humanoid type, at a 5 penalty.
Creating a monstrous humanoid disguise takes 1d3 hours.

When you disguise yoursel as a monstrous humanoid, you
can gain some o its qualities.
Prerequisites : Monstrous Disguise, Disguise 9 ranks,
Knowledge (nature) 9 ranks.
Benet: When you use the Monstrous Disguise eat to
assume the shape o a monstrous humanoid, you can gain
a rudimentary version o one o that creatures abilities
selected rom the ollowing list: climb 10 eet, y 20 eet
(clumsy maneuverability), swim 20 eet, damage reduction
3/magic, or resistance 5 to one energy type.
Preparing a disguise in this way takes
1 additional hour and costs an extra 500 gp.
The bonus ability granted by this eat has
a 25% chance to cease unctioning every
hour afer you apply the disguise. This
disguise automatically alls apart afer
8 hours.

Once you have even the trace o a
creature youre tracking, you cant
be thrown o the trail.
Prerequisites: Skill Focus
(Perception), Perception 3 ranks.
Benet: You can use Perception
(rather than Survival) to ollow
tracks. Afer you track a creature
using the Perception skill, you gain a +2 insight bonus on
Perception checks to avoid being surprised by that creature
or 1 hour. I you have 10 or more ranks in Perception, this
bonus increases to +4.


You can hurt a oe that uses a combat maneuver against you.
Prerequisites: Dex 13, Dodge.

While oozes arent the most glamorous oa monster hunters damage, such as re. On the other hand, some oozes are
oes, theyre still ofen dangerous and surprising prey. Their vulnerable to cold or other energy types. Skilled monster
amorphous shape renders them immune to critical hits and hunters know their target oozes particular resistances and
sneak attacks, and while blind and mindless, the creatures vulnerabilities beore engaging them. Alkali asksUE react
have other senses that allow them to detect threats. Many violently to most oozes, dealing extra damage to these
oozes have unique deenses, such as the black puddings ofen acid-based creatures.
ability to split, a gelatinous cubes transparency, or some Grappling: Many oozes have the grab ability, the engul
oozes innate resistances to energy types. These unusual ability, or something similar. These can be compounded by
creatures most commonly threaten others when their additional attacks like the gelatinous cubes paralysis, the
hunting grounds are disturbed, whether by accident or via black puddings corrosion, and other hazardous abilities that
deliberate actions rom adventurers. make them more dangerous grapplers than other oes. Even
oozes without these special attacks ofen have abilities that
HUNTING OOZES are easier to apply to targets that they have restrained. The
Most oozes make their homes underground, where they bladeguardUE alchemical solution is paramount to protecting
eed on ungi, moss, small creatures, and similarly equipment against the caustic eects o most oozes.
innocuous prey. Some can be ound in marshes or
other wet environments, but many oozes lair in SLAYING OOZES
old catacombs and ruins ull o unstable oors While the tips above provide
and other hazards. Climbing or spelunking gear, solid advice or dealing with
light sources, and other types o dungeoneering oozes, some specimens have
equipment are essential when hunting oozes. special abilities that are
Antitoxins, magic that allows users to resist well worth examining in
acid or overcome paralysis, and anything greater detail.
that grants reedom o movement are also Common Oozes: The inamous
incredibly useul against oozes. gelatinous cube has natural transparency that
makes it nearly impossible to spot in normal
FIGHTING OOZES conditions. These creatures have cut short
Oozes share a number o common the careers o many would-be heroes who
characteristics that make them unwittingly stumbled into them, nding
challenging opponents or unprepared themselves rozen in place as the cube
adventurers, and knowledge o these enguls and dissolves them with its
characteristics is as important a preparation powerul acid. The ochre jelly is known
or acing them as stocking eective weapons or its ability to split into two smaller
and items. jellies when struck, and an unwary
Amorphous Anatomy: Few oozes have discernible opponent might soon nd himsel
anatomy. This means that theyre immune to critical surrounded. A set o deliquescent
hits, sneak attacks, and other types o precision glovesUE helps brawlerACG and
damage. Rogues and other combatants who rely on monk monster hunters damage
precision damage need to nd another strategy these nearious oozes while also
during combat with these monsters. Most negating the creatures more deadly
oozes are mindless, so mind-aecting spells special abilities.
and abilities wont work onthem. Theyre Deadly Oozes: There are a ew
almost uniormly blind, so attacks oozes even more deadly than those
that rely on visual components dont above. Carnivorous blobs devour
unction, and they have blindsight, esh with alacrity, leaving their
so does traditional Stealth and victims drained o Constitution
invisibility are also ineective. Oozes in short order. Slithering
dont sleep, but they do breathe and trackers share a gelatinous
eat, perpetually wandering their lairs cubes transparency and
and looking or prey. paralysis abilities, but
Resistances : Most oozes deal acid combine it with a keen
damage, and many have resistances intellect and vicious disposition. The alien
to one or more orms o energy colour out o space is one o the most bizarre

Monster Hunter's Handbook
and dangerous oozes in existence, with a multitude o Ooze Resistance: At 2nd level, an oozemaster becomes
powers and immunities, as well as genius-level intelligence. especially resistant to the abilities o his chosen oes. He
Dust o acid consumption UE is perhaps the most thorough gains a +2 bonus on saving throws against the extraordinary
and decisive solution in ending these viscous threats. and supernatural abilities o oozes. This bonus increases by
+1 at 5th level and every 3 levels thereafer, to a maximum o
OOZE-HUNTING OPTIONS +8 at 20th level.
Some alchemistsAPG learn to use the advantages boasted by their This replaces poison resistance and poison immunity.
avorite prey to make themselves more eective in combat. Discoveries : The ollowing discoveries complement
The ollowing new alchemist archetype and discoveries are the oozemaster archetype: bottled ooze UM, ooze blight (see
especially useul to those who would hunt oozes. below), and splitting mutagen (see below).


The oozemaster is a specialized alchemist who ghts Any alchemist who meets the prerequisites can take the
and ensnares oozes. An oozemaster careully studies the ollowing discoveries. Discoveries that modiy bombs are
characteristics o the oozes he hunts to help him create new marked with an asterisk (*) and do not stack. Only one such
and more eective mutagens and bombs. discovery can be applied to an individual bomb.
Class Skills: An oozemaster gains Knowledge Flesh-Eating Bomb*: The alchemist can create bombs that
(dungeoneering) as a class skill but does not gain Knowledge devour living matter. The alchemists bomb deals damage
(nature) as a class skill. one die step higher than normal (regular bombs deal d8s,
Ooze Bomb (Su): An oozemasters bombs deal acid damage concussive bombs deal 1d6, and so on), but they have no
instead o re damage, and they deal damage only on a direct eect on inorganic matter. In addition, a creature with at
hit; they do not splash. A creature damaged by an ooze bomb least a +1 armor bonus to AC is less likely to be harmed; such
takes additional acid damage equal to the oozemasters creatures in the bombs splash radius take no damage on
Intelligence modier at the start o the oozemasters next a successul Reex save, and the target o a direct hit can
turn. A creature can take this delayed damage only once per attempt a Reex save against the bombs save DC to take only
round; additional hits extend the duration o the ongoing hal damage.
damage by 1 round each. Ooze Blight*: A target hit by the alchemists bomb loses
An oozemaster cannot select discoveries that change the the split special quality or 1d4 rounds. In addition, against
type o damage dealt by his bombs, nor those that aect the creatures with the ooze type, this bomb deals untyped
bombs splash radius. damage that bypasses all resistances.
This ability otherwise unctions as and replaces the bomb Splitting Mutagen: Once per day while under the eects
class eature. o his mutagen, the alchemist can split into two identical
Ooze Toxin (Ex): An oozemaster can extract deadly toxins copies o himsel as an immediate action afer being
rom the bodies o slain oozes and use them against his damaged by a piercing or slashing weapon. Each copy
oes, making him a deadly opponent with unpredictable has an ooze-like complexion, most ofen maniesting as a
stratagems. As a ull-round action while adjacent to an ooze slimy sheen to his skin. The alchemist splits his current hit
that died within the past 10 minutes, an oozemaster can points evenly between the copies. The copies use the same
attempt a Craf (alchemy) check with a DC equal to 10 + statistics, share the same resources, and have identical
the oozes Challenge Rating to create a toxin. I successul, equipment (except artiacts, which only one copy has).
the oozemaster can extract a number o doses o toxin Similarly, i one o the copies expends a charge or daily use
rom an ooze equal to hal its Constitution modier rom a magic item that a copy has, the charge or daily use
(minimum 1). These toxins remain potent or 1 hour beore is expended rom both copies. I one copy drops or gives
becoming inert. away an item, the duplicate item disappears rom the other
The oozemaster can throw an ooze toxin as a ranged copy as well.
touch attack with a range increment o 10 eet, or he can The two copies act independently and each one has a ull set
apply the toxin to a weapon as i it were an injury poison. o actions. At the end o the alchemists next turn, he selects
The toxin deals 1d6 points o acid damage plus an additional one o the copies, which loses its ooze-like complexion as it
1d6 points o acid damage per 3 Hit Dice the ooze had. I becomes the alchemist; the other copy dissolves into a ne
the ooze had any additional eects conveyed by its slam mist and dissipates. I one o the copies is destroyed beore
attack other than grab (such as a gelatinous cubes paralysis this happens, the remaining copy immediately becomes the
ability), the oozemaster can also apply these qualities to this alchemist, and he gains 1 permanent negative level. I both
attack. The save DC or additional abilities produced by copies are destroyed simultaneously (such as rom areball),
this attack is 10 + hal the alchemists level + the alchemists both copies collapse into ormless goo; the alchemist can
Intelligence modier. only be restored to lie via resurrection or similarly powerul
This ability replaces Brew Potion, though an oozemaster can magic. An alchemist must be at least 12th level beore he can
still select Brew Potion without meeting the eats prerequisite
s. select this discovery.

While outsider types like angels and devils dominate the Special Attacks: Most outsiders have deadly special attacks
imaginations o many monster hunters, the planes are and spell-like abilities. Many o these are straightorward
home to myriad monstrous outsiders as well. Barghests, outsiders rom the plane o re ofen have re-based attacks,
belkers, vargouilles, yeth hounds, and more haunt all or examplewhile others are more esoteric, like the pain
corners o the cosmos. Monster hunters with ranks in ability o a howlers quills. The precautions noted above or
Knowledge (planes) are best equipped to identiy these surviving on other planes do not always protect against the
countless oes, and those who invest ranks in Linguistics native creatures special attacks. For example, protection
can understand the many languages spoken throughout against electricity does nothing to stop a belker rom tearing
the planes. a monster hunter apart rom the inside with its smoke claws.


Traveling to another plane to hunt outsiders requires The tips above are general rules or dealing with outsiders,
powerul magicnot only to get there, but also to survive the but the diverse natures o the planes spawn inhabitants with
alien environments. Spells likeethereal jaunt, gate, and plane a wide range o characteristics and abilities.
shif allow travel to the planes, while spells like elemental body Common Outsiders: Belkers have deenses that make
or resist energy grant monster hunters the necessary deenses them harder to kill than most outsiders. Their damage
to survive. reduction cannot be overcome by any material, and
Even visits to sae planes like Heaven usually involve they have the ability to assume smoke orm (identical to
considerable preparation. There is unlikely to be much, i gaseous orm ) each day. Vargouilles, by contrast, have potent
anything, on the plane to sustain mortals lives, so extensive oensive abilities, paralyzing oes with their shriek and
provisions are vital, especially i the travelers are unsure how then transorming the helpless victim into one o their
long they are going to be away rom the Material Plane. kind with a blasphemous kiss. A cloak o resistance works
Native outsiders ofen have ar more in common with wonders to bolster Fortitude saves beore going up against
humanoids than their extraplanar kin. Though aasimars, one o these ying menaces. Yeth hounds possess a rightul
suli, tieings, and other native outsiders ofen appear as bay that can send oes eeing, and their bites only make the
humanoids, eects likecharm person or enlarge person do not ear eects worse. Bolstering Will saves (especially against
unction on them, as they are not actually members o the ear eects) or standing close to a paladin can help when
humanoid creature type. ghting these oes.
Deadly Outsiders: Some enormously powerul outsiders
FIGHTING OUTSIDERS must be approached with extreme caution. Wendigos spread
Outsiders are just thatbeings existing outside o most madness with their dream haunting and wind walk abilities,
peoples denition o anything normal, even when taking driving victims to cannibalism and eventually transorming
Golarions enormous diversity o lie orms and cultures them into wendigos as well. Chaos beasts possess the ability
into account. They dont suer many mortal constraints, to warp esh into truly horriying masses o churning
especially when summoned to the Material Plane. As such, matter, while resisting attempts to be transormed in turn.
they have qualities and characteristics that could surprise Achaierais can exhale a cloud o black smoke that rots the
even the most seasoned monster hunter. body and mind o any assailants, necessitating some way to
Defenses: Most outsiders have some orm o damage reduce or remove the eects o conusion.
reduction which can beovercome by aligned weapons. Magic
weapons, cold iron, or silver can be useul against certain types OUTSIDER-HUNTING OPTIONS
o outsiders. Powerul outsiders also possess spell resistance, The ollowing options are useul or those hunting outsiders.
a variety o energy resistances, or other potent deenses. Flight
or other movement types ofen allow them to keep a distance BANISHING W ARDEN (PALADIN ARCHETYPE)
when threatened or escape when things start to go wrong. The banishing warden is an expert at ghting all types o
Immortality: Outsiders summoned to the Material Plane evil outsiders and sending them back to their native planes.
cannot truly be killed there. A wizard repeatedly summoning Class Skills: A banishing warden gains Knowledge (planes)
outsiders can let them be slain with impunity, knowing that as a class skill but does not gain Knowledge (nobility) as a
the summoned creatures are merely banished back to their class skill.
home plane. To actually destroy an outsider, one has to either Smite Evil (Su): A banishing wardens smite evil deals its
bring it to the Material Plane with a calling spell, such as gate bonus damage only on the rst attack against outsiders (but not
or planar binding , or travel to its native plane. An outsiders dragons or undead). However, it damages any evil outsider, not
body and soul are one unit, so eects that steal a soul or try only those with the evil subtype (including native outsiders).
to restore it to the outsiders body do not work on it. This modies smite evil.

Monster Hunter's Handbook
Banishing Smite (Su): At 3rd level, once per day when the ollow the creature as an immediate action. This ability has
banishing warden conrms a critical hit against a target o no range limit; you simply appear adjacent to the target
her smite evil eect, she can attempt to orcibly banish the wherever its destination happens to be. You cannot use
target to its home plane. The creature struck must succeed this ability to travel to another plane. This eat does not
at a Will save (DC = 10 + hal the banishing wardens level + provide you any means o returning, nor does it grant you
the banishing wardens Charisma modier) or be sent back knowledge o where your oe is going.
to its home plane as perdismissal. At 10th level, a creature
dismissed in this manner takes an amount o damage equal K NOWLEDGEABLE S PELLCASTER
to 2 points per paladin level at the start o its next turn. Your vast knowledge o opponents lets you more eectively
The banishing warden gains an additional daily use o this cast spells on them.
ability at 9th and 15th level. Prerequisites: Knowledge (arcana, dungeoneering, local,
This ability replaces the mercy gained at 3rd level. nature, planes, or religion) 5 ranks, caster level 7th.
A banishing warden still receives the benets o the mercy Benet: When you select this eat, choose one Knowledge
class ability starting at 6th level and onward. skill in which you have at least 5 ranks. When you succeed
Smiting Aura (Su) : At 11th level, when an ally o the at a check with that Knowledge skill to identiy a creatures
banishing warden is aected by her aura o justice, that abilities and weaknesses, you can learn one less piece o
ally can use banishing smite. This counts toward the inormation in order to gain a +3 bonus on caster level
banishing wardens number o uses per day and cannot be checks to overcome that
activated i the banishing warden has no uses o banishing creatures spell resistance (i
smite remaining. any). I you have 10 or more
This ability modies aura o justice. ranks in the selected Knowledge
skill, you can learn two ewer
OUTSIDER-HUNTER FEATS pieces o inormation to increase
The ollowing eats assist those hunting outsiders. this bonus to +5.
Special: You can take this eat multiple
ANATOMICAL S AVANT (C OMBAT ) times. Each time you take this eat, you must
You know how to perorm deadly strikes against even the select a dierent Knowledge skill.
most nebulous o targets.
Prerequisites: Weapon Focus, base
attack bonus +12.
Benet: Choose one weapon with which
you have the Weapon Focus eat. When
you strike an opponent that has a chance
o negating critical hits or sneak
attacks, such as rom theortication
armor special ability, reduce that
chance by 25%. Treat creatures that
are normally immune to critical hits
and sneak attacks as instead having
a 75% chance to negate the critical hit
or sneak attack, taking only the attacks
normal damage.
Special : You can take this eat multiple
times. Each time you take the eat, it applies to a
dierent weapon.

Even teleportation cannot keep you rom
conronting your oe.
Prerequisites: Dimensional AgilityUC, Step Up,
base attack bonus +12, abundant step class eature
or ability to cast dimension door.
Benet: Once per day, when an adjacent oe
moves using a teleportation spell, spell-like
ability, or similar ability (including eects like a
shadowdancers shadow jump ability), you can

Other Monsters
While the previously mentioned creatures are among the DRAGONS
most common types o hunted monsters, theyre not the only Dragons come in many varieties, rom the earsome
ones. Presented here are other creature types sometimes linnorms to wrathul drakes and the unrivaled true dragons.
considered to have monstrous natures. Dragons are intelligent, and they may threaten society
because theyre searching or wealth, attempting to garner a
CONSTRUCTS reputation, or even seeking revenge o some sort. Whatever
Golems, colossi, robots, and other constructs are articially the cause or the draconic threat, a society must gather its
created creatures that usually obey their srcinal creators. greatest combatants to deal with these terriying beasts.
However, acreator occasionally loses control o a construct Only the most experienced characters are capable o even
or intentionally uses it to harm innocents. A rampaging locating a dragon, let alone slaying the beast.
golem could threaten a village, while a renegade colossus
could bring harm to an entire kingdom. Both spellcasters HUNTING DRAGONS
and martial warriors can be eective construct hunters, Dierent types o dragons require dierent sorts o
though spellcasters should be aware that some constructs preparation to deeat: a white dragon and a orest drake are
are immune to magic. Due to the nature o how a construct not vanquished in the same manner. Aring o energy resistance
obeys orders, its complete destruction might be the only way or armors enchanted with theenergy resistance special ability
to guarantee that it ceases its mission. are indispensable against a dragons breath weapon. Scrolls
and potions oprotection rom energy or resist energyalso provide
HUNTING CONSTRUCTS protection or characters who cant aord costlier options.
Unless its creator takes care to conceal its whereabouts, a Warriors like barbarians, ghters, and rogues do
construct is generally easy to locate, as ew constructs are built especially well when equipped with weapons that exploit
with stealth in mind. However, what they lack in covertness, their targets vulnerabilities, such as using a aming
they make up or in powerul attacks. Adventurers planning weapon to exploit a white dragons vulnerability to re.
to ace a construct would do well to bring along extra means These characters make great use o the Lightning Reexes
o healing, such as potions and scrolls. Characters who can eat and class abilities like evasion to avoid breath weapons,
reduce or negate damage (such as barbarians), those with while a ring o evasion may prove useul or characters
damage reduction rom adamantine armor, or even those without the class eature. Spellcasters can provide vital
activating a scroll o stoneskin, can excel against constructs. supporting spells like reedom o movement or spell resistance
Alongside their powerul oense, most constructs have to protect against a dragons spells, but should consider
an equally ormidable deense. Constructs ofen have some taking the Spell Penetration eat to overcome dragons
orm o damage reduction that can be overcome by magic or spell resistance. Flight can be helpul or all character types
adamantine weapons, and eats such asPenetrating Strike and when acing a dragon, so spells like y and items like wings
Greater Penetrating Strike can be eective aga inst this deense. o ying are a worthwhile investment.
Paladins, while able to overcome some damage reduction at
higher levels, nd it dicult to do so against constructs, as FIGHTING DRAGONS
most are o neutral alignment. However, constructs are not A dragon is rarely surpassed in intellect and is generally
inherently immune to precision damage, so sneak attacks can as prepared as the monster hunters who come to slay
be another way to overcome their deenses. it. Luring a dragon rom its lair can spell the dierence
Although many constructs are immune to magic, a between triumph and ignominious deeat, as most dragons
number o indirect spells aid in combating constructs. are more dangerous in their homes. Spreading out during
Spells like obscuring mist or og cloud work wonders to block combat minimizes the number o targets available or a
line o sight. Due to their general lack o intelligence, most breath weapon. But the most important element a prepared
constructs are ooled by illusions such asinvisibility and adventurer brings to a dragon battle is knowledge o when
silent image. Constructs also tend to struggle with obstacles, to runcharacters that are outclassed are advised to retreat
so spells like create pitAPG and wall o stone are eective or and recuperate to ght another day.
keeping them at bay.
FIGHTING CONSTRUCTS Natures ora can be just as erce as its auna, and terriying
Success against constructs usually hinges on avoiding their plant-creatures like shambling mounds and treants bring
powerul attacks. Ranged attacks help keep combatants sae, their own ravages upon the civilizations that encroach on
as most constructs ght up close. A number o constructs their territories. Druids, huntersACG, and rangers commonly
retaliate when destroyed with violent explosions or worse. hunt plants. Most do so to protect their communities, but a
Characters who keep their distance can avoid these reprisals. ew do so to expand the reach o civilization.

Monster Hunter's Handbook
HUNTING PLANTS powerul necromancers. Undead are predominantly ound
Since many plants are vulnerable to re, bringing torches in locations with ties to negative energy. Clerics, paladins,
and alchemists re can speed up a battle by a considerable and warpriestsACG typically set out to put an end to these
margin. Weapons with theaming and aming burst special abominations, using their divine inuence to put the
abilities excel at burning plants, as do spells like reball and restless dead to rest.
wall o re. Slashing weapons help clear overgrowth while
searching or monstrous plants, and some animate ora HUNTING UNDEAD
have damage reduction overcome only by the likes o a Undead come in a variety o orms, whether corporeal or
woodcutters axe. incorporeal. When acing undead, its important to know
Deensive options can how to ght against both kinds o oes. In general, undead
prove vital to surviving these are weak against positive energy eects, making clerics,
encounters. Spells such as oracles, and paladins who can channel positive energy or
reedom o movement and grease use curative spells that release positive energy incredibly
can allow characters to escape powerul in battles against them. Additionally, holy water
rom the clutches o a plant. is eective against all kinds o undead, and while its not
Characters who have the particularly expensive, clerics and other divine characters
woodland stride eature can cast bless water to create holy water themselves.
or a ring o sacred mistletoe UE The prevalence o undead has inspired those who
move through treacherous specialize in ghting such oes to develop numerous
terrain with ease. Deoliant options or dealing with the creatures. A
polishUE also helps keep disruption weapon is extremely potent against
overgrowth at bay. As a last undead, but monster hunters may have
resort, an antilie shell oers a diculty using such weapons against
haven rom virtually all plants incorporeal oes. Spells like command
(and many other creatures!). undead, disrupt undead, and hide rom undead
Druids, hunters, shamansACG, acilitate battles against them, and the
and other such nature-ocused Command Undead or Turn Undead
characters have a number o eats assist with keeping undead
spells at their disposal to help at bay.
when ghting plants. Speak with Those who hunt incorporeal
animals and speak with plants allow undead should invest in magic
the surrounding ora and auna weapons or, i possible,ghost touch
to help single out the target. Tree weapons. A magic weapon can
stride and transport via plants allow harm an incorporeal undead, but
or easy navigation o jungles and lacking a ghost touch weapon, the
orests. Diminish plants helps reduce sneak attacks o characters
obstructing overgrowth. Command plants and control like rogues and slayers are
plants work especially well, as they can put an end to a ineective. Without such
ght with a plant beore it even beginsor conscript items, hunters o undead
the creature to help battle an even greater oe! need to rely on items like
holy water or spellcasting.
FIGHTING PLANTS Casters should keep in mind
Most plants attempt to ensnare or engul their that although spells like
targets, so keeping ones distance avoids both their lightning bolt harm incorporeal
attacks and the inconvenience o traveling trough undead, only orce spells likemagic missile deal
impeding underbrush or overgrowth. I possible, their ull damage against these creatures. When
attacking rom above is especially benecial, as acing these undead, hunters o incorporeal
many plants have diculty climbing or reaching creatures should be aware that they can ee
ying opponents. through walls and even attack rom within them.


Undead o all sorts threaten even the arthest reaches Many undead are capable o damaging or draining
o the world. Some o the most horric o these ability scores with only a touch. Keeping a distance
creatures include those that were monstrous rom these undead reduces the chances o such
threats in lie beore being raised as undead, damage. Its also important or a monster hunter to
such as raveners and those under the control o use the terrain to her advantage. Many undead are slow

or physically impaired in some waymaking the use o grouped monster hunters a better target or sprays o acid
obstacles or high ground very eective against them. and webs. Remember that vermin are mindless, making
them immune to most illusions and enchantment spells.
Monstrous vermin are generally the enormous kin OTHER MONSTER-HUNTING
o ordinary arachnids or insects, with equally simple OPTIONS
motivations. Monstrous vermin include giant centipedes, The ollowing eats help characters engage a variety o
scorpions, and spiders, among others. Most live out their related monsters. Those who have the avored enemy class
lives in peace, but they can draw the ire o civilization i eature can make especially good use o these eats.
they intrude on nearby communitiesusually in pursuit o
prey like livestock. Alternatively, some monster hunters C REATURE F OCUS
seek out vermin just or the sake o the hunt and glory. You have deadly experience with a certain type o
These monster hunters usually include hunters and creature, granting you an edge in ghting its kind.
rangers in their ranks. Prerequisite: No levels in a class that grants the
avored enemy class eature.
HUNTING VERMIN Benet: Choose a creature type rom the
Vermin are known or their dangerous aictions such ranger avored enemies table Pathnder
( RPG Core
as acids, diseases, and natural poisons. Monster Rulebook 64) except or humanoid or monstrous
hunters do well to prepare with antiplague UE humanoid. You gain a +2 bonus on Perception
and antitoxin, as well as spells such as checks, Survival checks, and weapon damage
neutralize poisonand remove disease. Feats rolls against creatures o the selected type.
like Great Fortitude You can attempt Knowledge skill checks
and Improved Great untrained when attempting to
Fortitude can help identiy such creatures.
a character endure Special: This eat counts as
these aictions. I the avored enemy class eature
one succumbs to or the purpose o meeting
poison, having a eat prerequisites. I another
healer like a cleric or ability reerences your avored
alchemist on hand may be enemy bonus or the creature
the only means o having a ull type selected, you treat your
recovery rather than a painul death. avored enemy bonus as +2.
In order to resist acid, characters should I you later gain the avored
consider spells likeprotection rom energy or enemy class eature, you
resist energy. can replace this eat
Monster hunters tracking vermin generally with a dierent eat
have little trouble locating their quarry, but or which you qualiy
may nd it dicult to actually engage the and whose prerequisites
target. Vermin tend to live in less habitable include the avored enemy
locations, such as deserts or deep within caves. class eature.
Hunters seeking vermin must take care and You can gain this eat multiple
prepare themselves to travel through these times. Its eects do not stack. Each
areas. A vermins nest can be mazelike and time you take the eat, it applies to a
lled with perils like narrow passageways and dierent creature type.
webbing, or it can also be home to swarms o
other vermin, requiring specialized attacks to FOCUSED ABERRATIONEXPERTISE (COMBAT)
deal with the creatures. Vials o acid or alchemists You hold strong against aberrations.
re and spells like burning hands and reball are Prerequisite: Favored enemy (aberration) class eature.
particularly eective against swarms. Benet: Choose either Fortitude saves against
transormation eects (including transmutation spells
FIGHTING VERMIN and spell-like abilities) or Will saves against mind-aecting
Vermin have powerul natural strikes like bites and eects. You gain a bonus on the selected saving throw
stings, which are best avoided at range. Keeping ones equal to hal your avored enemy (aberration) bonus.
distance is also a good way to avoid disease, grappling Against aberrations spells and abilities, you gain this bonus
mandibles, and venomous angs. Surrounding a vermin on Fortitude saves against transmutation eects and on Will
makes it dicult or the vermin to ee, but also makes the saves against mind-aecting eects.

Monster Hunter's Handbook
Youre skilled at patiently hiding rom your avored enemies, Youve learned to avoid and overcome the engulng attacks
particularly animals. o your studied prey.
Prerequisite: Favored enemy (animal) class eature. Prerequisite: Favored enemy (ooze) class eature.
Benet: You gain a bonus on Stealth checks equal to hal Benet: You gain a bonus to your CMD equal to hal your
your avored enemy (animal) bonus. Against animals, this avored enemy (ooze) bonus. You also gain acid resistance
bonus is equal to your ull avored enemy bonus. equal to hal your avored enemy (ooze) bonus. Against oozes,
you instead apply your ull avored enemy (ooze) bonus or
You are skilled at breaking the deenses o constructs and
Prerequisite: Favored enemy (construct) class eature. Youve learned to attack in a way that stymies the natural
Benet : Your weapon attacks ignore a number o points resistances common in outsiders.
o damage reduction or hardness equal to hal your Prerequisite: Favored enemy (outsider) class eature.
avored enemy (construct) bonus. This eat allows you to Benet: Your weapon attacks ignore a number o points
only ignore damage reduction that is normally bypassed by o damage reduction equal to hal your avored enemy
adamantine, bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing weapons. (outsider [any one]) bonus. This eat allows you to ignore
Against constructs, the amount o damage reduction only damage reduction that is normally bypassed by chaotic-,
and hardness you ignore is equal to your ull avored evil-, good-, or lawul-aligned weapons. Against outsiders
enemy bonus. that match your avored enemy subtype, the amount o
damage reduction and hardness you ignore is equal to your
F OCUSED D RAGON E XPERTISE (C OMBAT ) ull avored class bonus.
Your understanding o dragons helps you to easily avoid
Prerequisite: Favored enemy (dragon) class eature. You are quick to dodge and slash anything that would
Benet : You gain a bonus on saving throws against breath ensnare you.
weapons and ear eects equal to hal your avored enemy Prerequisite: Favored enemy (plant) class eature.
(dragon) bonus. Whenever you succeed at a Reex saving Benet: You gain a bonus equal to hal your avored enemy
throw against a dragons extraordinary or supernatural (plant) bonus on Reex saves to avoid being entangled and
ability that would deal hal damage, you instead take no to your CMD whenever an opponent attempts to grapple
damage. I you already have the evasion class eature, you you. Your weapons critical hit multipliers increase by one
instead gain an inquisitors stalwart ability ( Pathnder RPG against creatures with the plant type.
Advanced Players Guide 41) against dragons extraordinary
and supernatural abilities. F OCUSED U NDEAD E XPERTISE (C OMBAT )
Your knowledge o the undead makes you especially eective
F OCUSED F EY E XPERTISE (C OMBAT ) when ghting them.
Your attacks strike true against capricious targets like ey. Prerequisite: Favored enemy (undead) class eature.
Prerequisite: Favored enemy (ey) class eature. Benet: You gain a bonus equal to hal your avored enemy
Benet: You gain a bonus on attack rolls to conrm (undead) bonus on saving throws against ability damage,
critical hits equal to hal your avored enemy (ey) bonus. ability drain, energy drain, and negative energy eects. Once
You treat your weapon attacks against ey as cold iron or the per day, when an undead creatures natural attack against
purpose o overcoming damage reduction and regeneration. you deals ability damage, deals ability drain, or bestows 1 or
more negative levels, you can negate the damage, drain, or
F OCUSED M AGICAL B EAST E XPERTISE (C OMBAT ) negative levels as an immediate action.
You move in ways that conound creatures that would strike
Prerequisite: Favored enemy (magical beast) class eature. Your experience with vermin resists the attacks o swarms.
Benet: I a creature makes three or more attacks with Prerequisite: Favored enemy (vermin) class eature.
natural weapons against you during its turn, you gain partial Benet: You gain DR/ equal to hal your avored enemy
cover against the third and subsequent natural attacks rom (vermin) bonus against vermin and creatures with the swarm
that creature. I the creature makes ve or more attacks subtype. When attempting Fortitude saves against a swarms
against you with natural weapons, you gain cover (instead distraction ability, you gain a bonus on the save equal to
o partial cover) against the fh and subsequent natural the damage prevented by this eat. Against vermin with the
attacks. I the attacker is a magical beast, reduce by one the swarm subtype, the amount o damage reduction is equal
number o natural attacks it must make in order or you to to your ull avored enemy (vermin) bonus. This damage
gain cover or partial cover. reduction does not stack with that rom other sources.

Many monsters sport poisonous barbs, resilienthides, sharp remains eective or 1 day, plus 1 additional dayor every 5 by
claws, or unusual body parts tied to their special abilities. which you exceed the DC to craf it. You can give ornaments
Savvy monster hunters see these lethal trappings as prizes to others, but gifed ornaments have a morale bonus equal to
to be won, harvesting their quarries distinctive eatures as the monsters CR divided by 6 (round down, minimum 0) and
badges o honor and eective tools or their dangerous trade. remain eective or only 24 hours.


Although any character can take trophies rom allen You can extract the choicest parts rom a monsters carcass
creatures or cosmetic or roleplayingpurposes, the ollowing to use as resources when crafing items.
eats allow characters to derive unctionality rom items Prerequisite: Craf (any) 1 rank or Heal 1 rank.
they salvage rom monstrous corpses. These eats work Benet: You can attempt a Craf or Heal check, as though
similarly to item creation eats, except trophies are created making a trophy, to gain usable resources rom a creature that
using a single Craf or Heal check, they are nonmagical, and has been dead or less than an hour. Only creatures with a CR
the benets they provide are typically temporary. The DC o o 1 or higher yield usable parts. The value o the parts you
such a check is equal to 15 + the creatures CR, and creating a harvest is equal to the creatures CR squared 10 gp(increases
trophy takes a number of minutes equal to the creatures CR. to CR derived rom class levels or templates do not
contribute to this value). This value can beused only as raw
G RISLY O RNAMENT materials or crafing alchemical, masterwork, mundane,
You adorn your gear with mementos rom your oes. or magic items. Items crafed using creature parts
Prerequisite: Harvest Parts. must be made o a suitable materialtypically bone
Benet: You can attempt a Craf or Heal check or hide, with metal only in extraordinary
to craf a special type o trophy called an cases. No more than a quarter o a
ornament rom part o a creaturethats crafed items cost can be supplied
been dead or less than an hour. You with harvested parts. Harvested
take a 4 penalty on this check iyou parts remain usable or 2 days
or an ally didnt slay the creature. beore they rot (unless used
You can craf one ornament per to craf objects or
character level per day. Each somehow preserved).
corpse provides enough Creature parts that
material or one ornament plus are harvested in this
one additional ornament per manner cant be
size category above Medium. bought or sold in
You can wear one ornament most settlements.
in each magic item slot
not already occupied MONSTROUS CRAFTER
by another item. You can weave pieces
When you craf o beasts into your
an ornament, you magic items.
choose whether it Prerequisites : Craf
aects Armor Class, Wondrous Item, Grisly
attack rolls, CMB, Ornament, Harvest Parts.
CMD, saving throws, or skill checks. Benet: Whenever you use the
The ornament provides a morale Grisly Ornament eat, you are able to
bonus equal to the monsters CR permanently integrate one ornament
divided by 4 (round down, minimum you have crafed using the harvested
1) to the selected statistic against creature parts into a wondrous item. The
creatures o the same creature type ornament grants no ongoing benets, but once
as the source o the ornament. per day you can activate an integrated ornament
This bonus increases by 1 as a ree action to gain its ull benets or
against creatures o the exact 1 minute. You can integrate an ornament
same variety (so a red dragons into a wondrous item (or replace an items
talon provides the increased bonus against red existing ornament) by spending 8 hours o
dragons but not all dragons). An ornament work and 100 gp the creatures CR.

Monster Hunter's Handbook
Rather than tapping the psychic energy residing within Psychodermists use the following monster parts for each
esoteric items, psychodermists orm supernatural bonds implement school.
with trophies taken rom creatures they have slain. Abjuration : Chitin, hides, scales, and other natural armor.
Through these mementos, these occultistsOA maniest not Conjuration : Gizzards, glands, hearts, livers, and other
only their own magic, but also the unique powers o their internal organs.
allen oes. Divination: Ears, eyes, tongues, and other sensory organs.
Class Skills: A psychodermist loses Disable Device, Enchantment : Feathers, fur, hair, spines, and other
Knowledge (engineering), Knowledge (history), and Sleight decorative features.
o Hand as class skills, and adds Heal, Knowledge (nature), Evocation: Claws, fangs, horns, and other natural weapons.
Knowledge (local), and Survival as class skills. Illusion: Fingers, tendrils, toes, and other prehensile digits.
This alters the occultists class skills. Necromancy : Bones, bile, and life-sustaining uids, such
Trophies (Su): At 1st level, a psychodermist learns how as blood.
to siphon power rom pieces o creatures he has slain. The Transmutation : Feet, hands, paws, wings, and other
psychodermist gains Harvest Parts as a bonus eat, and appendages tied to locomotion.
he can select one monster part per implement school he
knows to become a permanently preserved trophy so long
as it remains in his possession. Each trophy unctions as the Residual Hatred (Su): At 8th level, a psychodermist
psychodermists implement or its associated implement can tap into the psychic death throes o the monsters his
school. A trophy that ts multiple implement categories, trophies are derived rom, increasing his eciency at
such as a hand with clawed ngers, can unction or only slaying similar beasts. The psychodermist can spend mental
one implement school at a time. A trophy can be integrated ocus invested in a trophy to gain the rangers avored
into another item, such as an ornament or a magic item, but enemy class eature against the kind o creature rom which
otherwise does not take up a magic item slot, even when the trophy was crafed. The avored enemy bonus applies
worn. A psychodermist can replace trophies with new ones against the specic creature variety, not the creature type; a
harvested rom slain oes, although doing so causes the psychodermist could use a red dragon scale trophy to gain
old trophies to rot at their normal rate. In order to craf a avored enemy (red dragon), but not avored enemy (dragon).
trophy, the psychodermist must have been present during Each point o mental ocus spent grants a cumulative +2
the creatures death. avored enemy bonus, with a maximum bonus equal to +2
This ability alters implements. or every 5 psychodermist levels he has. This benet lasts
Monster Hunting Lore (Ex): At 2nd level, a psychodermist until the psychodermist regains his mental ocus.
gains a bonus equal to hal his occultist level on skill checks This replaces outside contact.
made to craf trophies and Knowledge checks made to Manifest Abilities (Su): At 12th level, a psychodermist
identiy the abilities and weaknesses o creatures. can use the latent energy within his trophies to replicate
This ability replaces magic item skill. his victims special abilities. As a standard action, he can
Discern Death (Su): At 2nd level, as a ull-round action that spend 1 point o mental ocus invested in a trophy to gain
provokes attacks o opportunity, a psychodermist can glean one o that creatures special abilities that could be granted
inormation rom a creatures corpse. The psychodermist by the spell monstrous physique IIIUM. At 16th level, the
must study at least one drop o the creatures blood, a small psychodermist adds abilities oered bymonstrous physique
portion o its esh, or a ragment o one o its bones as a IVUM to the options he can select using this ability. The
part o this action. This ability otherwise unctions as blood saving throw DC or these special abilities is equal to 10 +
biographyAPG, using the psychodermists occultist level as his hal the psychodermists level + his Intelligence modier.
caster level. The psychodermist can use this ability once per Alternatively, he can spend 1 point o mental ocus as a
day at 2nd level, plus one additional time per day or every 3 standard action to add any two o the creatures spell-like
levels beyond 2nd. abilities to his list o spells known. To determine the spells
This ability replaces object reading. level or this ability, use the level as it appears on the spell list
Seek Prey (Su): At 5th level, a psychodermist can or an occultist, wizard, or cleric, in that order; i it appears
supernaturally detect creatures around him as a standard on none o those lists, use the spells highest spell level. For
action. This unctions as the spell aura sightACG, except example, lesser restoration would be a 2nd-level spell, despite
the duration is 1 round and the psychodermist learns the appearing on the paladins 1st-level list.
locations and power o all auras o a specic creature type, Both uses o this ability last or 1 minute per psychodermist
similar to detect undead except the psychodermist can choose level. He can instead spend 2 points o mental ocus to
any creature type represented among the trophies he has activate this ability as a move action, or 3 points to activate
selected or that day. it as a swif action.
This ability replaces aura sight. This replaces binding circles and ast circles.

Monster-Hunti ng Gear
The ollowing pieces o gear can help monster hunters Grisly Ornament feat (see page 24) can hang one ornament
better prepare or tracking and deeating their quarries. from a display stand, causing it to emanate a fear effect that
affects all creatures of that creatures specic variety within 30
PRICE 5 GP feet (DC 15 Will negates). This imposes a 1 penalty (2 if the
BEAST-HUNTER WHISTLE trophy creatures CR was 8 or higher) to the same statistic the
This whistle produces sound at a pitch that can only be ornament would otherwise enhance, but the ornament lasts for
heard by aberrations, animals, dragons, fey, and magical only 24 hours before decaying. Setting up a stand is a full-round
beasts. The sound can be detected easily (Perception action, while hanging an ornament from one is a move action.
DC 0) from a quarter-mile away. If the user makes
a successful DC 15 Perform (wind PRICE 90 GP
instruments) check, all creatures HUNTERS MANUAL WEIGHT1 lb.
within 30 feet that can hear the These books detail common behavior
whistle must succeed at a DC 10 patterns and special abilities of a
Fortitude save or be dazzled for 1 round (the particular creature type. When used
1 penalty applies to hearing-based, rather as a reference (an action that typically
than sight-based, Perception checks). requires 1d4 minutes of searching
the text), a hunters manual grants a
PRICE 25 GP +2 circumstance bonus on Knowledge
BOTTLED MUSK WEIGHT1/2 lb. checks to learn about special abilities
This glass vial contains alchemically preserved musk from a single and weaknesses of the texts
variety of creature. Snifng bottled musk providesa +4 circumstance associated creature type for 1 hour.
bonus on Survival checks to track creatures of the same variety by If the reader successfully makes such a Knowledge check using
scent. Additionally, bottled musk can be used as an additional spell the book, she gains a +1 circumstance bonus on her next saving
component for the following spells to modify the spells effects. throw against any of that creatures spell-like, supernatural, or
Detect undead : Functions as written, but detects creatures of extraordinary abilities she identied.
the musks associated creature type.
Locate creature: Detects the same variety of creature as the PRICE 60 GP
musk (for example, using bison musk detects only bison, not all
herd animals or animals), and provides a +2 bonus on caster level This morsel of food contains special spices that make it
checks to overcome nondetection. particularly enticing to a certain creature type. A creature whose
type matches the baits must attempt a DC 12 Will save every
PRICE 25 GP minute it remains within 30 feet of the bait; if it fails, it takes
CHEMICAL WARD WEIGHT1 lb. a 2 penalty on Wisdom-based skill checks while within the
This gray paste congeals when spread onto a surface, gradually area and for 1d4 minutes afterward. The creature can end this
changing color to match its surroundings. When applied, its penalty by consuming the bait as a standard action. Additionally,
reagents bond with chemicals in the environment, exuding a monster bait can be used as an additional spell component for the
magnied aura that can fool blindsight and blindsense. This following spells to modify the spells effects.
affects only blindsight or blindsense based on smell, taste, Beguiling giftAPG: Increase the save DC by 2 against targets of
vibration, and similar senses; it does not affect extraordinary the baits associated creature type.
sight, hearing, or tremorsense. Applying a ask of chemical Charm monster: Increase the save DC by 1 against targets of
ward to the edge of a 5-foot square takes a full-round action, the baits associated creature type.
creating an opaque barrier against blindsense and blindsight Daze monster: Increase the maximum HD of the spell by 3 if
that lasts for 1 hour. A creature can sense through the barrier the targets type matches the baits associated creature type.
with a successful Perception check (DC 15 for blindsight, 20
for blindsense), although individuals on the opposite side of PRICE 10 GP
the barrier can attempt Stealth checks against the creatures
blindsight or blindsense as though they had concealment. The This is a straw-stuffed wire frame of a monstrous
barrier does not inhibit movement. creature, wrapped in burlap and coated in the
musk of that particular creature. When
PRICE 40 GP using the Handle Animal skill to teach the
DISPLAY STAND WEIGHT16 lbs. attack trick, having a monster dummy
This is a freestanding rack with several hooks for holding present allows the trainer to add whatever
decoratively arranged hunting trophies. A creature with the creature type the dummy represents to the list of

Monster Hunter's Handbook
creatures the animal will attack. The dummy also provides a +2 PRICE 100 GP
bonus on Handle Animal checks to teach animals to attack all
kinds of creatures. Alchemical compounds in this square of jagged, metallic bers
store and transfer electricity into clothing when rubbed against
PRICE 202 GP the fabric for 1 minute. When you are grappled within the next
MONSTER HUNTERS KIT WEIGHT15 lbs. 10 minutes while wearing this electrically charged clothing, as
This kit includes a bear trap UE, a footprint book UE, a scent cloak UE, well as light armor or no armor, the electricity discharges. This
and monster bait and an odor stalk keyed to a specic creature deals 1 point of nonlethal electricity damage to the grappling
type. The kit also contains the following additional items if creature, and if it takes damage from the effect, it must succeed
designed to hunt the following creature types. at a DC 20 combat maneuver check to grapple or immediately
Aberration: The kit contains a dose of soothe syrup UE and a dose release you. The DC increases to 22 against a creature with the
of wismuth salixUE (+55 gp). grab ability. A single square of static wool can be used ve times
Fey: The kits bear trap is made of cold iron, and the kit includes before expending its alchemical compounds.
one dose of cold iron weapon blanch UE (+22 gp).
Ooze: The kit contains two alkali asks APG (+30 gp). PRICE 80 GP
PRICE 70 GP This kit consists of
ODOR STALK WEIGHT1/10 lb. hooks, knives, tweezers,
These alchemically treated incense and other metal tools,
sticks contain pheromones that plus various vials of
certain creatures nd repellent. alchemical preservatives,
Each odor stalk is created to all organized within a sturdy
irritate a specic creature type. satchel. The tools provide a +2
After burning for 1 round, an circumstance bonus on skill checks made to harvest
odor stalk lls a 10foot square parts or craft trophies (see page 24) and to craft magic
with a clear gas that causes any living items that incorporate such things. Crafted ornaments and parts
creature of the prescribed type to harvested using taxidermy tools remain potent for twice their
become nauseated for 1 round, usual duration.
then sickened for as long as
it remains in the area. On a successful DC 12 Fortitude save, PRICE 60 GP
the creature negates the nauseated condition but not the
sickened condition. This is a poison effect. The cloud lasts for 10 This light-blue liquid is rich with antibodies and other chemicals
minutes, but can be dispersed like obscuring mist . Additionally, that block poison and disease and is usually contained in a
odor stalks can be used as an additional spell component for the tempered glass vial. Venomblock can be applied to a weapon
following spells to modify the spells effects. like a injury poison ( save Fort DC 14; frequency 1/round for
Ghoul touch : The stench only affects creatures of the odor 6 rounds; cure 2 saves), but every time the affected creature
stalks associated creature type. fails its Fortitude save, instead of dealing damage, venomblock
Repel vermin: The spell functions as written, but applies to the suppresses the targets ability to transmit one randomly selected
odor stalks associated creature type instead of to vermin. The Will poison or disease through its natural attacks until the end of its
save DC is always 12 when using this component. next turn. This is a poison effect.
Stinking cloud : The Fortitude save DC increases by 1 for
creatures of the odor stalks prescribed type, but decreases by 1 PRICE 20 GP
for all other creature types.
Fine plates of articulated steel reinforce these elbow-length
PRICE 150 GP leather gloves, which are designed to allow animal handlers
POISON SPONGE WEIGHT1 lb. and animal hunters alike to confront beasts with natural
This spongy sac has a permeable membrane that can absorb, defenses like spines and quills. While wearing the gloves, you
distill, and store toxins. When harvesting parts (see Harvest Parts gain DR 2/magic against attacks of opportunity provoked when
on page 24) from a poisonous creature, you can use a poison you attempt a combat maneuver check to grapple a creature.
sponge to harvest and store one dose of the creatures poison You also gain this damage reduction and a +1 circumstance
instead. The DC to harvest poison is equal to 20 + the creatures bonus on Reex saves against defensive abilities that deal
CR, and the poison retains its potency for 3 days. A successful damage when you strike a creature with a nonreach weapon,
check stores a single dose of the creatures poison in the sponge, unarmed strike, or natural attack. The thick gloves restrict your
which you can then apply like any poison. Poison sponges become movement, imposing a 2 penalty on precision-based skill
saturated over time, imposing a cumulative 2 penalty on checks checks that involve your hands (such as using Disable Device
to harvest poison each subsequent time they are used. to pick a lock).

Magic Items
Certain monsters are known to be notoriously elusive PRICE
or physically overwhelming, making their deeat seem
SLOT shoulders CL 10th WEIGHT1 lb.
impossible. Monster hunters seek to even the playing eld
AURA moderate illusion and transmutation
by any means available, including the use o magic armor,
weapons, and items. The items presented here can make This cloak is lined with thin strings of varying
the dierence between a ruitul and a ailed hunt. colors that shift in color to match surrounding
material such as dirt, grass, or stone. This
PRICE grants the wearer a +2 competence
bonus on Stealth checks. As a
SLOT none CL 10th WEIGHT1 lb.
standard action, the wearer is
AURA moderate necromancy and transmutation able to physically meld
The bone handle of this +1 wounding dagger is into material such
engraved with imagery of erce beasts. Once per day as wood, plaster, or
as a standard action, the dagger can be driven into a stone (but not metal
targets appendage by making a melee attack with a or other heavily worked
5 penalty. If this attack hits, the dagger drives itself materials), appearing as a
into the bone of the creature, giving the creature a 2 dim shadow on the surface.
penalty on attacks, damage rolls, and Reex saves for The wearer can move across any
1 minute. The dagger can be removed by the target exposed portion of the material at half her normal movement
or another adjacent creature with a successful DC 15 speed, allowing her to travel up walls or across oors
. While melded
Strength check. The dagger also grants a +4 competence with material in this manner, the wearer gains a +10 circumstance
bonus on skill checks attempted in conjunction with the bonus on Stealth checks. The wearer can meld with material for up
Harvest Parts feat (see page 24). to 10 minutes per day. This duration need not be consecutive, but it
CO N S T R U C T I O N R E QU I R E M E N T S CO S11,052
T GP must be spent in 1-minute increments.
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, bleed , crafters fortune APG , Nearby creatures can notice the melded wearer with asuccessful
howling agony Perception check. The wearer can be targeted normally while
melded with material. If the wearer takes any damage while
PRICE melded, or if the surface material is manipulated withstone shape,
2,000 GP warp wood, or similar spells, the wearer is immediately shunted
out of the material into the nearest open space.
AURA moderate divination
This tiny dart is made of iron and engraved with runes. The back Craft Wondrous Item, invisibility , passwall
half of the dart has a colorful tuft of etching that detaches
when the dart is thrown or red through a blowgun, uttering to PRICE
the ground in the users space. A successful ranged touch attack
SLOT none CL 10th WEIGHT
with the front half of the dart deals 1 point of damage and
AURA moderate conjuration and necromancy
embeds the needle-like point into the targets esh. The attack
causes little pain, and the target only notices the embedded This small bone container is lled with a thick dye. Each container
dart with a successful DC 14 Perception check. Removing holds enough dye to cover one ornament created with the Grisly
the dart takes a standard action and deals 1 additional point Ornament feat (see page 24). When applied to an ornament, it
of damage. aids in the ornaments preservation, allowing it to remain effective
Once separated, the back half of the dart detects where the for an additional 24 hours. Once per day as a free action, a dyed
front half is as long as both pieces are within 1 mile of each other. ornament can be commanded to attack a target adjacent to the
Every hour, the back half gives a distinct hum and its etching wearer. A ghostly image of the creature from which the ornament
utters in the direction of the front half for 1 minute. This effect was harvested appears and makes a natural attack against the
continues for up to 24 hours or until the dart is removed, at which target, attacking with the wearers base attack bonus and dealing
point its magic fades forever. 2d6 points of damage. This attack can be made in addition to any
Should a creature eat the esh of a target with an embedded actions performed by the wielder. An ornament integrated into a
detecting dart, it has a 50% chance of consuming the dart. Should wondrous item with the Monstrous Crafter feat (see page 24) can
the dart transfer from one creature to another in this way, the gain this attack ability, but doing so requires two applications of
darts back half instead tracks the new creature. monstrous dye to function properly.
CO N S T R U C T I O N R E QU I R E M E N T S CO S1,000
T GP CO N S T R U C T I O N R E QU I R E M E N T S CO S1,125
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, locate creature Craft Wondrous Item, gentle repose, summon natures ally IV

Monster Hunter's Handbook
Bones 12,000
GP SLOT none CL 3rd WEIGHT1 lb.
Claws 9,000
GP AURA faint divination
Eyes 6,000
This small vial is sealed with a ne metal cap
Hair 8,000
engraved with the visage of a noble hound.
Horns 8,000
GP When a few drops of a creatures blood are
Scales 9,000
GP placed in the vial, it begins to ll on its own,
Teeth 12,000
GP replicating the creatures blood over the span of
SLOT neck CL varies WEIGHT 1 minute. After 1 minute, the vial shatters and
AURA varies a small st-sized orb of crystallized blood
A necklace of beasts might is a crude necklace falls to the ground. This animate orb rolls in
made from a particular part (or close analog) the direction of the last location in which the
of a creature of a specic type: aberrations, source creature slept for at least 1 hour. The blood
animals, dragons, fey, magical beasts, oozes travels at a rate of 20 feet per round and can travel
(often made using hardened leftovers), or up to 10 miles over the span of 5 hours. If the orb
vermin. Regardless of the parts used to does not reach the creatures nest within 5 hours, it collapses
make the necklace, the necklace quietly into a puddle containing enough blood to activate another
rattles when a creature of the specic nest revealer.
type is within 100 feet of the wearer. CO N S T R U C T I O N R E QU I R E M E N T S CO S250
Each necklace also has additional Craft Wondrous Item, locate creature
abilities based on its component parts (or
analogs), and each requires an additional PRICE
spell in its construction.
SLOT none CL 8th WEIGHT1 lb.
Bones : The wearer gains DR 2/ against natural attacks
AURA moderate evocation
from the associated creature type. Moderate t ransmutation; CL
7th; stoneskin . This whetstone is made from nely worked obsidian.
Claws: The wearer gains a +2 morale bonus on attack rolls Sharpening a blade with this whetstone requires 15 minutes
against the associated creature type. Moderate transmutation; CL of work and grants the weapon the ability to ignore up to 3
8th; magic weapon. points of natural armor for its next ve attacks. If the target of
Eyes: The wearer gains a +5 insight bonus on Knowledge the weapons attack has a natural armor bonus of less than +3,
checks to identify creatures of the associated type and on the weapon deals 1 additional point of damage for each point
Perception checks opposed by such creatures Disguise checks. of natural armor below 3 the target has. The process of honing
Faint divination; CL 5th; know the enemy UM. the blade shatters a portion of the whetstones enchanted
Hair: The wearer gains a +2 competence bonus on Survival obsidian, dispelling its magic and turning it into a mundane
checks to track the associated creature type, and the scent special whetstone afterward.
ability, but only to notice odors of the associated creature type. CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS COST 1,000 GP
Faint transmutation; CL 5th; beast shape I. Craft Wondrous Item, keen edge
Horns: The wearer gains a +2 bonus on combat maneuvers and
to CMD against the associated creature type. Faint transmutation; PRICE
CL 5th; bulls strength.
SLOT none CL 10th WEIGHT3 lbs.
Scales: The wearer gains a +2 insight bonus to AC against attacks
AURA moderate illusion
made by the associated creature type. Moderate transmutation;
CL 9th; barkskin. This small container features
Teeth: The wearer gains a +2 bonus on damage rolls against a stone base with a glass cover.
creatures of that type. The wearers critical hits against such The container can hold half
creatures deal 1d6 bleed damage. Moderate transmutation; CL a pound of esh or similar
8th; magic weapon. organic matter, preserving it
CO N S T R U C T I O N R E QU I R E M E N T S CO Svaries
T for up to 24 hours. On command,
Bones 6,000
GP the container emanates the smell
Claws 4,500
GP of the contained material out to a 100-foot radius. Additionally,
Eyes 3,000
GP the container lets out a cry every minute, imitating that of an
Hair 4,000
injured member of the variety of the esh within the container.
Horns 4,000
Scales 4,500
GP This cry can be clearly heard up to 150 feet from the container.
Teeth 6,000
GP CO N S T R U C T I O N R E QU I R E M E N T S CO S3,000
Craft Wondrous Item, locate creature, additional spells (see text) Craft Wondrous Item, gentle repose, major image

Monster-Hunti ng Spells
The ollowing spells can give monster hunters a vital edge You can discharge this spell in order to make an especially
over their quarry. Several o these spells use monster parts powerful attack with the spear. The spears critical range
(such as those procured by the Harvest Parts eat on page 24) becomes 1820 and its critical multiplier becomes 3. If
as optional material components. you make this attack as part of a charge action, you gain an
enhancement bonus of +30 feet to your base speed while
DIMINISH RESISTANCE performing the charge. If you throw the spear as part of this
School transmutation; Level bard 2, cleric 2, inquisitor 2, attack, its range increment increases to 80 feet. If you cast
magus 2, mesmerist 2, psychic 2, sorcerer/wizard 2, witch 2 this spell on a masterwork spear, it also gains the bane special
Casting Time1 standard action ability against the selected creature type and automatically
ComponentsV, S, M/DF bypasses any damage reduction (except DR/) regardless
Rangemedium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level) of the creatures type. After resolving the attack, the spear is
Targetone creature completely destroyed in a burst of energy.
Duration1 round/level (D) Any creature other than you treats the spear as a normal
Saving ThrowFortitude negates; Spell Resistanceyes weapon of its type. You can have only one huntmasters spear in
You weaken a creatures resistance against one energy type effect at a time. If you cast the spell again, any previous instance
you select: acid, cold, electricity, re, or sonic. The creatures of the spell immediately ends. If you expend a monster trophy
resistance to that energy type decreases by 5 (minimum 0). This of the type selected as an optional material component for this
spell reduces the creatures resistance by an additional 5 for every spell, you reduce the casting time to 1 round.
5 caster levels beyond 3rd, to a maximum of 20 at 18th level.
GUARDING KNOWLEDGE Schoolabjuration; Level alchemist 3, druid 4, psychic 4, ranger 2,
Schoolabjuration;Levelalchemist 3, bard 3, cleric 3, inquisitor 2, shaman 4, spiritualist 3, summoner 3
occultist 3, psychic 3, sorcerer/wizard 3 Casting Time1 standard action
Casting Time1 standard action ComponentsV, S, M/DF (a scale from a lizard)
ComponentsV, S, M/DF (see text) Rangetouch
Range personal Targetcreature touched
Targetyou Duration1 minute/level
Duration1 minute/level (D) Saving ThrowFortitude negates (harmless); Spell Resistance
Upon casting this spell, choose a specic variety of monster (red yes (harmless)
dragon rather than dragon) and one of its special attacks that you Upon casting this spell, select one type of natural attack from the
have successfully identied with a Knowledge check or otherwise following: bite, claw, gore, hoof, pincers, slam, sting, swarm, tail
researched, such as a cockatrices petrication ability or a spider slap, talon, tentacle, or wing. For the duration of the spell, the
swarms poison. You gain a +4 insight bonus on saving throws target gains DR 5/ against all attacks from natural weapons of
against the selected special attack. The bonus does not apply to the selected type.
saves against other monsters abilities of the same name, spell-like
abilities, or special attacks derived from class levels or equipment. REPUGNANT TASTE
If you use a trophy from a monster of the exact same variety as an School transmutation [poison];Levelalchemist 3, bard 3, druid 4,
optional material component, the bonus increases to +6. mesmerist 3, ranger 3, shaman 4, witch 4
Casting Time1 standard action
HUNTMASTERS SPEAR ComponentsV, S, M/DF (mustard seed)
Schooltransmutation; Levelantipaladin 1, bloodrager 2, druid 2, Range touch
inquisitor 2, magus 2, occultist 2, paladin 1, ranger 1, shaman 2 Targetcreature touched
Casting Time10 minutes Duration10 minute/level
ComponentsV, S, M/DF (see text) Saving ThrowFortitude negates (harmless); Spell Resistance
Range touch yes (harmless)
Targetnonmagical spear touched The target creature begins sweating a foul liquid that makes
Duration24 hours or until discharged it repugnant to most living creatures. When a creature deals
Saving ThrowWill negates (harmless, object); Spell Resistance damage to the affected creature with a bite attack or the
yes (harmless, object) swallow whole ability, it must succeed at a Fortitude saving
Choose one creature type (and subtype, if applicable) from throw or become nauseated until the end of its next turn. After
the rangers favored enemy list. When you cast this spell, the a creature has become nauseated by this spell, each subsequent
targeted spear hums with destructive energy and functions as a failed saving throw against the spell instead gives it the sickened
+1 spear against creatures of the selected type. condition until the end of its next turn.

Monster Hunter's Handbook
Schoolevocation [light]; Level bard 1, cleric 2, inquisitor 2, Schoolillusion (glamer); Level medium 4, mesmerist 4,
medium 1, psychic 2, sorcerer/wizard 2 occultist 4, psychic 4, spiritualist 4
Casting Time1 standard action Casting Time1 round
ComponentsV, M/DF (piece of a mirror) ComponentsV, S
Range touch Rangelong (400 ft. + 40 ft./level)
Targetobject touched Area 60-ft.-radius emanation centered on a point in space
Duration10 minute/level Duration1 round/level (D)
Saving Thrownone; Spell Resistanceno Saving Thrownone; Spell Resistanceno
The touched object emits a shimmering light (as perlight) that Creatures within the area cannot send or receive telepathic
causes shadows to shift constantly in a 20-foot radius. Creatures messages, and anyone in the area casting a spell with a thought
lose any racial bonus on Stealth checks while in the area, and the component must succeed at a concentration check (DC = 20 +
light suppresses any bonuses on Stealth checks granted by visual twice the spells level; this includes the increased concentration
camouage (such as from camouage nettingUE or the camouage DC for casting spells with a thought component) or lose the spell.
rogue talentAPG). The unpredictable light patterns also interfere Furthermore, the thoughts of creatures within the area cannot be
with spells and effects of the pattern subschool, granting all detected, located, or read with thoughtsense, detect thoughts,
creatures in the area a +2 bonus on saves against such effects. or similar effects. Telepathic silence does not hinder spells that
target a creatures mind or that do not rely on
SLICK WALLS communication, such as mind thrustOA.
Schoolconjuration (creation); Levelbard 2, magus 2, sorcerer/
wizard 2, summoner 2
Casting Time1 standard action
ComponentsV, S, M (drop of oil)
Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Area30-ft.-radius emanation centered on a point inspace
Duration1 minute/level (D)
Saving Thrownone; Spell Resistanceno
You coat all walls and ceilings within the spells area with a
slick substance. The DC of all Climb checks forthe affected
surfaces increases by twice your caster level (maximum
+20). Creatures cannot take 10 on Climb checks while
scaling the affected surfaces, even if they have a climb
speed or other ability that would normally allow taking
10. This spell has no effect on magical walls or surfaces,
such as the sides of a hole created withcreate pitAPG.

Schooltransmutation [earth]; Level cleric 2, druid 2,
shaman 2, sorcerer/wizard 2
Casting Time1 standard action
ComponentsV, S, M/DF
Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Area up to two 10 -foot cubes per level (S)
Duration1 minute/level
Saving Throw Reex negates (see text);Spell Resistance no
Stone, dirt, and other types of earth within the area
become more tightly packed. Burrowing creature (including
those using earth glide) treat the area as difcult terrain.
Any creature that begins its turn burrowing in the affected
area becomes entangled for 1 round (Reex negates).
Tremorsense and similar senses are ineffective within
the affected area. Creatures with the earth mastery
special ability (such as earth elementals) double their
bonus on attack and damage rolls so long as both
they and their targets are touching the area affected by
this spell.

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This Pathnder Player Companion is intended for use with the Pathnder Roleplaying Game and
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