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Rune Ingwaz
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Written by Gnostic Instructor

This is a transcription of the audio lecture Runes 05 Rune Ingwaz AUDIO (38.53 MB)
originally given live on Gnostic Radio, which you can download for free.

The Rune Ingwaz, like the Rune Perth, teaches us a lot of

mysteries. The Rune Ingwaz is represented by a square - a
square that is between two joint Gibor Runes. Here, we can
see both runic glyphs.

As in the previous lectures, we are addressing the Aztec

Calendar in order to show how the masters that chiseled this
stone were indeed masters who knew about the runes. As with
the Aztec calendar and the pyramids of Egypt and the Yucatan, the Aztec pyramids were made
by masters in the golden age. These monuments were left in order for us to study them.

It is necessary to know Kabbalah and alchemy in order to delve into these symbols that are very
popular in this day and age. Through these symbols all esoteric wisdom and occultism emerges
on the surface of our minds.

If we observe the center of the Aztec Calendar we will discover that Tonatiuh, or the fifth sun, is
enclosed by four Ingwaz Runes that are the four squares around its face. A corner of each one
of these four squares is permeated in the circle or is protruding from the circle; each square
outshoots the quadrature of the circle. This outshooting indicates that this rune is related to the
activity of the solar fire.

We have previously explained that the center of the Aztec calendar, which symbolizes the sun,
contains many mysteries that we are now disclosing. The rune Ingwaz shows in this glyph how
the solar light enters into activity. In other words, how the Logos enters into activity. Remember
that the tongue symbolizes the word uttered from the mouth of Tonatiuh. We have talked about
the word in previous lectures, yet the Rune Ingwaz is showing us how the word enters into
activity due to the fact that the squares around the face of Tonatiuh are the four ages that
develop like rays of solar light from it. This is how it must be visualized.

Why is the glyph of Ingwaz a square? It is because the solar light works in the four elements of
nature. The square symbolizes the four elements. The earth itself Malkuth-represents the four
elements and that is why the sun Tonatiuh is the one that is giving the strength, the light, the life
to the earth, or the squares. This is why ancient initiates represented the earth as a flat square.
That flat square represents the Rune Ingwaz. This means that the solar light, INRI, enters into
activity through the cross - the quadrature of the circle, which relates to the four elements: fire,
air, water and earth. This is why it is stated:

For our God is [INRI] a consuming fire. - Hebrews 12: 29

That fire is the solar fire. If we inquire about the name of the
Rune Ingwaz we discover that it is also called ING that relates to
the God Frey, or Froh as Wagner calls him in his opera the
Ring of the Nibelungen. So the Futharkh, or Nordic alphabet,
states that Froh, or Frey, is associated with ING which means
"son of." In the English language we will see that "son of," ING
or Frey, is Balder. Balder is another name for "son of". Balder
is the Son in the Nordic trinity: Odin, Balder, and Thor. Wotan
is the same as Odin. So Balder is Frey. His feminine
companion is Freya, who we say is associated with Friday. But
Frey is also associated with Friday - Freya is Venus, Friday the
day of Frey, Venus.

Venus is always the star that appears before the sun rises and
before the sun sets. In the Aztec Calendar, Frey-Venus is
represented in the square. This is the Rune Ingwaz, or ING "son
of" Tonatiuh, the light - which is represented in the sun. Remember that ING means "son of"; this
also means that the offspring of the sun - the solar light - is the Logos. We easily understand
ING the "son of", the will of the Logos, in the English language, for instance, "to talk", when we
exercise the action of the verb "talk", we say talking, that is, we add ING at the end. Thus, ING is
the acting force of the Logos. So the Rune Ingwaz teaches us how the Light as well as the Logos
(the tongue of Tonatiuh) acts or enters into action through ING into the world.

In the beginning was the word; and the word was with God; and the word was God.
John 1: 1. [ING was in the begin-ing with God]

In order for God which is the word, the Logos to be active it needs the activity of the solar light,
the activity of ING, Frey, INRI, or in other words Christ which is what we call Ing in Greek. So
in order to put into activity every single word, every single verb, we add "ing"; thus, we say
walking, going, acting, transmuting. Thus, there is a difference between knowing about the
science of transmutation and actually transmuting; that is, to do the action of the science of
alchemy. There is a difference in knowing how to die and dying. Thus, to do what we know is
ING, because the law of Christ is sacrifice. It is stated that the "Son of" the Father performs the
will of God. ING is the one who performs the will of God. All things were made by ING; and
without ING nothing was made. So if we want to perform ING, the will of God, we need to study
the Rune Ingwaz because ING the "son of" is the will that "does".

In the Spanish language we add ando at the end of the word; this is from the verb "andar" to walk
or to move from one place to another. Hablar is to talk. Hablando is the action of the verb.
Sometimes we add "endo" and not "ando" which again means "andar," to walk. Thus "ando" is
equivalent to ING in English, which means to experience the verb, and this is precisely what we
need to see and understand in this Rune.

[Oh Solar Logos] Our Father which are in heaven, Hallowed be thy name; Thy
kingdom come; Thy will [ING] be done in earth [the square], as it is in heaven. -
Matthew 6: 9, 10

So, the sun through the solar energy, which is ING, is doing an experiment in nature. It is stated
by Samael Aun Weor that the sun is performing this experiment. Nature is represented by the
square. Ingwaz is doing that experiment. In the center of the Aztec calendar we see the four
previous outcomes of the sun. That is why it is stated:

The children of the first sun (the square on the right above) were devoured by the
The children of the second sun (the square on the left above) were destroyed by
strong hurricanes, cyclones.
The children of the third sun (the square on the right below) were devoured by fire
from heaven.
The children of the fourth sun (the Atlanteans) were devoured by the waters.

In synthesis we see the four elements, represented in the four squares around the face of
Tonatiuh; yet the Rune Ingwaz is directly related with INRI, the fire, the activity of the solar fire.
When we see ING, it is Frey, it is Balder, it is Froh that enters into activity in nature. Without the
activity of the solar light there will be no life on earth. It is essential to understand this. So ING, or
the lord, enters into us in order to activate the energy that we already have in our bodies, minds,
consciousness etc. This is why we always state that Gnosis is a practical knowledge with no
theories. We see the map of the path but then we need to enter into the Ingwaz in order to put it
into activity.

Let us study the other glyph of the Ingwaz; it is formed by a square in the middle and six Kaum
Runes around it. The Rune Kaum is made by a vertex or a vertical line with an upper line that
makes an open angle of 45 degrees; like a letter K without the line or leg at the bottom.

Kaum is a feminine rune which is above, below and to the sides of the square. Kaum is showing
us that the Rune Ingwaz receives in order to give. This is called the Trogoautoegocrat, which is
precisely the activity of the lord Christ. We have to receive INRI, Christic energy, and for that we
have to activate the four elements in us. This is why we say "our God is a consuming fire"
because it is INRI, fire, which is the solar energy that we receive. If we associate the second
glyph of the Rune Ingwaz with the glyph of the Rune Perth we will see how the chalice, or the
Holy Grail, can also be represented by the Ingwaz glyph.

We see in this graphic how the square or the four parts of the square are in the center stem of
the chalice. There are four figures there: we only see two but there are other two behind it. So
that is the square in the middle and above it we find the rune Kaum which is a V receiving the
force of heaven. The other rune Kaum is below receiving the force of the earth. Again, this is our
physicality because from the throat up we find the cup that contains the forces from heaven.

In this other graphic of the tree of life we see that the square is in the center uniting four
Sephiroth: Daath, Chesed, Geburah and Tiphereth. Below Tiphereth we have an upside down
Kaum or we can also say that it is the rune Ar, which is the Ara, or the altar upon which the Holy
Grail always rests.

If you have attended a ritual you know that the altar of the temple is usually a square. So upon
that square - which is really a cubic stone formed by six squares - you find the Holy Grail whose
base is precisely related with the rune Ar, which we physically make when we open our legs in
order to form the shape of the letter "A", the Ara, the Altar.

Samael Aun Weor talks extensively about the rune Ar in relation with the science of Peter which
is the stone. This is something that we need to understand. Peter is in the pineal gland controlling
the stone and is also working in the heart. Specifically, in the former graphic we see how the
Grail, the chalice, is related with all the ten Sephiroth of the tree of life. In it, the depth of the bowl
of the chalice relates to the Sephirah Daath and opens up towards Binah and Chokmah in order
to receive the light of Kether and beyond, because above Kether is the Ain Soph Aur, the Ain
Soph and the Ain, the light of the unknowable Seity or as we say in Gnosticism, the light of

The Gnostic Bible, the Pistis Sophia, talks about Barbelos. "Bar" means Son in Aramaic; and
"Belos" derives from "Bel" which is represented in Greek as "Belos" and in Latin as "Belus;" thus,
"Belos" is rooted in the Chaldean word "Bel" meaning tower of fire. Among the Gauls, Bel is also
the name for the sun. So "Bar," the Son of the tower of fire "Belos", is the "Light" that the Rune
Ingwaz gathers through its upper V that is symbolized in the bowl of the chalice or in the bowl of
an amphora.

We as amphoras always receive the strength of "Bel" from above through our Kether, into our
"Adam," head, bowl or tower, to effect the work of salvation that Bar (Son) or Ing (Son of) in the
heart, has to perform in us. Moreover, let us observe the base of the chalice-amphora, which in
the Rune Ingwaz is an upside-down V or an upside down Rune Kaum, or more specifically a
Rune Ar. The Rune Ar relates also to Bar ; "Baron= the son of the earth;" and the bowl to BEL-
ING, the son of the sun or (Beliling) the "Children of BEL" (Tiphereth, the sun) who also collects
from the earth. Thus, in order for Bar (Son) to act, that is, in order for ING, or the son of the
heart and sun, to act in us, it also needs the base of the chalice. The base receives the strength
of Yesod, the sexual energy and the strength of Malkuth, the earth, because in synthesis Yesod
and Malkuth are one feminine Sephirah, "Eve". Therefore, the upside-down V or the upside
down Rune Kaum, or the Rune Ar in the chalice represents the female aspect, or wife of Belos,
the Sun, or better said, Belit-ili, the "Lady of the Gods" of the Akkadians; the Moon, the Divine
Mother Kundalini. This reminds us of a conjuration taught by Master Samael Aun Weor.

Those who tread the path are often erotically attacked by the tenebrous ones
(usually at night) while their bodies repose during their normal sleep. Temples of
black magic exist in the Internal Worlds, thus, naturally, their tenebrous members
send certain very beautiful and seductive black sorceresses (children of Lilith) to
male students, with the sole purpose of making them fall sexually. They know that if
the student spills the seminal liquid, the Kundalini descends and thus the weak and
naive student loses power.
Mantric Chant
Therefore, it is necessary for the students to learn how to defend themselves from
these tenebrous nocturnal erotic attacks. To that effect, the Angel Aroch revealed a
mantric chant to us, for personal defense against the tenebrous ones. Sing this
mantric chant before going to sleep:
"Belilin... Belilin... Belilin... amphora of salvation I would like to be next to thee,
materialism is strengthless next to me, Belilin... Belilin... Belilin..." - Angel ARoch.

So behold the rune Ingwaz or Inguz teaches us how to receive and how to work with the upper
and lower forces when we are walking on the path. Usually, people only identify with the bowl or
upper part of the chalice and they forget that the chalice has a base, its lower part. We need to
also receive the strength of the earth as we receive the strength of heaven because "In the
beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth." The lord, the solar force, Christ descends
from the unknowable divine, from the regions of Barbelos, down through all the Ten Sephiroth
and coils down in Malkuth. So in the head and sex of Malkuth which is our physicality is where
we have Christ as solar creative energy.

So when we enter into this path we have to collect the two forces of heaven and earth in order to
create the third which is the light from above (the sun) that has to stay in (Tiphereth) our heart
() . This is what we have to understand. These forces are also represented in the Aztec
Calendar. See how the Aztec calendar is showing us the same. Above the head of Tonatiuh we
find a Kaum Rune which by itself is a symbol of fire.

Among the symbols in alchemy the triangle can symbolize all four elements: fire, air, water and
earth. A triangle pointing upwards symbolizes fire, and a triangle pointing downwards symbolizes
water. The triangle above, on the top of the head of Tonatiuh, which is like a horn, is the symbol
of fire and when adding the line across its apex, is air; while the triangular tongue is earth and
when adding the line across its mouth, is water.

So fire and air are always above and that is why in Hebrew the letter Aleph "A" symbolizes the
air and the letter shin "S" symbolizes fire. If we spell the two letters together we form the word
" Esh" which means fire in Hebrew; thus, there is fire in the air and in the air there is
fire. This is why it is written that the first emanation of the unknowable - which is the absolute - is
the ray of Okidanokh, which is the light emanated from the Ain Soph Aur which Madame
Blavatsky called "the eternal breath (' Neshamah') profoundly unknowable to itself."

Thus this " Neshamah" breathing is associated with air and at the same time with fire, and
with light - profoundly unknowable to itself. So air, fire, and light are represented by that horn on
top of the face of Tonatiuh, the sun. That triangle also symbolizes the pineal gland, the Chakra
Sahasrara, the Lotus of one thousand petals, or many light rays, that are going directly into the
solar absolute, the abode of Barbelos, the light of the Ain Soph Aur.

Therefore, the second glyph of the Rune Ingwaz is Inguz, is ING us, in our physicality. We must
understand that all forces gather in our physical body, which is represented by the square,
which represents the four elements in Malkuth. Master Samael Aun Weor states in his book The
Great Rebellion:

Fire envelopes and bathes us totally; it comes to us through the air, through water
and through the earth itself. These are its preservers and its diverse vehicles. The
Heavenly Fire must crystallize within us. It is the Intimate Christ, our profound
innermost Savior [Balder, Frey or Froh the God of love].

We see in this graphic the four elements forming a square. We have talked about how the air
relates to Kether, fire to Geburah, water to Yesod and earth to Malkuth. When we explained
about the exorcisms in relation to the tree of life, we explained how the fire is at the south, earth
at the north, water at the west and air at the east. This is how Ingwaz works with the forces of

On this graphic of the God Frey or Froh - who is related to ING, the Rune Ingwaz Frey is
riding a boar, a wild pig. This graphic brings into our mind the book The Three Mountains by the
master Samael Aun Weor; in the chapter the heaven of Venus he talks about Hercules, who we
know represents Geburah, the warrior who conquers Venus by dominating and killing the boar of
Mount Erymanthus which represents the wild animal instincts in us. Christ, who is represented in
the graphic as the God Froh, or Balder, rides on the boar; this means that he is controlling the
animal forces, the instinctive forces. The same is what we have to do, that is, to ride on the boar
and to then kill it later on. Nowadays, people do not ride on the boar, they do not control the
animal forces; instead, they eat the boar, which is not good for us. Hercules killed the boar on
Mt. Erymathus and ate it, but this metaphorically means that he absorbed his psychic energy.
The boar is a symbol of Nephesh, or "animal soul", that we have to absorb every time that we
comprehend an animalistic instinctual defect in us. Our sexual appetite is represented in this
boar; we obtain the energy of the earth when we kill it because the force of the earth is
represented in this boar which in Hebrew is called Behemoth.

Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox. Lo now,
his strength is in his loins, and his force is in the navel of his belly. Job 40: 15, 16

Like a boar, Behemoth is a symbol of the bestial force that we have in the navel of our belly,
which is the area of Venus, related with negative emotions. We have to transform negative
emotions into positive emotions; the area of our belly is related with the Sephirah Hod. The
prince of the light of Hod, the astral light, is Anael represented in this case by Froh or Balder,
Hod is energy that we have to control.

Samael Aun Weor states: "Christ is Ing the fire of the fire, the flame of the flame, the astral
signature of fire. On top of the cross of the martyr of Calvary, the mysteries of Christ is defined
in one word which is written with four letters. These four letters are I-N-R-I; Ignis Natura
Renovatur Integra, meaning: 'Ignis = Ing-is, Fire that' renews nature incessantly."

"Now the advent of Ing Christ into the heart of the human being transforms us radically. Christ is
the solar logos, the perfect multiple unity. Christ is life throughout the entire universe. Christ is
what is, what has always been and that which shall always be. Much has been said about the
cosmic drama and without question this drama is made up by four gospels." Why four gospels?
It is because the square is made up by the four elements.

When we want to see the fire of the fire we have to light a bonfire, so to see Ing the fire of the
fire within that bonfire but such a fire is also in the water, in the air and in the earth. That is why
the master says that the fire surrounds us everywhere and that is why our God is a consuming
fire, which we have to control.

Regarding the solar Christic fire we find something very interesting that will help us to better
comprehend the Rune Ingwaz which is always related with the number four, the square and the
way we can take advantage of the solar forces in nature. We find in the fifth book of The Gnostic
Bible, the Pistis Sophia, the following:

Jesus said unto his disciples: "Draw near unto me." And they drew near unto him. He
turned himself towards the four corners of the world, said the great name YEW over
their heads [the Chakra Sahasrara], blessed them and breathed into their eyes.
Jesus said unto them: "Look up and see what ye may see [with your clairvoyance].
141: 4-7

Behold the Rune Ingwaz in the former paragraph, we see it when we read that master Jesus -
ING, the "Son of" - turned himself to the four corners of the world, namely, to the East, to the
West, to the South and to the North. Again, behold the square and the Rune Kaum above it,
when he said to his disciples the word YEW. In a previous lecture we explained that the word
YEW is written with three Hebrew letters: " Yew" Yod, Hei, Vav - this is how it is written. YEW
relates to the three primary forces; Kether, Chokmah, Binah. YEW is the triple unity,
represented by the first triangle of the tree of life.

So where is Yew, or Jew, in our physicality? Yew. or Jew. is situated in the magnetic center of
the root of our nose, which is where we find the atom of the Father. We find the atom of the Son
in the pituitary gland and the atom of the Holy Spirit in the pineal gland. Behold the trinity in our
own physical heaven, our head; there is where we find Yew or Jew, which is IAO the powerful
mantra that unites the three primary forces; positive, negative and neutral, or Father, Son and
Holy Spirit.

And to the angel [YEW] of the church in Philadelphia write; These things said he
[Kether] that is holy, he [Chokmah] that is true, he [Binah] that has the key of David,
he [ = YEW] that opens [the clairvoyant chakra], and no man shuts; and shuts, and
no man opens; I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door
[clairvoyance], and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept
my word, and have not denied my name. Behold, I will make them of the synagogue
of Satan, which say they are Jews [ Yews], and are not, but do lie; behold, I will
make them to come and worship before your feet [the Rune Ar], and to know that I
have loved you. Because you have kept the word of my patience, I also will keep you
from the hour of [sexual] temptation, which shall come on the entire world, to try
them that dwell on the earth [Malkuth]. Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which
you have, that no man take your crown [Kether]. Him that overcomes will I make a
pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write on him
[on the forehead] the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is
new Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from my God: and I will write on
him my new name. He that has an ear let him hear what the Spirit said to the
churches. Revelation 3: 7-13

Now when in The Pistis Sophia we read that Jesus "said the great name YEW over their heads,
blessed them and breathed into their eyes," and said unto them: "Look up and see what ye may
see", Jesus uttered the name YEW into their eyes in order to invoke the forces that we have in
the pineal gland, the pituitary gland and at the root of our nose, because in them is YEW. And
when you read that Jesus said, "Look up and see what you may see,", if you do not know how to
read this, then you will look up to the ceiling or to the sky. When esoterically it is said "look up,"
we look up towards our clairvoyant eye. We just raise our physical eyes, and in doing so we
become cross eyed. Both of our eyes are turned in towards the root of our nose exactly where
the clairvoyant eye is situated. The clairvoyant eye is between the eyebrows. So, look up and
see what you may see with your chakra Ajna.

When people read "look up and see what you may see," they think, "well up there is the sky, up
there are clouds, up there are flying birds; listen up there is heaven, your heaven, your own
head. So, look up there, what do you see? Well, since Jesus' disciples were clairvoyants, The
Pistis Sophia states:

And they raised their eyes and saw a great, exceedingly mighty light, which no man
in the world can describe. Pistis Sophia

That mighty light is the light of Kether the crown chakra and beyond. Remember that we said that
the Macrocosmos is represented by Adam Kadmon, who is Kether, the head of the trinity.

Moreover, when Jesus said unto his disciples, "Draw near unto me". Understand that we then
must draw our attention near unto the atom of "ING" the "Son of", in the pituitary gland, and by
concentrating our sight on our clairvoyant eye - Ajna chakra - we look up toward the chakra
Sahasrara and consciously see Kether, the crown, the head of the trinity, the Father of all the
lights. In other words, by looking up with our clairvoyant eye, we see Barbelos, the light of lights,
we see the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; the Ain Soph Aur, the Cosmic Christ.

Thus, when we activate our pineal and pituitary eyes, we see a great, exceedingly mighty light,
which no man in the world can describe. This is the light of Barbelos at the top of our head that
is connected to the pineal gland, the pituitary gland and the magnetic field of the root of our
nose, within them are the three atoms that open our clairvoyant eye in order to see that
marvelous light that connects our monad to the absolute. That light is what we call the Glorian,
our own particular individual Glorian that enters into our pineal gland through our chakra

He said unto them anew: "Look away out of the light and look toward the other side
and see what ye may see." The Pistis Sophia

So when we look away out of that light - which connects us to the absolute, the unknowable
divine - and look toward the other side, what is the other side and what is that which we may
see? The other side is the heart in us. The head is the side of the light of lights is the
Macrocosmos, Arik Anpin. The other side represents the Microcosmos, Zeir Anpin, Tiphereth.
So this is what we have to understand.
Thus, let us look away out of the light of the first triangle, the head of the tree of life and look
toward the other side and see what we may see. So, we have to turn our inner sight towards the
seven lower Sephiroth, towards Zeir Anpin, our interior universe.

They said: "We see fire [within], water, wine and blood." The Pistis Sophia

If we do not know Kabbalah we won't know what that fire, water, wine and blood are.

Let us study the tree of life regarding fire, water, wine and blood, in order for us to understand.
Upon the rune Ingwaz that we drew within the tree of life, we show the fire in relation with Daath
but why with Daath? It is because the " Esh" solar fire is related with Shin, which represents
the holy trinity, as well as with Aleph, the breath, which also represents the trinity. When we talk
about the breath, we address " Esh", fire and air, in relation with Daath, because " Esh"
fire and air join in Daath which is the mystery of the tree of good and evil.

Below Daath we find Chesed and Geburah. Chesed relates to water and Geburah to wine, and
Tiphereth, which is the heart, to blood. Here, we are addressing very clearly our own
individuality, in other words, our Monad, because the Microcosmos is related with the Monad and
all its parts.

In Kabbalah and Alchemy we know that the water relates to Chesed, which we have stated many
times, is the Ruach Elohim that floats upon the face of the waters, the mercury of philosophy.
The wine relates to Geburah. The fruit of the grapevine is the wine. The Eucharist is another
name for it. The transmutation of water into wine, Chesed into Geburah, relates to the
transformation of " Esh" the solar fire in the water of our physicality, into " Esh" solar fire
of the wine of the transubstantiation, which relates to Geburah. Thus, when we talk about wine we
talk about " Esh" the solar fire within the wine, which relates to transubstantiation. Such are
the mysteries of Geburah.

Thus, " Esh" solar fire is within the water; " Esh" solar fire is within the wine and " Esh"
solar fire is within the blood. Many times we have also said that the blood is also fire. So, in other
words, in water, wine and blood we find the mystery of " Esh" the solar fire of Daath within the
Microcosmos, the Monad.

So when you read the scripture of the fifth book of Pistis Sophia that states, "They said: 'We see
fire [within], water, wine and blood.' " and you don't know the mysteries of alchemy you might
think that they are seeing an altar. Remember the symbols on any altar are related with the
Monad, the second triangle of the tree of life. The Monad is the second triangle, is the Trimurti:
Atman, Buddhi, Manas, or the Spirit, Divine Soul and Human Soul; the Being and his twin souls
below. So let us continue with what the master Jesus said in Pistis Sophia.

Jesus, -- that is Aberamentho, -- said unto his disciples: "Amen, I say unto you: I
have brought nothing into the world [into this physicality, which is his physical body]
when I came, save this fire [within], this water, this wine and this blood." The Pistis

Water, wine and blood relate to Chesed, Geburah and Tiphereth. These are the powers of the
Monad together with the fire of the Lord in Daath, because the Lord is " Esh" the solar fire of
Chokmah, which descends from Daath into the Monad. In order for the Lord, " Esh", the solar
fire of Chokmah, to descend into any initiate, such initiate has to enter into Tiphereth, which is
the human soul. In order for Chokmah to enter into the human soul, the initiate has to reach the
level of the fifth initiation of major mysteries. This is how Wisdom, Chokmah, Sophia, the Lord,
can bring into that created world, into that Human Soul, into that Pistis, the elements that we
address, namely, the fire, the water, the wine, and the blood.

I [Chokmah, Sophia] have brought the water [fiery power of Chesed] and the fire
[power of Daath] out of the region of [Kether] the Light of the lights of the Treasury of
the Light; and I have brought the wine [fiery power of Geburah] and the blood [fiery
power of Tiphereth] out of the region of Barbelos. The Pistis Sophia
The region of Barbelos is the Ain Soph Aur which is the unknowable divine. From the region of
Barbelos comes " Esh" the solar fire, the pure fire of the Lord, the Cosmic Christ. " Esh"
the solar fire, descends from the region of Barbelos, the Ain Soph Aur through the ray of
Okidanokh, the Glorian, and transforms his Seity into the Holy Trinity. This means Kabbalistically
that his Seity is transformed into the letter Shin, Aleph and Mem, which is " Sham" the Solar
Triamatzikamno, namely, Kether, Chokmah, Binah; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. From Kether
that " Esh" - solar fire in Aleph, the Father, the Breath - breathes Shin the Son,
Chokmah, "Sophia" - which in Hebrew and Greek means wisdom respectively into Binah, who
by means of Mem, the Divine Mother Kundalini engenders Chokmah-Sophia into Daath.
Samael Aun Weor in his book Tarot and Kabbalah states:

The letter Mem is death and regeneration. See for yourselves that an intimate
relationship exists between death and [Mem] water. The Thirteenth Arcanum, which
is death, is related with (Mem) the waters.- Tarot and Kabbalah

Initiates from all times talk in different apocrypha about the descent of Sophia from the Thirteenth
Aeon into the Universe. Samael Aun Weor in his book Tarot and Kabbalah states:

Kether is the Elder of the Days, the Hidden of the Hidden, the Goodness of the
Goodness. Kether has thirty-one (31) curls in his hair. - Tarot and Kabbalah

31 is 13 backwards, this means that the back of his head is attached to the 31 divine emanations
of "Ain," the Thirteenth Aeon. In other words, as Malkuth is attached to Kether, likewise, Kether,
who is the Hidden and the Goodness in the universe, is attached to "Ain", the Thirteenth Aeon
that is the Hidden and the Goodness in the Absolute.

Kether also has thirteen (13) ringlets in His beard. Thirteen symbolizes the Logos,
the Word [his breath]. Marvelous things have been spoken about Kether. One can
have a meeting with Kether through Samadhi (ecstasy) in order to receive his
commands. Kether is infinitely merciful. Kether is Absolute Wisdom [Sophia].
- Tarot and Kabbalah

So, who is this Sophia that appears in the Universe from the thirteenth Aeon (the Absolute)? This
Sophia is Kether that emerges from the Thirteenth Aeon. Remember that the Thirteenth Aeon is
"Ain," the nothingness, the Cosmic Common Universal Father, the Absolute. The Twelfth Aeon is
the Ain Soph, the limitless, the Cosmic Common Universal Mother. And the Eleventh Aeon is the
Ain Soph Aur, the limitless light, the Cosmic Common Universal Son-Christ.

Thus, when it is stated that Sophia, Wisdom, Chokmah descends from the "Ain" the Thirteenth
Aeon, the nothingness, we have to understand that this means that such Sophia that descends
from "Ain" is " Esh" solar fire, the Sophia, the Wisdom, the essence of "Ain" - of those who
reached Paramartha (absolute cognizance).
This word Paramartha is very important; it is a Sanskrit word made from Parama: uppermost,
Martha: meaning Consciousness. The uppermost is "Ain" the Absolute. Martha is a humble
disciple of the lord that does all the different chores in order for the lord to have energy. She
cooks for the Lord; thus Martha is related with the digestive system. But Martha is not just the
flesh of our stomach. Martha is the intelligence that transforms the energy of the food in our
stomach; she is an intelligence that humbly works in the digestive system like a servant even if
we put junk food into our mouth, into our stomach, she takes it, cooks it and transforms it; in
alchemy we say she makes honey with it.

Thus, Martha is that cognizance that we have to conquer because she is a humble alchemist that
does her work in our physicality without our intervention; but any walker of the path has to work
with Martha, the consciousness, that is, the Alchemist has to have a completely awakened
cognizance in order to enter into the "Parama," the "Ain", the uppermost part of the absolute; the
Alchemist needs to acquire absolute consciousness, Paramartha.

In Sanskrit the absolute is called "Sat." Thus, from Sat, the absolute, comes the word Sathya, an
absolute true being, a possessor of the absolute truth, an inhabitant of Sat, the absolute.
Therefore, the one who has conquered Paramartha is call Paramarthasatya, that is, a humble
worker, who - only by conquering Martha - has gain the right to enter into "Parama," the "Ain",
the uppermost part of the absolute. This is why it is written:

And Jesus gave his hand unto Martha and said unto her: "Blessed is every one who
humbles himself, for on him they shall have mercy. - The Pistis Sophia Ch. 38

"ING" takes Martha by the hand, when the initiate is absolutely cognizant of his nothingness, in
order to enter into the Ain and to become a Paramarthasatya. So behold Martha up there as
Paramartha within "Ain," the nothingness.

Nevertheless, Martha is also related with the Sephirah Hod, in the solar plexus, which is related
with our emotions. Remember that we have to transform the negative emotions into positive
emotions. Martha never lies; she always says the right thing. So the negative emotions have to
be transformed because we poison ourselves with negative emotions. This is why Martha is
related with the Sephirah Hod. She is also related with our blood, the heart. Martha is there in the
blood; Martha is there in the stomach, Martha is everywhere, it is the consciousness, it is
Zoostat, the awakened consciousness.

So the consciousness of a Paramarthasatya is Om Tat Sat - "All that is the Truth", their Zoostat
that descends from the thirteen Aeon. The Paramarthasatyas are those Monads that already gain
the right of abiding within the "Ain," because they self realized "Om Tat Sat" within themselves.
Thus, they can help other Monads, like Master Jesus who is a Paramarthasatya, an inhabitant of
the absolute. Jesus, Aberamentho, descended from the Thirteenth Aeon in order to help all

So, when Sophia, as Paramartha, descends from the Thirteenth Aeon, she enters into the womb
of the Ain Soph which is the Unmanifested Mother and is born as Ain Soph Aur. From that Ain
Soph Aur, which is Barbelos, emerges the ray of Okidanokh. This is the dissention of
Paramartha or Kether, Absolute Wisdom [Sophia] into the Universe. Once Absolute Wisdom
[Sophia] is into the Trimurti, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, She becomes Chokmah; thus, as
Chokmah, Sophia descends through the Holy Spirit into Daath, as a power of the fire.

Our individuality, our Monad, who is Pistis, is already there in Daath. Pistis is related with faith,
but it is also related with the intellect, better said, the Superior Intellect or Objective Reasoning.
This is because Pistis relates to the superior manas and the inferior manas which are the two
vehicles that we have to build in order to reach the level of human being. Once we reach the level
of human being with these two inferior and superior manas or superior intellect or superior mind
then Pistis is already created within. Thus, once Pistis is already created, Sophia can enter into
this Superior Manas, in Daath, and then we have Pistis Sophia, which is the bodhisattva, the Son
of Man. Thus, this is how Sophia - that descended from the thirteenth Aeon - descends into the
initiate in order to make of him/her a solar human. That is ING, Ingwaz, the activity of the Logos,
the Word from the unknowable to the knowable.

Thus ING or Frey or Froh, Balder, the Christ, emanates first from the very bosom of "Ain" the
Cosmic Common Universal Father and appears in the universe. This is why the Lord suffers
because when he enters into the bodhisattva, that is, when Sophia mingles with Pistis, with the
human soul, Sophia also mingles with the mental body, astral body, vital and physical body.
Since Pistis, the human soul, has three electronic bodies, namely, astral, mental and causal
bodies, all of them form the solar consciousness in the initiate. Sophia descends even beyond
the consciousness, she enters into the chaos. What chaos? It is the chaotic infraconsciousness,
subconsciousness, and unconsciousness of the initiate. This is the sacrifice of the lord in the
bodhisattva in order to perform what Pistis Sophia, the bible of the Gnostics, calls the thirteen
repentances that one by one are done by Sophia together with Pistis or in Christian terms, John
the Baptist together with Jesus. Jesus is the savior Sophia and John the Baptist is Pistis, the
created man, the terrestrial man.

This is how we understand what Jesus -- that is Aberamentho, -- said unto his disciples:

Amen, I say unto you: I have brought nothing into the world when I came, save this
fire [within], this water, this wine and this blood. I have brought the water and the fire
out of the region of the Light of the lights of the Treasury of the Light; and I have
brought the wine and the blood out of the region of Barbelos. The Pistis Sophia

Because before entering into Malkuth, the World, the Christic fire mingles first in the region of
Daath with the Monad. The fire is Daath, the water is Chesed, the wine is Geburah and the blood
is Tiphereth; all of them together are in us and represent the sacred elements on the altar that
contain the solar fire. Sequentially Pistis Sophia states:

And after a little while [from the region of the Light of the lights] my father sent me
[as fire, through] the Holy Spirit in the type of a white dove. The Pistis Sophia

The white dove is the Holy Spirit, Binah, the spirit of the water that descends from Kether (the
region of the Light of the Lights) into Daath and from Daath into Tiphereth and from Tiphereth
into Yesod in order to perform the alchemical work, which is, the transmutation of the waters into

And the fire [in] the water and the wine are for the purification of all the sins of the
world. The [fire in the] blood on the other hand was for a sign unto me because of the
human body which I received in the region of Barbelos [the Ain Soph Aur], the great
power of [Ain] the invisible God. The breath on the other hand advances towards all
souls and leads them unto the region of the Light. The Pistis Sophia

Regarding the breath, we address it in the Rune Perth. Still, what is that breath that leads human
souls unto the region of the light?

For (when we do not know about sexual alchemy) Yod-Chavah Elohim (in Yesod)
had not caused it to rain upon the earth (upon our head, Kether), and there was not
Adam (Human Soul in Tiphereth) to till (Adamah) the ground. But (nevertheless)
there went up a mist (or sexual breath) from (Yesod of) the earth (our physicality),
and watered the whole face of (Adamah) the ground (our physicality). Genesis 2: 5-

Thus, when we know that this fiery Christic breath enters through our nostrils, the head; and
from the head descends into the lungs; and from the lungs into the heart; and from the heart into
the genitalia in our physicality or Malkuth; then we know how to perform our sexual alchemical
work with the Sahaja Maithuna or with Pranayama:

And (thus, below, in Yesod) Yod-Chavah Elohim formed (the Human Soul) Adam of
(the Christic fire of the mist - or breath - from the earth that went up from) the dust of
(Adamah, the Earth), the ground (into Tiphereth), and (thereafter from above in
Daath, Kether, Eheieh) breathed (Chokmah) into his nostrils (as Neshamah) the
breath of life; and (through this communion of Chokmah with Tiphereth, the Human
Soul) Adam (became the Son of Man, who by liberating Sophia from his Nephesh or
animality) became a living soul. Genesis 2: 5-7

This is why we insist that the lord, the Christic fire, works in three aspects in us. In doing that
transformation the lord needs the fire of the water which is of course the mercury of the wise in
us. The lord needs the fire of the vine, found in the juice of the grapevine.

I am the (fire in the) vine, you are the branches: He that abides in me, and I in him,
the same brings forth much fruit: for without me (the fire in the vine) you can do
nothing. John 15: 5

So, the branches of the vine symbolize Adam and Eve, Ida and Pingala, the Lord is the fire that
rises through Sushumna, but also represents the fiery force that comes from above, from
Geburah, from the spiritual soul, from our own particular Monad that is united with the fire of
Chokmah in Tiphereth, the heart. This is why we cannot replace the Eucharist "for without me
(the fire of the vine) you can do nothing. (Read the lecture Christification by Samael Aun Weor
in our website).

Master Samael Aun Weor talks about the importance of the transubstantiation and that we should
never stop taking it, or to go against it. We need the Christic fire of the vine, because the work is
done by the fire through our Monad, our Being: Chesed, Geburah and Tiphereth; the fire, INRI is
the one who does the alchemical work. For the fire of our Being is in the wine together with the
fire of the Lord. The fire, the Lord, is in the water which is the fire, the Lord, in the blood,
transmuted into wine. That is precisely the symbol of the fire of ING because the square that we
see in the rune Ingwaz is related with this transformation.

Behold here is Martha. Isn't she beautiful? She is dealing with all the food that we have to eat. It
appears she is saying "You have to eat fish, birds, fruit, cereals and red meat."

Our animality is represented by the boar that is hanging behind her. Remember that the boar
represents the instinctive animal forces in us. Do not kill a boar and eat it, because that is a
devolving animal. We have to destroy the psychological boar, the animality inside us. Behold,
behind Martha is Mary and Jesus talking pleasantly. So, let us comprehend Martha's work and
read about Martha:

Now it came to pass, as they went, that he entered into a certain village: and a
certain woman named Martha received him into her house. And she had a sister
called Mary, which also sat at Jesus' feet, and heard his word. But Martha was
encumbered about much serving, and came to him, and said, Lord, do you not care
that my sister has left me to serve alone? Bid her therefore that she help me. And
Jesus answered and said to her, Martha, Martha (in the digestive system), you are
careful and troubled about many things: But one thing is needful: and Mary has
chosen (sexual alchemy) that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.
Luke 10 38-42

Martha is related with innate cognizance in Malkuth, the intelligence that humbly works in the
stomach, the digestive system. Remember that humbleness also relates with the emotions in our
belly, we have to humbly transform the negative emotions in Hod.

If we do not transform the negative emotions of pride, vanity, self-esteem, arrogance, etc. into
virtues, then we think that we are going to do the work by ourselves without the help of the Lord,
that is, we do not allow Martha, which is humbleness, to transform them. Humbleness is
necessary in order for the Lord to work through us because the Lord is the Holy Denying. Let us
deny our selfishness, let us go directly into that negative emotion that we feel and transform it
into a superior emotion in the heart; because we always feel what we are in the heart.

When somebody accuses us and says "You are guilty", we then with the index finger point at
our heart and say: "Who me?" This is because we feel ourselves in the emotional center, in the
center of feelings. Martha is in Hod, but as positive emotion. Thus, negative emotions have to be
transformed and the only one capable to do it is Martha, when we as souls receive the sacred
fire of the Eucharist in our heart. Thus, let us allow the Holy Denying to enter into our minds
during meditation in order to do it; because, if we are proud, vain and conceited and think that
we are going to do it by ourselves, and there is a lot of mystic vanity and pride present, then the
Lord does not enter.

If the Lord is inside Martha's house as we can see in the graphic, it is because Martha is
humble. She is doing what she has to do for him, that is, the transformation of the three types of
food: air, food and impressions.

Behind the Lord and Mary are other apostles or archetypes waiting for Martha's food, waiting for
her transformations to be made in order to eat because the apostles - as was taught in a
previous lecture - are related with the endocrine glands in our body.

It is not that Peter is the pineal gland, but that the intelligence, the archetype, of Peter is working
through the pineal gland. This is how we have to understand this. This is how we have to
understand Martha. Martha as an archetype is at the very bottom in Malkuth which is a feminine
Sephirah, because our physicality is feminine; Martha in Malkuth is related to the digestive
system, in Hod with the Eucharist and the transformation of negative emotions and as
Paramartha in "Ain".

So this painting that we have analyzed is telling us much. When we have Martha active, the Lord
and Mary are waiting for their food behind her. In other words, first Martha has to feed our body
in order for Mary to be ready for Sexual Alchemy; likewise, Martha as Isis prepares the
Eucharist and transform impressions, the negative emotions, the Holy Denying in Hod in order to
feed the Lord in the heart with Superior Emotions. And as Paramartha she is only waiting for the
Lord in order to enter into the Absolute. We have to know how to transform good and evil; we
have to know how to give because as we see in the painting, Martha is always giving. She is a
philanthropist, she is working very hard in the stomach for our health. She humbly works very
hard when we transform the negative emotions into positive emotions; Martha through the
digestive system takes food and transforms it into energy that she gives away to the body.
Through impressions Martha receives negative emotions and for the sake of humanity she
transforms them into positive emotions. This is why at the end, Martha, submissive to the Lord,
remains with the nothingness, "Ain." Thus, humbleness is what Martha represents.

Master Samael Aun Weor stated: "When we receive negative impressions we have to receive
them with gladness and transform them into good." The food is very easy to transform but the
negative emotions are very difficult. Usually we do not transform negative emotions into food but
into poison - revenge, hatred, and anger. We have to allow Martha to do the work in the
emotional center. Emotions are felt in the area of the stomach, the belly or solar plexus. The
initiate enters and comprehends the work of Martha when he/she allows the superior emotions to
work in him in order to overcome his ego.

In this graphic we see at the very edge of a precipice, Frey, the God of love in love with Freya or
Jesus Christ in love with Mary. Jesus said:

"For this cause have I said unto you: "I am come to cast fire on the earth that is: I am
come to purify the sins of [Mary Magdalene] the world with fire. The Pistis Sophia

Remember that fire is in the four elements of the world. Remember the Pancatattva Ritual. In
Sanskrit Panca means five. The fifth element is in our sexual glands, our own Akasha tattva
which is formed by what we eat, namely, fire-meat-Tejas-tattva, water-fish-Apas-tattva, earth-
cereals-Pritvi-tattva, and air-wine-Vayu-tattva. These are the Panca-tattvas.

And for this cause have I said to the Samaritan woman: 'If thou knewest of the gift of
God, and who it is who saith unto thee: Give me to drink, -- thou wouldst ask, and he
would give thee living water, and there would be in thee a spring which welleth up
for everlasting life. The Pistis Sophia

That well is the sexual force. The Samaritan woman is your physicality. She is a woman who is
looking for the knowledge in this physical world but doesn't know how to start.

The woman said to him, Sir, give me this water, that I thirst not, neither come here to
draw. Jesus said to her, Go, call your husband, and come here. The woman
answered and said: I have no husband. Jesus said to her, you have well said, I have
no husband: For you have had five husbands; and he whom you now have is not
your husband: in that said you truly. John 4: 15-18

The woman was an adulterer like any one of us, since the cup that brings the water from the well
up to everlasting life is the sexual organ. The Lord is the fire within the water or our own
mercury, which represents our own sexual matter.

"And for this cause I took also a cup of wine, The Pistis Sophia

This is a symbol of the fire in the Eucharist, because when the priest invokes the fire with special
mantras, that fire enters into the wine and into the bread- especially the wine which is the blood
of the Lord. So, when we drink the wine we must understand that Martha is the one who
transforms that into marvelous solar atoms which will feed our body, psyche and spirit.

...blessed it and give it unto you and said: 'This is the blood of the covenant which
will be poured out for you for the forgiveness of your sins. The Pistis Sophia

The light that enters through the Eucharist helps us to understand because it is solar light that
enlightens our consciousness in order to comprehend our own ego.

And for this cause they have also thrust the spear into my side, and there came forth
water and blood. The Pistis Sophia

The water relates to that mercury of Chesed and the blood to Tiphereth which is at the right side
of the tree of life. So that wound is in the right side of the lord because this is were you find
Chesed and Tiphereth, which is in the center.

And these are the mysteries of the Light which forgive sins; that is to say, these are
the namings and the names of the Light. The Pistis Sophia

The light is fire, the fire is light, or Lucifer in Latin. ING is the fire that circulates in our whole
body; the fire is circulate-ING, feed-ING our whole self physically, psychologically and
spiritually. Do you see what the marvelous mystery of the Rune ING-waz is?

In a previous lecture we have taught about the apostles of ING, or the archetypes- symbols in the
body. We have focused on Martha relating to the stomach, because as an archetype she is a
special disciple of the Lord. Without Martha we are lost. If we don't eat as we should, that is, to
eat always concentrated in the Lord, we may have indigestion, which means that Martha didn't
do her work. But maybe it was because we ate something unhealthy. Martha always suffers the
consequences of our ignorance.

Regarding the twelve apostles of ING, the Lord, it is written: "Faith produces strength, and
strength develops faith." Faith in the pineal gland produces strength in our kidneys and the
strength of our kidneys develops faith in our pineal gland. The strength in our kidneys is related
with the apostle Andrew who, from the suprarenal glands situated above the kidneys, gives us
sexual strength. Andrew and Peter are brothers because they depend on one another. That is
why we stated that faith develops strength and strength develops faith.
Love without cognizance is destructive but together they produce Dharma. Human love is John,
the buddha-dhatu in the Thymus, who is always nourishing himself from the heart's effluvia,
meaning, from the Divine love of the Lord Jesus.

James the Elder is related with the pancreas. Cognizance relates to James the Elder, who is the
understanding or comprehension that we have in our pancreas in regards to digestion and

That is why James and John are brothers. John is love, and James is cognizance. Love is law,
but love with cognizance, meaning love with comprehension, transformation. If we just love
mechanically without comprehension that is not cognizant love. This is why James the Elder is
related with the transformation of all the solar spiritual forces in the food, all the forces and
energies of the body that nourish John.

Imagination creates and the creative power of the word expresses itself imaginatively. Who is
imagination? Imagination is Bartholomew, the apostle related to the pituitary gland. See the
meaning of his name: Bar means Son in Aramaic, as ING the "son of," the atom of the Son that
we have in the pituitary gland. The atom of the father is at the root of the nose and the atom of
the Holy Spirit is in the pineal gland. So Bartholomew is a son of a warrior, the one who is
always watching. He is related with clairvoyance and his brother is Phillip, who is related with
clairaudience and is the power of the word. In Pistis Sophia, Phillip is the scribe, the one who
writes all the statements of Master Jesus. Philip does it because he knows the Kabbalistic

Can we imagine for instance Phillip not knowing the meaning of the twenty-two letters of
Kabbalah, the Hebrew Alphabet? How is he going to write without knowing the alphabet? Phillip
writes because he knows very well the alphabet. He knows the mystery of the word, the written
word. This is why it is written:

And the angel of the Lord spoke to Philip, saying: Arise, and go toward the south to
the way that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza, which is desert. And he arose and
went: and, behold, a man of (Chesed) Ethiopia, an eunuch of great authority under
Candace queen of the Ethiopians, who had the charge of all her treasure, and had
come to Jerusalem for to worship, Was returning, and sitting in his chariot read
Isaiah the prophet. Then the Spirit said to Philip, Go near, and join your self to this
chariot. And Philip ran thither to him, and heard him read the prophet Isaiah, and
said, understand you what you read?
And he said, how can I, except some man should guide me? And he desired Philip
that he would come up and sit with him. The place of the scripture which he read
was this:
"He was led as a sheep to the slaughter; and like a lamb dumb before his shearer, so
opened he not his mouth: In his humiliation his judgment was taken away: and who
shall declare his generation? For his life is taken from the earth."
And the eunuch answered Philip, and said, I pray you, of whom speaks the prophet
this? of himself, or of some other man?
Then Philip opened his mouth, and began at the same scripture, and preached to
him Jesus (the solar fire of ING). And as they went on their way, they came to certain
water: and the eunuch said, See, here is water; what does hinder me to be baptized?
And Philip said, if you believe with all your heart, you may. And he answered and
said, I believe that Jesus Christ is (ING) the "Son of" God. And he commanded the
chariot to stand still: and they went down both into the water, both Philip and the
eunuch; and he baptized him. And when they were come up out of the water, the
Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip, that the eunuch saw him no more: and he went
on his way rejoicing. Acts 8: 26-39.

A eunuch means an initiate that knows about sexual transmutation, one who saves his creative

For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother's womb: and
there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs,
which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake. He that is
able to receive it, let him receive it. Matthew 19: 12

So, the Ethiopian was a eunuch for the kingdom of heaven's sake. When he says, "What does
hinder me to be baptized?" Philip said: "If you believe with all your heart, you may." Meaning,
you are an initiate, you are a eunuch; thus, since you are saving your sexual energy, I will teach
you how to be baptized in the name of Jesus, that is, how to be anointed by the fire of ING, the
heart. Phillip's seat is in the throat, thus Philip teaches him the mysteries of Daath when
symbolically they descend into "certain water" and "command the chariot to stand still" and
baptized him. That "certain water" is symbolically the waters of Yesod-Sex. When you
understand the word, when you understand the written word you understand the wisdom. That is
why in modern times you don't find people who listen and understand the word.

He that has an (magic) ear (clairaudience), let him hear (comprehend) what the
Spirit (of Philip) said to the churches. - Revelation 2: 29

To hear what the Spirit said to the churches does not relate to hearing with the physical ears, but
"an ear", the magic ear, the Vishuddha chakra situated in the throat, where the word is gestated.
Philip is the archetype situated in the Thyroid glands. Philip comes from the Greek Philos -
"beloved" - the one who knows the mystery of the word, the power of the word, the power of the
tongue in Daath. This is why Phillip (clairaudience) and Bartholomew (clairvoyance) are
together; Bartholomew and Philip are two archetypes in us. We have to vocalize the vowel "Eh"
for Philip and the vowel "Ih" for Bartholomew. Through them we see and comprehend the
meaning of the written word. Through Bartholomew we see; through Phillip we understand what
we see, because it is not only seeing with the clairvoyant eye but also understanding the symbol
of what we see that is important. The understanding of the word is Philip.

Wisdom and willpower always proceed hand in hand. Who is wisdom? In other words, who is
comprehension? It is Thomas. and willpower is Matthew. Matthew is located in the left side of the
brain and Thomas, the archetype related with experiences of the truth, is in the right side of the
brain. They work together when we act with wisdom. This is why it is written in Pistis Sophia that
there are three witnesses in heaven and Mary explains that those three witnesses are Matthew,
Thomas and Philip. This is because Philip is the scribe; he is the intellectual who writes what the
inner spirit tells us. Thomas and Matthew which are the superior parts of the brain are also
writing because in order to write what we have to write, or read what we have to read, we have to
use our brain, faculties of the apostles that are in our self. All of them are in relation with Ingwaz,
because ING is the activity of our faculties. How are we going to enter into the mysteries of
Gnosis if our faculties are not active, if the twelve fruits of our tree of life are not active? We
have to develop them.
Order and zeal advance alongside with sexual transmutation. Sexual transmutation is the science
of Peter but when addressing the life, the sexual power in the genitalia, that is Judas Iscariot.
The power of the sex is in relation with Judas Iscariot. Judas Thaddeus relates to order and zeal.
He is related with the appendix and the hindbrain, which is related with the activities of the fire in
our spinal column. Remember that, unfortunately, Judas Iscariot is mingled with sexual desire.
Sexual transmutation when combined with psychological elimination, which is related with the
apostle Judas Thaddeus - brings order and zeal inside of us.

All of these faculties are divided and enhanced as they are developed. Thus, the creative power
of the word placed at the root of the tongue, governs taste. It controls the action of the larynx and
the weight of the word controls the action of the initiate.

Order is subdivided as harmony, peace and bliss.

Faith grants confidence, sexual strength and energy.

Imagination and visualization complement each other.

Cognizance also means justice, right judgment - upright appreciation of the facts.

Zeal is accompanied by enthusiasm which, without control and order, becomes religious and
political fanaticism. If we don't control our zeal, the love we have for the knowledge, we become a
fanatic. There is a lot of fanaticism amongst the Gnostics of this day and age. They are too
fanatical because they don't control their zeal, their enthusiasm for Gnosis. We have to have
control of our faculties. An excessiveness of zeal is fanaticism.

Life results from transmutation and health. Elimination relates to depuration from toxins, the
digestion and the depuration from all negative thoughts and emotions.

Holy Affirming (performing ING, the will of God)

Holy Denying (receiving ING with gratitude as the negative impressions of our fellowmen)
Holy Conciliating (Tantra, transmutING).

So when we study the twelve apostles we understand how they relate to our physicality and
psychology. Remember that Master Samael Aun Weor states that we have to develop the twelve
fruits of the tree of life. The tree of life is the spinal column. We have to work very hard in order
to develop the twelve solar fruits of ING, the solar light within the tree of life.

Regarding ING, Jesus Christ, the solar fire, comes into my mind, tied to the column and Pontius
Pilate's soldiers thrashing his back with a whip. Do you understand this symbol?

Many people exist who talk about the thrashing of Jesus; many mystical organizations exist
where their followers would whip themselves physically in order "to advance", so to speak, in this
path. They don't understand that the whip represents willpower. The whip represents the
willpower that we have to develop against the soldiers of Pontius Pilate. Pontius Pilate represents
the mind; the soldiers of Pontius Pilate are all those different defects, vices and errors related
with lustfulness, lasciviousness, concupiscence, etc.

The Lord ING is tied to the column - the central pillar of the tree of life, which represents the
spinal column - in order to exhaust the lustful egos by stealing their fire in the very sexual act.
Willpower is exercised in the sexual act in order not to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge
of Good and Evil in the garden of delights; it is in the sexual act where ING performs super
efforts in order not to fall into temptation.

When we are trying to defeat any temptation on the path, whether a karmic temptation or any
type of temptation, willpower is what we need in order to overcome it. Thelema is needed in order
to go ahead and not to fall; a flogged back symbolizes the willpower that is needed, especially
when we were performing sexual magic, for the rising of the solar fire of ING through the
Sushumna canal. The Lord is held to the column and receives five thousand lashes. Five is
karma. So, because of our lustfulness, the Lord is punished inside of us when we as the Son of
Man are performing sexual transmutation, when together (Chokmah and Tiphereth) we are doing
the alchemical work. This is how ING is tied and flogged in our spinal column; nevertheless, if we
are fornicators the Lord is not tied there. If we want the Lord to be tied to our spinal column we
then must be chaste because the Lord is ING; transmut-ing, transform-ing. ING is willpower, the
action of the Logos.

In the beginning (in the process of ING) was the word; and the word was with God;
and the word was God. John 1: 1
When ING is active in us, the enemies of the Lord - which are our defects, vices and errors -
whip him, whip his back without mercy. This is how the initiate together with the Lord suffers; this
is how Pistis Sophia suffers.

Remember that the Lord ING has to give many steps inside of us. The first step, the beginning, is
the creation of the bodies, or the first denial of Peter; that is, after sacrifices and more sacrifices
(from Latin sacrificium: sacer, sacred + facere, to make) we, because of our lecherousness,
deny the Lord. Remember that when Peter is denying the Lord, the lord is tied to the column and
Peter is just watching how ING is judged; thus, Peter suffers remorse, but the one who is unjustly
singled out for punishment and receiving the lashes, is the Lord. That punishment relates to the
initiate, the karma of the initiate.

The Lord ING suffers and passes the ordeals of fire, water, earth and air between the Square
and the Compass, the Ingwaz Rune.

Illumination is attained only after the degree of Apprentice (we are speaking in the
terminology of Occult Masonry). Every true candidate prepared for illumination will
be able to be recognized and verified with the square and the compass. The devotee
is prepared for illumination when the Spirit and the human personality act in an
orderly manner and in full harmony. Those who complain of not being illuminated
cannot withstand the ordeal of the square and the compass. When the inferior
quaternary loyally obeys the Spirit, the result is illumination. As long as the inferior
quaternary does not obey the Spirit, that is to say, while the human personality does
not know how to obey the Spirit, illumination is impossible. - Perfect Matrimony by
Samael Aun Weor
If we observe the second shape of the Rune Ingwaz, we find the square between
Ida and Pingala like two entwined Runes Kaum with the shape of serpents that go
around our spine.

So first we have to create Pistis in us. Remember that Peter is Pistis, faith. We
have to create Pistis; we have to raise the fire through the tower of Belen to the top
of our head, the fire of the first serpent, of the second serpent, etc. The fire is the
electronic force, the solar light of the Lord is electronic, as is the soul; we are an embryo of soul
and we have to create the human soul. To create the human soul is to create the internal
electronic bodies.

So once the internal bodies are created we have Pistis already made. The one who creates the
internal electronic bodies is the Holy Spirit, who as Pistis is in the pineal gland. When Pistis is
ready then Sophia descends in order to perform the second and third denials of the Lord within
us. This is the path of ING, the path of Ingwaz, of Froh, who was killed by Loki, lust.

So do you realize the mystery of ING? Let me read this quotation from the book Cosmic
Teachings of a Lama by Master Samael Aun Weor in order to end this lecture about the Rune

In the final synthesis, each one of us is nothing more than an atom from the Abstract Absolute
Space, which is the interior atomic star that has always smiled upon us. A certain author has

I raise my eyes towards the utmost, towards the stars, from which, for me, all help
has to come, but I always follow the inner star which guides my interior...

Such inner star is seen when we lift our eyes toward our own forehead, which is where we find
YEW. If we want to receive the marvelous power of YEW, vocalize IAO in order to activate these
three atoms in our head.

We must make a specific differentiation between the Ain Soph and the Ain Soph
Paranishpanna. In the Ain Soph, interior Self-realization does not exist, but in the
Ain Soph Paranishpanna, realization of the Innermost Self does exist...

So that Innermost or Innermost Paranishpanna is the Self realized Monad, or the Ain Soph- self
realized- that makes us a Paramarthasatya, an inhabitant of Sat, like Master Jesus. Or an
inhabitant as Master Samael who receives the strength of the Twelfth Aeon in order to teach us
because we are just a simple Ain Soph without self realization. Only the resurrected masters who
are self realized are called Sathya. Behold in this day and age there are many people who
appear on websites and call themselves Sathya this and Sathya that. Sadly, they are not Sathya;
the only Sathya that I know of from Sat, the Ain, the Thirteenth Aeon, is Jesus of Nazareth, a
Paramarthasatya. Below him are masters from the Twelfth Aeon or Eleventh Aeon, who are those
who have reached the level of Solomon. The one who entered into the Ain Soph Aur becomes a
Solomon. Do you know what " Solomon" means? Sholimah or Solomon means a Man of

May peace reign in all hearts; let us not forget that peace is light. Let us not forget
that peace is an Essence emanated from the Absolute. It is light emanated from the
Absolute. This light is the light of the Ancient of Days [Kether]. Christ said, "Peace I
leave with you, my peace I give unto you." [John 14:27] - Samael Aun Weor

Those who possess the peace of Kether inside are the Dharmakayas, who are able to enter
into the Ain Soph Aur. Sholimah or Solomon is the Soliman, Sol = Sun + Iman = "faith" in
Arabic; Soliman, the Solar Faith, Solomon.

Thus, Solomon is a solar man thanks to Shulamite, the beautiful Shulamite, the Divine
Soul. If we inquire into the Hebrew language we will see how Shin, Lamed Mem, Hei: Solomon is
written with those letters and Shulamite has also the same letters. In the gospels of the New
Testament appears another name related with that mysterious dancer- Salome. Solomon is
written with the same letters of Salome and Shulamite but since the latter is feminine, it ends with
Yod and Tav, a plural feminine form. In Hebrew Solomon, Shulamite and Salome begin with
Shin, which is the fire of the Ain Soph Aur.

When we study the Thirteen Repentances of Pistis Sophia, we find that the eleventh repentance
that relates to the Ain Soph Aur is resolved by Salome, who is the same Shulamite or
Shalom, Peace, Shalomon, Solomon.

Salome, Shulamite, is the daughter of the fire, the consciousness that enters into the Ain
Soph Aur. That is why Shalome dances the dance of the seven veils before Herod. Who is
Herod? He is our sinful mind who wants to steal the wisdom of the Lord. He wants to be
enlightened with the ego alive and Shalome - the daughter of the fire - dances and unveils the
fire for him; Salome says to Herod: Here is one veil, here is the truth; here is another veil, look at
the truth, I have the truth but you do not deserve the truth; do you want to be deserving of it?
Well, I will give it to you, but first give me the head of John the Baptist. Then Herod says: Oh my
goodness, she is asking for the head of John the Baptist and within his head is where I live
because I am the mind, the sinful mind, within that solar head that is always accusing me of
adultery, Herod is the lecherous animal mind within the bodhisattva.

Thus Herod says: If I behead John the Baptist I will be sentenced to death and the wise Shalome
knows it. Thus, she says: Give me what I demand and I will tell you the fiery truth. Thus, with the
beheading of John the Baptist the consciousness knows the truth but not as Herod because
Herod has to die. Do you see the mystery of Shalome, the feminine aspect of the consciousness
in the Ain Soph Aur? Shulamite, Solomon, Salome have the same source. We have to work very
hard in order to reach that level in order to become an Ain Soph Paranishpanna. Master Samael

Let us not forget that Merkabah is the chariot of the centuries, the heavenly human
being of the Kabbalah... - Samael Aun Weor

Merkabah is chariot in Hebrew; Merkabah is the square of Ingwaz. We are always talking about
the inferior square but Merkabah is the Superior Square or quaternary; in other words, the
Christified physical body, the Christified astral body, the Christified mental body and the
Christified casual body. These bodies form the square, the chariot where the Lord our Monad
rides on. That is Ingwaz, and in order to create that square, meaning that superior quaternary:
physical, astral, mental and casual bodies, we have to be in chastity, we have to work with Pistis,
with energy, and this is how Peter builds our church.

If we do not build the chariot, the Merkabah the Ain Soph remains without the realization of his
Innermost Self.

Those who have not eliminated the Abhayan Samskara, the innate fear, will flee
from the Ninth Sphere by telling to others that the work in the forge of the Cyclops
(sexual alchemy) is worthless. - Samael Aun Weor

To work with sexual alchemy is worthless for the fornicators but not for those who know how to
transmute, those who know the science of Peter, in order to build the chariot. This is why in the
Rune Perth we quoted a vision of the Master Samael where he states that he saw the chariot of
the centuries guided by three charioteers and inside the chariot was Peter because Peter is the
one who built the chariot with the assistance of the three charioteers. Once the chariot is built,
Peter keeps working with the three charioteers. Yet right now we need the teaching of the three
charioteers. Peter is inside the chariot because he is the one who builds it. Jesus said to Peter:
"Build my church." Peter is the head of the church because Peter is in our head, in the pineal
gland; Peter is also in the altar, in the Ara which is the stone of Yesod because in it is the
Mercury, the Lord of the whole work, the Great work.

So those who say the forge of Cyclops is worthless are the hypocritical Pharisees
who "strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel." These are the failed ones who "neither
go into the Kingdom themselves, neither suffer they those who are entering to go in."
Indeed, sex is a stumbling rock and a rock of offence... - Samael Aun Weor

First we work with Peter and when Peter builds the church, the internal bodies, then ING comes
and incarnates and works through John, the Word.

Questions and Answers

Q: In The Pistis Sophia Jesus said, I have brought the water and the fire out of the region of the
Light of the lights of the Treasury of the Light; and the wine and the blood out of the region of
Barbelos; is there a difference between the Treasury of the Light and Barbelos?

A: Jesus as Savior, as ING, as a Light, brought the water and the fire out of Kether, the region of
the Light of the lights; and also as a Light, brought the wine and the blood out of the region of
Barbelos, the Solar Absolute Space; thus all is contain in the same light. I understand that the
way it is written seems different, but the light in the fire, in the wine, in the blood, and in the water
came from the region of Barbelos; all of them are enfoldments of the same Logoic Light. They all
come from Barbelos, the Theomertmalogos, the great power of the universal God; the wine for
instance, when the priest who is in chastity, who knows what he does in a ritual. He brings the
fire from Barbelos first from his own Barbelos in his pineal gland when concentrated in his Inner
God, Kether, the Light of the lights, his particular Glorian and says, "Father of all lights I beg you
bring down for me the fires of Barbelos, the great power of the invisible God, the Ain Soph Aur."
Then he blesses the wine and the bread which is charged with the solar light of the Lord. The
priest is only a vehicle thus, through him the fire descends from above.

When we are doing our sexual transmutation we have to concentrate in our pineal gland, in
Barbelos, the Ain Soph Aur which is the Cosmic Christ, in Kether, who is the treasury of the
light, descending into us in order to transmute the water into wine; because the water and the
eucharistic wine are for the purification and the forgiveness of sins. This means that we need
sexual transmutation; but we also need the Eucharist. If we ignore the Eucharist thinking that we
are going to do the alchemical work just with the water we fall into confusion and we don't go
ahead and that is the problem with many Gnostics who reject the wine of the Eucharist. The
blood in our body is charged with Christic energy - blood is the symbol of the human body -
when we know what to eat; Martha will distribute the Christic force to all the glands in order for
the glands to give us their power, the inner senses. So everything comes from Barbelos, the Son
of the light.

Q: How do we know when we are ready for the transubstantiation?

A: In the Gnostic Church transubstantiation is performed on certain days; to receive the

Eucharist we have to enter into the second chamber where we perform the mysteries of bread
and wine. This is given only to those who practice chastity because first we have to bring out the
fire from our water in the region of Daath. Thus, when the initiates know how to transmute the
water they then receive the fire of the wine. This does not mean that we have to be
psychologically in perfect chastity because the fire of the Lord in the water and in the wine, the
Eucharist is received for the purification of all the sins of the world, the Christic light helps us to
comprehend many sins; through Christ one receives the strength because one is week. When
are we ready for it? Right now we are ready, everyday we are ready. Our Father.... "Give us this
day our daily bread." Matthew 6: 11

There are certain groups that say: first we have to know this or to know that, etc. Yes, we have to
know the mysteries of the light in order to understand the Eucharist and this is why we have
given you this lecture; when you understand the spiritual value of your sexual energy then you
are ready, so we have to be serious in order to receive such help that all of us need; the

The ceremony of the transubstantiation which is the ceremony of bread and wine is performed
by a priest that is in chastity. If he is a pedophile, no it doesn't work he has to be in chastity, he
has to be serious.

Thus, we have to work with our chastity in order to receive the Eucharist but we don't have to
reach the level of Christ or to have no ego in order to receive the Eucharist, no if we wait for that
then all of us will be condemned. Fortunately we have the mysteries and we distribute them in a
systematic manner for all of those that need it. The one that performs that mystery is not special,
none of us is special. We need the energy, we need the force. All of us are in hell, it is not that
we are going to hell; it is that we all are already in hell, in the inferior regions so we need to go
out from it. One discovers that one is going out of hell, go-ing, Ingwaz, when one is leaving hell.
When you are inside you don't realize it but once you awake and you say oh my goodness I am
in hell, I didn't know that.

People are afraid of going to hell but they don't realize that we all are in the first sphere of hell,
limbo. Some others are there worshipping the other spheres of hell.

Before you ask another question let me narrate for you an experience in order for you to
understand better, it happened to me many years ago when the master Samael Aun Weor was
giving a lecture in relation to negative emotions, named Alcyone. I don't know if you have read
that lecture or if you have heard the lecture; anyhow, he says that negative emotions turn us into
liars, etc., all that related to the rings of Alcyone. In that epoch, like you, I was listening and
always imaging the star Alcyone and the seven goats, which are call the Pleiades. The Master

Some people might say that Alcyone is very far, that it is related to the Pleiades and
that it has nothing to do with our solar system. It is very appealing to speak in this
ignorant manner.
The reality is that the Sun that shines over us forms part of Alcyone; it is the seventh
one. It is a sun related to a system of suns which rotate around Alcyone.

Thus, concentrating in Alcyone, I entered into meditation with all the clues that the master gave
us. I wanted to see this phenomenon; since physically I cannot because I would need a UFO but
in the astral plane is easy, since, I have my astral body. So I went into meditation and I went out
of my physical body and I asked: "my God, my Lord, please show me the rings of Alcyone."
Then my God, my internal God took me to a field and threw me down on the ground of that field.
Then I saw the fences of that particular field and a rooster standing on top of that fence singing
twice, then I saw the sun rising in the east. Thereafter my God threw me back inside my physical
body. Then I said: what? What does this rooster and the rising of the sun and this field has to do
with Alcyone?

Then I said let us meditate to comprehend this symbol and then I understood. The sun Alcyone
and any sun is the Christ. Indeed, if I want to see Alcyone, the Christ, "before the rooster sings
twice you will deny me thrice" said the Lord. Thus, I said to myself, "oh self, what you need is to
walk on the path and overcome the three denials." since, it is not easy, to be in the rings of
Alcyone, that is, to be in the light of the Lord. Master Samael Aun Weor at that time was already
in the seventh year of Job, ready to enter into the eighth, ready to enter into the rings.

Then I understood, oh the Microcosmos is called the Microcosmos of the Macrocosmos.

Whatever happens in the macro is repeated in the micro, in the micro, in the human it happens
initiaticly. In the macro as you see stars move around. Then I understood that Alcyone is related
with the Lord in the initiatic path. I am not saying that those rings don't exit, they exist but why do
we have to worry about that it is better to be concerned with the Alcyone, with the Lord, with
Christ. The rings of Alcyone are like the Ain Soph Aur. As we explained in another lecture
Hercolobus is also related with the lord.

Before Alcyone is Hercolobus initiaticly speaking. If you just want to see the phenomenon in the
sky, it will happen, but the Gnostics are interested in our Microcosmos because whether we
believe it or not, things will happen in the universe. But we want it to happen in our own particular
universe; the Microcosmos. Thus, meditate because we have to meditate, so that peace can be
within all of us, so that we may partake in the light of Kether, the Ancient of Days. Inverential