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i. Particulars of JLRL organization, functions and duties

Organization chart

Board of Directors
Managing Director
Executive Director
Deputy General Manager
Regional Managers Administrative Officer Manager Asst. Adm. Office Office
(Divisional Manager, (Finance) Officer Superint Superinte
Chief Naturalist,
I (Sales) endent ndent
Asst. General Asst. Adm. Officer (Est) I (Metro) (Vehicle)
Chief Accounts I
Manager, I Officer Senior
Resident Manager)
Office Superintendent Executive
I (Est) I (Sales)
Resident Managers I Accounts I
Office Asst (Est) Officer Executives
Accounts I
Officer Asst.
I (Sales)
Accountant /

Organization functions and duties

a) To carry on the business of development of wildlife tourism in all its

branches and kinds and particularly to set up jungle lodges and / or
any other type of accommodation to promote and develop tourism
b) To carry on the business of mountain climbing, rock climbing,
trekking, hiking, river and lake expeditions, excursions, game safari,
tour operators, providing facilities for camping by building log
cabins and jungle shelters, outfitting and expeditions.
c) To carry on the business of tourist and travel agents and contractors,
to facilitate travel by providing for tourists and travelers in every
way and to make provisions and providing conveniences of all
kinds, tickets of every kind, vouchers, banking and exchange
facilities, sleeping cots or births, reserve hotel and lodging
accommodation, arrange guides, sight-seeing, fishing, amusement
parks, health centres, mountaineering, safe deposits, storage,
forwarding, transport and clearance of luggage and other goods,
enquiry bureau, libraries, reading rooms and waiting or rest room
and also to act as licensed money changers for the purpose of
d) To provide joy rides in air or space.
e) To promote the conservation and development of wildlife, to
improve and development forest and jungle areas and to involve
the company directly or indirectly in the improvement of the
f) To act as consultants and advisors in India and abroad for all
activities relating either directly or indirectly to promote adventure
and sport in outdoor areas are for the conservation and
improvement of wildlife and its environment and to associate and
participator in all or any of such activities.

ii. Powers and duties of JLRL officers and employees (Head Office);
Managing Director: Head of the Organization and acts according to the
Articles and Memorandum of Association of the
Company and directions of the Government in his
capacity as Head of the Department. The ultimate
Official, Authority of the Company, on behalf of
the Board of Governors.
Executive Director: Supervision of day to day operation of units for the
smooth function and establishment matters.
Marketing & business development.
Timely and correct maintenance and submission of
accounts of Units
Inspection of Units

Sanctioning of local expenses of Head Office and
Units up to certain limit.
Establishment matters.
Deputy General Manager: All establishment matters connected with all Units,
Sanctioning of expenditure to specified limits and
any other task assigned by the MD/ ED from time
to time.
Regional Managers: Boosting occupancy, increase revenue, reduce
expenditure and effectively manage and effectively
control the properties under their control, in
addition to their existing duties.
Resident Managers: Professionally managing the Units as profit
Establishment Section: Service and establishment matters.
Accounts Section: Maintenance of Accounts and preparation of final
Accounts, Annual Reports, etc.

The Power and duties of its officers and employees in the JLR Camps;

Resident Manager: To look after the guest visiting the Units, providing
accommodation and food, arranging wild life safari and boat ride, elephant
safari for the guests. Overall maintenance of premises and accommodation.

Stewards: To look after the food facility for the guest staying in the Unit.

Cook: To prepare the delicious food, having varieties of non-veg, and

vegetarian food to the guest staying in the Unit.

Bearers/Roomboys: To Supply food to the guests staying in the Unit and to

provide the necessary requirements of the guest staying in the Unit.

General Utility Workers: To do the general utility works assigned to him like
keeping the accommodation, Golghar, Kitchen and entire premises clean, to
maintain the Garden at the unit premises.

Accountant: To maintain the day to-day financial transactions of the Unit.

Drivers: To transport the guests in the unit for various activities conducted by
the units like wildlife safaris.

Naturalist: To interact with guests visiting the Unit and make them aware of
richness of environment, flora & fauna and its necessity.

Boatmen: To take the guests for boat ride with appropriate safety measures.

Electrician: Proper maintenance of the electrical works in the Unit.

Mechanic: Maintain the Vehicle in the Unit with good conditions

Store keeper: To maintain the details of food grains and other items supplied
to the Unit.

iii. The procedure followed in the decision making process, including

channels of supervision and accountability;
a. Case worker: Opening of a new file on receipt of proposal
and processing the same through the Office
Superintendent and Assistant Administrator Officer.

b. Administrative Officer: Scrutinizing the Proposals with

all relevant facts and mark the file to Deputy General

c. Deputy General Manager: Reviewing the case and giving

approval, if within powers. In other cases forwarding to the
Executive Director with a course of action to be adopted.

d. Executive Director: Will review the case with an over all

view and give an approval of the ultimate course to be
adopted on the proposal and if necessary will submit the
file for final orders of the Managing Director.

e. Managing Director: taking final decision.

iv. The norms set by JLRL for the discharge of its functions;
To attend to the work on priority and immediate basis, and
to improve the business of the company and give
maximum satisfaction to the clients.

v. The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals & records, held by JLRL or

under its control; or used by its employees for discharging its functions.
The functioning of the employees of the Company is
governed by various relevant Acts, Rules, Government
Orders, decisions taken by the Board from time to time.

vi. A statement of the categories of documents that are held by JLRL or
under its control;
a. Personal files of employees of the Company
b. Files relating to individual Units
c. Project files
d. Individual Units Expenditure & Revenue file
e. Accounts files
f. Establishment files
g. Purchase files
h. Advertisement files
i. Tender Document files
j. Miscellaneous files
k. Unit Booking particulars

vii. The particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or
representation, by the members of the public in relation to the
formulation of its policy or implementation there of;
The Company follows the policies formulated by the Government and the
Board. There is no arrangement of seeking Public consultation for the
purpose of policy formation in the Company.

viii. A statement of Boards, Councils, Committees and Other Bodies

consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the
purpose of its advise, and as to whether meetings of those Boards,
Councils, Committees and Other Bodies are open to the public, or the
minutes of such meetings are accessible for public;
The company shall have not less than two and not more than eleven
Directors. The Board Meeting is not open to the public. The minutes
of the meeting are accessible for public.

ix. (a) A directory of officers and employees : Head Office

Working on permanent basis/ deputation from other Government
Sl Post Name Telephone
No. (Smt/Sri) No.
1 Managing Director Vijay Sharma 9480887193
2 Executive Director B.Venkatesh 9449599799
3 Deputy General Manager M.Yuvaraj 9449599766
4 Divisional Manager C.W.Khaleel Ahmed 9449597883
5 Chief Naturalist Gr-II S.Karthikeyan 9449599777
6 Asst. Administrative M.K.Lingaraja 080-40554055
7 Asst. Administrative Shobha Shivakumar 080-40554055

8 Asst. Administrative N.Jayanthi 080-40554055
9 Asst. Administrative Vanitha Dilip Desai 080-40554055
10 Office Superintendent Gr-2 S.Shashikala 080-40554055
11 Office Superintendent Gr-2 K. Shine Joseph 080-40554055
12 Office Superintendent Gr-2 M.S Sreeramaiah 080-40554055
13 Office Superintendent Gr-2 V.Yatish Kumar 080-40554055
14 Senior Accounts Officer Ananth Kanago 080-40554055
15 Accounts Officer S. Murugan 080-40554055
16 Accountant Anne Gowda 080-40554055
17 Accountant G.Naveena 080-40554055
18 Accountant K.N.Somashekar 080-40554055
19 Off. Assistant S. Muniraju 080-40554055
20 Off. Assistant Y.R Sreemathi 080-40554055
21 Asst. Executive (Sales) S.M Manjunath 080-40554055
22 Off. Assistant N. Mahesh 080-40554055
23 Junior Assistant Noor Jahan 080-40554055
24 Junior Assistant H.G Harish Babu 080-40554055
25 Senior Driver K.B Mudde Gowda 080-40554055
26 Senior Driver Ravi Sivan 080-40554055
27 Senior Driver L. Krishnamurthy 080-40554055
28 Senior Driver Munivenkatappa 080-40554055
29 Senior Peon R. Ramesh 080-40554055
30 Bearer/Roomboy Shankarappa.R 080-40554055
31 G.U.W (Gr-2) K. Putta Raju 080-40554055
32 Driver (Gr-2) K.B.Dhananjaya 080-40554055
33 Driver (Gr-2) Naseer Ahmed 080-40554055
34 Driver (Gr-2) K.K.Sundresha 080-40554055
35 Driver (Gr-2) H.C.Kumaraswamy 080-40554055
36 Asst.Supervisor Mahendra Kumar 080-40554055
(Automobile Mechanic)
37 Chief Accounts Officer M.S Pothnis 9449599758
(b)A directory of officers and employees working on contract basis and
their monthly remuneration.

Sl Post Name Telephone No

no. Smt/Sri.
1 Chief Accounts Officer Dharma N. Naik 9449599752
2 Administrative Officer S.K.Tegginamani 9449597892
3 Res. Manager Kunal Sharma 9449599755
4 Senior.Exe Sales Hema Malini 080-40554055
5 Off.Supdt Gr-II K. Tulasi 080-40554055
6 Off.Supdt Gr-II P. Sujatha 080-40554055

7 Executive Sales Shobha.S 080-40554055
8 Executive Sales L.Divya 080-40554055
9 Asst.Exe (Sales) Bhagyashree 080-40554055
10 Junior Assistant L.Chennakeshavalu 080-40554055
11 Junior Assistant Shiva Shankar 080-40554055
12 Asst. Store Keeper Shivanna.M 080-40554055
13 Driver Wasim Ahmed 080-40554055
14 Driver Bande Nawaz 080-40554055
15 Driver Shashikumar 080-40554055
16 Driver P.Muthuraju 080-40554055
17 Peon R.Nagaraj 080-40554055

x. The budget allocated to each of its agency, indicating the particulars of all
plans, proposed expenditures and reports on disbursements made;

a. Construction of Eco-tourism Rs. 440.32 lakh sanctioned and

Resort facilities at Khanapur released and work under progress.
Belgaum Dist, Karnataka.

b. Development of Eco-tourism facilities Rs.100. 00 lakh

at Apsarkonda, Honnavar
Uttara Kannada District

c. Upgradation of Tourist Rs.100.00 lakh

facilities at 7 units of
Northern Circuits.

d. Capital grants sanctioned from GOK during 2015-16.

Sl no Name of the project Amount released (in

1 Construction of viewing Gallery as at Jog Rs.125.00 lakh
2 Construction of Interpretation centre at Rs.98.00 lakh
3 Development of Eco-tourism facilities at Rs.100.00 lakh
Turahalligudda near Bangalore
4 Purchase of safari vehicles Rs.60.00 lakh

5 Advertisement & publicity Rs.100.00 lakh

xi. The manner of execution of subsidy programmes, including the amounts

allocated and the details of beneficiaries of such programmes;
Subsidy programmes are not implemented by the Company.

xii. Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits or authorizations
granted by it;
Permits, concessions and authorizations are not extended to this Company.

xiii. Details in respect of the information, available to or held by it, reduced

in an electronic form;
Relevant statistical details are maintained in computerized form.

xiv. The particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining

information, including the working hours of a library or reading room, if
maintained for public use;
No library is maintained by this public undertaking. The information
about the Company can be downloaded by visiting our website:

xv. The names, designations and other particulars of the Public Information
Officers and Appellate Authority:

State Public
Authority [Names
S. Officer [Names
Name of office Subject matter (Sri/ Smt/ Ms),
No. (Sri/ Smt/ Ms),
Designation and
Designation and

1A Jungle Lodges & Resorts Head Budget and Accounts matters D.N.Naik, M.Yuvaraj,
office, Bengaluru Financial Consultant Deputy General
JLRL, Bengaluru Manager, JLRL,
1B Jungle Lodges & Resorts Head Establishment matters S.K.Tegginamani M.Yuvaraj,
office, Bengaluru Administrative Deputy General
Officer, JLRL, Manager, JLRL,
Bengaluru Bengaluru
1C Jungle Lodges & Resorts Head All other matters M.Yuvaraj, B.Venkatesh,
office, Bengaluru Deputy General Executive Director,
Manager, JLRL, JLRL, Bengaluru
2 Kabini River Lodge, Kharapur, All matters related to the C.Gangaswamy M.Yuvaraj,
Dist. Mysore Camp Unit Manager, Deputy General
Kabini River Lodge, Manager, JLRL,
Kharapur Bengaluru
3 K.Gudi Wilderness Camp, All matters related to the N.Bhakta Prasad M.Yuvaraj,
B.R.Hills, Dist. Chamarajanagar Camp Unit Manager, Deputy General
K.Gudi Wilderness Manager, JLRL,
Camp, B.R.Hills Bengaluru
4 Bandipur Safari Lodge, All matters related to the Salma Nahid, M.Yuvaraj,
Bandipur, Dist. Chamarajanagar Camp Unit Manager, Deputy General
Bandipur Safari Manager, JLRL,
Lodge, Bandipur Bengaluru
5 Kali Adventure Camp, Dandeli, All matters related to the C.Anikethan M.Yuvaraj,
Dist. Uttar Kannada Camp Unit Manager, Kali Deputy General
Adventure Camp, Manager, JLRL,
Dandeli Bengaluru
6 Galibore Nature Camp, Sangam, All matters related to the Rakesh Kumar M.Yuvaraj,
Dist. Ramanagara Camp Unit Manager, Deputy General
Galibore Nature Manager, JLRL,

Camp, Sangam Bengaluru
7 Cauvery Adventure and Nature All matters related to the B.Kumar M.Yuvaraj,
Camp, Bheemeshwari, Dist. Camp Unit Manager, Deputy General
Mandya Cauvery Adventure Manager, JLRL,
and Nature Camp, Bengaluru
8 Devbagh Beach resort, Karwar, All matters related to the P.R.Naik, M.Yuvaraj,
Dist. Uttara Kannada Camp Unit Manager, Deputy General
Devbagh Beach Manager, JLRL,
Resort, Karwar Bengaluru
9 River Tern Lodge, Bhadra, Dist. All matters related to the H.P.Pompapathy M.Yuvaraj,
Chikkamagaluru Camp Unit Manager, River Deputy General
Tern Lodge, Bhadra Manager, JLRL,
10 Dubare Elephant Camp, Dist. All matters related to the Hemanth Shankar M.Yuvaraj,
Kodagu Camp Unit Manager, Deputy General
Dubare Elephant Manager, JLRL,
Camp Bengaluru
11 Old Magazine House, All matters related to the B.Mohan Babu M.Yuvaraj,
Ganeshagudi, Dist. Uttara Camp Unit Manager, Old Deputy General
Kannada Magazine House, Manager, JLRL,
Ganeshagudi Bengaluru
12 Bannerghatta Nature Camp, All matters related to the M.T.Poovappa M.Yuvaraj,
Dist. Bengaluru Rural Camp Unit Manager, Deputy General
Bannerghatta Nature Manager, JLRL,
Camp Bengaluru
13 Phalguni River Lodge, Pilikula, All matters related to the Narayan Naik, M.Yuvaraj,
Dist. Dakshina Kannada Camp Unit Manager, Deputy General
Phalguni River Manager, JLRL,
Lodge, Pilikula Bengaluru
14 Heritage & Sloth Bear Resort, All matters related to the Mohammed Asif, M.Yuvaraj,
Hampi, Dist. Ballari Camp Unit Manager, Deputy General
Heritage & Sloth Manager, JLRL,
Bear Resort, Hampi Bengaluru
15 Blackbuck Resort, Bidar All matters related to the Shivakumar Sonna, M.Yuvaraj,
Camp Unit Manager, Deputy General
Blackbuck Resort, Manager, JLRL,
Bidar Bengaluru
16 Sharavathi Adventure Camp, All matters related to the M.V.Karthik, M.Yuvaraj,
Jog, Dist. Shimoga Camp Unit Manager, Deputy General
Sharavathi Manager, JLRL,
Adventure Camp, Bengaluru
17 Bhimgad Adventure Camp, All matters related to the C.Anikethan, M.Yuvaraj,
Dist. Belgavi Camp Unit Manager, Deputy General
Bhimgad Adventure Manager, JLRL,
Camp, Bengaluru
18 Om Beach, Gokarna, Dist. Uttar All matters related to the C.Jayaprakash M.Yuvaraj,
Kannada Camp Unit Manager, Om Deputy General
Beach, Gokarna Manager, JLRL,
19 Sakkarebylu Camp, Dist. All matters related to the M.S.Vasanth M.Yuvaraj,
Shivamogga Camp Kumar, Deputy General
Unit Manager, Manager, JLRL,
Sakkarebylu Camp Bengaluru

xvi. Such other information as may be prescribed;
No other information prescribed by this public undertaking. The list of
documents maintained in respective field JLR Units is given below-
A statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its
a. Salary files of the employees
b. Employees leave title file
c. Accounts of the Units
d. Expenditure of the Units
e. Vehicle files
f. Guest Register
g. Stock Register
h. Cash Receipts Book

The directory of the staff working in respective JLR Units is given below-

1. KABINI RIVER LODGE, KARAPUR (Landline no. : 08228-264402-03;

Resident Manager Mobile No. 9449599754)

(A) Permanent staff:

Sl Post Name
no. Sri / Smt / Ms
1 Res. Manager (Gr- III) C. Gangaswamy
2 Naturalist (Gr-II) Jeevan Kumar
3 Naturalist (Gr-IV) Bheemaiah
4 Naturalist (Gr-V) Shivanand Ganapati Harikantra
5 Naturalist (Gr-V) N.V Prasanna Kumar
6 Sr. Stewar (Bar)/Catering K. Venugopal
7 Chief Supervisor (H.K & M) Anne Mary
8 Supervisor Cook K. Suresh
9 Supervisor Cook C.Mahadev
10 Senior Cook E. Gopal
11 Senior Cook Harish
12 Senior Cook Krishna Nayaka
13 Senior Driver Siddappa B.V
14 Senior Driver B. Somashekar
15 Driver (Gr-I) Abdul Wahid Khan
16 Driver (Gr-I) Prakash
17 Driver (Gr-II) Amzad khan
18 Driver (Gr-II) Anil Kumar
19 Driver (Gr-II) G. Lokesha
20 Housekeeper Chikka Nayaka
21 Housekeeper Chamundi
22 Housekeeper Nataraj
23 Housekeeper Rafiq Ahmed
24 Housekeeper K.B. Prabhu
25 Asst. Housekeeper Jayamma
26 Asst. Housekeeper G. Krishna
27 Asst. Housekeeper Shivanna (C.Boy)
28 Asst. Housekeeper Shivanna (DHOBI)
29 Asst. Housekeeper S. Nagaraja
30 Supervisor (Fishing) P.N. Krishna
31 Bearer/room boy N. Ramesh
32 Bearer/room boy Shantha Kumar
33 Bearer/room boy Ranga Magali
34 Asst. H.K N.K Venkatesh Shetty
35 Bearer/room boy Shivanna.B
36 Bearer/room boy M. Raja
37 Asst. Cook Putta Raju
38 G.U.W (Gr-III) K.M Kamala W/o Ravi
39 Asst. Cook Anandaswamy
40 Asst. Cook Krishna
41 Asst. Cook M. Mahesh
42 G.U.W (Gr-III) Somanayak
43 G.U.W (Gr-III) Nagaraju
44 G.U.W (Gr-III) Sundar
45 G.U.W (Gr-III) Ravi
46 G.U.W (Gr-III) Eramma
47 G.U.W (Gr-III) Gowramma
48 G.U.W (Gr-III) B.T Venkatesh
49 G.U.W (Gr-III) V. Cheluvaraj
50 G.U.W (Gr-III) Mahadeva Nayaka
51 G.U.W (Gr-III) S. Krishna Prasad
52 G.U.W (Gr-III) K.M Mahadeva
53 Asst. Housekeeper N.B Swamy
54 G.U.W (Gr-I) Basappa
55 Driver (Gr-II) Revanna
56 Bearer/room boy Manjunath s/o Belliyaiah

(B) Staff working on contract basis

Sl Post Name
no. Sri / Smt / Ms
1 Naturalist Lokesh
2 Naturalist Vijay Kumar B.S
3 Naturalist N.B Ravi
4 Office Supdt M.B Lokesh
5 Mechanic Musheer Ahmed
6 Carpenter Nagendra
7 Driver Rajesh. P
8 GUW C. Mahesha
9 GUW S. Shankara
10 GUW H.S Mahesh

11 GUW H.S Cheluvaraju
12 GUW Basavaraju
13 GUW S. Puttaswamy
14 GUW Sundara
15 GUW Nanjundiah
16 GUW Chandregowda
17 GUW Puttaswamy
18 GUW B. Krishna
19 GUW Muddukumar
20 GUW Srinivas
21 GUW Gopal
22 GUW Krishne Gowda
23 GUW Shivappa
24 GUW Mahadeva
25 GUW Guruswamy
26 GUW Chinnaiah
27 GUW Firoz Khan
28 GUW B. Devaraj
29 GUW Krishna.N.S
30 GUW S.Mahadeva Shetty
31 GUW A.Somanayak
32 GUW Rajesh
33 GUW Dore
34 GUW Mahesh S.M
35 GUW Krishna N.R
36 GUW Somashekar Nayak
37 GUW Srikantaiah
38 GUW Dinesh
39 GUW Ravi K.R
40 GUW Salman Khan
41 GUW Krishna
42 GUW Vijay
43 GUW Ashok
44 Naturalist D.Revanna

2. BANDIPUR SAFARI LODGE, BANDIPUR (Landline no. : 08229-233001;
Resident Manager Mobile No. 9449599779)
A. Permanent staff:

Sl Post Name
no. Sri / Smt / Ms
1 Asst. House keeper S.Mahadeva Shetty
2 Asst. Cook Rajendra M Prasad
3 G.U.W. (Gr-II) Mahadeva Gowda
4 Asst. CooDk Govinda
5 G.U.W.(Gr-III) N.S.Ramesh
6 Driver Gr-II Bomma
7 Bearer/Room boy Ravi Kumar
8 Asst. Steward S.S Harshavardhana
9 Asst. Cook Chikka Beera Nayaka
10 Naturalist (Gr-II) B.V Umesh
11 Supervisor (Catering)/Bar N.V Siddalinga

(b) Staff working on contract basis

Sl. Post Name

no. Sri / Smt/ Ms
1. Resident Manager Salma Nahid
2. Naturalist H.S.Basavanna
3. Naturalist M.B Nagendra
4. Naturalist Prasanna .G
5. Supr. Maint V. Prasanna
6 Asst. Store Keeper H.C Lokesh
7 Asst. Cook H.K.Manjunath
8 GUW D.T Sadananda Murthy
9 GUW Krishna
10 GUW T.C Venkatesh
11 GUW Sannappa
12 Driver Pradeep
13 Driver Santosh Kumar
14 Driver Kiran
15 GUW S.Basavaraju
16 GUW Yogananda Nayak
17 GUW Shankar
18 GUW Sarojamma
19 GUW K.P Ramesh
20 GUW C.S Ramesh
21 GUW N. Manjunath Kumar
22 GUW R. Ravi Kumar
23 GUW H.N Mahadevaswamy
24 GUW Siddesha
25 GUW H.M Swamy
26 GUW H.S Mallikarjuna

27 GUW Mahadevaswamy .J
28 GUW Siddaiah
29 GUW M. Manikumar
30 GUW Y.K Vijaykumar
31 GUW G. Guruswamy
32 GUW S. Manikanta
33 GUW H.P Prakash
34 GUW Swamy
35 GUW Suvarna
36 GUW Jayamma
37 Naturalist Prasanna.G

3. DUBARE ELEPHANT CAMP, DUBARE (Landline no. : 0827-2200651; Resident

Manager Mobile No. 9449597876)

A. Permanent staff:

Sl Post Name
no. Sri / Smt / Ms
1 Bearer/room boy Ranga Nagaraj
2 Asst. House keeper Basavaraju
3 Naturalist Gr-V Putta Nayak
4 Off. Assistant Basavanna
5 Bearer/room boy S. Maadu
6 Driver (Gr-II) B.S Nanjunda Swamy
B. Staff working on contract basis

Sl Post Name (Sri / Smt/ Ms)

1 Resident Manager Hemanth Shankar
2 Cook T.Gopal
3 Asst. Cook Krishna N.C
4 GUW Nagaraju.S
5 GUW Yogesh.B
6 GUW Venkatesh Shetty
7 GUW Harsha Kumar
8 GUW Abdul Sattar
9 GUW D.R Naveen Kumar
10 GUW Ganesh
11 GUW M.S Kishore
12 GUW G. Yashwanth
13 GUW C. Suresha
14 GUW S. Raghu
15 GUW Nandeesh
16 GUW Naveen Kumar
17 GUW P. Suresh
18 Naturalist Basil Johannes

4. K.GUDI WILDERNESS CAMP, B.R.HILLS (Landline no. : 08226-
211886; Assistant Manager Mobile No. 9449599790, 9449597877)

A. Permanent staff:

Sl Post Name
no (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Asst. Manager (Gr-II) N. Bhakta Prasad
2 Senior Driver S. Kumar
3 Bearer/roomboy Shivanna.S
4 House Keeper Nagendra
5 House Keeper J. Roopesh
6 G.U.W (Gr-I) Siddaraju .M
7 Asst. Cook Govindaraju
8 G.U.W (Gr-III) Ganesh
9 Driver Gr-II M. Nagesh
10 G.U.W (Gr-III) H.R Basavaraj

B. Staff working on contract basis

Sl Post Name
no (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Naturalist Narayan
2. Naturalist M. Nataraju
3. GUW Mahadeva Swamy
4. GUW Rajesh
5. GUW N. Jairaju
6. GUW Jayaram
7. GUW Dasa
8. GUW Nanjunda Swamy
9. GUW Shekara
10. GUW Mahadeva.C
11. GUW N. Rajesh
12. GUW Narayani
13 GUW Krishnamurthy
14 GUW Jogi.M
15 GUW N. Jogi
16 GUW H. Mahadeva
17 GUW Rame Gowda .H
18 GUW Ramesh
19 GUW Chandrashekaraiah

BANNERGHATTA. (Assistant Manager Mobile No. 9449599756,
A. Permanent staff:

Sl Post Name
no (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Chief Supervisor (Fishing) K.N Mahadevappa
2 Sr. Supervisor (Fishing) Venkata Nayak
3 Asst. Steward M. Manjunath
4 GUW (Gr-I) Kalesha
5 Asst. Cook/Int. Centre H.E Krishna Nayaka
6 GUW (Gr-I) Putta Shetty (Puttanna)
7 GUW (Gr-II) Zahidunnisa
8 GUW (Gr-I) B.N Nagaraj
9 Driver (Gr- II) C.R Nagesh
10 Asst. Cook/Int. Centre Naga Nayaka
11 Asst. Cook Revanna

B. Staff working on contract basis

Sl Post Name
no (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Asst. Manager M.T Poovappa
2 Store Keeper S. Harish
3 Driver Yohana
4 Bearer/roomboy Chandra H. Nayaka
5 Asst. Cook Raja Nayak
6 GUW Bannari
7 GUW Kumar Nayak
8 GUW D.M Mukunda
9 GUW Shivakumar Nayaka
10 GUW Chandrashekar Nayak
11 GUW Mahesh
12 GUW Premakumar
13 Off. Assistant Dharmendra Kumar Pal
14 GUW Gopal Nayak
15 Store Keeper H.Doddarangappa
16 GUW M. Nanjundiah
17 GUW N.S Suresh
18 GUW Siddaraju
19 GUW Byrappa

BHEEMESHWARI (Resident Manager Landline No. 9379454317
Mobile No. 9449597885)

A. Permanent Staff
Sl Post Name
no (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Senior Supervisor (Fishing) Revanna .B
2 Bearer/roomboy Bhaskar
3 GUW (Gr-I) Ramaswamy.N
4 GUW (Gr-I) Nagaraj .P
5 Bearer/roomboy Sannathamma
6 GUW (Gr-I) Fazil Pasha
7 GUW (Gr-II) B. Krishna Nayaka
8 GUW (Gr-I) H.R Ramaswamy
9 GUW (Gr-I) Siddaiah
10 GUW (Gr-I) H.S Somanayaka
11 GUW (Gr-I) K. Muttaiah
12 GUW (Gr-I) Renuka Nayaka .M
13 GUW (Gr-III) Bhimani Bai
B. Staff working on contract basis
Sl Post Name
no (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Resident Manager B.Kumar
2 Cook Devaraj D.S
3 GUW H.V Peeru Nayaka
4 GUW Dasa
5 GUW Nagaraju (Tunga)
6 GUW Ramakrishna
7 GUW Muthunayaka
8 GUW Siddaraju (Rachaiah)
9 GUW Raja Naik
10 GUW Muttaiah
11 GUW Manu
12 GUW Suresh
13 GUW Siddaraju .C
14 GUW Mahesh D.P
15 GUW Mallesha
16 GUW Manja Shetty
17 Asst cook Seena Naik
18 GUW Anila (Ravikumar)
19 GUW Annadani
20 GUW D. Nagaraj
21 GUW N. Ravikumar
22 GUW Bhandarishetty
23 GUW Lokesh
24 GUW Shekar Nayak
25 GUW Shivanna Nayak

Landline No. 080-29784504 Mobile No. 9449599768)

A. Permanent Staff
Sl Post Name
no (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 GUW (Gr-I) Ranga .N (Nanja)
2 GUW (Gr-I) V. Venkatesh
3 GUW (Gr-III) Thomaraj
4 Asst. Cook Babu
5 GUW (Gr-III) Chikkaraju
6 Asst. Cook M. Nagaraju

B. Staff working on contract basis

Sl Post Name
no. (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Resident Manager Rakesh Kumar
2 Fishing Gilli Basavaraju
3 Cook N.D Lokesh
4 Store Keeper Manteswamy
5 GUW Mahadev
6 GUW Srinivas Nayak
7 GUW Nagaraj (Dhobi)
8 Off.Asst. Siddaraju
9 GUW Harish
10 GUW Chand Pasha
11 GUW Siddappa
12 GUW K.P Venkatesh


Landline No. 08382-221603, Mobile No. 9449599778)

A. Permanent Staff:
Sl Post Name
no. (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Incharge Asst. Manager/ Purnakanth R. Naik
2 Senior Supervisor (Fishing) Ramesh Jatti Harikantra
3 Off. Superintendent Jyothi K. Sirsikar
4 GUW (Gr-I) Nagesh T.C
5 Asst. Cook Lakshman M.M
6 GUW (Gr-I) Ullas S.K
7 GUW (Gr-I) Krishna M. Mahale
8 Driver (Gr-II) Dinesh G. Naik
9 GUW (Gr-I) Chandrashekar S Chalwadi

B. Staff working on contract basis :
Sl Post Name
no. (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Boat man Pandurang Ullas Kalgutkar
2 Instructor Satyanarayana Rao
3. GUW Rupeesh V.Kobrekar
4 GUW Ravi G.Gunagi
5 GUW Santosh R.Girap
6 GUW Prashanth D.Methri
7 GUW Santosh Dathu Sail
8 GUW Srinivas N Naik
9 GUW Nagesh H Naik
10 GUW Gajanana Laxman Ambig
11 GUW Vinayaka Tukoba Tandel
12 GUW Uday G. Miranjkar
13 GUW Uday S Naik
14 GUW Krishna T Gowda
15 GUW Satish M.Gunagi
16 GUW Sonam T Fudtado
17 GUW Vinayaka S Kalgutkar
18 GUW Rajesh Datta Vingankar
19 GUW Chetan S Naik
20 GUW Vigneshwar Naik
21 GUW Dilkush Tonake
22 GUW Praveen Kumar Prakash
23 GUW Rohidas Nenu Drugekar
24 GUW Anand Shankar Bote
25 GUW Narasimha Manaboleshwar
26 GUW Chandrakanth Balakrishna
27 GUW Rajendra Ravikanth Harikar


Landline No. 08284-230266, Mobile No. 9449597871)
A. Permanent Staff;
Sl Post Name
no. (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Naturalist (Gr-II) H.S Shashidhar
2 Senior Cook Rajkumar Rana
3 Supervisor (fishing) Mallikarjuna Ramappa K
4 Driver (Gr-I) S. Prakash
5 Driver (Gr-II) Basavaraj S Pai
6 Senior Steward (Catering) N.S.Konnur
7 Housekeeper Chandrashekar L. Nayaka
8 Bearer/room boy R. Sadhashiva
9 Bearer/room boy Balakrishna D. Gowda
10 Bearer/room boy Sanjaya Kumar Singh
11 Bearer/room boy K. Dattatreya
12 Bearer/room boy Manjunatha K. R
13 Bearer/room boy A.A. Raju

14 GUW ( Gr-I) Shankar Adinath Raavala
15 Sr. Cook J. Manja
16 GUW ( Gr-II) Shaila Jayaprakash
17 Asst. Cook Bheemsingh Rajput
18 GUW ( Gr-III) Channavva Yellavva Jimbali
19 GUW ( Gr-III) Yohan Siruguri
20 GUW ( Gr-III) Shivappa Kuberappa Ritti
B. Staff working on contract basis ;

Sl Post Name
no. (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Res. Manager C.Anikethan
2 Naturalist Pramod D. Naik
3 Accountant Raju
4 Driver Prabhakar E Talapathi
5 GUW Gajanana R. Bamodkar
6 GUW Kamala Kallapa Naik
7 GUW Gajananan Naik
8 GUW Chandrakanth Nadgeri
9 GUW Maridas Mudduri
10 GUW Dennis V Correa
11 GUW Anand Kileketar
12 GUW Krishna L kale
13 GUW Mansingh Rajput
14 GUW Nagaratna Katagi
15 GUW Raju Kelketkar
16 GUW Vinayak Nayak
17 GUW Lagammavva
18 GUW Arjun Nadageri


Manager Landline No. 08261-215425, Mobile No. 9449599780)

A. Permanent Staff ;
Sl Post Name
no. (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1. Asst.Manager H.P.Pompapathy
2. Steward V. Ramananda
3. Senior Driver P.D. Diwakar
4. Driver (Gr-I) Muddu Shetty
5. Bearer/roomboy G.Samuel
6 Asst. Steward G.Venkatesh
7 Boatman B.N.Lokesh

B. Staff working on contract basis ;

Sl Post Name
no. (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Naturalist M.G.Girish
2 Supervisor (Housekeeping & M.S.Vasanth Kumar
3 Jr. Asst. A.P Kiran
4 Assistant Steward (Bar) H.R.Devaraja
5 Cook R.P.Satish
6 Cook B.Ravi
7 GUW L.Venkatesh
8 GUW Mahesh Hegde
9 GUW Mail Swamy
10 GUW Muthamma
11 GUW Beera Naik
12 GUW P. Ravi
13 GUW Seena
14 GUW Vijaykumar
15 GUW M.R Venkatesh
16 GUW K. Chandrakumar
17 GUW Jayappa .P
18 GUW Raghuveer
19 GUW Suresh
20 GUW Nandakumar
21 GUW Dinesh
22 GUW Shashikumar
23 GUW Sanna (Mallesh)
24 GUW Nethra
25 GUW Thippeswamy
26 GUW V. Suresh
27 GUW Ramu
28 GUW Harish L.C
29 GUW Manju
30 GUW Sureshbabu


Landline No. 0824-2263633, Mobile No. 9449597878)

A. Permanent Staff;
Sl Post Name
no. (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1. Res. Manager Narayan N. Naik
2. Sr. Cook Eshwar
3. House Keeper Mallikarjuna
4. GUW (Gr-III) Dinesh Shankar Gunagi

B. Staff working on contract basis ;
Sl Post Name
no. (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 GUW P. Shanmugan
2 GUW M.S Ramesh
3 GUW Devaraj

12. OM BEACH RESORT, GOKARNA (Resident Manager Landline No. 08386

257052/ 257718, Mobile No. 9480885307)

A. Permanent Staff;
Sl Post Name
no. (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Off. Superintendent (Gr-II) Somanna A. Gawadi

B. Staff working on contract basis ;

Sl Post Name
no. (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Res. Manager C. Jayaprakash
2 Accountant Vinayaka S Lakkumani
3 Asst. Cook Gangadhar Devu Gowda
4 Driver Suresh Nagappa Naik
5 Electrician Vinayaka Nagesh Ager
6 Cook Maruthi G Naik
7 GUW Kumar Ganapati Naik
8 GUW Narayan N Gaonkar
9 GUW Sridhar Ananth Bhandari
10 GUW Rajshekar Manishwar Naik
11 GUW Manjunath Janu Naik
12 GUW Gururaj S Devadiga
13 GUW Eshwar Nagesh Ager
14 GUW Ganesh Peru Gouda
15 GUW Raju Somu Ager
16 GUW Shobha Sameedaraj Mukri
17 GUW Nagaraj Hammanna Nayak
18 GUW Nagaraj Mani Nayak
19 GUW Gourish Ananth Naik
20 GUW Gopal Narayan Ager
21 GUW Kamala Datta Gouda

Manager Mobile No. 9449597874)
A. Permanent Staff;

Sl Post Name
no. (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Resident Manager Abhijit Dutta
2 GUW (Gr-I) Amjad

B. Staff working on contract basis ;

Sl Post Name
no. (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Accountant Ravikumar
2 Naturalist B.Mahesha
3 GUW Ratnappa
4 GUW N.M. Mahesh
5 GUW H.M.Mohan Kumar
6 GUW Niranjana Swamy
7 GUW Muthappa Kuri
8 GUW Oblesh
9 GUW Shankar
10 GUW Ramakrishna
11 GUW Gangadhar
12 GUW Vasanth Kumar
13 GUW Lokesh
14 GUW Manjunath Naik
15 GUW Pennaiah
16 GUW Parashurama
17 GUW Venkatesh
18 GUW Devendra
19 GUW Mariyappa
20 GUW Manju Mane

14. BLACK BUCK RESORT, BIDAR DISTRICT. (Assistant Manager Landline

No. Mobile No. 9740880119)

A. Permanent Staff;
Sl Post Name
no. (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Asst. H.K Shivappa

B. Staff working on contract basis ;

Sl Post Name
no. (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Assistant Manager Shivakumar Sonna
2 Driver Mohammad Hussain Sab
3 GUW Shivananda
4 GUW Siddappa
5 GUW Ambadas
6 GUW Haralappa
7 GUW Narasingh
8 GUW Sanaullah
9 GUW Ashok Yadav


DISTRICT. (Resident Manager Landline No. 08186213399, Mobile No.

A. Permanent Staff ;

Sl Post Name
no. (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Supervisor Electrician/Auto Francis DSouza
2 GUW (Gr-I) G. Dorai
3 Supervisor (Fishing) Prahalad R. Kumtekar
4 GUW (Gr-I) Chandra Shekar S.C
5 GUW (Gr-II) Vittal N Kaapadaskar
6 Senior Driver Raja Nayaka
7 Naturalist Bheemaiah

B. Staff working on contract basis ;

Sl Post Name
no. (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Resident Manager M.V.Karthik
2 Cook Erappa Mattigatti
3 Driver Shoukath A Khadar
4 GUW Anil Babu Ambekar
5 GUW Krishnand V Kobrekar
6 GUW B.S Ramesh
7 GUW Lakshman S Betkar
8 GUW Ashok .C
9 GUW Manjunath
10 GUW Manjunath Naik
11 GUW Shivaraj M Ganager

Manager Mobile No. 9449597888, 9449599796)
A. Permanent Staff;

Sl Post Name
no. (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Res. Manager C.Anikethan
2 Driver (Gr-II) Manjunath E. Sabadi
3 GUW (Gr-I) S. Ramesh
4 Asst. H.K Suresh S. Nayaka
5 Asst. H.K Vittal R Salaskar

B. Staff working on contract basis ;

Sl Post Name
no. (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Office Superintendent Gr-I K.M.Praveen Kumar
2 Naturalist Gurudath A Rajgolkar
3 Cook Dilip Chawan
4 GUW Prashanth U Kobrekar
5 GUW Gangadhar P.M
6 GUW Siddaraju
7 GUW Manjunath A Kumbar


Landline No. 08383-256301, Mobile No. 9480885303)
A. Permanent Staff;
Sl Post Name
no. (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Asst. Manager (Gr-I) B. Mohan Babu
2 Asst. Cook Bharath B Naik

A. Staff working on contract basis ;

Sl Post Name
no. (Sri / Smt/ Ms)
1 Off.Asst A.R.Rajanikanth
2 Naturalist Vinayaka S Naik
3 Asst. Cook Basavaraj Y Chalavadi
4 Accountant Parashuram Kollannavar
5 GUW Pundalik .G
6 GUW Shrishail Kamble
7 GUW Praveen

Executive Director &
Jungle Lodges & Resorts.Ltd.,