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: Uy, ‘ai Sy pe Dy NOILVWUOANT pet Ue “There! There they go! That faint gleam of light!” “I feel that what we’ve done is monstrous.” “What they've done is magnificent... E *...but for MAN, no mt P BSee eR oman velba — ame “When He has conquered all “THE deeps of Space, and all the miySteries of Time... still will be beginning.” —H.G. Wells, screenplay for Things to Come London Films, AD 1936. Further Information: A Gamemaster’s Treasury of Time FURTHER INFORMATION A Gamemaster’s Treasury of Time C°NTINUUM created by David Fooden, Chris Adams and Barbara Manui FURTHER INFORMATION written by {in reverse alphabetical order) Caias Brian Ward, Juan Sanchez, Kyle Patrick, Barbara Manui, Liz Holliday, David Fooden and Chris Adams. Barbara Manui Producer David Fooden Art Director, Production Manager Chris Adams Editor-in-Chief Michael Wm. Kaluta Front Cover Art Drew Tucker Back Cover Art Interior Ai Bryon Wackwitz (Wakewitz the Younger), Drew Tucker (Victor Beauregard Houston), Juan Sanchez (Don Diego Sanchez), Raven Mimura (Rook Morrow), Heather Mckinney (H. Freyja), Garrett Borden (Fukuzatsuna), Chris Adams (Adamus Xenobus). Dave Fooden, Chris Adams Layout [ra Ulmer Modeling for Cys Sting Thanks Spb armel fr eon