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6/28/2017 Shut Up and Take My Money: The Motoped | RideApart

By Jesse Kiser (/authors/jesse-kiser) - June 26, 2014

Category: News (/categories/news)
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It's a bicycle. It's a dirt bike. it's a moped. It's fast. It does wheelies. It doesn't need tags or a licenses. Do we really need to say
anything else? All we know is we want one. Utilizing a mixture of down-hill bicycle and Honda 50cc parts, this creation, called the
Motoped, (// exceeded their Kickstarter (//
target of $80,000 to cut their retail costs in half.

What does it cost?

It looks like a total blast. A nimble and skinny bike with a screaming small-cc engine. No clutch, elaborate drivetrain or extra weight, it's
definitely not like your friend's scooter. Right now a kit costs anywhere from $3,500 to $4,800. The teams'Kickstarter
(// program was implemented to allow Motoped tomake large 500-1000 run
of parts in order to bring the cost down to an estimated $1,500 for a complete bike minus motor and $599 for the kit. That's insanely
cheap for a engine-powered bike. Using heavy-duty, down-hill bicycle frame, wheels, and suspension with a 50cc engine.The campaign
will also allow them to use newly designed parts, like a beefier frame that will accept larger engines and more aggressive riding. 1/8
6/28/2017 Shut Up and Take My Money: The Motoped | RideApart

How it all Works

The most technologically advanced piece of the bike is possibly the swing arm. Also hand-tig welded, the swing-arm uses a single, high
mounted Marzocchi shock for a clean look with plenty of travel. What makes it cool is the ability to either ride hard with the screaming
50cc engine or seamlessly switch to a pedal for riding around on sidewalks and parks. The team has been through different designs
with their latest using a steel shaft with sealed bearings and an aluminum bicycle sprocket. It's all integrated through the swim-arm
shaft making three total short chains.

The kits are sold as complete bikes minus a motor, complete kit, or frame kit. The frame kit includes all of the custom stuff like the
chrom-moly and hand tig-weldedframe, swing arm, jack shaft, bottom bracket, rear hub, sprockets and exhaust. That allows guys like
you and I to mix and match the other parts, which are commonly found, like the 50cc engine and down-hill bike parts.

The Motoped guys are smart to use, tried and true parts for the project. So if something breaks or needs maintenance, it's easy to get it
worked on. Starting with the overhead-valve 50cc engine like you'd find in any kid's dirt bike and some of the Honda scooters. Based on
the line of engines that range from 50cc to 190cc, so you can easily perform upgrades.The team offers a variety of options like larger-
engines and foot pegs, dropping the bicycle pedals.
cc 2/8
6/28/2017 Shut Up and Take My Money: The Motoped | RideApart


The cool thing is 49cc and under with no clutch is most states don't require a license or registration to operate on the open road. No
extra red tape or weird legations. Every state is different as some require headlights and taillights no matter the size.

PLAY 3/8
6/28/2017 Shut Up and Take My Money: The Motoped | RideApart 4/8
6/28/2017 Shut Up and Take My Money: The Motoped | RideApart

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6/28/2017 Shut Up and Take My Money: The Motoped | RideApart

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6/28/2017 Shut Up and Take My Money: The Motoped | RideApart

Guest 3 years ago

didn't HFL post this 4 years ago?
6 Reply Share

Tiberiuswise 3 years ago

When I was a kid, all the cool working class kids had mopeds. Mostly clapped out Puchs. Here in New Jersey you need a license and registration
but you can get it at 15 instead of 17. This looks like a rather attractive proposition if you factor in a decent resale value. Much more so than any
other motorcycle wannabe moped.
3 Reply Share

LS650 3 years ago

Like most other compromises, this seems like a halfway measure that tries to be all things to all people, and fails miserably.

If you want a bicycle, get a bicycle; if you want a motorcycle, get a motorcycle.
3 Reply Share

Gonalo > LS650 3 years ago

I know after 15 minutes of riding a bicycle i start thinking "damn i wish this thing had a motor, yep, a motor would make this so much more
6 Reply Share

JohnnyWaes > Gonalo 3 years ago

Then you'd last 30 seconds pedaling this 40lb bicycle.
2 Reply Share

snacks > JohnnyWafes 3 years ago

then the engine would blast you to the moon.
3 Reply Share

Stuki > LS650 3 years ago

I kinda like the idea of bicycles with a bit of motive help. Personally, I'd prefer electrics hidden well away, so you can easier get away with the
kind of red light running, sidewalk jumping, bring up to your desk or into stores and on buses-trains-and-ferries, that bicycles tend to get
excused for easier than motorcycles.

When I'm in Los Angeles, I'm still faster house to desk on my bicycle (7 miles, 1000 feet drop) than on my 150hp KTM, due to the moto sitting
at red lights, putting gear on/o and parking mostly. Back up hill..... not so much. In SF, I don't even bother with the MC. Parking 500lb bikes
on steep hills in a town where the crackheads don't even get arrested for stealing police bikes, just ain't worth it.
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Neil Sr 3 years ago
California does require a drivers license and a $20 lifetime plate for motorized bicycles.
2 Reply Share

DL_in_DEN 3 years ago

Sorry to nitpick, but it's "pedal", not "peddle".
2 Reply Share

IRS4 > DL_in_DEN 3 years ago

They are hoping to peddle these pedal bikes ;)
3 Reply Share

jlxn 3 years ago

"$1,500 for a complete bike minus motor and $599 for the kit."
$1,500.00 for what? And $599.00 for what? Not sure what you're talking about.
3 Reply Share 7/8
6/28/2017 Shut Up and Take My Money: The Motoped | RideApart
3 Reply Share

eddi_the_Bad_Hombre > jlxn 3 years ago

I think for $1,500 you get a fully assembled machine minus the engine. $599 gets you the Christmas Eve Special; some assembly required.
Still no engine.
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Adam > eddi_the_Bad_Hombre 3 years ago

I would guess it is $599 for the frame and motorcycle specic parts. $1,500 gets you the mountain bike parts (wheels, suspension,
brakes). Neither come with the engine.
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Sportbike Mike 3 years ago

Here in az, powered bikes are everywhere we call them spooky tooths, because there was a company here that used to build them by that name.
They cost like $600. People build them and sell them in Craigslist now. Buy one of those instead or buy 5.
1 Reply Share

JohnnyWaes 3 years ago

Seems like fun. Not sure about sourcing and installing my own engine.
1 Reply Share

Bruce Monighan 3 years ago

Very cool but note that in California a moped must have less than 2 gross brake hp. Seems to me the 50 cc engines have about 4 1/2 hp. This is not
a moped in California by my reading. Too bad
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Neil Sr > Bruce Monighan 3 years ago

50 cc on a Motoped has about 2 1/2 hp but the new CA law in jan 2015 will be 4 HP or less thanks to a new bill passing.
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notshing 3 years ago
Good Idea, with $10,000 scooters and people needing something to get around in that gets more than 40 mpg - it does make sense. Headlight/tail
light is a rechargeable Nite Rider.

As to cost decent mountain bike run close to $3,000.

Every try a hilly commute 35 miles / day on a bicycle? It's not for the faint of heart. This is a good idea for those who can't ride 250's up for various
reasons (like mom would crucify dad if junior rode a motorcycle) or chubby people wanting a little help in the commute.
Reply Share

Aaron 3 years ago

I would love to have one, but it is waaay too expensive for something "cool" but not practical in any way. I got my Triumph Street Triple for 5500, for
4800 I could have gotten a 50cc bike......
Reply Share

Justin McClintock 3 years ago

Certainly a cool concept. Not sure I'm in a hurry to go buy one, but it looks like it'd be fun to bomb around on. A 190 cc version with pegs instead of
pedals could make for one helluva play bike.

I do wonder what it's like to pedal though. Looks like it'd be weird give how wide the pedals would be spaced.
Reply Share

Artecier 3 years ago

In the same spirit, a french company named SEV is making electric mopeds and bicycles :
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